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Tollan Nov 2020
I’ve been thinking about how one can fully understand the movement of life. How it goes unnoticed to most, slowly killing us. It should hurt, shouldn’t it? A constant moving pain that will eventually lead to some crazy hallucinogenic state of mind and you become the past. In a ball of flaming glory you could go out, and some do. Hopefully me too! Even though I know, it won’t mean a thing! because in the end it keeps going. And you become what’s gone.

I believe many people fear this. This ending of such. Some great men/women feared it. And they decided to be remembered but ultimately in the end, their end, nothing really changes. On the big scale of things they’ve contributed nothing, some of the greatest people you know, absolutely worthless. How can that be?

Because it is.

I don’t know a single thing
I wish I knew how to add correct gramma, and increase my vocabulary. I might just read through some dictionary and the dinosaur. I’ll start with the A’s and read more? X
colette alexia Jul 2020
Turned the radio off
When breakup songs came on
Because you couldn’t face the fact
That they sounded like us
Akshay Apr 2020
I think we're so afraid of breaking
each others' hearts,
That we can't even start a conversation
in the first place.

That is unbelievably painful.
It's cruel how this world has turned out to be, is it our ego or the fear that we'll be breaking our hearts eventually?
Emmah Mar 2020
my hands and thoughts do tremble
seeing that which i resemble
nasty snarl upon my face
reminding me i’m a disgrace
furrowed brow and clenching fist
intrusive thoughts i can’t resist
cowardly i run and hide
from everything i keep inside
Pax Mar 2020
A repetitive omen
that we learn to avoid
over time.
Still bad at it, but im Learning though it takes time, patience is all i have.
MSunspoken Feb 2020
We caress the heavens together
In a trance

Lost in a sea of souls
I find you hard to miss
I can’t escape your pull

I flow
-not with the wind-
But with you
Bending air as I go

My whole eternity is you
A blue vastness
-too great to ignore-
From my perspective

I live for you
As there is nothing else
Quite as magnetic
-although, I’m trapped for sure-

My naivete may live on
Yet even I ponder
The slight trembling in my heart
Subconscious, or am I over?

There, a world spilling with ants
So small-
Yet visible with their feats of humanity
-I can see it so clearly now-

Where once there were only specs-
Now there lay a myriad of wonders
Right before me
-the haze clearing-

My confidence
often a victim of gravity-
So steady hands always pulled me up
Right on cloud nine

I no longer feel the softness of those palms-
Once my ever-aiding life
I have fallen out of your grasp

The wetness of tears
Staining my existence-
Yet clearing it all the same
I fall as the icy raindrops guide my demise

All hard and true-
I must accept my punishment
For I have lived on far too long
And know much too little

Seeping into reality-
I can feel every texture on my skin
Every imperfection on the ground
-forever taunting me-

Leaving the once continuous cycle-
Venturing into the unknown
Where-for once-
A seed may grow larger than a planter could ever provide

A wild flower-
Thriving in a sea of individuality
Forever smiling at the sky
Despite the abandonment
Although I let myself avoid the truth for years, I had to except it sometime.
Unfortunately, that happened much too late-
right when everything came crumbling down (much like a cloud-drained of it's rain).
Robert D Nov 2019
The drops on my face
Cool and refreshing it feels
Hidng all my tears
Robert D Nov 2019
You can't catch what I have
Your sympathy I avoid
The happiness that I had once
My depression destroyed
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