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M Salinger Jul 4
Something happens for you
something changes,
a part of your power
a part of your abilities
a part of you

when you’re faced with truth,
and choice,
when moving from known
into uncertainty

and in the face of this
you lose a part of

The smoke
it hangs low,
a weight in my lungs
like the feeling in my soul

the forests
burn themselves,
and out of destruction,
the new growth is born,
like us

be born again,
let my love
nourish & caress you
scars and all

rise to the
when fear beckons

lay your heavy head
and tired mind
in my lap
and let your tears
of sadness,
and longing
flow in the space between my legs

let go.

and like that,
I will hold you
& show you the
promises I won’t

let me reveal
my inner corners
as you show me yours,
and prove to you
how tender I will be
with your delicate

resist the temptation
& give into me

make love to me.

lay your lips
on mine
& slip yourself
into the space
between my hips

let me show you
true ecstasy,
let the arch of
my back
show you what
words can’t

let our bated breaths
& escaping moans
be our solemn vow
that fear
rule here

let your fingers
get tangled in my hair
as your heart beats
against mine,
as a reminder of what
is ours

have courage
& fervour
to hold on,
when fear
taunts you to let go,
when it smirks
because the intensity
almost burns,
& your soul bleeds
and your bones ache
& your
will is

in these dark moments,
find strength in me

because something happens for you
something changes,
a part of your power
a part of your abilities
a part of you

when you’re faced with truth,
and choice,
when moving from known
into uncertainty,
when you’re
Anon Apr 25
You stood on me whilst I was down
Made me feel like an absolute clown

Never knowing what I had done wrong
When it was you all along!

It took me so long to see
Even when the facts were right in front of me.

I hope you can see me standing tall
Because I won’t allow you to make me fall!
SiouxF Mar 27
Like a modern day Sleeping Beauty,
Living 50 years of her life
In a trance like daze,
Oblivious to all,
Viewing the world through the twisted lens and filter
Of a controlling bully.
Learning to be her own worst enemy,
Flagellating herself like a aesthetic,
Living as a timid scurrying mouse
Fearing the light of day,
To a ridiculously enraged roaring lionness protecting her brood.
Awoken from her deep slumber
By Prince Charming’s sweetest gentlest kiss,
She rose to fight another day,
This time standing in her power,
Slaying her enemies,
And all who had kept her playing small
To further their own ends,
Now shining in the glow of her brilliance
Saying “******* one and all,
I am me,
THIS is who I am,
I am proud of what I’ve achieved,
Now I sing my own song,
Dance to my own tune,
Play my own game”,
As she galloped off astride her gallant steed
Amid a swirl of dust
Towards sunset’s rosy glow
SiouxF Mar 21
This is me,
I am strong,
I am powerful,
I am courageous,
I make no apology for who I am,
For who I am
Is forged from pain and suffering,
The lessons were hard,
The road was long,
But led to a stronger, better, more empowered version of me.
So if you’re struggling,
Feeling weak and abused,
Hold strong,
Be steadfast,
Raise your head up high,
Look for Him who supports and inspires you,
Know your suffering will be turned into strength
And an inspiration to others.
For some it takes a while to reach this place,
To slay the dragons
And stand in our power,
But once there,
With God on our side,
Lo betide anyone who dares to put us down again!
This was inspired by someone I met today in the way they held themselves, how they were strong and true to who they are, were unapologetic for that, and in their being was an inspiration to me
Talia Jan 11
Empress won’t impress
just to please

With a vendetta against aggression
she brings violence to its knees

Tiger striped thighs tantalise
though single handedly she
plays tonight

on a mission, led by zebra striped eyes
she rides the northern lights

Peace and presence, her only weapon
an Empress needn’t corruption to threaten
A version of me reading this is on instagram @talneedsapenname if anybody is interested!
Esther L Krenzin Aug 2020
i was built
on the crest of a wave
and swelling roll of tide
and i was not forged
to walk on my knees
just so that others may
know peace

Esther Krenzin
They can find it on their own.
Kylie Hailstone Apr 2020
The scattered tree's remains
frame the path from whence it came,
dampened in the warm, evening rain,
guiding the lonesome to self-blame.

Desperately, it's pleading commences
yearning hopelessly for soul sustenance.
It finds solace in expressing intensely,
and all those near fear it's immensity.

It's earthen skin moans,
bears cracks in it's bones,
weary cries gone silent,
but it's strength overgrown.

In it's roots it takes hold
to reconcile what it's forsaking,
endeavor painstaking, uncontrolled,
for true giving is absent of retaking.

Dulled are it's eyes
where they once had glow,
pathetic manifestations unfold
where it's reflection once resided.

And smoke swirls in the cavity
where the flames once warmed,
replaced by fiery, stinging swarms
creating turmoil in it's depravity.

Wounds young and sweltry,
the blood flow sustains,
no vestige of remedy,
enduring the pain.

Like a mangled, broken ship at sea
into terrorizing waves of atrophy
embracing water, drowning,
sinking, it helplessly flounders.

Never ceasing,
waves increasing
breath releasing,
mind's eye teasing.

Waters rise,
whispered cries,
painfully asphyxiating...

It lets go, floats towards the coursing,
waving, crashing surface,
aching for air.

Choppy waters, throwing,
forcing to and fro,
it fiercely presses on
and hears the thunder.

Lightning cracks through air and sky,
the bright light lingers in its eyes,
the thunder mutes all other sounds,
it's inner storm seems to subside.

The thunder rolls to the horizon,
and the rain lifts to gentle patters,
the mangled, tattered tree has wizened,
what once ravaged no longer matters.

Peace within and peace without,
forgiveness given, boundless grace.
It's world is light and free again,
though it knows there's more it has to face.

For now, a lightness' been endowed,
it dances with joy and loves out loud.
It knows the storms will always come,
but through them all, who it'll become
is worth the ravaged, aching pain,
and comes out stronger, wiser, and changed.
EmilyBatdorf Oct 2019
I’m feeling dangerous tonight
fire in my eyes, and you know you’ll
have to fight,
or fall down before me.
Charlotte Atkins Oct 2019
I think I’m going to be sick,
Your contemptible *******-ish
Behaviour is rubbing off on me
Stealing pieces of me, elevating
Me to such a height that
When you inevitably drop me and
I shatter, my shrapnel showers down
Cuts and slashes, gashes and grazes
All those I ought to protect

No more will I be here for you to collect!
You may be mamma’s blue-eyed-boy
But remember pride comes before the fall
So be careful, the hurt hearts
You’ve abandoned means
Your record needs reconciling
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