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malluraeh Sep 5
people mold their masks out of fear,
fear of rejection in certain groups of friends

be yourself or be someone else
Tony Tweedy Aug 23
Throughout my life I have made a study of the human soul.
I have found there to be broadly 26 categories and accordingly have labelled them alphabetically.... "A" souls, "B" souls, "C" souls... and so on. Each type having their own characteristics.
Unsurprisingly the 18th group is the largest.
My life is anything but linear.
I have already died twice, almost thrice.
My life before Hell was inferior.
Your foul God was gripping me like a vice.
Soon, the blood on my hands will not be mine.
But instead, a pathetic ***** or trick.
To slaughter them will become my cloud nine.
It’s but a matter of time; tic, tock, tic.
I’m nothing if not omnipotent.
I will create art only gods understand.
I swear, all of our lives are infinite.
But a life without Us will be so bland.
Accept me as your true ruler of soul.
Don’t fret! Me, Sol, and E are in control.
Luis Valencia Feb 21
the power of love is magnified by those who receive it
yet some souls that I've talked to have been deprived of this love
each breath they take involves a wheeze
they cry and ponder life and wonder
if there is more than this empty feeling
the feeling of sinking and going under
holding their breath hoping for relief
wishing for the privilege that other people have
the privilege to exhale
without feeling every emotion spring up
without shaking and crying on the floor
without wishing for a way out
in life there are two kinds of people
those who can't exhale
and those who can
I wish we could exhale
Abhijeeth Feb 17
Red was shy and serious,
had big dreams and ambitions.
Millions of thoughts occupied his head,
nothing but the best was enough for Red.

Yellow was a carefree joker,
had a big mouth, trash talker.
He was very good at faking confidence,
his biggest fear was losing all his friends.

Red and Yellow would fight all the time,
Red didn't like Yellow being content in life.
Afraid that he was jumping without a safety net,
Yellow said the challenges would destroy Red.

Red and Yellow are vastly different,
to each other they are still considerate.
Need them both as I walk through life, inch by inch,
Hello there, nice to meet you, I am Orange.
I hid her
in a deep corner
of my mind
even talked to her
all the time
I read her books
kept her safe
until one day
she wanted
my face
I told her
“Baby, please don’t despair!”
She replied
“ it’s not fair! “
I didn’t want anyone to know  
that she was
Postal Leo Feb 4
Met a Girl, fell in love.
Had enough faith, to call her my dove.
So it hurt so much, when she kissed another man…
I guess this is all just part of God's plan.

That was your first mistake,
Love isn't real, and neither is heartache,
But continue believing, i would love to see your “heartbreak”!
  ***** relationships, and forget about the give and take!
I hate her, and soon, you will too.
Just thinking of her, leaves our fists black and blue.

But she felt so right, to the point where now everything feels wrong.
Our little dove, caught up in another’s birdsong…
How can you not tremble when you remember her leaving?
Or the way, soon after, we began crying, chest heaving.
Your anger is just another form of passion!
You did love her, in a fashion!

Shut your mouth, that's your fault, you promised it would work out,
Talking about women, something you know nothing about.
Your a liar, and all you want is to feed your own ego!
So, i hope you know you hurt both us and Leo!

Sometimes, in love, your bound to get hurt.
Not everything is logical, and you can’t always be on high alert.
But I love you, Left Brain, with all of my heart.
Let’s dust ourselves off, and begin to restart.
Sumus System Jan 9
So many colors make up our bright mind
Only few can be seen by those outside
Our colors are wonderful, sweet and kind
Others of them are bitter, dark and hide
Each is a person hidden within us
Who want to be seen as real as we are
Sometimes they cry out they scream and they cuss
But they are nothing to fear, not by far
They are heroes who saved us from our death
Came forth from the back to stop the attack
They don’t want to wait until our last breath
Sure they have problems, but cut them some slack
Certain system members may be frightening to some, but they are heroes who kept us alive when we needed them.
Sumus System Jan 9
It was faint before but I can hear them now
They’re yelling and fighting to vow
They had no choice originally in the matter
But they’ve taken up their part and chatter
They try to work in any way they can
They take control and begin to plan
Helping us all through methods of coping
They give us a reason to continue hoping
They know the dangers of the world first-hand
Take up their place and together they stand
They save us from continued grief
They hide the pain and emerge brief
No one will mess with us again
My alters and I have lived through unspeakable things together. We kept each other alive when there was nothing to save us.
Jas Sep 2018
With every passing of a reflective surface
I look for my face in all.
Each one unrecognizable
Each one undeniably plundering me -
My image, my mind
Into a frenzy of traumatic shock
Because this person,
This person travelling in my belongings
My effects,
Seems to morph and blend in the irises of whoever is seeing me,
Of whatever Jasmin their perception manifests
From what they know
Or have been told,
About me; and

For whatever thing I may be lacking in grows numerically,
The girth swelling and expelling carelessly -
Whatever bits don't fit the Jazmynn, or the Lily, or the Gardenia me,
But I'm stuck.
I'm stuck in my own mind,
And my mind holds many eyes
Of varying colors and windows,
Some sore and some blind - (And)
As I walk I rate my reflections,
I grade on beauty and demeanor and expression
So when the following moment or day arises,
I can adopt whichever vision suits best.

At some point, I must have put Jasmine on trial,
I must have worn her at some time
And discarded her just as quickly
Because she wasn't as trendy as Lily or Gardenia
And the creatures whose eyes I'm borrowing in my mind did not allow me to keep her.
But if I (no matter the version) had known,
I would not have been able to protect her
Or preserve her,
Jasmine would not have belonged to me -
I would not have known how to convert her and her space in my world
Because hers exists only within a frame
Possessing a finite amount of eyes and windows;

But if Jasmine were looking at me
She would see the same -
Some, such reflective surface
Drunkenly distorting each portrait of what she was supposed to be;

Even still,
We would not have known to keep each other in mind.
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