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colorfulSmoke Sep 2019
Lone your stupor sits.
What reverie
you declare,
ambrosia never stang like this
since last the rain came stinging.

Ah but puddles my dear,
what fun!
I'll watch your splish splash
but let us not forget
the protection glass affords.

I fear large numbers.
I  confess,
it's true.
It's not the hands per se,
rather the eyelashes
and how they remind me of teeth.
They chew me up
with a glance.

Still, what good
could one decimal eyelash hope for
faced with Napoleon's specters.
I'd wager on scarce.

Even so, eyelashes chewed through
my thatcher.
I'll have to buy
a new one.
One that isn't so fond of how the Swiss
process milk.

Not that it's desired
but it's still nice to have a tally
in the loner's column,
now and again.
Donna May 2019
Snuggled on seatee
Wrapped in blanket watching films
These are the best days
Lazy day today for me and Dean we watching films , it’s well Cloudy outside and looks like rain is on it way ** ❤️
Donna Nov 2018
Today the clouds met
For a long boring meeting
So I stayed indoors
Relaxing day indoors pottering about been nice x
Donna Aug 2018
Plates have all been washed
Coffee is brewing warmly
Raindrops have settled
It's been a Rainy afternoon but looks like it's stopping now :-)
Far moost o' me
     three score minus one year
tethered upon terra firmae where
planet Earth doth veer

(spins upon the global axis
     (tilted 23.5 degrees from the plane
     of its orbit around the sun),
terrestrial genesis (perhaps accompanied

     for Pete's sake by Gabriel
     blowing his horn) in all honesty unclear
boot more oven concern
     points to thermonuclear

and/or subnuclear
war, particularly at forefront
     of thine primate noggin
actively hypothesizing

     theoretical armageddon,
     when non plus ultra gravitates
     with e pluribus unum necessitating
     each individual to bend over

     and kiss his/her rear
goodbye unless total merciless queer
hue loss atomic fallout immediately
     incinerates e'en

     the moost savvy profiteer,
which aforementioned prognostication
     arose from overbear
ring hazy, hot and humid

     dangerous heat spell near
lee approximating insufferable
     temperature nearing triple digits
     (along Eastern Seaboard

     of United baked States
makes this human,
     an immediate convert to climate control
(though he happened tubby already)

     basking, glorifying, and luxuriating
     within delightful 60º Fahrenheit mere
really expressing gratitude for such
     creature comfort donning my

     stretched out birthday suit,
     (yet thee moost comfortable leisurewear
then thrift store "special bag
     mountain of clothes

     as mooch as Yukon sales,"
     no matter mine ill mannered
     mirrored reflection doth jeer
at such a sorry sight, and/or

     laugh reading interlinear
monologue colloquy,
     which message gleaned between lines,
and should this poem be red aloud,

     thy ******* passion linkedin
     with humming HVAC, ye would hear
courtesy hove cochlear
(hollow tube in the inner ear)
sensitive to deafening beware!
Gabriel burnS May 2018
Beneath the facade
The opposite awaits
So few though, I let in
Because my friend,
This heart of mine,
It may not be a temple
But make no grave mistake
For it’s neither a brothel
Donna Mar 2018
Radiators on
Tis a freezing cold morning
A stay indoors day
Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2016
They are the sky.
I am the earth.

They are taxi rides.
I am a river rushing.

They are eyes glued to a screen
when their companions long for real conversations.
I am the wind in silence.

They are ****-coloured beer.
I am black coffee and stout.

They are cell phone towers.
I am the stars.

They are poodles on leashes.
I am the lone wolf.

They are elevator rides.
I am off the beaten path.

They have forgotten their roots.
I am plugging in.
Snehith Kumbla Aug 2016
over the cracked
footpath, he spreads
his time-frozen
wares unawares

of childhood now
arrested indoors,
TV, computer,
cell phone drone,

no mango trees
to aim at, the
have gone concrete,

trudge home
catapult seller,
the market for
such simple pleasures,

now obsolete...
Catapult - A plaything consisting of a Y-shaped stick with elastic between the arms; used to propel small stones (WordWeb dictionary)
She likes it indoors,more like she's "self bound",
When faced with dull moments of just staring at the ground,
She tends to look out the window for inspiration,
Stretches out her arm through her window and she loves it when she touches the clouds perspiration;
Drain drops,
They make her feel so good;in her mind the world stops,

Perhaps when its raining she's as happy as the crops.
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