There was a young lady, Marie
who'd steal, no profit, no fee
take from the rich
with nary a twitch
spreading the wealth, sea to sea

Just think, if the rich gave, we all could be millionaires!
Yeah, right ;\

Today, I really must declare
My love of stuffed donuts everywhere
From Krispy Kreme to paczki
To Korean ones with read bean
They're a gift, even though they're not rare

Her excitement wet, on her hips, and lips
her tongue, dips, rolls, cajoles, and licks
cums, as no surprise
deep within, her eyes
as her deepest sighs, his body, mind, transfixed

No way, as taken away
nothing more, too say!

There was a young man from Gibraltar,
Whose loyalty never did falter,
A wince of despair
And pain filled the air
As his coffin was brought to the altar

A battalion stationed off France,
Were commanded when to advance.
But one would tell
Of his living hell
As his comrades littered the expanse.

The Thompson’s youngest son Mark,
Really was quite a bright spark.
His family cried
When they heard that he died,
In a trench alone in the dark.

A vampire woman, from Zanzibar
sold BJ's from out, of her car
never repeats
john's jumpin the seats
as her teeth, were too long, by far

Eh, there's something to be said for dentures LOL
Brent Kincaid Dec 2017

The Congressional wag GOPs
Spend most of their time on their knees
Their favorite repast
Is the kissing of ass
Just like the whores in DC.

Republicans surrendered their shame
They just call it by some other name.
They see their sad schism
As patriotism
And point to Obama to blame.

The Senator from Old Virginia
Just loves shoving it in ya.
At every election
Bigots bow to his erection
And let that Old Turtle come skin ya.

Republicans are making it clear
As we come to the end of this year
Their regime is a mess
But they couldn’t care less
They screw us with no trace of fear.

The guy now on top is a fake
GOP worked overtime to make.
The cheating and lies
Support the unwise
And hide all the money they take.

Our leadership now is misnamed.
Ignoring the people is their game.
They go golf a few rounds
And throw us to the hounds
Then set the Constitution aflame.

Justin Soberano Dec 2017

Aye, aye, b-b-, AYE!
I try to rhyme ten syllables at a time,
Whoops I meant eleven, isn’t that a crime.
To make poetry is proving nothingness,
Oh I meant something-ness, what a bloody mess!
Let’s just shut the hell up and be pantomimes!

a poem I made on my Twitter, might as well share it here
Temporal Fugue Dec 2017

I have this thing, I must truly confess
I'm really into, this poetess
her words make me dream
of lapping her cream
and making a hot slippery mess

Down in the sewer
people put me down
cuz I'm always round
down in the sewer...
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