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Harry Roberts Sep 26
I would hold my grudges like I kept my secrets,
I would smile while dying just to pretend,
That I was okay and above it I could ascend,
I thought the weight was too heavy for me to contend.

I would wallow in despair and swallow hateful tears,
I learned that secrets are like cancers metastasising through humanity,
Hatred is a product of imbalanced duality,
And if we are to move forward we must outgrow insanity.
Allesha Eman Aug 28
Awake, I’m in my senses
The drowsiness has disappeared
The light colours my skin
As I walk towards tomorrow
All my thoughts and prayers
Are now in the palm of my hand
I’ll bring them with me every step I take
And I’ll never forget yesterday,
But tomorrow is where I should be
This time I’ll take the stars
Run with the lights
Cross the rivers, and fly above the sea
To get to you,
In my third letter to time, I have reached clarity. Time is bewildering, but every second of the day is a chance for me to grasp the opportunity to change my life. Right now, it’s never been more clear.
Sarah Aug 11
a strong silent power,
rising steady and certain.
putting in the honest work,
day in and day out.
our feminine nature
is the kind of persistent presence
that withstands, and outlasts
life's constant challenges.
eternally exceeding expectations,
we overcome, we succeed,
we grow.
Francie Lynch Jul 26
You can be a boulder,
Unmoveable, hard, stoic;
But every stone is permeable,
And the water gets in
To make the rock sand...
Soft, malleable,
With indistinguishable grains.

I know others who swim
Against adversity to spawn in the current.
They believe destination is destiny;
Focussed, driven with tunnel vision.

Some face adversity like a roller-coaster.
When things are going north, all is good;
But they throw up their arms and scream
When going south.

I will catch the west wind,
Change course if necessary,
Tack across the white caps of roiling waters.
I will steer the rudder towards my East.
You were a sky free from clouds,
a sight to see
You were different from the rest
a person I'd want to be
You were stronger than a bird
on a rainy day
You were the person I loved
but you took that away
You acted like the guy that hurt me before
except you were my pal so this hurt much more
an infection that i'd hope would go away soon
You are the sun and I am the moon
you are my best friend
it doesn't have to be like this
the hypocrisy can end.
Nikki nashon Jul 13
Cultural enclaves
Multi granular igneous rock
Heat and compression
Lava pools surrounding mineral stones
The development of will in its distinction
It is strong
It is powerful
With just a bit of coaxing, she would sit up and recite
A poem she'd known since grade school, her eyes so clear and bright

Sometimes she'd need a little nudge to get her to begin.  "When mother puts her apron on", she'd say with a small grin...

...and off she'd go reciting each line flawlessly, with ease
Then when she'd end, her mind would seem to go, as if a breeze
Had ushered it away from us as quickly as it came
And then she wouldn't know the poem, nor anybody's name

But with that came a kind of blessing, at least I know of one
She may not have understood, full well, the loss of Jim, her son
But now, Miss Maudie's free from mortal flesh and bone
And those she loved, who've gone before are welcoming her home

Once more she will caress the man who held her hand in marriage
And now, again she'll hold the son she once strolled in a carriage.

They'll watch us as we travel down this wandering path of life
Rejoicing in our triumphs and supporting us through strife

And we know that they'll be there, waiting on the other side
When at last we've reached the journey's end, of this our earthly ride.
This is an excerpt of the eulogy I wrote for my Great Grand-mother-in law.  She struggled with Alzheimers disease for many years, but handled it with such grace. A true lady.
Does the past stalk us for a
Or is all this turmoil just a
Eyes turned inward to what's
now behind
Adversity won over in the pull of
Dwelling on imprints of paths long
Move onward, dear one, no need to
Those days are done, those suns have
Take steps forward, don't live
to regret.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
You cannot find yourself
On the surface of comfort.

You are introduced to yourself
By the depth of adversity.
Chris Lazzaro Feb 28
I am the river atop the mountain,
I am the boulders down below.
I am the jagged cliffs above,
I am the fine grains of snow.

I bend along the mountain
those rocks steer my course.
Rushing white river rapids
blaze the trails from thy source.

The mountain face,
sculpted by river sands.
Waves smooth sharp edges,
creator of lakes and land.

Persistence through ashlar and slate,
water rushes down the banks.
Long withheld at the stone gate,
bursting floods make their escape.

From afar, beauty to be bestowed.
Chaotic in all it's necessity.
I am that which must be controlled.
I am the will of adversity.
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