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Heinz Lunch Sep 18
I'd drown in the icy Atlantic
trying to swim to you
I'd collapse on the long roads
trying to run to you
I'd burn in the heat of the sun
trying to fly to you
Aubry Jul 19
someday somewhere the sky are blue
it has to be true
you know i love you
i know you do
won't you come sit with me and enjoy the view
i'll be there waiting for you
Aubry Jul 19
If i could write the world a song
it would start with a drop
all pray for it never to stop
the people would join in on the melody,
they would all belong
every word that was uttered would make you fall in love
no one would be waiting for heaven above

there would be no insecurity,
no violence,
no doubt

There would be nothing you were living without
it would make you start wanting to live for today
and let you get over the fears of yesterday

when the song would end the world would stop
it would no longer feel like a ticking clock
the birds would still sing
and the wind would still blow
why the song ended no one would know

but from that day on goodness would flow
through the wounds of the people, the world used to know
this song would show how its ok to fail
but if you keep on singing you'll surely prevail

so don't stop singing my wondrous song
because believe it or not you DO BELONG
Korede Oseni Jul 7
You do not want a poem, note, rose laid at your feet,
But i write for the You, i know is deserving of everything this pen can muster

You are the opening of the dawn, taking it's time as it opens up the sky,
Entirely illuminating the spaces it can find,
Filling it with love, Joy only the dawn can bring

I know, i know,
you are still tiptoeing through the maze that shapes into circles, hills and valleys,
At the heart of each puzzle, your pen will unravel

As you glide on the summer winds into the orchestra of stringed anthems,
You are loved by the minds, eyes that feast on your words, voice and the in-between.
I enslaved my mind
believing by dwelling on thoughts
of you
will keep you around

~ For you anything
I still want you...
like you lots
something to tell you
if that's alright
talk too much
so far it's alright
no judgement
i'm still here
for you
it's you
that i miss you
i am
i think God can explain
every little thing
we know
this love
see you soon
just emma Mar 22
You are the sun,
You are the moon.
You outshine all the stars,
You float around like a pretty tune.

I see your weaknesses behind your smile,
How you accept your faults knowing it’s all worthwhile.
Don’t let your worries take over and drown you,
Let them paint your canvas,
See the chance of something new.
all the words I could write for you still wouldn’t be enough.
Zack Ripley Nov 2019
Tonight, I write this poem for you.
You, who pushes through the day with a smile even when you don't want to.
Tonight, I write this poem for you.
Lover, fighter, don't be afraid to let your fire burn brighter.
Tonight, I write for you a poem of hope.
You, the one who fears you've reached the end of your rope.
Tonight, I write this poem for you.
You, my new friend. If you need someone to talk to, I'm just around the river bend.
Janus Mar 6
My Dear,
I’ve been called by many names
My favourite by far is
You see me as perfection
Elegant, Sophisticated, Charming
How wrong you were
You saw me in a makeshift light
Created by you in your desperation
I’ll  consider the thoughts you have chosen to speak out loud
I've chosen not to listen, letting the words fall upon apathetic ears
But your pleas of anguish do not go unheard
You once told me you do not believe in the truth of words but actions
Yet the misery that follows me is apparent
How naive you were

My Dear, you have made a grave mistake
You had the misfortune of meeting me
You believed in my honeyed lies
You became drunk on my intoxicating kisses
You blindly followed every command
Simply because you yearned for
Approval, Love and Affection
You're submission, willingly laying yourself bare before me
How foolish you were

My Dear,
You were once bathed in light,
Now you are tainted by dark shadows
You should have listened to the warnings
You won't fall in love again believe me
there's nothing left that you can love with
Oh how innocent you were
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