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i was built
on the crest of a wave
and swelling roll of tide
and i was not forged
to walk on my knees
just so that others may
know peace

Esther Krenzin
They can find it on their own.
The scattered tree's remains
frame the path from whence it came,
dampened in the warm, evening rain,
guiding the lonesome to self-blame.

Desperately, it's pleading commences
yearning hopelessly for soul sustenance.
It finds solace in expressing intensely,
and all those near fear it's immensity.

It's earthen skin moans,
bears cracks in it's bones,
weary cries gone silent,
but it's strength overgrown.

In it's roots it takes hold
to reconcile what it's forsaking,
endeavor painstaking, uncontrolled,
for true giving is absent of retaking.

Dulled are it's eyes
where they once had glow,
pathetic manifestations unfold
where it's reflection once resided.

And smoke swirls in the cavity
where the flames once warmed,
replaced by fiery, stinging swarms
creating turmoil in it's depravity.

Wounds young and sweltry,
the blood flow sustains,
no vestige of remedy,
enduring the pain.

Like a mangled, broken ship at sea
into terrorizing waves of atrophy
embracing water, drowning,
sinking, it helplessly flounders.

Never ceasing,
waves increasing
breath releasing,
mind's eye teasing.

Waters rise,
whispered cries,
painfully asphyxiating...

It lets go, floats towards the coursing,
waving, crashing surface,
aching for air.

Choppy waters, throwing,
forcing to and fro,
it fiercely presses on
and hears the thunder.

Lightning cracks through air and sky,
the bright light lingers in its eyes,
the thunder mutes all other sounds,
it's inner storm seems to subside.

The thunder rolls to the horizon,
and the rain lifts to gentle patters,
the mangled, tattered tree has wizened,
what once ravaged no longer matters.

Peace within and peace without,
forgiveness given, boundless grace.
It's world is light and free again,
though it knows there's more it has to face.

For now, a lightness' been endowed,
it dances with joy and loves out loud.
It knows the storms will always come,
but through them all, who it'll become
is worth the ravaged, aching pain,
and comes out stronger, wiser, and changed.
EmilyBatdorf Oct 2019
I’m feeling dangerous tonight
fire in my eyes, and you know you’ll
have to fight,
or fall down before me.
Charlotte Atkins Oct 2019
I think I’m going to be sick,
Your contemptible *******-ish
Behaviour is rubbing off on me
Stealing pieces of me, elevating
Me to such a height that
When you inevitably drop me and
I shatter, my shrapnel showers down
Cuts and slashes, gashes and grazes
All those I ought to protect

No more will I be here for you to collect!
You may be mamma’s blue-eyed-boy
But remember pride comes before the fall
So be careful, the hurt hearts
You’ve abandoned means
Your record needs reconciling
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Mothers. Possibly one of the significant contributors of the phrase “Empowered Women, Empower Women.” They overcome adversities, challenge social norms and break down barriers – rising and raising their child with them.

They plant flowers in the garden of their children, so they can bloom. They pour love out like a waterfall and nurture those who drink from it. They enflame hearts with compassion. They orchestrate and create harmony amongst their children creating a beautiful symphony. They pave roads and liberate. They voice out and amplify the ones of their own.

Here is to their depths of love that supports and caresses. To their cheers that uplifts. To how they raise and confront the world. To their softness. To their boldness. To their resilience. To their sacrifices. To them bringing out the best in us.

Here is to their ability to create an insurmountable power that only grows. Here is to them to being driven and passionate in their own authentic way. To them carrying out their integrity. To them setting examples, aspiring us to emulate.

To the ones who give birth, adopt, educate and raise. To the ones who devote their lives to their families care, to the ones who balance. Here is to them creating ripples carried over generation. To them shaping us and thereby shaping the world after them.
Matt Bernstein Jul 2019
I know what I am to become.
Revel in the gazes casting me insane
Only I have seen the future from the pavement,
hidden like a painting stolen from its frame

This is my autobiography!
A fluttering, open book caught up in the wind
Telling my story faster than it can be written.
A thriller all the way until the end
Kylee Jul 2019
‘Cause you think you’re so big and so tall
And us so scared and so small
But we’re not
We’re done hiding
We are rising
Does our truth hurt?

Hurt like those words
And your hands
Their stares and demands
That we did this to ourselves
It couldn’t possibly be their
Brother or lover
As long as they were admired and covered
By the strength of cowards

You showed us that there’s power in numbers
While then I’d be scared because while you all slumbered
In your thrones of entitlement and institutionalized security
We’ve been building bridges out of each other’s despair
Climbing mountains of self-worth
While you were so unaware
Of us pulling our sisters and brothers up too

Our voices now loud enough to shake your foundation
And cause you to fall, because without hesitation
We were forced to thread shame into the ends of our hair
And carry it with us

But not anymore

This conversation is so long overdue
But our time has come, we know this is true
As there are skeletons willing to rise from their graves
If it means justice finally coming our way
And shining light on all those who thought they could
Take what was not their’s

But now we are here and our numbers are strong
And we will build our own empire out of what was done wrong
Our first ruling order, is not a request
You WILL understand
No doesn’t really mean yes
It doesn’t matter the length of my dress
That your position doesn’t make my autonomy mean less-

My body is not some quest for you to conquer
We are tired of shrinking ourselves just for you to be comfortable

Times up

Your rule is over, this is our kingdom now
And so we ask
Does our truth hurt?

-Me too
Would love feedback!!
Hello Daisies Jun 2019
Who ever mocked me
Who ever looked down
Who ever made fun of me
Who ever made me cry

The tears I shed
Were not in your name
They were from my own blame
You never owned anything

I know you see it
How strong I really am
I'm quiet and afraid
But really you're amazed

I've battled wars you'll never know
Blood and guts unimaginable
You only see the wounds
Yet you're still afraid

Call me weak
Call me pathetic
Call me what you may
It won't stay

I am so brave
Knock me down
I'll fall so very far
But I'll get up so very tall

You're weak
You're stupid
You're pathetic
Above all, you're afraid

Don't pin that on me
I didn't ruin your destiny
You can't taint my soul
I'll still be nice but I won't
Be nobody's fool

Dear, everyone
      You will never break me
       So ******* *** I'll live beautifully
Philomena Apr 2019
I am the impossible woman
I am unstoppable
I am undeterred
I have survived all your ridicule
I have pushed past all of the pain
And I stand here before you now
So when I talk listen to what I say
I'm the the promise of future
Yet I carry the memories of the past
I am only the beginning
My sisters and I shall inherit the land
Impossible you may say
But they have told us that always
We have yet to find an impossible challenge we can't conquer
Listen when I say
I am the impossible woman
taylor styles Nov 2018
don’t think just because you felt me
that you know me
ive let many people touch me
to try to find love in a lie
to feel intimacy
where it was not fostered
you aren’t special
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