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You need a soul to blame,
To put on your causes of adversity.
So let me offer you mine;
I might drown
Under the tedious current
But at least,
You will float.
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Allesha Eman May 21
In time,
The swollen heart
Becomes a symbol
Of crossing borders

And when you find the unspoken words
Of your sleepless soul
You’ve found the bordering nation of freedom
That when met against your dreams
Melts into your boundaries
And two become one

And in time,
Your past fades into the seams
Of your reckless ambitions
And your blood pours down towards
your ankles
Preparing you to kick off your feet
And fly towards a future

Where you are found to be free
From your own shackles
and someday you’ll smile
As you look back at what you’ve left behind

And you’ll find
That in time,
You’ll be free from your fears
John Glenn May 8
War stirs in the west.
The giants in the east
awaken from slumber,
ready to wager.
Up north and down south
the trees burn
as the households await death
to knock on their doors,
unable to breathe.
Speaking of death,
he has taken the icons
and left us with dictators
to further his bidding.
Money has fallen out of value,
with rather a hefty price
at the cost of human life.
Plagued with adversity,
food is short
and the days are long.
Humanity pays
for all its wrongs.
Everything that's been happening so far this year has affected us in so many different ways. Though no matter how dark it all seems to be, there's always light to find at the end of the tunnel. This darkness too, shall pass.
Rachel Apr 26
They know me none
The flowers, the soil, the seed
The wind with breath of pine trees
The rising star of the East

Even as giants that loom in the night
And the me, that rides
The waves of air rippling behind

Lean your ear toward the Earth,

And watch as I dance
With steps so slight and damp
There are blades of grass that bend under my breath,
And a light that still whimpers in my hand

They know me none,
The spark of the fire, the burn of the sun
The hares that speckle the brush
The simmerings of ocean suds

The spring who denied my face
The siege of frost and dread
Who overtook in its stead

Stop and turn your gaze toward me,

And watch as I dance
With steps so slight and damp
There are blades of grass that bend under my breath,
And a light that still whimpers in my hand

Without morality and control
I cry out, a name of more emotion than sound
Hear it. Keep it
And remember it as loud

For they know me none,
But in time they will
When years tumble over and decades spill
When Earth is nothing but dark and chill

There will be
From deep within the cracks
A strand of grass that shudders, unlike the rest
And a flicker of red that cuts through the black
One day they will know my name well
Being privileged
Many times
We don't realize
That much

At the time of
Only hunger is
The innate human drive
And the food
A prayer

Stay human
In unfavorable time
What one can
Best offer
Money can't buy
Genre: Observational
Theme: Basic Need || In the background of COVID-19
Note: Served humanity is love. How has the coronavirus affected you?
A righteous man cannot stand for adversity
when his daughters weep for the contrary.

A righteous man should not back away from the dragon or it’s flames
and allow his daughters to be swallowed up in war.

A righteous man
knows no good or bad
          no right or wrong.

He knows of responsibility
He knows of compassion
He knows of understanding
He knows of commitment

My father stands before the dragon.
bcb Mar 30
they choose to not believe in me. my curiosity heightened, I wonder... will they always? by asking that, it may appear as if my existence solely relies on the convictions from others, but that is not so. to fret now, about the wariness of others, would deter all that I know. let me add that there are many moments I've shared with them. there was warmth. there was clutter. iridescent faces crowded the walls with ***** looks. the air embalmed with rosemary and ashtrays. but there is much they don't understand. they don't know the song of the neon lights. they don't know the thoughts of a clouded mind. they choose to not believe in me. my curiosity heightened, I wonder...are they foolish?

be well,
bcb Mar 30
he was the musical man. no one could quite play a tune like him. the pluck of a cello with the flick of his tongue. the trumpets, they roar, with every riddling hum. this musical man knew only to strum, make sounds disappear and come back with a drum. ‘play your last note!’ cried the silencing storm, who stood only to dampen; to live in abhor. the musical man, the brother, the son, said, ‘oh, I’m not done. no, I am not done! for I will play my music until my eyes see the sun!’ so play your music, mr. musical man and watch as the sun comes again and again.

be well,
bcb Mar 30
it was late at night
when my guitar string broke
and I didn’t know what to do.
so with a laden sigh
and a tempered joke,
I tried to change my point of view.
I’ll tell you it wasn’t easy,
no instantaneous claim,
but if my guitar string
broke any other day,
I bet I’d be the same.
see, it always hurts to lose a string
make it one or two or three,
but as long as one’s still hanging on,
you can make that guitar sing.

be well,
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