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Renée C Sep 2022
There lives this one guy in Kuopio
who is just a little bit dope, yo
his jokes are appalling
and yet he's enthralling
he's goofy, yet somehow I cope, though <3
This poem is also appalling. There's a reason my poetry doesn't rhyme. :P
Bill MacEachern Aug 2022
Big Buoy Bob

There is a big buoy
Named Bob
He has an unusual job
He sits on the grass
With his ever flat ***
Never to ring
His ding ****
Filomena Aug 2022
I hope it works out for you.
I hope your desires come through.
  As I'm lying in bed,
  The thoughts run through my head.
I guess thinking is all I can do.
Psych ward poetry.
Set 3, poem 33.
Ram Varma Jul 2022
A student of ichthyology,
I am not.
Thus, a hypural joint
Is not my strong point -
Please don't tie me up in knots!
ichthyology: zoology- the study of fish
sgail Jul 2022
i've wanted to send you a poem
not one that I have written
that would sit in your gut
and remind you that what
i want is to be bitten.
ConnectHook Jul 2022
Definers of terms gain control.
To maintain you enchained is their goal.
Your Normie-morality
tightens their grip on your soul.
Here's one for the Normies 🤩
James Study May 2022
basketball tip off at grade school game
my biggest lifetime shot at fame
got the ball and took off
heard the yells from aloft
wrong way I went but good my aim
Poemasabi Mar 2022
The Cardinal bird is quite showy

It really stands out when it's snowy

Though the female's not red

There's a touch on her head

It's really a sight when it's blowy
Showing my students Limerick of St. Patrick's Day.
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