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The world doesn't owe you a **** thing. Hard work doesn't entitle you to a better life, neither does lineage, money or otherwise.

You aren't entitled to ANYthing.
Some people get more than they "deserve".
Other people get less.

"Deserving" is a manufactured concept to allow us to pity ourselves when we acquire less of a good thing or more of a bad thing than we expected.

When something bad happens to you, you didn't deserve it.
When something amazing happens to you, you didn't deserve it.

Our very existence is a gift, and saying we deserve anything more than to be alive is purely arrogant. Be thankful for every drop of water, every grain of sand, and every speck of dust you have because one day, you may not have those anymore. So cherish the ones who you love, because one day, they may no longer be there either.
Ashita Sep 4
She is sad,
She is hurt,
She is dying,
She is alone,
She is a mess,
She is judged,
She is ignored
She is suicidal
She is stressed
She is confused
She is ****** up
She is depressed
She is misunderstood
She is tired BUT STILL LIVING,
She is hurt BUT WONT SHOW IT,
She is screaming BUT IS SILENT
She is in pain BUT STILL SMILING,
Respect her, love her, nurture her,
'coz She is DESERVING.
this isn't only for women but  for all the people out there who are feeling any of these emotions but are still standing strong and smiling at the world like nothing happened when they are breaking apart inside.
hats off to u guys
Johnny walker Jun 23
Many dreams of sweetheart I've had since that terrible day she was taken
hopefully to Heaven to where she now Is  for there never been more women
For she gave me a life without I would never had known a love sweet
caring and kind for she was to me world to me and all that I needed
So sad she no longer with me never did I once think
would end this way after
our time spent together all our dreams of retiring together all taken
for sweetheart was taken far to soon I pray she made to Heaven she deserve to be be there away from pains suffered In life
much of herself did give to life asking nothing In return but the love of her
and friends no woman more deserving than Helen so I pray she made to
A woman that gave so much to life who feared going to sleep at night In case she didn't wake zin adadthe morning she loved life and was robbed so sad
Yvonne Nice Apr 15
Love is only earned
You can’t demand love
Especially not I
For I am not deserving

I can love
I can feel
I can look
I can experience
But none of that means anything to love

She only bestows those she considers worthy
As if an apple tree
Some people have sweet apples
Some people have big apples
Some people have juicy apples
But my tree is nonexistent

Not because there aren't any apples left
For there are plenty of them
All baring seeds
To make the tallest of trees
And the crispest of fruits
But I never deserved it
Not a single fruit

Don't share your tree with me
I’m not allowed to accept
I am not deserving of the delicious food
I’m not allowed to eat the fruit
For me it is forbidden
All i'm allowed to do is sit here
And endure the emptiness
That rests at the core of my being
For it is the only fate fit for me
my mom thinks
no boy will ever deserve me
my dad thinks
the man who deserves me
is the one who knows he doesn't
my parents contradict each other a lot. they're the best example of love.
Sarah Isma Nov 2017
I sometimes forget
that parents were once teenagers too,
Ones that would sometimes break rules and casually say *******,
I sometimes forget
that parents also dream,
Ones that would imagine breathing at the top and proudly be in their realm,
I sometimes forget,
that parents have feelings,
Ones that would lie awake at night and thinking they're horrible beings,
I sometimes forget,
that parents get scared,
Ones that would fear if they aren't able to get food on the table and unprepared.
I sometimes forget,
that i take my parents for granted,
that life had never really given them what they wanted,
and think that ****,
I could never not love my beautiful parents.
it’s um, it’s quite a common thing don’t you think? They were kids before they we’re our parents, we often forget that. I could never pay them back of what they have given me but i swear i will try my best to give them what they deserve.
Lance Jan 22
You deserve the stars my love.
When the world can only gives you street lights
You deserve all the glory
When the world only gives you praises

You deserve happiness
When the world gives hell on earth to you
You deserve love
When the world only knows hatred

Remember Love..
You deserve everything that is Good.
To the people, who have given up on life..
Johnny walker Dec 2018
So many people In this life
deserve to be loved, and have so much to give, but
life can be cruel, In that sometimes they just don't get a
Which was very true for me, till I met Helen, having a background of child abuse, she was the only one who gave a
I remember saying to her I'd never been loved and therefore knew not how to love
Helen reply simply does It not matter I love you, and for the first time In my life I knew what love
To live without love Is a lonely place to be everybody deserves a chance at
So many people In life are so deserving of love but life can be cruel In that they don't get a chance so unfair
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Since writing my words
Upon this site been taken aback by the number of fellow writers, with so
much pain In their
So moving the words they
write with so much feeling
and such honesty they makes one want to
reach out and hug
Try and bring some kindness Into their sad
and very often lonely lives
I love you all God bless for you are all so very
Wanted to write something to recognise people on this site who have suffered or are still
struggling with the pain of life who are deserving of so much more in life than sometimes the hand they delt
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