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Zywa Nov 2022
The landscape awakes

in hesitant morning light --

still breathing silence.
"Fuga in C" (2022, Samuel Vriezen) for harmonium, performed by Samuel Vriezen in the Organpark on October 30th, 2022

Collection "org anp ark" #243
Payton Feb 2021
The whites are missing from your eyes, darling, and there's nothing
I can do to bring your body back to life.

And my darling, you know that I love you, but you love your demons
more than you could ever love me.

Found poem from lyrics in "Demons" by Social Repose and "Waking Up" by PVRIS.
I'm not entirely sure this is a poem, but it was written in 2016. I take no credit for the song lyrics, only the combination of them. :)
Lanna K Dec 2020
He’s like that last bit of sunlight that everyone tries to savor during the final days of summer. He’s the light that manages to fill the bleakest of rooms. Even in the loneliest of nights I still feel the light he brings. He is the bearer of joy not just to me, but whomever he me crosses paths with. He brings joy to the miserable, youth to the old, and even love to the loveless. Spending time with you is like living what poetry is.
Kai Sep 2020
shaking off unconsciousness
stretching those aching joints
and lifting your eyelids to light
as sunlight begins to stream in

you pull the soft covers down
your sluggish mind begins to wake
as you slip from the bed to the floor
reaching over a kiss to my head

you whisper good morning
then I role over again to sleep
as you leave me in the dawn
to begin the daily drawl
silvervi Jul 2020
I don't have to be sorry
Not at all
My conscience will fall
And let me alone
I will not regret
Not one thing
Not one
I will feel
Instead of fearing
I will see
Instead of hiding
I will go there
Meet it
Face to face
I will not let myself die in disgrace
I will fight for what I want
I will go there, fall, get up again.
I'll be strong
And stronger
Than I have ever been
I will be golden
Rock solid,
Deep with every emotion within.
I will fight, I will fall, and get up.
I will know how to call myself up.
To be able to look it in the eye
No matter how scary,
No matter how much I denied everything before.
Now and forever more
I will be who I truly really am
I will be myself, honestly
I will be and be and be and I will BE
Fierce and fiery and unapologetically ME.
Thank you, this time I really know who I am
nitelite Mar 2020
half-feigning a convenient drowsiness,
half-closed eyes and half words shot at
a bedroom wall illuminated by early sunshine,
and it happens to be quite bright.

happened again, redoing, recurring,
an ordinary oration, a silent sermon
the same words again, a slightly different version
every morning, inside out in eversion

the wrong things again, waking up
getting out of bed, out of my head, growing up,
getting old, aging fast, coming to terms with the fact that
one’s life is only as long as one’s past

all this future-talk’s got it feeling a lot longer
And vacancy is at least not my mistake
Filling in a bubble blindly of multiple choices
Splaying multiple regrets for something’s sake.

I will wake up and grow up
But if childhood is living in the sun’s light
then what’s staying up all night to watch its rise?
watching the lives of people change around me while mine stagnates made me wonder if my youth was being wasted, only to realize that that way of thinking never had a chance of being youthful, to begin with. part of growing up is growing up properly, giving yourself chances to be happy and young regardless of the world around you.
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