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Tatiana Oct 2021
I wanted to see the sunrise.
Instead I laid in bed and watched
as my windows slowly let in
more and more light. Maybe tomorrow,
I'll watch the sunrise. Maybe tomorrow,
I'll crawl out my window. Maybe tomorrow,
I'll take pictures of the sunrise and
it'll be worth it.
I'll always want to see tomorrow
even if I dread every second of today.
I want to see tomorrow
and capture it.
Sometimes tomorrow is the only reason I get through today.
aspen wilde Oct 2021
if your stars got messed up i would blame myself.
i just want you to be happy :)
M Aug 2021
I stepped outside and
the world greeted me as if
to sing, welcome home!
Healer Aug 2021
There you are knocking at my heart,
I don't know when it started
Maybe centuries or was it yesterday?
Unknowingly I was being coloured by you.
I am unaware of my first wish but now my time flows through you.

There you are knocking at my heart,
I am already afraid of the cold days without you.
Are you a dream? Maybe a mirage?
Because like a lie I am clinging to you.

There's this book in my hands,
it's cold, even the ending is sad.
I am not insane to smile or read to a sad story.
But strangely, I keep opening you up.

I keep reading it page by page,
like I would touch the moon.
In between the visible lines
like there's a secret prayer just for me.

Now I am weeping willow, but I can't close it.
Even though this story is like the thousand others,
But I secretly keep wishing to
the broken stars and dried wishing well,
Maybe this one will end differently.
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, very old draft:?

maybe God just God maybe
the sea
the underworld not water meant to be
the air
the too much hollowness for a free soul fair
the fire
the heated blare that makes cold a liar
the earth
the destined
the chosen
or is it not
because from where I stand people are standing alot
and a sane man can see the cuts
in eyes or in harmed hands and hearted plots
maybe God just God maybe
I am blind shot

Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sunset west moon flies east? ;]

air planes soar
beyond the limits they roar
in a longing stare they long
disappearing through the clouds and gone
arise arose arisen
and in my place still frozen wizen
they venture the winds purple skied time
to blend and wing the moon menaces racing in line
glistening afar
from the back of a wounded scar
archer to the future
claiming a bleach
where does it go?
where does it reach?
maybe Saturn not here
but the return is there
to the node of the belong flying up no fear
seems my flight gonna wait for years
the waxing gibbous flies
and I hope for dreams in the close of eyes

Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, once in October-----<>

once in fallen October
a yellow far than closer
maybe more red than what smells older

steps flashback to my death
when I tried to find my swept breath
maybe ten seconds left my world in mess
at the train station
still lost in words desperation
maybe why I yearn today even for hurt in fascination
broken feels hold
immortal memories remain unfold
maybe ringing phones would again shiver me in cold

in your stare
felt like I was there
maybe letters I missed from gazes tripping down the stairs
backs embrace
more than a lover's torn trace
maybe how sometimes I forget your face
when I swear to get rid to not show
my heart stops acting in slow
maybe longs paled my color once upon a time ago

never mine
older than wine
maybe a one tasted moment time
drained my soul and called me helplessly
see you living selfishly
maybe all in my head in hope of the real of my fantasy

maybe the don't leave was a mumble created
maybe honey drips cut like knives invaded
maybe sweet carries of lots an essence when devastated

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