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2am talking to you...
The hum of a neon sign, Emitting light so tranquil
Purple Luminescence on your face. The sparkle in your eye, it brings life to all...
The smile in your words     In comparison everything so small.    

In conversation vocalising the deep within

What can I say, 2am there is no filter Here.

The euphoria so intense
all Existence has so much Distance,
the world fades away...

Quizzed with the words you speak
Everything begins to dull
Everything so quiet and clear

The realisation of how much I hold you dear
I'd hate to think what I'd do  
Without you here
Brett Mar 16
I am not here for anyone’s amusement
I dance when I hear music
I scratch my head when it itches
I love with my heart
And see with my eyes
The ground beneath my feet lets me know
That while I can not fly
I may travel through time
And see new life
Where it once did not exist
I run my fingers across my face
For I know I will soon long for younger days
But I remember
Just as we wither
So too do we grow
Endless rivers
Steady flow
morgan Jan 27
Remember when we used to stay up until 6 am
The sun would be rising
Laughing incessantly at something you said
While the world was in a deep sleep
I was awake and dreaming

Staying up all night, not thinking it through
Body and soul on the verge of collapse
However, I only wanted you
To say something that would make butterflies inside
Fly crazy in my heart and mind

Now we wake to the sounds
Of alarm clocks and honking horns
But just a short time ago, we were saying goodnight
At 6 in the morning
When the oxytocin high had me soaring
Emir Jan 5
little me, why so sorrow?
what makes you disconnect?

seeing your body in pictures
sent shivers down your neck
the rhythmic beating
pounding as an alarm
body restless
when will you get rest then?

little me, you waited quite a while
family's opinions turned vile
it didn't matter much
you never connected
only as much as
a charger is to phone

escapism buried her
when he could be online
reversing roles and affirming yourself
only gained so much self help
a tool to be unlocked

little me, you had blocks in front of you
you played with them as trial
until they weren't meanwhile
so what did it mean to you?
what did you learn?
how did you grow?
what did you learn?

little me, you're too young to understand
one day you'll find who I am
we've always been together
tight knit and forever
don't lose the game of cards  
unless you want your graveyard
Saw a picture of myself from about 6 or 7 years ago and felt inclined to write a message to myself then. If I met a younger version of myself, I wouldn't have told them everything that's happened so far. I would've just asked them why they do the things they do, and to think critically. having exposure to internet was great, but it did rot my mind.
Brian Payamps Sep 2020
Trying to find the light
But it seems to be that darkness wins
Every single time

A light so bright
It'll give a blind man sight
So close but yet so far
Like the moon on a dark winter night

I've tried,
I try to chase it down
I've ran,
I run
And ran some more
Chasing down a moon for it's light

A light so bright
It'll give a blind man sight
rmrplpr Sep 2020
The streets are quiet

the night is dark

but the lamps are brightest

The moon is in its highest

peak and the world

is stark naked


As 12 strikes the clock

You walk alone


Never minding the

dangers told

Bared senses

Mind calm

after days of storm

Smile forming on your lips

Be careful still

And come home

Slip beneath the sheets

Eyes shut and sleep deep

Outside, moonshine glows
Dead Sep 2020
Your lips met mine once more as we reluctantly put distance between each other once more.

You may not be embracing me on those long drives home however, your presence still lingers.

Even now in my bed, hands still shaking I long for your arms around me.

Those arms that were never mine but always have been.
That heart that I could never break but always feel.
Those lips that I would always dream of but never kiss.

Playing out our love in small scenes, short acts, dancing up and down the stage hands interlocked eyes trained on one and other.

Tiny ponds with enough waves to sink the strongest ships.
Destroying the beaches, flooding the coffee shops and antique stores.

You have always been my forever.
You have always been my never.
crowther Aug 2020
rustic brain calls upon late a night, wishing things will be done by the breaking of dawn.

oh, how i wish these sleepless nights could end in a spur. for years i have calculated, but have not documented those hideous moments to ever enter my sight. everywhere i look, a bickering thought arrives as if a group of chattering teeth lines through my mind when i'm suppose to be at rest.

in this shallow moment, let this end.
in this shallow moment, let's stop crying silently in our bed.

and as the morning rises, we could see brightly of the horizon. forgetting it for awhile until it crawls through at night. an unending cycle that causes a lot of fright. as if our brains lingers to the thought too tight.

rustic brain will soon heal
or so, or just life's haunting thrill
a prose
Grey Aug 2020
It’s painful.
It’s the aching for their touch when they’re not there
It’s feeling lost in your thoughts wandering if you’re enough
It’s knowing that lost them and the burning hate inside for yourself for even letting them go
What seems like unending torment of the thought that the one person you want to hold and they’re not there
Reaching out for the few inches and feeling their presence.
That it’s all a memory
Surviving on memories, the happiest moments
Reliving the heart wrenching flashbacks
Those worthless arguments that you wish you could erase
The ideology of changing the past knowing there’s no fixing what already happened
It’ll beat you ****** and leave you alone empty
Right person at the wrong time,
I’m drowning, desperately searching for one last sliver of hope
Love is painful
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