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Raw landscapes shape the horizon.

Drive the terrain with caution.

Clouds of sheep will greet you.

It takes time to get through.

To escape civilization.
Regina 1d
You come from youth, and then youth, time has shed

Poetry flows from you, a fountainhead

    Words embraced, like their first glow

    Passion only you can know

Poetess, your fortune of thoughts well read !
Dedicated to all the poetesses of the world.
An intelligent man from Flink
Had quietly stopped to think
He smiled with a grin
But fell over quick
For he had forgotten to start thinking again!
Funny Friday, but on a Monday
In the chair by the sill
Sits old man Bill
Limbs unmoved for years
No sign of smile or tears
Well, they say 'deathly still'
My versatile buttcrack abounds with
such skills as 'that thing you sit down with'.
Such a wonderful tool 'tis,
but what I find more cool is
it's an awf'lly fun thing to make sounds with.
this morning I drove to get my lot
the antique fair and love what I got
great day for a fair
one thing I must share
ten thousand people and one porta ***
Breeze-Mist Nov 5
As the day's sunlight begins to lack
I come closer and closer to the *****
For though I swore not
It seems to be ought
What **** will it be to go back
I swore I'd do everything to stay out of my home and in school for years, so that I could be independent and stay away from a family with dysfunctional relationships. I rarely talk to them, and when I do I keep contact short and relatively vague. My life has been far from perfect, and I still have serious mental issues, but I'm IMMEASURABLY better off in pretty much every aspect of my life except access to decent Italian and Polish food now that I've been out of the house and on my own for the past two and a half months. But I guess I have to go back for thanksgiving and winter breaks because the university won't let students stay on campus unless they pay extra. Hopefully Hulu and Youtube will help me keep everything together.
MicMag Nov 2
Let's try to craft one poem a day
A month of our thoughts conveyed
Just give it a shot
Why the **** not?
Let our words find their own way
November 2018 Poem-a-day Challenge.
I'll be following prompts from Writer's Digest this month. Feel free to join along if you're looking for inspiration!
They tell me that Vladimir Putin
Called his guards and they started in shootin'
      Seems some robbers were struck
      With unfortunate luck
'Twas the bank where Vlad kept all his loot in.
Copyright © 2018 Wayne wysocki
He slithered in from someplace evil hot
his breath and smell appealing, not
looking for an escapee
thank *** it can't be me
Beelzebub upon a hunt, with every skill, he's got
:D Hot upon the trail
such can never fail
just another jailor's trek
the tracks never go
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