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Adriana Sep 18
Eye Shoot Open
Look around scared
Rush to find my phone to check the time
Heart beating fast, "Am I late?"
"Do I have time to get ready?"
6:40 am the clock states
Time to get up and start the day
Before the finch sings or the rooster crows,
before eyelids raise or the sunrise glows,
before the sky transforms from midnight blue,
I’ve already begun my thoughts of you.

Before the alarm’s ring has hit my ears,
before the fog of sleep in my head clears,
before the grass is soaked with morning dew,
the day has started with my thoughts of you.

Before I extricate myself from dreams,
before the birds bathe in the dawn’s sunbeams,
before the coffee calls for me to brew,
my heart and soul begin to call for you.

Before I can arise from where I lay,
before everything that starts my day,
before anything else I have to do,
my day’s begun with loving thoughts of you.
(c) 2019 Daniel H. Shulman
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Quivering, my hands try to hold
the thing most beyond man’s control.
My bloodshot eyes cannot behold
the weariness I can’t console.

My achy bones refuse to move
to encounter the vague unseen,
to meet what latent dreams disprove
in the fog of the in between.

I’ve not adjusted to the light.
I tried but my eyes weren’t prepared.
I want the end to be in sight—
the insight of which I am scared.

When will at last I be awake?
Is this the day I understand?
I stumble out into daybreak
to hold the future in my hand.
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I watch as you stir
beneath the covers - they are not silk
like you deserve,
yet you wake stretching
and smiling a crooked smile.
And like the deity you are,
you clamour through the kitchen
for a cup of tea
and sit atop a desk
where you speak with the sun
through glances alone.

I like to believe that you are
looking for something
in that red glare of morning
-hope, perhaps love.
And yet, I love you so:
I love the way you unfurl
the pages of a book
like moth's wings
-I love that you know
where all the lost things go
and your habit of brewing a second cup
for breakfast when you laugh
around bites of buttered toast.

I love you most in those moments
when you seem
to hold all of time in your hands.
Before the day begins,
when you are most yourself
-and at your most wonderful.
It is very important to take care of yourself, and to make peace with yourself - because you are one of the persons who will never leave you.
I arose slowly like the morning sun,
Consciousness begun as a bit of light,
To a place where the day and I are one,
Leaving behind the discontent of night.

The sun must have so much love for the dawn,
For the kisses given its sun-kissed rays,
Relieved the false light of the moon is gone,
Dream kisses pale in light of those by days.

The sun each morn smiles as its loves renew,
Warming dreams gone cold under moonlit air,
To dream of soulmates under midnight blue,
A poor substitute for you being there.

The best of dreams are gone without a trace,
When in the morn I wake to see your face.
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ThatBrokenOne Jan 11
I had a dream
A dream about you
You and I were back together
Together we were happy

Then something happend, I didn't want to
To stay happy, I should have stayed in that dream
That dream was about us being together
Together everything was fine

I wish I didn't wake up
Waking up is what made me depressed again
Again I want to stay in bed
In bed I want to be all day

Please let me go
Let me go while I can
I can be gone
Gone I want to be

Next time I don't want to wake up
Waking up doesn't make me happy
Happy I'll never be again
Again I hate my life for waking up
The sunrise was a shadow’s shine,
The birds sung their songs out of tune,
The rooster crowed silent alarm,
As if each day began at noon.

The dew was dried before it formed,
The moonlight never left the sky,
The pre-dawn dreams never took hold,
The darkness never said goodbye.

The bedroom shades were never raised,
The morning haze was ever still,
The alarm clock did its mime act,
The morning’s sunlight brought a chill.

It seems the Earth forgot to turn,
There was no morning to wake to,
Looking back this is how it was,
Before I woke up next to you.
Instagram @insightshurt
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Ariel Oct 2018
Feelings can be overbearing,
An the truth hurts like a *****.

When did I fall down the rabbit's hole.
When will I crawl out this ditch.

You touched my very soul.

At last I go It kills me that you don't know. What am I to you...

My soul still wanders. Lust it thickens the air.How will I fair. My mind blinded in honey suckles I can't smell the *******.

Logic turns to time I've wasted.
Seems I've waiting to long. Rain smells like regret. It mirrors the tears thats already dried.

How can I be strong when I'm weak. Liars always pay but I can't remember a lie you've said. Dead long gone. Bitter sweet like an old song. I love you.

I wrote this before mu bestfriend broke my heart. This gave me courage to finally tell him how I felt.
Zack Apr 2018
the sheets feel soft
atop the loft
where another second waits
yet no matter how
you pull yourself
no price is just too great
the midday sun
a scheduled run
even with games to play  
and when it's dark
thus doubly hard
it's impossible! I say
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