hj 12h
Burning candle lights
Broken glasses spill wine
Thought our stars would cross paths
Turns out they form parallel lines
Thought finding you was the key
Maybe I should wait for another sign
Broke the promises we can't reset
Maybe our stars will never shine
Maybe our broken peices would scatter  
And form our shilouhets in the sky
It's been a long time since I saw in you
The beautiful creature that was once mine
You know a relationship has ended
When the happy memories
Now make you cry
May be one day
He doesn’t need to fast
May be one day
We know his worth
May be one day
We will realize why he is different
May be one day
We will join hands
May be one day

May be one day
It will not be too late
May be one day
We don't have to regret
Genre: Observational
Theme:  Catalyst Of Change. What drives someone to the limit where we never dream of?
In solidarity to Dr. Govinda K.C. who never give up to change the health system of Nepal. It's 16th hunger strike in a count. Why do one fasts, when we are so hungry?
I see the crowd all coming through,
But all I ever want to see is you.
Here I am again waiting for another maybe,
Like I used to, only prolonging my agony.
I try to leave pieces of proses and poetry whenever I can wherever I go written in uppercase, pink letters. This is the third one I left on my seat on the last place I've been to on 01-12-19.
amber 5d
what if i hurt you?
i'm past wondering if you'll hurt me, i no longer mind.

but i'm volatile
sometimes i don't know what i'm doing
sometimes i don't know what i'm thinking
and sometimes i can't act the way i want to

you say you don't mind
you say it doesn't matter and i'm still what you want

but what if it's inevitable
and we're just building this up to break?
Sav Jan 12
It's been going on like this for days, weeks, years.

I can't seem to bring out the best of me.

Although words broadcast like teleprompters I can't bring them to paper, and often can't remember.

What I said.

I used to be able to ***** out such wisdom with such ease.

These days I feel like I am mocking my own talent. If I even have any.

I am a poet but I can't write poems, I am a writer but I have never finished a story.

And I am sorry,

But I feel like a phony.

At least right now.

Is that normal?
In which I have self doubt.
Maybe, just maybe I can finally be me
Maybe, just maybe they'll let me be free
And maybe, just maybe I won't be judged
And maybe, just maybe...
I'll finally feel loved
This is something big... I changed my profile...
We could have been love


I didn't
Sav Jan 6
It's interesting.

Falling in love for the first time?

As many years can pass, and the memories you make, and all the lovers you take.

You can never quite shake,

that first time.

That first smile, that first feeling

in your gut.

And you know what
I'm talking about.

Back then she was the cream to my coffee
,the colour of my world.

*** forbid she didn't show up to school.

And when she didn't I would drop notes in her locker, some called me a stalker but no...

I was just in love.

Head over heals, deep in the feels, wanted to reel in that catch.

She was a catch and she had a great *** and I told her that.

At least.

The first time we kissed can only be described as bliss.
It was at that moment I knew the true meaning of fireworks.

And the last time we kissed I told her I loved her and
maybe that was my first mistake.

Because inevitably even though she knew that,
it scared her away.

Out of my grasp and even though time passed she chose to forget me.

To this day.

I don't know where you are Hannah.

But a part of me will always love you.
Im over her but she brings out the best poetry so.... I guess sometimes the biggest heartbreak can be your best inspiration?
Divya Dec 2018
Hold my hand, and I'll take you to my world,
The world which has been in darkness since long,
Maybe you can ****** the Sun to rise,
And bring on the sunshine I've always waited for.
Or maybe you can be the Moon,
And escort me through the dark.
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