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I shouldn't complain
But I don’t like this rain
Because it won’t drain.

The water’s rising
And rising and rising,
But it’s not surprising.

I was ******* mud,
Selling blood,
Begging for a flood

When I heard the spiel
Of the Rainmaker -- Deal!
Ah, water’s feel.
SCHEDAR Nov 2021
shallow soul
like linen
into my
empty pockets

I can always
count on
Allesha Eman Oct 2021
I’ve placed myself in debt
From borrowing the past
And now my headspace is always unclear
Regrets tied around my wrists
And the future, always slipping from my grasp
Runs ahead
Holding signs too far for me to read
Part 3 of Nostalgia: A Poetic Series
dorian green May 2021
breathe in incense smoke—
swirling carcinogen,
but not my favorite.
not by far, not when
bruised lungs run in the family.
smolder, smoke, ash, original sin,
a debt i am going to make you watch
me pay. i'm always playing the victim.
i read seduction, i breathe in incense,
to maintain an innocence
i never had. it just feels so religious to self-flagellate.
i speak in tongues and don't make sense,
i try to trace myself through the guilt,
and envy jesus.
at least he had
the nails as reference.
how many times you've done this before
is about the only difference
between being a martyr and deserving it.
My Dear Poet Apr 2021
I’ll give you the sun
Once I pay off the moon
Kristin Nov 2020
Too many days
have gone by in worry
too many nights
in nightmares

Too many afternoons
in soppy tears
too many mornings
with short breath

There are no happy endings
only endings
only means to an end
only dying to live
beyond our means
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2020
Target on my back
Wishing my pockets
Were happy pharmacies
And not sad reminders
Of long expenditures
And indiscretions
At night
Here now
In debt
I'm in your sights
Madam Cashier
Take the first shot
Bill me later
We'll call it even
Equal compensation
Or a semblance thereof
I spent freely
Allow me please
To die the same way
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