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i draw in a new day ; CockCrow
a spirit substance
                       to devil in
character pulled from the world surround
                              ­and plied of its madder details
doing others a favour                              
                  leaving the easy-to-manage material

i am mastered by these firing elements

orbited                                                ­                          
i take on a particularly creative project
with uninhibited frothing
the air is cooler      
      less kenetic and soupy              
           less aggressive with the mammal scent
safer (it seems) clean

        the skin retracts a little
                     less welcoming to dirt contact
                           my feet shift cooly in my sandals

the world awaits
             new temperament
grateful to the grave
       I plank right out
my bed a cross pounded
foundation of maul emotion
fast out kipping
not in keeping
a widowing and not a kingdom
              milling out gawping
a fish mug
              tourists chugging at the gallows
dread heaves ugging repulsions
          my sleep is a gagging panic

livers of the hours
   the minutes are a live toil
     difficult digestions
       the sour beat n' breath
a particle flecked arena

   this slumber is harmful charge
(a battery matter)
capable of a faulty
              reversal of surge
depleting sleep
          not a springtime emergence
   ejected from the unconscious

         : a drained agent
reduced and submissive for duty
neth jones Aug 24
the humidity broke
underfoot discarded Cicada sheathes
litter a cooling pavement

the humidity broke
the chaff of many Cicadas


when will the humidity break ?
cicada jackets litter the pavements
into the night
tough breathing aggravates
thought retreats to past struggles
and envisions tough changes to come
neth jones Aug 20
I spot a Spider in the sandpit
abdomen like a gooseberry
     and the colour
          gooseberry green

tastes like regular Spider
neth jones Aug 13
combed cotton clouds
a light wind tackles
withering humidity
Date : 10/08/21
neth jones Aug 13
upon urinating                
                          in a lampless alleyway
my body cools                
       and i note
                                             the night summer wind
a pleasure
i recall the senses                
              of summers previous
Rough date of event - end of July
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