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Korina Aug 7
Duct tape...
My heart is like
Duct tape
My love may seem
And very unnecessary
I am a tool
That seems to have no use
Till you need me
Then I become an adhesive
I can hold you together
Spiritually, mentally, emotionally
And if you’re lucky...
But then...
You will complain...
I don’t match your swag
I’m worse than a
Band aid
My grey color bores you
Now you’ve ripped me from you...
Duct tape...
As strong as I’ve been
Holding onto you...
Is as strong I’ll be
Once you remove me from you...
And I will NEVER hold onto you
So every time you fall apart
Spiritually, mentally, emotionally
And if you were lucky
You will want my adhesive to return
But it won’t...
I won’t
I never return
I am nothing more than duct tape
And unnecessary
Till you see my love
Holding onto someone else
japheth Jul 23
there’s no such thing
as a perfect timing;

it’s just timing.

we say perfect when it
only favors
the way we see things
and not how life sees it.

we have to understand
that apart from
the joy life brings,
timing includes

and anxiety

and it’s okay.
it’s time for you to feel that way.

my dear, we’re stronger.
please if you read this note, please send me hugs and assuring messages down below because i’m not feeling so good
Rachel Jul 15
i love your musty scent
your well-tanned body and stylish jacket
you’ll always be with me
next to me
no matter where i go
i’ll revel in the knowledge that
you’ll always be mine, humble archive
of wisdom—the book
honey Jun 25
Give everything you have,
Give it to them,
That’s what they deserve,
Not just their own happiness,
But yours as well.
Haze Apr 18

When you call me these things
I melt
Because I'm used to

Madolyn Apr 1
I’ve always heard
that being clingy
is a sure way to end
a great relationship
whether with a friend
or more than a friend

so I hated myself
for talking to someone a lot
Or always wanting hugs
and physical affection
I’m clingy
and I don’t think it’s a good thing

I thought this relationship would end
with you thinking I’m too clingy
and leaving
but why
do you think it’s okay?
It’s obnoxious and selfish
how I always want to hold your hand
and touch you
It’s annoying and unwanted
when I text you a bunch
and want a lot of texts back
But you think it’s endearing
my grasping hands and want
for touch

I don’t know what to think now
I don’t think I can stop being clingy
so I’ll carry on
until you get fed up
and tell me to stop
c Mar 23

I once
was small.

I fit into the thinnest cavities &

I sip on vitals till
My vials are full
baby you
make Me whole

I am in love
with life
so much
I cling
all nails & teeth

I'll sprawl my feet out
on your tables
I'll scribble my name
on your letters

I am BIG


I'll leave the light on
All night:
no sleep
while I'm busy
loving you

I'll even
Refurbish your skin with glass, but
You'll bruise easy

No need for windows
My dear:
I'll see for you!

No need for clocks
My love:
I'll count down for you!

& soon
your body
will love Me

Bibby Mar 17
My knuckles are white,
From holding on too tight,
To people,
Who never belonged to me.
Another personal vent.
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