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wandering life
      self plunders
     an exploration clap
the heavens wane from a fever
        thank heavens ;
           it is all a trap
neth jones Jan 3
Let's chew gum
   chew on the fat
      rustle up conversation
         rodent upon the rat


Let's trip traps
communal fear
of God smite-y creation
not communication
why tussle with language
when we all carry firearms
wrestle free the tongue
skim the wisdom
bellow the lung
muscle up a tune
and spit out your gum
neth jones Dec 2020
account your blessings :
there is limited space
               for the exhaustion
                       of our mythology
                    to fertilize
neth jones Dec 2020
bath salts
single malt
a mouth of candles crown
                        the tub
                  the body
                     from spilling out
             into the cold surround

the brimming sill
    capsize the moat
         foam disgorges in a luppy spawn...

doff your gown
           your own company ?
pour sacredly
to drown
                                        ­                 - 'Chin-chin'
crystal cubed ice afloat
cast anchor your vote
neth jones Dec 2020
singing notes of the sick dawn
a bird makes off with my heart
pins it to the notice board
I'll not retrieve it
be witnessed
neth jones Nov 2020
energized point of
ever changing perspective
am I ?      degrading material
neth jones Nov 2020
snare is sprung
flesh from the forrest fruit
the humming drum
         of its fright
an untamed meat
          struggles like the life
wirey noose tightly
wrist hook and thumb
ridden to bone
energy shrugged
        in fits of the struggle
     and then the meat
        is untenanted
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