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maybe i'm not enough
maybe i'm worthless
maybe no one wants me
maybe i'm not pretty
maybe i'm not interesting
maybe i'll be sad forever
maybe i shouldn't be dreaming
Lucija Oct 12
Maybe your demons could come to play.
I have creatures and monsters.
All sorts of kinds.
They do not bite,
not when we have company.
Stxlle Oct 11
You are a question, a puzzle, a riddle.

I have subsumed you in every thought but I don't know how this happened. I let you consumed me but I have no regrets. You gave me a different blend of emotions and its a feeling I simply can't forget.

There is part of you that is incomplete and I can see the missing piece.

You are still unsolved. Locked up in your own world. I want you to give me your key. I want show you what I can see. A world of just you and me.

I don't know why I'm thinking about all this. These are the ideas I can't dismiss. I don't know if its wrong to have feeling for someone this strong.  I want you to see the real me but I've started to be more cautious of the things I do. I constantly think about what I am to you.

I can't grasp your essence. You are complex. You make me lose all commonsense. I've already asked those around but none of them have been as curious as me. I fear to answer you directly because people might see what  I want us to be.

Well, not really. I don't fear us. I shouldn't care what people think. I just want to be the fragment that fills her absence but I fear the chance that I won't be a piece that matters.

But, I still hope I might be your answer.
This is a commission
Midnight Oct 9
if I was prettier
or skinnier
or more of something
if I was less loud
or less dark
or less something
maybe then
you would want me
I wanted you.
Noah Oct 6
I'm done
no more lies or making you feel better
I can breathe
the lack of weight makes me think I can fly
my life is my own
I don't have to justify my actions ten times
I don't have to justify them at all anymore

maybe I've learned
maybe I know what to look for next time
maybe I was too nice when it was over

but the feeling of freedom
is far from a maybe
I've learned a lot about toxic, manipulative, emotionally abusive and unhealthy relationships in the past two years, and I feel like I'm finally at a point where I can start to understand and process.
Maybe I was too eager
Maybe I tried to rush this
Maybe I wanted to go too fast
Maybe I'm not good enough
Maybe no one can really love me
Maybe you don't want me
Maybe the universe hates me
Maybe I'll never be with someone that makes me happy
Maybe nothing will make me feel good again
Maybe I'm broken
Maybe I'm tired
Maybe I don't want to live in this particular moment in life
Maybe you don't even care that I'm hurting
Maybe I'm done
Maybe I'm giving up
Yeah...maybe I'm giving up
mari Sep 13
i will write you
a love letter,

i  will write you
a breakup text.

i will carve our initials
into the redwood trees

i will burn the forests
to hide your name.

i will paint my body
in your colours and hues;

i will slip away
as you sleep.
AditiBoo Sep 10
Maybe I'll write something cheery for a change
But then even Edith Piaf's 'La Vie en Rose' is tinged with sadness
Perhaps the thought of contentment is within my range
But mountains of molehills make it hard to see past the distance

Like the artificial light that makes the stars hide further in the shadows
So our hopes become weighed with the anticipation of the bad
And a single disappointment makes all the good crumble like dominoes
And that smile that was pushing through is pulled back by the sad

Maybe we need to stop focussing on the little mistakes
Maybe we need to remember that despite the falls, we still stand
Maybe we need to remind others of the solidarity hidden in handshakes
And that there is strength in the simple act of an outstretched hand

Countries have boundaries and people have walls
Children know nothing of this but slowly they pick their side
Maybe hugs and niceties should be auctioned in stalls
Maybe we should teach our youth the power of being allied

A stranger cried in a corner and others simply walked on by
Then someone stopped, touched his shoulder and gave him a smile
The slump in his posture disappeared, so did the emptiness in his eyes
And just like that despair and solitude were made beguile

We are not a mean or selfish race
We are not wholly made of malice or bad faith
But, confusing it for being our weakness, we hide our grace ...
Maybe we should own it and not yearn in its wraith
rosie Sep 10
he isnt letting go of my heart
i tried to stop falling but next thing you know
im here at the bottom of a long hole i haven't stopped falling down since he and i first talked that night

i thought maybe i should try and chase him
but it only drove him away
so i held back and waited and he came down the path i was running and ran alongside me and i want to run next to him forever

it's only been a short while since he first took hold
i thought he was sweet at first
but he belonged to someone else
she eventually let him go
then we found each other again
this time he didnt have anybody with a claim on him
but i only saw a friend
and i had a claim on me
it was a while before we ever moved away from that point
but then we did

now i see him
this tall, kind, boy-turning-man
i see him right before my eyes and i wonder how i didn't see it before
how could i not have noticed those eyes?
how could that strength and compassion not have shown as brightly as they do now?
how could i have known the way i'd trust him, the way i'd let him know the dark parts?

i didn't see you before
but i see you now
and im only hoping im not too late
thanks to any readers **
J F O Sep 6
the things
we think that happened at
the wrong time
may be
just the right time.
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