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Tichozpytec May 2021
How do we dare to doubt?
It's because we aren't used to happiness in life
For far too long we have been the ones who give
Maybe, that's why it is so hard for us to receive
We are scared of being backstabbed
Know life as the cruel place without light
We are shy, timid creatures
Coming to be tamed by love

Tell them all to spread love. For the best lover, giver isn't that who proffers out of surpluses, but those who gives from very little is. Be a love donor.
Amy Perry Jun 2020
Once you fall in love with
An artist, an empath,
A writer, a musician,
A feeler, a healer,
A giver, a lover,
There is no going back
To an ordinary life.
Kairosclere Jun 2020
No one
Should leave
This house of mine
With a heavy heart
Let me
Fill your soul
With the radiant
That mine can muster
Even if it
Withers down
To its roots.
Four May 2020
We are put in the same battle terrain but our situations are different.

Food, water, clothes, shelter, entertainment and money are the things you got plenty, but I haven't got that many.

You know certain with your resources, how long you will last with this battle we have, but for me everyday it is like "will it be my last?".
In this world were change is constant, today you are preveledge but in a blink of an eye you can be otherwise. Always consider and respect other people's perspective, be kind and if you can give, give, cause it is true that it's better to give than to received.
Zhavaed Haemaed Apr 2020
It takes very little to
Make people feel loved
Many of us do not try, yet
A few others make it a point
To not let go of an opportunity
To let others know and feel
In their own small ways
That they are loved
And cherished

I thought
I was alone
With these beliefs
Though now, my dear
Because of you
I know better.
In a world full of selfish takers, be a giver.
Janna Dec 2019
Dripping sweat
My soul thirsts
For more and more
Of the One that
Gives and gives
Yet my flesh fights
It's a tug o war
Dripping sweat
Dana Nov 2019
They say a candle
is just as bright
despite the sharing
of its light.
And you my dear
are as the sun:
your light you'll give
to anyone.
Your love is given freely,
your heart is open wide.
Your beauty, though remarkable,
cannot contend with what's inside.
Your spirit is a blessing
despite the burden it can be,
and those who'll know your value
need not be told; they'll see.
To the nurturers.
Becca Lansman Jul 2018
I will peel off my skin like a tangerine
open myself at the core and ask you to take everything.
Drink my nectar
bite my fleshy organs until my insides leak down your chin--

leave nothing.

Devour each part of me
until i am skin on the pavement
an empty sack of desire void of usefulness
danming myself for not giving more.
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