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Lance Jan 22
You deserve the stars my love.
When the world can only gives you street lights
You deserve all the glory
When the world only gives you praises

You deserve happiness
When the world gives **** on earth to you
You deserve love
When the world only knows hatred

Remember Love..
You deserve everything that is Good.
To the people, who have given up on life..
Johnny walker Dec 2018
So many people In this life
deserve to be loved, and have so much to give, but
life can be cruel, In that sometimes they just don't get a
Which was very true for me, till I met Helen, having a background of child abuse, she was the only one who gave a
I remember saying to her I'd never been loved and therefore knew not how to love
Helen reply simply does It not matter I love you, and for the first time In my life I knew what love
To live without love Is a lonely place to be everybody deserves a chance at
So many people In life are so deserving of love but life can be cruel In that they don't get a chance so unfair
Rafael Melendez Nov 2018
Tattered and bruised, feeling used.
Let the dust settle, and wonder where I am, where you last left me. Kept me in the dark long enough for me to understand that I don't need the light. The dust has sealed tight upon my skin.

Yet again, I feel the doubt filling in my pigments.
Are you different?
Forgiveness is something I've longed for, what right do I have to ***** it from you.
Am I different?
How many times must I forgive you?
Am I truly deserving of that forgiveness as you are? Are we the same?
Johnny walker Nov 2018
The poems I write are written
to my wife as my personal
tribute to her, I ask nobody
to feel sorry for me, but only
to feel sorrow for her, she was
a beautiful wife In oh so many
ways not just talking about
looks, but from deep within a
heart of gold never refused
anybody help, she deserved so
much more than sometimes
others gave credit for
This this poem Is written and all my other poems especially for anybody who may have jost joined this site
as  a tributes to my late wife
to keep her memories of  alive
as promised In life
Elissa Deauvall Nov 2018
you deserve nothing but the world
you deserve to be in a place
where the only thing you feel is
and support
you deserve to have people in you life
who make you feel like
everything will be okay
you deserve to feel like you can be
the most genuine version of yourself
and not give a ****
about what anyone else thinks
s Aug 2018
]i built a wall
]to block your love
]because i’m not
]deserving of.
AIA Aug 2018
My memories with you...
I buried it thousands of feet, yet
I still remember everything.
But it's okay I will soon get over of it.
I will soon forget about you.
If the both of you deserves each other, then
I too deserve so much more.
Dedicated to Mr. Kirbie Peremne.
Erika Rose Aug 2018
In the end, we are left with nothing,
But echoes of lies.
False “I love yous”
dance in your mind.
Memories tear at your heart.
Constant reminders that you will
Never have what you had again.
This pain overflows your body.
It is engraved in your bones and flows throughout your veins.

It is excruciating, yet necessary
It assures you that you are alive
And if you are capable of tolerating this pain,
You are more than capable and deserving of love.
Fox Friend Dec 2017
"you treat me better than I deserve"
- the sleepy words
from your lips

except I believe that
deserves to be treated in such a way
that they think
it's more than they deserve.

that's where the givers like me become convenient.
KateKarl Nov 2017
is there any such thing
as too much ink
too many pens
more paper
than the human heart can fill?

the heart does nothing
but pump the blood that is necessary
to fill my fingers
to move
to scrawl too much ink
with too many pens
on more paper
than such a treacherous ***** deserves.

but the heart will get its ink
if it has to bleed dry in order to fill
the pens that it thinks it should have
to defile more paper
than any forest should have to give.

the heart will have what it wants
and veins
be ******
Any critique is welcome, however harsh.
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