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amy zhang Jul 11
For you,

my love is as endless as the deepest blue

shrouded in mystery, exploding with a force

strong enough:

To shatter steel
To erode stone
To birth life.

My love,

softer than the rays of sunlight fluttering
as orange specks underneath your eyelids
kissing your pupils with their delicate touch
Embracing the liquid of your orbs with a citrusy warmth

Showering you with the joy
Of a thousand torn dandelions
Smiling down at you
In the distance


A funny concept.

A million loving words
spoken back and forth,
a thousand steps
taken towards the same direction
A billion I love yous
Over and over again.


we are still distant.

Still distant,

because my love is an ever consuming bonfire

Where close
could never be close enough.

Where I can wrap you in my flames
lure you in with my warmth
provide you with a hearth

for as long as you want.
Or as long as you can stand.

Until your skin burns

And my love scathes

With the rage of a million rays of sunlight.
just a little something for y'all :,) I hope you like it!! <3
Justyn Huang Jun 21
An itch in my heart
I'd like to scratch but no one
to rub feelings with
Darryl M May 8
I ain’t a magician to make appear.
The love we had, we’ll let disappear.
I’ll no longer be your close peer.
I’ll let the absence of my presence satisfy.

I’ll love you till the ends of time.
Oops, times up.

It’s too late to apologize.
It’s too late for me to recognize.
The kisses we’ve shared, I’ll no longer organize.

We’ll always be joined apart.
I loved you with an undying red.
Now it’s black and blue.

I guess, you love people more before you know their roots.
Once you do, you prefer the soil.
Inspired by OneRepublic - Apologize ft. Timbaland
Z Apr 22
i’m a flytrap in Saran Wrap
Definition clingy
shouldn’t be satisfied to be qualified
as the gum that’s stuck to your shoe

This anxiety could be all from nowhere
It might not be real
But honestly and actually
it’s just how i feel
Acina Joy Apr 8
And so, how are we to move on from a love we desperately hold on to?
So, I've past the 100th poem mark. XD
Arisa Apr 1
You are my life support.
And I am plagued by the past.

Call me beautiful like it's the only thing
Keeping me breathing.

Kiss me like you mean it,
Your love is my medicine.

You are my life support.
Be forever bound to me.
Poem about my clingy past love.
CL Fjell Feb 26
End this suffering
You won't stop
The buzz buzz of the phone
The words, one after another

Begging me to stay
When I've told you
Go. Away.
I can't take this anymore
I'm not your doctor
Or your *****
So please see what I say
I'll say it once more
"Please stay away!"
He won't leave me alone
Syamil Faisal Feb 25
I showed you my affection
You pushed me away
I was too clingy.

I focused on my life
You said I pushed you away
I was too distant.

It seems like
I just can't
Hit the right spot.
Anita Feb 18
I have been single for a long time,
I know how it feels, soft, warm, comfort.
I am allowed to speak my mind, do what I want,
hurt feelings, Mend others.
I knew just what to do, and all my limits.

When I met you, I didn't know what to think,
Body to big for your age,
I thought you were older, though you were mature,
You are funny, charming, and handsome in your own way.

'You have my humor' I thought with amazement,
I never knew that someone could be so much like me.
In an unfamiliar world, I thought you could pave the way.
With the warmth that burns to the touch.

We found each other together through peer pressure,
It was enough of a push, and through our honeymoon phase, I was happy...

But then the pushing kept coming, they kept pushing, keep pushing, "Kiss him" "Love him" "Want him"
These thoughts, these feelings, they aren't my own.
These thoughts, these wants, there's someone else's.

Its too suffocating, these efforts, being single made me forget how to try.
Your feelings, these kiss's, your efforts, I don't want them.
I don't need them, they are too 'Suffocating.

I'm trying to pave the way to my future, all while taking a tiny glimpse of the past.
I want to try, but it's all moving too fast.

You say you are depressed, so desperate to love, so desperate to be loved.
But maybe I just can't give you that love.
Do you even know what 'love' means?

I'm away for a week, for my birthday, but you just can't take it,
Everyday 'I'm depressed because you weren't here'
and everyday 'U wanna break my heart or something?'

But then the pushing kept coming, they kept pushing, keep pushing, "Kiss him" "Love him" "Want him"
These thoughts, these feelings, they aren't my own.
These thoughts, these wants, there's someone else's.

I wanna enjoy myself, I'm the type of person that can.
You don't want to enjoy yourself, you're the type of person that can't.

This is just so suffocating, your presence is suffocating.
My now, current, boyfriend is being a bit 'too' clingy. I guess I get it, but the novelty has worn off and It's just getting to be too much. I think I expected too much from him.
shamori Jan 7
Walking Running sun down...Yes I'm Pursuing

Turn around Lock Eyes...I knew it

Drag me by my soul...Whisper in my ear

Tell me what's real
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