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When I say I care little about you
It's the absolute full amount of truth
I hate that I can't scream it at you
Won't forget all you put us through
Just another father on paper, a DAD tattoo
I swore it wouldn't be a preview
Now I look in the mirror and take a swing at you
I try to break through to another dimension too pull you through
Take back a lifetime that doesn't belong to you
Do my best too squeezed it out of you
Count to three, pull on two, pay what's due
Not on queue, but life caught up with you
Couldn't have happened too a more deserving fool, though it was far too long overdue
I didn't cling to tissue, I knew I wouldn't miss you
Already grieved for you back in '02
And I knew I'd never let the son of your son know you
Not as a man I knew, not as nothin' but a cautionary tale of what not to do
With both middle fingers to the earth I say thank you
Keah Jones Oct 17
This is what I see when I look at you,
someone that the world has beaten down over and over
yet this has only made you stronger instead of a victim

someone that has pulled himself out of the darkness countless times
only to have it make him brighter

I see someone who has been lost with no direction
yet created a map through the unknown to guide you home

I see someone who has fought
someone that gives his all
someone that loves so hard he sometimes forgets to love himself

I see someone that has the world waiting at his fingers tips
someone that deserves peace
someone I am more than proud of

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
You deserve to live
Heart beating strong in your chest
Alive and breathing
Every day is a blessing
July Gray Dec 2020
this is me
screaming into
the void
a whisper
i am deserving and worthy of love

this is me
constructing pieces
of boundaries
i can't put up yet

this is me
speaking words
that are not lies

this is me
preparing for the worst

this is self-preservation
im tired of biting my tongue
i can't wait to leave this town
Elly Apr 2020
you deserve someone who knew your worth ever since the beginning than someone who barely knew it until you were gone
MAX castro Feb 2020
Soon you will meet that person who will hold you on your depth of despair.

Soon you will meet that person who will hate hurting your heart.

Soon you will meet that person who will take care of your heart because he knows how damaged you were.

And soon you will meet that person who you truly deserve.

You will meet him. Trust me. Never settle for anything less than what you deserve.
july Jan 2020
i love you.
love me
but all you did was
not want me.
i thought you
i didn’t think that you would
give up on me?
why didn’t you
hold on?
why would you
out of everything,
leave me.
i am undeserving
of the love you gave me
i am consumed

(now read from the bottom up)
you're worth it.
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