Jedda 45m
Maybe I gave too much for someone that treated me as so little
Or maybe it was us both
Maybe we didn’t mean enough to each other
Or maybe it meant more than it should’ve
But now, it means nothing
We are nothing...
The gifted ruler May 2017
God damnit God damnit God damnit depression is  a bitch, like why TF this shit gotta sneak up on me like this, fuck I'mma go to bed and not sleep I guess I'll lay with my lonesome till 3am and listen to my heart beat while I think ignoring the voices in my head telling me things like i’d be better off dead like as if despite  the fact I wish my ticker would stop ticking
But it won't, I wish I could c u t my own heart out with a knife but that's sounds boring so I dont I wish a niger could cry a nigers burdens away  but a.nigg*rs tear ducts are dry so I guess ill roll a joint and burn it away and then when I run out I'll break out the razors is in a slice in a way that will make the sane wonder how but what the fuck is it to you who are you to say that I'm important to you who are you to say that I'm a lovely human being just please, i didn't ask your assistance no offense just leave me to my being because I disagree I wish you would ask me if I thought that I was as important I wish you'd ask me if I thought I was lovely cuz I'd say no I'm autistic trash and to me that shit is ugly cuz despite what I can do I can't do most of it mother fucker I thought I was a man, well I guess I was born with most of it I just want to fucking die no letter no notes no reasons why cuz I told you when I told you then I told you again did you think that was a lie  you must have presumed that it's a cry for attention are you out of your fucking mind don't worry its okay to make the jokes it doesn't hurt at all it's okay to mock me it doesn't phase a bit,  but I guess you will you  learn to shut your fucking mouth when you find my body its wrist slit  but I guess it's kind of my fault because I smile every time they ask me if I'm fine god damnit god damnit god damnit Depression is a bitch like why the fuck this shit got to sneak up on me like this
a poem about depression
Saint Audrey Aug 4
Another sunbeam, lost along the way
Remembering, long gone summer days
When the world was calmer
Everything sounded clear
But now your words keep falling
Ever further from my ears

Another sunbeam, lost along the way
lost to the elements, that pull like tidal waves
eroding further
Now the chaos reigns
Lost amid its shadow
Til its slowly pulled away

Do you think you'll look back at this moment in the same way
Since its not so disimilar
Since it sparked that particular memory

Obscrea Aug 2
I think we had something-
It wasn't love, but it wasn't
Nothing either;

Perhaps it was just
Stolen glances and
Laughing together

Perhaps it was feeling
Giddy at touching knees
And having nicknames

I know it wasn't love-
But in another time,
In another place,

It could've been.
Peter Balkus Aug 2
someone created us
and then
- having realized that we were imperfect -
abandoned us, left.

we are nothing but
a failed plan of a perfect world,
a faulty universe,
which nobody cares
Let's talk about the things we normally wouldnt
And let's act upon those thoughts that we probably shouldn't
If I had it my way..well actually I couldn't
I'd rather not
I'm afraid things might not work
And  the thought of possibly ruining another good thing
I guess it might be worth it
But are the signs there or do I just miss interpret
maybe a silver toungued devil but never a serpent
feel free to run around the grass
it's been well kept
Remember that feeling because when you get back to your side it might feel dead
just want to show you the finer things nothing big
nothing fancy
no designer mink
just a simple talk
A laugh
Not even a drink
Drunk words speak sober thoughts
might spill things well that I rather not.
Maybe it's crazy,
maybe it's crazy
that I think the way I do?

Maybe it's crazy,
maybe it's crazy
that I think the way I do?

Maybe it's crazy,
maybe it's crazy
that I think the way I do?

-I do not know you?

Maybe that's crazy,
maybe it's crazy
that I think the way I do?

'cause I don't know you?
'cause I don't know you?

Maybe it's crazy,
maybe it's crazy
that I think the way I do?

Maybe I'm thinking,
Maybe I'm thinking,
thinking that I am you?

maybe it's crazy?
One day, maybe one day,
We will meet,
I'll concede your face
And a spark will lighten up my eyes!

After seeking permission, I'll
Hold your hand, like the old times,
One day, maybe one day,
I'll laugh from my heart.

After asking permission,
We'll walk then, abreast,
One day, maybe one day,
We'll walk beyond their sights

Don't you mind, if I Put my
head in your lap and sleep,
‎ one day, maybe one day,
Besides you, I'll sleep forever!

Umi Jul 22
Farewell, to my voice wich vanished beneath the echo of those mountains, disappearing in the far distant, out of reach
The summer sun burns through my skin, lightens up this cold heart of mine for the first ime in a very long time, but even this won't last,
Yet I have no reason to be sad, this agony is bittersweet you see,
Constant change around me, without me changing one bit, it is as if I have become stuck in some kind of loop, unable to ever advance,
What does the future hold for one who has given in to this madness?
Farewell, to all the flowers which were blooming majestically this summer, now withering over to the merciless, drought like heat,
The greensleeves of nature are to already become colourful,
Farewell to all the warmth you have given me before you slipped away into the sea of time, moving on without thinking twice,
When the lullaby of a vampire is sung it'll be time to shut my eyes,
Because then I can be sure that I don't want tomorrow to come,
Farewell to the times we were friends conveying about silly things,
Now everyone can rejoice, once my voice is gone,
Farewell, left behind, I can no longer even cry

I am               Tired

I heard             Silent

I saw                Something

I am                 Self

It seems           Quite

My insides       Somewhere

Maybe              Even

                                                          In you.
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