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Rowan S Apr 9
I have ignored the warning signs
teetering, all a' kilter
upon this precipice

to breathe, hard air
a gasp, of frigid life
tip into another one
trip into oblivion

my mornings are strains of
ichor from within
ochored bile an offering
to a porcelain god

an illness slinks
through these

sandpaper stress
scrubs my marrow clean
to bleached
MJL Mar 2
A stiff in the corner
A stiff in a pew
Watch the parade
Formality on cue

A choreographed dance
From station to station
First to the church
Then dirt destination

Like hospital corners
Clean little lines
Sanitized process
Dressed to the nines

Death can rub off
As every ghost knows
A sickness to catch
It seeps in your clothes

Orderly duty
Sterilizing the end
Except for our thoughts
Would never offend

The cliquing and pooling
People masking their eyes
The family alone
Will look to the cries

A lifetime of sharing
With nothing to say
Thoughts sprint to the bar
To silently pray

Bagpipes have started
It’s time to decide
Pay some respects
Or silently hide

Weak at the wall
Will flies to the door
Avoids every handshake
Just looks at the floor          

Dotting the “i”
Think neat tidy passing
A check box is ticked
Life’s not very lasting

A stiff well-dressed drink
A stiff well-dressed friend
Worth more than a nod
On cowards choice wend

© 2019 MJL
I should have said something, said the Irishman.
I love everyone.
Some I love to be around.
Some I love to avoid.
Others, I would love to
punch in the face.
For people I don't like. There ya go. A good laugh.
Rae Jan 31
Suspended, intoxicated,
Their faces spell out a word I can’t read
But I hear them, I hear them
And I let their ringing voices, their systematic joy
Lull me into another daydream.

They infect me, slowly,
Molten lava flowing to a standstill.

Have you ever seen hardened lava?
It’s dark, expansive, a plowed field ripe for sowing.
But it’s sharp, did you know?
It’s glass, obsidian razor blades that tear at your skin
Not only sharp, but silent, too-
You look down, and you’ve lost a finger.

You lose the point of your cheek
The slump of a shoulder.
Before you know it,
You lie there, disconnected pieces bloodied and pale,
In a field of expansive black.

I am shredded, pulverized
The words batter at me, hail and rain on a bowing windshield.
Between the ***** of my lips
And the rats nest pressed to my faded walls
Is a numbed mass of slush
Protected by a barbed wire fence.

Sleeping Beauty’s castle in a wall of thorns-
But to keep out, or to keep in?
Protected, or jailed?
I slumber, curled and warm,
A feather to blow, a dandelion to destroy.

When the prince comes calling
When the clock strikes midnight
When they ask me to spin straw into gold
I swallow another pill.
I drift into another night of distraction, of
Reaching hands and wax lips that melt
A rainbow of crayons onto my lap-
Anything to avoid tomorrow,
Avoid the fists and knuckles of responsibilities
That press, suspended against my throbbing temples.
Jules DelPercio Dec 2018
I hate being hurt by you,
So I'll distract myself with someone else who hurts me.
It hurts less.
Sketcher Dec 2018
Frightful ******* aching feeling,
Fleetly filling till' it's full,
Soon to smack the central ceiling,
When she pushes, then I will pull,
Pull her right back into my arms,
That is right where she's meant to be,
Metaphorically, so no harm,
Will ever come to her or me,
Avoidance will heal,
Getting closer helps,
Avoidance will hurt,
Getting closer pains,
Duality exists,
And life persists,
Always a good side and a bad side,
And life goes, so live, I insist.
Spitz Oct 2018
To lie about feeling
To end the conversation
To validate a command
it doesn’t hold much meaning
Just a shallow glossing
with a goal to avoid opening your soul
And admitting your truth
Mary Frances Oct 2018
We tend to avoid things that can cause us pain.
If we are afraid to be wounded,
then why do we break hearts?
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018

I will deafen my soul to the chords
of discord.

No drama wanted here.
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