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Philomena Apr 4
I am the impossible woman
I am unstoppable
I am undeterred
I have survived all your ridicule
I have pushed past all of the pain
And I stand here before you now
So when I talk listen to what I say
I'm the the promise of future
Yet I carry the memories of the past
I am only the beginning
My sisters and I shall inherit the land
Impossible you may say
But they have told us that always
We have yet to find an impossible challenge we can't conquer
Listen when I say
I am the impossible woman
taylor styles Nov 2018
don’t think just because you felt me
that you know me
ive let many people touch me
to try to find love in a lie
to feel intimacy
where it was not fostered
you aren’t special
Harry Roberts Oct 2018
I'm Wasting Away, I'm Less Than I Was,
Wanted To Stay, What Was The Cause?
Won't Let Me Play, I'm Left On All Fours,
The Screens Going Grey, He Left Me On Pause.

What Is This Game, Who Are You Gaming?
Giving Me Blame How My Body Is Shaming,
Fall In A Slumber Like I Am A Shaman,
You'll Talk About *** But My *** Doesn't Shame Me.

Empowered I Flowered When I Lost Virginity,
I Was Made Iron I Lost My Fragility,
I Am Like Fire I'll Burn Through Infinity,
Mind Is Made Fluid It Moves With Agility.

Don't Pick At My Petals Or Pull At The Stalk,
I Know A Demon & He Has A Fork,
I Seen A Body Outlined In White Chalk,
Passed A Thin Line How Far Did You Walk?
Harry Roberts - My *** © 25/10/18
Sienna Oct 2018
When you left
I could see
That what I kept
Was not to keep

A broken bond
was what you made
I was so fond
and yet I paid

For all the nights
you said you would
It was not right
“Can” is not “should”

So yes you left
And I was afraid
But a bond of theft
Isn’t one where I gain

I will not devote
Myself to his cause
So I said “end-quote”
This isn’t a pause

My life does not stop
Because he’s not here
I will not drop
And I have no fear

So I move on
Myself in check
He is now gone
No more Russian roulette
I wrote this so soon after it was over. I try to tell myself it's better this way. I don't know if I believe it.
Kayleigh Oct 2018
i look in the mirror today
and i know
i am beautiful.
for the first time
since you left
i feel beautiful
not to make you jealous,
not to make sure you’re staring.
but to remember
that i am strong
and i have never needed you.
i’m my own and you are not apart of me
Kayla Sep 2018
The most beautiful girls tend to leave the ugliest scars when they leave.
At least that's what people tend to say....
In all reality every girl is beautiful to me ...
I don't care about looks ; it's about the story that lies beneath her damaged and beautiful soul ...
Her eyes became so dull due to her being put through the worlds most evil diversions causing chaos to flourish .
She may seem damaged and no good to the rest , but to me she is the greatest creation that could ultimately become my new test .
Every girl in this dysfunctional universe that gets put down in this world for whatever reason . Know that you shouldn't listen , because you are amazing and beautiful . So keep going and pushing through ! Keep that gorgeous smile on your face and conquer .
- Mikayla <3
Hannah Jane Call Aug 2018
just because i've finally got a handle on life doesn't mean i can go back and redeem what i've lost.
but just so you know, i'm a different person.
whoever you are. even if you're just the void. someone has to know.
i know now what it feels like to talk to someone to victimizes herself in every situation, who pushes off her pain onto someone else, who looks to you to make decisions then blames you for them later.
i know that girl, now.
it's an out of body experience.
and ****, i get it now.
i can't believe you were able to stand me.
and good on you for not.
so void, black hole of nothingness, ask them. ask me.
i've ******* changed.
and you know what's even better? i don't need your validation, and not in a rude way.
i'm just finally here to validate myself instead of stealing it from your bruised lips.
because i'm me and i'm strong and i'm here if you need me.
but if not?
i'll be okay.
and it feels so ******* good to say that i don't need to worry anymore.
so call if you need me. hang up if you don't.
kind of a note to someone? i dunno. it just feels so empowering to not be who i was, the person who messed so many friendships and lives up. i'm in control and it honestly is so liberating. so i'm here for you and will open up anytime. but if not, wish ya the best XD
Eleanor Sinclair Aug 2018
In moments of weakness I’m like a hermit

In moments of strength the lion emerges
JK Aug 2018
Somber shadows, all but fade,
fog of failures ever looming.
Sinking softly in the shade,
melancholy, all consuming.
Heavy is the heart of my demise.
Who, but I, can look through these eyes?

But dusk brings dawn, in darkest ways,
and morning sets the sun ablaze.
Sparks of fire ignite the coal,
Uncover my spirit and light my soul.
If burnt or buried, my sun must set,
Then flames, I burst without regret.
Who, but I, can look through these eyes?
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