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Grey Poduska Jun 7
The emerald leaves were twinkling in the afternoon sun,
as I counted down the minutes, the seconds until one,
for I knew my end would be there soon.
I laid in the grass so the earth could consume
me as an uncorked wine, my spoil had begun.

JΛM May 20
There once was a ponderous piper Peter,
Whose arm burned off in a heater.
It's now hard to fit pipe,
But he doesn't gripe.
He's got one arm, a mouth, and his peter.
Filomena May 6
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who walked off the job and said "**** it;
Can't work one more day
If you treat me this way.
The boss and employees can **** it."
Classic first line, the rest is (probably) original.
I see what your future holds, nothing new and nothing unknown. But you must swiftly act, or loose unwritten stories to the past. Your future is yours to unfold.
The clock doesn’t offer refunds.

It can’t give back my time.

So what can I do

when I already blew

twenty minutes on making this rhyme?
Leone Lamp Apr 14
The tree sitter of Nantucket
Lived in a tree and he dug it
He never went down
To visit the ground
So he would **** in a bucket
I hope this is profane enough to represent the genre.
Jupiter Magna Mar 29
This cat has a tongue that sticks out
From behind sharp teeth does it sprout
She hasn’t a care
How we all stare
We’ll never know what it’s about
If you want to see the picture:
Geo Feb 15
The unusual state of my brain
is forever my life’s greatest pain

whenever a thought is in reach
my mind instead grabs the bleach

and removes the idea like a stain
Limerick I wrote while trying to write actual poetry
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