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Fox Friend Mar 2019
And sometimes,
when The Hurting is not tangible enough
& I am not done letting Sorrow
pick at my bones

I will reread conversations from before
That Relationship fell apart
& scroll through old photos
from before the Third Attempt

& Sadness will cradle me
in the dead space between late night & early morning
where the What Ifs & the Could Haves
track me down
Mar 2019 · 418
An Analysis of Our Downfall
Fox Friend Mar 2019
I guess I fell for you
because you made my heart jump
long after the Time of Death was pronounced.

You invaded my numbness
after I'd promised myself to apathy.

But a broken promise never was any good
for building a foundation
Mar 2019 · 368
on loop, on loop, on loop
Fox Friend Mar 2019
these scenarios are stuck on loop in my head
my palm full of pills,
& The Orange Bottle of Liberation, now empty
as I fall asleep
The squealing of tires on tar as glass shatters
& I become one with the street

so many ways to stop being
what do you mean these thoughts aren't normal?
this is all my brain plays

on loop, on loop, on loop
May 2018 · 335
Fox Friend May 2018
every body
is addicted to something
& this body
seems to love
& pain -
this mind
unearths emotions
that cause
quite the commotion
to encourage a reaction
so intense
just to distract
from the silence
Maybe brains get addicted to emotions just like they do to other substances and that's why this memory that makes me sick keeps plaguing my mind over and over and over and
May 2018 · 380
Attempt: Success
Fox Friend May 2018
It was by intense calculation
and silent determination
that I planned to exit in peace.
Suicide could not be an accident
or result from lack of judgement;
spontaneous disasters never bring relief.
I searched and pondered a different strategy
each & every day.
You can't say I wasn't dedicated.
I was set on finding a miracle to end me - my way.
It seemed obvious & much too simple
to sleep my way to death,
but the glaring orange bottle enchanted me into captivity
& slowly stopped my breath.
People might talk about how I left & talk they may.
Their words mean nothing when all they had were excuses
to avoid seeing both me
and my pain.
May 2018 · 247
Fox Friend May 2018
our souls struggled
to share the spotlight,
but oh...
when our demons danced,
it made the very sky jealous;
we were stars brighter than any night had known before.
May 2018 · 290
Happiness Debt
Fox Friend May 2018
"Hold on."
"Try harder."
"Just a little longer to get through."
I understand you're trying to encourage and be kind,
but these words you're spouting at me
aren't anything new.
This "revelation" you've given me
tried to take root in my soul, as words do,
but they shriveled up dry
& the rejection left a nasty bruise.
For growth demands light & water & love,
but I've been long out of those,
so although your push to borrow tomorrow's happiness is tempting,
that's how people end up in debt, as the universe knows.
When we use things unearned
& take what's not ours with empty promises of repayment,
the heart shrivels under the weight of the endless torment
which is the Happiness Debt.
Apr 2018 · 447
Changed by one
Fox Friend Apr 2018
Maybe one person
can't change The World,
but you melted into my life
and the world (mine, at least)
was never the same.

Changed, by you.
Fox Friend Apr 2018
And on the final day,
I watched the flames
lick up my words.

I set them all ablaze;
none of them
made you
Apr 2018 · 261
What dreams are made of
Fox Friend Apr 2018
I remind myself each morning that you're a want - not a need.

And each night I wander off to the stars with the realization that

I am everything without you
Apr 2018 · 1.6k
Dreamcatchers get a bad wrap
Fox Friend Apr 2018
Throughout our lives we've been told by these old souls
that dreamcatchers are to protect against
It's a shame we believe this lie that something so beautiful collects evil,
what a sad misunderstanding,
just human error.
How unfortunate that even though the name of the thing spells out its nature,
we throw logic aside until the truth is
We use the term 'dream catcher,'
yet try to deny it's offering to catch all of the good dreams
They exist for you & I, so let's recognize the blessing they were sent to be;
if we learn to trust, they will become supporters of our
divine identity -

That is,
Apr 2018 · 240
Water me, please.
Fox Friend Apr 2018
Oh darling, learn to thank the rain.
Let it crash, soak, and pour.
Don't ask it to go away; don't beg it to be tame.
For it is through the storms that you learn:
We need the water to bloom and be more.
Apr 2018 · 732
Graduation From You
Fox Friend Apr 2018
Before you call me patient, maybe step in a little closer;
continue your inspection.
What you'll find is this: my tolerance stems more from letting people trample over me
than from any conscious effort to be kind,
so take caution.
You've become so casual in your continuous disrespect; it's building a
fire of aggravation.
I didn't love myself and I didn't believe I deserved to,
but I'm learning - and I still have a tremendous distance to go - that I am worth much more than
my previous prediction.
Moving on from you seems so foreign. Your loss would be the weirdest mixture;
an excited lamentation.
All I hope is that you benefitted from my so-called patience
and that the world I showed you was a step up from reality - almost like a
temporary life promotion.
Apr 2018 · 219
I am everything without you
Fox Friend Apr 2018
When you leave me and walk away,
my heart will cry, but I’ll still be the same.
No matter how hurtful the things you say,
my worth’s still intact; it will always remain.
My love, without you life might be gray,
however I am tired of playing this game.
You can push and pull - try as you may,
but I won’t allow you to cause me more pain.
Now, my darling, it's my move - my play,
so I'm going all in, no longer tame.
I'm choosing myself unapologetically this day.
I will venture on forward; forgetting your name.
When you realize what’s happened, you’ll beg me to stay.
You'll try to tell me it's a loss, but I can only see gain.
It's 3am and I started piecing this together and now that it's out of my head I hope to sleep now.
Mar 2018 · 287
Write it into Existence
Fox Friend Mar 2018
If in order to exist, it must be written
then at dawn when I wake, I'll reach for my pen.

I'll write of light, sunrises, love, and beauty.
My pages will overflow with all things good.
I'll write of adventure & kindness, of laughter & healing.
My steps will scream confidence, though I've stumbled each time I stood.

If in order to exist, it must be written
then I will never ceases writing, until I reach the end.
Mar 2018 · 199
New Story
Fox Friend Mar 2018
The sun will rise each morning
In this I have no doubt
My fear is not that the dawn won't come, only that when it does, I won't be watching & that's a miracle I can't afford to be left without.

This fear is what drives me each morning
To move, to smile, to ask:
If my feet don't hit the floor and start running towards that miracle, do I even deserve the sunrise, or should I just turn my back?

The darkness begs to linger each morning
I used to think it demanded
But that makes it sound like I don't have the power, that the emotions run my show and I can't decide to end their dances.

And that's not true, I'm reminded each morning
I have the ability to choose
So now when I wake up feeling heavy I'm not as distraught as before since the belief that I am weak is my old story and I won't let it define me - I refuse.
Feb 2018 · 269
Let me be your Atlas
Fox Friend Feb 2018
I wanted to carry the world for you.
I could have.
Would have.
All for you.

The tears rolling silently down your face made it okay
that you weren't ready for me to stay.
The night was dark, but my heart glowed, still,
since I thought you had told me your sorrows to confide.
I thought maybe you wanted me to be your saving grace.
When I stepped back, it was because you weren't ready,
not that I wanted to be replaced.

I hope she is special. I hope she is kind.
She'd better be one hell of a lady to make you leave me behind.

I wanted to carry the world for you.
I still could.
Still would.
All for you.
Jan 2018 · 472
They won't stay
Fox Friend Jan 2018
I'm just a bridge
that people use
to get to
Jan 2018 · 403
Let me give up
Fox Friend Jan 2018
I live to be noticed by you.
But you never notice.
And you never will.
So now I must find a new purpose.
But I'd much rather just not live.
Jan 2018 · 279
i dont want to sleep
Fox Friend Jan 2018
if i stop sleeping
will stop coming
Dec 2017 · 412
Fox Friend Dec 2017
"you treat me better than I deserve"
- the sleepy words
from your lips

except I believe that
deserves to be treated in such a way
that they think
it's more than they deserve.

that's where the givers like me become convenient.
Dec 2017 · 264
My Trust is in Him
Fox Friend Dec 2017
The clear blue sky seems to stretch endlessly
Peace; all is calm
Countless blessings have been received
My heart is full
Gradually the dark clouds press down
The storm arrives
Memories of joy and comfort feel worlds away now
An unreachable light
Guilt consumes me for feeling weak and wanting to give up
Have I not been blessed?
Chaos consumes me and I am unable to stand for another moment
I fall to my knees
My cries - I assume - cannot be heard over the raging torrent
He hears me
The turmoil does not cease, but He has come to my aid once again
My strength is renewed
With restored hope and an invincible support bearing me up
I face the wind; resilient
The times I fall give meaning to each opportunity I have to rise
I am determined
Heavy clouds begin to disperse and the thunder is now a distant murmur
Calm is on the horizon
The gloom is disrupted by light piercing through the cloud’s heavy cover
A decision is to be made
Does the contrasting light give me the power to press forward?
I fear it does not
For my gaze is still fixed upon the churning storm
What little faith I have!
The storm is never going to pass, though it may rest for a season
My heart aches
I yearn for the blue skies to encompass me again
The desire to quit is unbearable
Tender mercies are sent to help me realign my will to His
My perspective shifts
As I allow myself to open my heart and lean on my Savior, I will be taught
His ways are higher
Frustration will consume me if I am not cautious and willing to listen
The Spirit is my constant companion
When the nights drag on and the merciless storm rages unceasingly, I will wait
Those piercing beams will return
Until the light breaks through though, I will look to my Savior as He lifts me
I do not know where we will go
But as long as I let God guide us, I know that our destination is Home
My trust is in Him
Dec 2017 · 182
Familiar Strength
Fox Friend Dec 2017
Through the heavy darkness
My feet are guided; I am led.
To a certain calmness
I will arrive - it has been said.

My purpose is lost, I’m torn apart.
The Savior steps in to calm my troubled heart.

He is constant. He is kind.
My faith will be used to pacify this torrential sea.
Although I may fear that I’m falling behind
His grace is sufficient and He has carried me.

I have struggled so much, He has helped me every time before.
I must be a burden, I can’t do this anymore!

The destroyer yearns to attack my foundation.
Hopelessness consumes me, so I look to the sky.
Among the blackness live bright constellations.
He has said He loves me and He can tell no lie.

With mind still heavy, but heart so full
He needs me on His side; I feel the pull.

“I cannot do this alone!” I cry.
He reminds me that I am loved; “My child, I am here.”
The angels have been sent to Earth, my tears to dry.
I am humbled and realize I have not been forgotten this year.

Friends encircle their arms about me with love.
It’s always been familiar, and now I know it’s from above.

The Savior embraced me before I came to Earth.
My mortal company are angels sent to care for me.
In this life I struggle to remember my worth.
So when I am embraced by friends, I remember that it is what He did before He set me free.
Dec 2017 · 200
Fox Friend Dec 2017
There seems to be a purpose and pattern
for everything lovely that God has created.
The pain is never in vain
it always happens
for a reason.

So where is my purpose?
Where is that pattern?

I cannot see far beyond all these tears
but what I am seeing does not add up
so either I am broken
or I am not one of God's
lovely creations.
Dec 2017 · 2.6k
You ruined love for me
Fox Friend Dec 2017
I thought I found it, dad. You tell me my dreams are worthless, you say you have to tell me this because you love me and want what's best for me. You say I need to be realistic. This boy once told me what I loved was garbage, and it reminded me of you. I thought, this must be it.
He must love me.
When I brought you my awards and achievements, dad, you told me they were okay for a normal person but your daughter, I, could do better - these trophies weren't special enough. I'm not living up to my full potential and I never will in your eyes.
But you never let me leave without reminding me with your words that you love me endlessly, dad, so when I found a boy that was just as critical of me as you are, I felt that I had found the one.
Dec 2017 · 242
Fox Friend Dec 2017
i hate that i flinch
you dont understand
laughter fills your eyes
when i jump at everything
i laugh with you because
im trying to hide the fact
that my throat is closing
my heart is racing
shaking hands are all i know
you say its cute
i want to cry
i cant escape the hurt
Fox Friend Dec 2017
"Pouring everything into someone who doesn't have room to receive it
will only be wasteful."
- my brain
"Whatever it takes to be what he needs."
- my heart
Dec 2017 · 413
Lamentation of an Insomniac
Fox Friend Dec 2017
Watching the world wake up
when I want sleep
is the time in which sorrow’s stench
clings to my skin the strongest.
The persistent darkness will follow me
long after that bright day comes
and the sun peaks above us.
Dec 2017 · 218
Better Broken Best
Fox Friend Dec 2017
Today I woke up broken
I hung my head and cried to God
because I know He sees beyond this fog.

The calm, the peace - it doesn't sink in until after these words take root in my heart:

Broken is not always a bad thing. Broken is just the stage between better and best.

Through broken soil plants grow to sustain this world.
Broken allows life to grow.
A break in the clouds sends light to those who miss the sun.
Broken allows room for more.

I let this small prayer carry me always:
That I will remember
that it is a beautiful thing
when life goes
Dec 2017 · 1.6k
Don't forget, my love
Fox Friend Dec 2017
The way I yearn for you
is comparable to the way
that the sun refuses to be
even after it sinks
behind the mountains.
The glaring red hues
stain the sky
if just for a moment
after the sun has finished
providing light,
just as pictures of you
continue to invade my
The glowing strands of color
and wave
and grasp out
until they tire and slip
quietly, sadly
beyond view.
I too will tire, but until then -
let my lovely sunset unravel
for you,
my darling.
Dec 2017 · 450
Fox Friend Dec 2017
The blessings in my life
are overwhelming
when I really think about them,
but for some reason
each morning
feels heavier than the one before.

Why can't I just be happy?

My heart wanders
away with this thought
until the relentless waves
of pain and heavy sadness
carry it back to its place.

I cry -
not because I am lacking anything,
but because I cannot count
all of my lucky stars
(for they are far too numerous),
and yet,
I am still not happy.
Nov 2017 · 240
Keeping Score is Useless
Fox Friend Nov 2017
Bad Days plague the calendar. They come barging in without warning and I am left to beg.

Please, God, no.

So much needs to get done today, it simply cannot be a Bad Day.

The calendar laughs, arm in arm with the disease of the Bad Day. They dare me to stand up against the weight, but I can't see far enough past them to find the motivation or strength the effort to rise requires.
If only I could stretch my neck to lift my head upwards, I might be able to see the light and love and outstretched hands just beyond reach.
But I do not know what to look for, and even the thought of beginning the search of some foreign thing drains me, so my eyes close in defeat and the Bad Day reigns again.

Bad Day: infinity
Me: zero
Nov 2017 · 343
Just out of Reach
Fox Friend Nov 2017
I want to pour every thought, every feeling, absolutely every single **** thing ever into you.
I want to throw the shutters open wide, share with you my treasure, and welcome you into my home.
I want to be the cause of your laughter lines, the anchor you depend on in the storm, anything and everything you ever asked God for.

But every time I see you coming my way, something
will capture your attention,
and you are lost to me all over.
Nov 2017 · 236
Blue Lenses
Fox Friend Nov 2017
As I am in that state of sleepy in-between-ness late at night,
I always reflect on the day’s shortcomings and negativity
whether or not I fight off those default thoughts to find light.

My mind wanders through all the events and interactions
that seem to be tainted with heavy blue;
every day carries a shadow that I that I try to get rid of
because that darkness is something I don’t want to live through.

The monster that some people have named 'anxiety'
clutches around my lungs and heart.
It chokes me, shakes me, screams with hate:
"What the hell is wrong with you!?”
It’s a disease with the goal to tear me apart.

My wish is to rip these blue lenses from my eyes
to clearly see this life for what it really is:
a miracle, a gift, a priceless thing to be treasured -
but these blue lenses have been a part of me for months
And with them, the world is a familiar sight.

But it is not in my disposition to love or appreciate
anything that is associated with myself.
And thus I find myself stuck in this viciousness
of half-conscious loathing and self-deprecation.
Nov 2017 · 226
Fox Friend Nov 2017
I've felt many different types of pain, but the most intense has been the pain of healing, and unfortunately that specific type of pain can only be felt when you are very much awake to absorb the whole of it.
Nov 2017 · 468
I Want to Listen Better
Fox Friend Nov 2017
What a beauty this life might be if we learned to listen in order to understand instead of listening just to reply and regain focus of the spotlight.
Nov 2017 · 400
Unwelcome Guest
Fox Friend Nov 2017
I invited him a little ways into my home.
I let my guard down. 
I watched him venture in slightly, and he assumed the invitation included the whole place.
His hands were all over everything in a matter of minutes. 

When I expressed my discomfort, he continued onward without hesitation. He somehow managed to lock me out of my own living space, and all I could do was beg him to leave through the screen door as I watched him ransack the place. 

How did I get out here? 
Why isn't he listening to me? 

He took what he wanted, placed a kiss on my forehead on his way out, and never looked back. 
I wandered back into my once pristine, tidy home in a confused daze. 

Why did I allow him to even look upon my residence? 
The guilt and regret swirled around in my stomach and bubbled up in my throat as I took in all the dirt and grime that now covered my home. 

And now I live in it because it is too big of a mess to clean up by myself, and the last time I let someone in they destroyed it. 

I won't make that mistake again.
Nov 2017 · 975
Fox Friend Nov 2017
If I asked you to close your eyes and picture everyone you loved, how long would it take for you to spot yourself?

I've not been able to find myself yet.
Nov 2017 · 210
Fox Friend Nov 2017
Can you even imagine how powerful I'd be if I loved myself even half as much as I wish you loved me?
Nov 2017 · 213
Please tell me your colors
Fox Friend Nov 2017
I paint bright, beautiful works of art
for you
but you don't like my colors
and this is a waste
so I scrap it and start again
for you
Nov 2017 · 1.2k
Hating the Perfect Body
Fox Friend Nov 2017
reflect love and laughter, create a window for the world to view a beautiful soul, perceive so much light, see the vivid brightness of everything around
          but what I choose to focus on is how they barely function without corrective lenses, the color of the iris is too bland, and they allow too many tears to fall.

sweep away tears softly, give love the opportunity to be tangible, rest upon a friend's back to support, sweep across the ivory to make emotions audible
          but what I choose to focus on is how they shake when in social situations, the lack of length in the fingers, and the obvious absence of another hand to hold.

support my whole structure, provide transportation for adventures, serve as a resting place for his weary head, function each day without conscious effort
          but what I choose to focus on is how angry red stretch marks line the skin, the way my fat calves get stuck in jeans, when they fail to endure the miles to run.
Nov 2017 · 884
Fox Friend Nov 2017
Thank people for sharing their thoughts with you.
Giving voice to those jumbled lines inside the mind is one of the most precious gifts a person can offer.
"A penny for your thoughts."
As if a monetary value could be placed on those silent ideas that so rarely escape the confines of their prison.
Those seemingly unimportant thoughts are sacred.
When a person shares aloud their inner dialogue, they are speaking less of their ideas and more of their trust in you.
Thank people for sharing their thoughts with you.
Nov 2017 · 287
Living Seasons
Fox Friend Nov 2017
A Spring soul glows and knows firmly its purpose
Since it is anchored in the knowledge that its light is contagious,
the soul floats, free of burdens to weigh it down
A Spring soul soars and ignores any harmful resistance,
escaping the ill-tempered storm by learning to find refuge in the hearts of those
who need its warm and comforting temperament

A Summer soul radiates its emotions with an energetic power
The spark that accompanies this soul tells a riveting tale
of adventurous elegance but does not use words
A Summer soul captures the playful prestige of the sun
with glinting eyes that invite all those who gaze upon it
to experience the blazing emotions with which it surrounds itself

An Autumn soul wavers from shrill heights to profound depths
It is guided by the wind on which it rides, wondering if it is actually travelling
or if it is always falling straight down
An Autumn soul convinces those who may think themselves strangers
to become significant and familiar through the common goal they each carry
to find shelter from the inevitable chill

A Winter soul emanates an ethereal beauty, the frigid ice being capable
of so much more disaster and destruction than it would appear
upon fleeting inspection of the sparkling expanse.
A Winter soul intrigues any passerby to look beyond first glance -
the apparent wasteland of snow and ice - into the depths where it has found
that it only desires to find another whose demons will dance well with theirs.
Oct 2017 · 819
Beautiful People
Fox Friend Oct 2017
They say everything happens for a reason
to deny that would be against the very soul;
an act of high treason
Beautiful People do not just appear
we understand the purpose of burdens
being so heavy and near
affliction will come and go,
even though timing can sometimes be unclear
it is important to remember that adversity lingers
to strengthen us throughout each and every season
It's 4am and I wanted to write a poem that isn't free verse, soooo... This.
Oct 2017 · 485
Bad at Math
Fox Friend Oct 2017
What's wrong with me?
All of these blessings add up together,
and in anyone else's mind the sum would be happiness.
Oct 2017 · 385
An Observation on Hearts
Fox Friend Oct 2017
This heart can only be rejected and burned so many times and still allow itself to open - this heart is not as strong as some might think. Hearts don't handle stress or pain, they just build walls so that people have a difficult time getting in.

This heart might believe that whoever is patient enough to find a way around the walls will treat it well upon arrival since it took so much time and strategy, but the heart has mistaken perseverance for stubbornness.

This heart might suppose that whoever is brave enough to scale the walls will be willing to serve as a protector since it is not courageous enough to face the darkness itself, but the heart has mistaken valor for recklessness.

This heart might hope that whoever is strong enough to break through the walls will be able to fight the tumultuous war raging within so that it may obtain some rest, but the heart has mistaken fortitude for belligerence.

This heart must build walls in part, of course, to keep careless strangers from strolling in and wreaking havoc, but most importantly to protect others from itself by trapping the whispers and shadows inside the walls. While it will always dream of The One who will conquer the walls and stay to provide light and warmth, it has decided that the world would hurt less if people stopped trying to love the broken hearts such as itself.
Fox Friend Oct 2017
Another Saturday evening that I wish I could leave my house and spend time around others
who have crafted intricate masks to hide their hurting, but my mask is crumbling
because it has been worn too much lately, so tonight will be spent
curled up in bed.

I can't escape the storm of thoughts and emotions and desires
and expectations and memories and songs and nightmares and
swirling through my head.

The pain swells in my chest, bubbling up but unable to break out
because these demons refuse to let me assign words to them as I try to cry out for help -
so I stop trying and I lie down to let the burden rest on my heart,
heavy like lead.

My attempts to break out of this funk are futile
(this monster knows me worlds better than those who wish good upon me)
and the harder I chase after hope the more
I am filled with dread.

Sometimes it feels like I've gathered together the shreds of my existence
and made great progress in patching together the pieces with the meager tools I've found,
but my tools are coarse and jagged; they leave behind a
blossoming trail of red.

While I labor so diligently to create beauty wherever I wander,
the shadows laugh at my sorry attempts of pursuing happiness when they know full well
that in order to demolish my collection of mismatched tatters all they must do is
keep pulling at the thread.

All I desire is to reach out and connect with others who are more experienced than I
in travelling the road of misery, but have learned to look up and focus on the bright beams of light that break through the clouds instead of letting the rocky path
rip them to shreds.

One time I found another that was hurting deeply, just like me. I wanted to know how he sang of light and peace while at the same time housing those demons within his soul. I tried to learn by befriending him, but my presence was too much. This isn't just my mind playing tricks on me.
I am clingy; it's what he said.
Oct 2017 · 260
One Day
Fox Friend Oct 2017
Just as pupils shrink when exposed to large amounts of light
Hearts grow hard when feeling joy without first persisting through the night
For this reason I must soldier on, though weary, through these days
Praying that one day I may understand His higher ways

Maybe one day I will come to know why
Flowers are planted to probably grow and certainly die

Maybe one day I will understand how
This disease of numbness my God can watch and allow

Maybe one day I will learn to love who
I have become because of the nightmares I've lived through

Just as torrential winds force trees to grow into resilience
Hearts grow strong while waiting through the endless night for deliverance
I prayed for so long to be strengthened and that things would be alright
Now I just wish callouses weren't necessary to prove I endured the fight
Oct 2017 · 339
Fox Friend Oct 2017
On good days
I feel l i g h t e r ,
laugh LOUDER,
When these good days come, my hand stretches hastily towards this light that has become a stranger.
My heart yearns to become once again full of these radiant moments.
Sometimes, when life is feeling malicious, it will send a bundle of good days all right in a row.
Then it will yank them back without apology when the raging storm returns to reign again.
Those good days serve as glimpses of how things might be if I wasn't broken or if I could simply let the sunshine stay.
I wish I lived a life constructed entirely of glimpses.
Sep 2017 · 444
Some People
Fox Friend Sep 2017
Some people will often list the smell of rain among their favorite smells,
but to me it is an awful stench; a reminder of that hellish night.

Some people are made giddy as they watch the dark clouds gather and anticipate the droplets,
but the air of excitement is something I dread; it suffocates me.

Some people watch the cars zoom by and admire that sound of the wet pavement hissing in response, but this noise is associated with a memory that holds me captive; it is a prison to me.

Some people find the smells and sounds of rainfall to be soothing, but I feel as if the world is mourning with me when it rains; a storm played in the background the night my life was shattered.

Some people marvel at the beauty of lights reflected in water, but I cannot admire these things for fear that I might get stuck in my head; my mind might think we're back living that night again.

Some people used to include myself; no longer, but there is not a day that goes by without a prayer that I might one day return to the world's collection of some people.
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