James 2h

I met a girl named Becky Shorty
She looked a bit North of forty
Her eyes were bright
Her body was tight
But her nose was long and warty

There once was a boy with the thought
a girl too meek to have fought
So despite her plea
he just took for free
What a gentleman ought to have bought

There once was a girl with a bowl
Which hadn’t in years felt full
Though less it may weigh
Heavier it lay
In her hands and on her soul

An old man came to rest by their side
Long after his poor dreams had died
For him there were tears
But reverse forty years--
For his dreams, only he cried.

There once was a magical mythical nation
Who felt threatened by half of its population
So they shot them all
And sounded the call
For a goddamn national celebration

And there once was a shield named Cynicism
Who sought strength in criticism
While it suffers each day
Bitter decay
It won’t be let down like idealism

Lauren 7d

Your hair undulates around my fingers
To free the earthy redolence that lingers
Like the wind parts slopes lushly carpeted in gold
To elicit aromatic whispers retold
So absent strokes cajoled us to retire restless thinkers

A friend confessed that the feeling of someone playing with their hair is one of the most relaxing experiences possible.
Breeze-Mist Apr 18

Thinking closely, Walt Whitman was right
For there is a peculiar delight
In streching one's limbs
Admiring the machine within
With eyes that can see the world's night

On the bus I once met a small child
Whose manners were really quite wild
For she pointed at me
You sir, are dying!
And she said this aloud with a smile

Its true, we're all dying. Don't live life halfheartedly.
Temporal Fugue Apr 13

Once there was a lady, from the Isle of emerald green
the most marvelous her eyes, any man, has ever seen
they sparkled and they shined
and many a man, that pined
for the lass was so inclined, to love, and leave the scene

:D I love the Irish!, esp the maidens, and ladies of the Isle! :D
And that accent dives me crazy!
Breeze-Mist Apr 10

Fire burns in passion untold
Ice reflects and refracts in the cold
And it must be said:
Please watch your head
Their burns can scar you 'till you're old

Ice, if cold enough (think dry ice temp), can burn you.

I remember endless days spent in revelry
with beautiful ladies, that I had chemistry
wandering so deep inside
learning from slip, and learning slide
OMG how much I tried, too be their every, remedy

Yuppers, those were the days :D

Baby you make me wanna sing
Since all my happiness you bring,
And for only you I kneel
To show you how I really feel
So will you wear this diamond ring?

valerie Apr 3

sunless skies and clouds are falling
chilly nights with hot spring steam sprawling
but the seasons have turned on a dime
in daisies I'm pining for a blistery time
winter's a dream forever recalling

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