My banker's name, was happy Ray "Cash" Donahue
he took money from me, as he would, from you
living his wonderful life
in Mexico, banging my wife
he took away all of my strife, and he doesn't, have a clue

My wife left me for my banker, Ray
I talked to him, the other day
his heart full of so much grief
he's got in sight, no relief
he's dirty damn rotten thief, my wife, my revenge, you could say

Heheh ;D

The Dark Lord of Death, the Grim Reaper,
Sleeps never, reaps many a sleeper:
   He lurks in the moonlight,
   The morning and noonlight,
And creeps the creepiest creeper.


There was a theatrical fellow
Who played most bizarrely the cello:
   His sound supersonic,
   His air histrionic,
He jiggled vibratos like jello.


David Hutton Jul 7

You see my face and race comes first.
I walk around and I feel cursed.
You greet me with "Ni hao!",
expect me to take a bow?
I filled the bathtub; go in headfirst.

Writing poems is always the best way to let off steam.
David Hutton Jul 5

Curtains are drawn, the days shorten.

                 the leaves fall;
                                              it's autumn.

Soon I will descend,
nearer to the end.

In the ground; I will be forgotten.

She's oft upon my mind as my body will respond
to thoughts of sex and sin, as my mind, is fond
touching, teasing, to tantalize
as we play and fantasize
not a matter of any length, or size, securing a slippery bond

Mmmmm yup :D

There once was a boy bear named Eddie
Who knocked up a girl bear named Betty:
   They had a big litter
   Of cubs that would titter
And totter, half Polar, half Teddy.


Lainey Jun 30

There once was a Cardinal Pell, whose innocence didn't quite gel. He made Atheists hope and concur with the Pope that hopefully there is a hell.


Correctly or not, Sol Don Dunce
Said never a limerick—not once
   Had ever been written
   Worth half a dead kitten,
And all in the species were runts.  


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