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ThatBrokenOne Jan 11
I had a dream
A dream about you
You and I were back together
Together we were happy

Then something happend, I didn't want to
To stay happy, I should have stayed in that dream
That dream was about us being together
Together everything was fine

I wish I didn't wake up
Waking up is what made me depressed again
Again I want to stay in bed
In bed I want to be all day

Please let me go
Let me go while I can
I can be gone
Gone I want to be

Next time I don't want to wake up
Waking up doesn't make me happy
Happy I'll never be again
Again I hate my life for waking up
Daniel H Shulman Dec 2018
The sunrise was a shadow’s shine,
The birds sung their songs out of tune,
The rooster crowed silent alarm,
As if each day began at noon.

The dew was dried before it formed,
The moonlight never left the sky,
The pre-dawn dreams never took hold,
The darkness never said goodbye.

The bedroom shades were never raised,
The morning haze was ever still,
The alarm clock did its mime act,
The morning’s sunlight brought a chill.

It seems the Earth forgot to turn,
There was no morning to wake to,
Looking back this is how it was,
Before I woke up next to you.
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Feelings can be overbearing,
An the truth hurts like a *****.

When did I fall down the rabbit's hole.
When will I crawl out this ditch.

You touched my very soul.

At last I go It kills me that you don't know. What am I to you...

My soul still wanders. **** it thickens the air.How will I fair. My mind blinded in honey suckles I can't smell the *******.

Logic turns to time I've wasted.
Seems I've waiting to long. Rain smells like regret. It mirrors the tears thats already dried.

How can I be strong when I'm weak. Liars always pay but I can't remember a lie you've said. Dead long gone. Bitter sweet like an old song. I love you.

I wrote this before mu bestfriend broke my heart. This gave me courage to finally tell him how I felt.
Freddie Ruiz Sep 2018
I want to sleep with you
and by that I don’t mean to make love to you.
I mean, I do want to do that with you too,
but what I mean here is to literally sleep with you;
beside you,
near you!

I want to close my eyes
and feel your body real close to mine.
I want to open my eyes
and give thanks to God for having you by my side.
Written on October 30, 2016
Composition number: 568
Freddie Ruiz May 2018
I don’t need magic.
I don’t need a life that’s way too fantastic.
What I need is your arms around me
at 3:47 in the morning
when the room is so dark you can’t see a thing,
when I wake up and realize I’m so lonely.
I need you to be there when no one else is.
I need you to be real when nothing else is.

One day, I’ll wake up at 3:47 in the morning,
unable to sleep
and I will look next to me,
and there you’ll be
sleeping peacefully beside me,
letting me know my world is no longer lonely.
Written on November 3, 2016
Composition number: 569
Zack Apr 2018
the sheets feel soft
atop the loft
where another second waits
yet no matter how
you pull yourself
no price is just too great
the midday sun
a scheduled run
even with games to play  
and when it's dark
thus doubly hard
it's impossible! I say
Amoni Fuller Apr 2018
To make a long story short
When I woke up next to you
Your face just a few inches from mine
I realized I had never felt anything like this in my life
Something so peaceful
Something so...whole
Something that made me stop looking for home
Because I'd found it
*Sigh* I wanna cry
vera Mar 2018
she kept asking me why im always writing
and why i love road trips so much
why i cant stay in one place for more than a year without feeling the sting of boredom crawling its way into my skin
so i told her

its just that
             there is no other way for me to live my life
not when i know that
             the whole world is staring me back in the face
patiently waiting
             getting ready for me to absorb all that its trying to gift
all of these people
            that we coexist with, yet have never met
they are out
and we have no idea of each other's existence

the only way i know how to live my life is to tackle it head on

i used to sit on my bed
   in my room
       and stare at my computer screen
            any tv show i could find
                i would watch for d.a.y.s. on end

but one day i woke up
and i realized that that wasnt really living my life
i was taking a break
escaping into another reality that was simpler than my own
one where i didnt exist, but i wasnt quite dead either

but i knew that wasnt my idea of living

my idea of living was experiencing the wholeness around you
all of the agony and torture
all of the jealousy and mistrust
all of the infatuation and true love
all of the ease and satisfaction

it was all just one long adventure and the only way for me to enjoy it
was to let it engulf me
and glide along for the ride
- a quick jot of my train of thought for the past few days
Fox Friend Dec 2017
Watching the world wake up
when I want sleep
is the time in which sorrow’s stench
clings to my skin the strongest.
The persistent darkness will follow me
long after that bright day comes
and the sun peaks above us.
You are
my beautiful
i have ever
been dreamed.

i wanted you,
but not like this

for a long time,
i know you were
just my dream
and there's
no possibility
to make it real.

even if
you're here,

I think
this is the end
this is where
i should stop
my story telling
of how you
                     emanate light,
                     on how you
                     make my stars bright
                     and i have to stop
                      telling lies----

I have to wake up
to that dream,
look on the window,
look up the sky,
it was impossibility.
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