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July Gray Dec 2020
this is me
screaming into
the void
a whisper
i am deserving and worthy of love

this is me
constructing pieces
of boundaries
i can't put up yet

this is me
speaking words
that are not lies

this is me
preparing for the worst

this is self-preservation
im tired of biting my tongue
i can't wait to leave this town
pale Jul 2020
and when you can't see it yourself, please
close your eyes and remember me saying
that you deserve it all, the moon and the stars,
the whole nightsky and whatever you're wishing for.
For you have worked day in and day out and all night long
to give those around you and to get what you want.
So if someone says, you shouldn't have what you've got,
just take a breath, close your eyes and remember this,
smile and think about how I once told you,
that everything you've got came to you
because it's exactly what you are worthy of.
Elly Apr 2020
you deserve someone who knew your worth ever since the beginning than someone who barely knew it until you were gone
MAX castro Feb 2020
Soon you will meet that person who will hold you on your depth of despair.

Soon you will meet that person who will hate hurting your heart.

Soon you will meet that person who will take care of your heart because he knows how damaged you were.

And soon you will meet that person who you truly deserve.

You will meet him. Trust me. Never settle for anything less than what you deserve.
july Jan 2020
i love you.
love me
but all you did was
not want me.
i thought you
i didn’t think that you would
give up on me?
why didn’t you
hold on?
why would you
out of everything,
leave me.
i am undeserving
of the love you gave me
i am consumed

(now read from the bottom up)
you're worth it.
The world doesn't owe you a **** thing. Hard work doesn't entitle you to a better life, neither does lineage, money or otherwise.

You aren't entitled to ANYthing.
Some people get more than they "deserve".
Other people get less.

"Deserving" is a manufactured concept to allow us to pity ourselves when we acquire less of a good thing or more of a bad thing than we expected.

When something bad happens to you, you didn't deserve it.
When something amazing happens to you, you didn't deserve it.

Our very existence is a gift, and saying we deserve anything more than to be alive is purely arrogant. Be thankful for every drop of water, every grain of sand, and every speck of dust you have because one day, you may not have those anymore. So cherish the ones who you love, because one day, they may no longer be there either.
Ashita Sep 2019
She is sad,
She is hurt,
She is dying,
She is alone,
She is a mess,
She is judged,
She is ignored
She is suicidal
She is stressed
She is confused
She is ****** up
She is depressed
She is misunderstood
She is tired BUT STILL LIVING,
She is hurt BUT WONT SHOW IT,
She is screaming BUT IS SILENT
She is in pain BUT STILL SMILING,
Respect her, love her, nurture her,
'coz She is DESERVING.
this isn't only for women but  for all the people out there who are feeling any of these emotions but are still standing strong and smiling at the world like nothing happened when they are breaking apart inside.
hats off to u guys
Danielle L Cook Sep 2019
i've never met you and yet
i know that your soul is made of starlight
and at night i glimpse your rays arching through the skies
searching, ever searching for the warmth of another starlit soul
with which to collide

it hurts to watch it unfold
your shine instead collides with rock and darkness
siphoning parts of you away and yet still you light up the world
giving, always giving every inch of your being until your starlight fades to grey
for a friend light years away, you are beautiful all on your own, and everyone who meets you and doesnt immediately see your light and worth are crazy to live in darkness - i love you dearly, and i pray that one day your soul will find its matching star to collide with, making the most beautiful display of light and color the worlds ever seen
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