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A world of wonder and possibility
illuminated by the light of uncertainty.
The adrenaline rush of taking a chance
only to lose it all by the cards in your hands.
It's a dangerous game to play if you choose;
to roll the dice, to win or lose.

Place everything on the table.
The higher the stakes, the more exciting it gets.
Your mental health entirely unstable
until the others call their bets.

The roll of the die, the shuffle of cards capturing your attention.
Debt fluctuating by a single move; silence strangled by tension.
Fancy beverages surround everyone
enlightening the experience more every time you finish one.
A simple game based entirely on luck,
and when you are losing, you don't give a ****.

But it only takes a little for your luck to run fully dry
and for you to lose everything in a silly game.
With no money left for the chips you need to buy,
nothing will ever be the same.
Here I am
Spending nights at school.
Seeing scenes and sights
That are everyday
But that I don't see every day.
I feel like I need to return the favor
For feeling good.

Oh wait...

I am in debt already.
Even though there aren't signs
Telling me that my grace period is fleeting,
I know the consequence of feeling good
And doing something for me.

Where there's good felt,
There's a bad waiting to co-mingle,
Such is the yin-yang
That shapes a circulating balance of events.

I sit to stare at a nice small brick waterfall outside
The education building,
But I'm still walking debt.

I jog around campus
Air crisp, the sun only seen by final red luminaries,
The feel of the seasonal conversion
From summer to fall...
But I'm jogging debt at this point.

I enjoy my meal plan food,
Good-tasting food I'll admit
In my own opinion,
Getting my fill of a surrounding
Variety of eats...
But each step is a step toward the realization
And back-hunching weight of debt.

I enjoy sitting at a swivel desk
At all my classes
And meeting and talking with new people...
But all at the expense of debt's presence.

I have my own room and
Free ride on the public transit...
But knowing that someday there will be a price
For all this.

The pleasure of seeing campus' sexiest women
Will also crumble
At debt's feet...

Debt to friends,
Debt to pay back the school
In currency and by achieving
The education I am pursuing
And hope to keep with.

Listening to music
While running the track,
Shooting hoops,
In my dorm,
Lifting weights,
All to the tune
Of D-E-B-T.

Again, it's all worth it though.
As of today, this is what I've been craving,
What my spirit sought as freedom.

Loans, debt,
Costs, expenses,
I escape these words in fun and fascination,
But I will feel the fleeting effects.
Fun makes time fly
And debt is never late.

But suppose there was no debt at all:
No debt to self or anywhere or
To anyone besides.
If exchange was only a fantasy,
Then there would be no incentive
For the societal life,
And freedom may as well
Be isolation.

Debt gives me something to work for
So that life isn't just handed to me.
There are things I should avoid,
But if I can't,
That doesn't mean life ends,
Rather here would be an indication
That my life story isn't supposed to
Achieve the norm.

Maybe the debt can be forgiven,
But only at the debtor's expense.
I'm loving school, but I always worry about getting in over my head.
I just keep
Net worth be falling
Money that I lack
I'll be back
To the bank
I want my stacks
Higher rank
Money I lack
Money in high stacks
Cash in the wall
You can call
It spent with ease
Car was seized
Home was lost
Lost the keys
I'll pay back please
It's gone
It's lost
The streets
I'm afraid
Got it made
I gotta say
Got my girl
Beside me
I'm okay
I may
Be broke
I say
I'm a joke
I was awoke
I make change
Till I croak
Wish stacks
In the range
Because I rap
Made this way
I chose
To be like this
I just wish
I made stacks
Gold watch on my wrist
Kyrie's on my feet
Modified TC
But I broke
No money
Kagami Jul 30
Dependency. A cruel fate for a young millennial.
In this country, karma means nothing
Ethics are fiction, as I've found out.
Relying on the manipulative rich man.
He's different for everyone.
Where do you get your checks from?
Josh Jul 10
You're the one
And the next feels right
I'm in debt to your focus on me
My eyes won't leave you
Hope we can be, I'm in like
I'll be yours if we meet again
Make me the one
Have you been in love?
Lovely vector
Haters gonna hate while I flex
While I got me all these checks
You rich I am poor
Now I am perplexed
How do I got all this? Guess
I must confess
I am in debt
While you all thought I am set
These are just goals I met
I have a car, a house, a life
A studio, and plenty more of mine
But I have like
Barely any cash
Only wishing
I could make some stacks
Listen to that
A life that look good
A life away from the hood
I could show my fears
My past through the years
But I need to flex
Things that I get
Things you ain't got yet
Nice car out in the lot
The one I bought
Now in debt
Goal I met
Watch on my wrist
Way too lit
Too many to pick
Match with the gold brick
Silver bar
Up to par
Put in my car
I'm a star
Car dealer
Not that far
I'm a wheeler
Get that Maserati
Don't need Bugatti
Out of date
Way too late
Start a trend
Can you lend?
Me more cash
Making a stash
Money I flash
Money I spend
Make it end
you owe me nothing.
yes, nothing at all
your nothingness owns me
and I await your call

© Matthew Harlovic
*Response to Sara Teasdale’s poem “Debt”
Johnny walker Jun 12
I'd been Running away from responsibilities all my life whatever they be I'd just up and go start
new life somewhere
I was sat on bed smoking
In my bed sit hundreds of miles from home a knock
came on my
My debts had found me It was time to face up and so went back home to pay my dues shortly after that came my wife to
That's when I stopped running and to take responsibility for my action and became a good husband and father
to our
All had change the day debt came knocking on my door I had stopped being a child and running
I had became a man who could deal with anything that came my way all changed by that knock
on my
Badshah Khan Apr 14
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 86

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Oh Dear beloved!
My intellectual debt towards you’
One can not amply repay.

In any possible form of;
Social wealth or eternal realm.

Either in this social life,
Or on any rare day of reckoning!

To except willingly surrenders,
To you as freed serf myself,
In your devotional love!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
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