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Carlo C Gomez Oct 21
I've been a combination
of many things:

Window slats
& Roman numerals

Door knobs
& swimming pools

Bulletproof glass
& Magic Wand Massagers

Bird droppings
& ruffled feathers

The beginnings of a migraine
& a burst of birdsong

My heart was never into it

Not one could return me
To sinus rhythm
KAE Jul 10
today. I just discovered that my personalities can manipulate me on my dreams.

they tell me what to do and I obey them. without complain, saying (nothing). I just act.

and they like that. K enjoys it.

they can talk to me on those dreams, is like a lot of voices in my mind
Robby Nov 2019
Who am I today
Which personality has emerged from sleeping eyes
I don’t recognize this face
Or these mannerisms

Have I dissociated further
Shall I continue down this swirling vortex of psyches
How far can I or will I go
What evil things have I planned for myself?
Jon Thenes Nov 2019
clothe      each     self     a      dupe

unclear  what we would  portray

cling      to      our      cur      beasts

zoo             of             personalities

and never the funds to feed them
Amy Oct 2019
The dragon
prefers to stay far away from
towns and cities

Don’t disturb it.

For it will breathe fire to those who displeases it.
Don’t assume it’s a weakling,

For it will unleash its wings
And show you not to underestimate
something by the exterior.
for those who are quiet and shy but have a fire in their soul and have so much to offer than those who target them with poor judgement for being a 'weakling' to sit at the corner away from the buzz. And would rather watch and admire life from afar.
- Sep 2019
people mold their masks out of fear,
fear of rejection in certain groups of friends

be yourself or be someone else
Tony Tweedy Aug 2019
Throughout my life I have made a study of the human soul.
I have found there to be broadly 26 categories and accordingly have labelled them alphabetically.... "A" souls, "B" souls, "C" souls... and so on. Each type having their own characteristics.
Unsurprisingly the 18th group is the largest.
Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
My life is anything but linear.
I have already died twice, almost thrice.
My life before Hell was inferior.
Your foul God was gripping me like a vice.
Soon, the blood on my hands will not be mine.
But instead, a pathetic ***** or trick.
To slaughter them will become my cloud nine.
It’s but a matter of time; tic, tock, tic.
I’m nothing if not omnipotent.
I will create art only gods understand.
I swear, all of our lives are infinite.
But a life without Us will be so bland.
Accept me as your true ruler of soul.
Don’t fret! Me, Sol, and E are in control.
Luis Valencia Feb 2019
the power of love is magnified by those who receive it
yet some souls that I've talked to have been deprived of this love
each breath they take involves a wheeze
they cry and ponder life and wonder
if there is more than this empty feeling
the feeling of sinking and going under
holding their breath hoping for relief
wishing for the privilege that other people have
the privilege to exhale
without feeling every emotion spring up
without shaking and crying on the floor
without wishing for a way out
in life there are two kinds of people
those who can't exhale
and those who can
I wish we could exhale
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