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Emilia B Apr 13
I really hope you’ll understand
That sometimes my words don’t come out as planned
I stutter and lisp as I say what I feel
Why was it my heart
That you had to steal.

I’m sorry that I’m so inconvenient
I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart
A lot of the time I wish, from the world
I was apart

I’m as disappointing as an empty wallet
But people give up so easily
If your name was as long as the universe
I’d still be happy to call it.

But you’ll give up on me
For you it’s too much to even smile
But I hope you know
That for you I’d crawl much more than a mile.
Pallavi Feb 28
I am the moon,
walking along the night.
I am the eyes,
for every pleasant sight.
I am the air,
for every single breathe.
I am the light,
to bury darkness beneath.
I am the cool breeze,
intense summer heat.
I am the death,
wants to live you .......
In repeat.
Sophia Lock Feb 10
"Happy birthday to you"
Everyone cheers and sings,
For you only sadness rings
Another day has come,
It may feel wrong
To laugh and celebrate
To smile in delight,
When the days surrounding yours
Took away so much life.
You have lost so much
A mother's hug and touch
A grandmother's joy and delight.
You have gained so much strife.

I have no wise words to ease the pain
To stop you feeling this way
But I really believe you can regain
The ray of sunshine on this day
They will never truely be gone
In you they live on,
Their smile, their laugh, let it remain
And forever be your birthday song.
ThatSmile Jan 22
The clothes that you wear
The colour of your eyes
The music that you share
I guess that I like you

And the way you look in my eye
like the feeling I have when I'm next to you

You are beautiful
You are the apple to my pie
And I hope you understand what I'm trying to say
I guess that I like you

I'm afraid to tell you all these things
But I'd fly across the world
Just to come home
Home to you...

Let's write a song together
about this life that you speak of
'cause I'd love to spend it with you
I'd like to spend the day with you
we'd write about the stars
the stars I see when I'm next to you

You are beautiful
You're the straw to my berry
And I hope you understand what I'm trying to say
I guess that I like you

I am telling you these things
'cause your eyes shine
when I look into them
but they can never shine like mine...

Of all of the places in all of the spaces
That I've ever seen or I've ever been
Nothing can compare to you

You are beautiful
You're the apple to my pie
And I hope that you understand what I've told you
I 'm sure that I like you
Cause I'm running after you
And I'll do what I can do
I'll do it all for you...
Jade Welch Jan 19
don't give your whole heart
to someone
who gives you none of their kindness!
Iz Oct 2018
Drink me like milk
in the morning
at night
seb Oct 2018
lemon, sticky frosting, dry lips.
fingernails painted with nothing other than mustard.

toxicity measured in sweetness.
plummet into the acidic taste of citrus fruit.

when you finally kiss me, it's all marigolds,
and some dirt.

dream pop car rides, cotton candy skies;
like those songs with excessive descriptions about eyes.

the girls with green hair, and black boots
but you're all yellow, gold, butter, honeysuckle.

ma jolie citron.

my pretty lemon, honey eyes.
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