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Hannah thomas Oct 23
Your gravity
Has always brought me
Back to you
It is always the times
I am so close to escaping
That your orbit
Circles back
Dragging me into you
Kicking and Screaming
Awaiting the next time
That you let me go
To decide you want me again
Is this fun for you?
Maria Mitea Aug 25
Life is like a carpet
We weave in, and we weave out
to make a pattern that we all can stand on.

Can we weave a carpet
We all can stand on?
I can see the pattern now as time goes on
To you I was reduced to just another blonde
But it took me twenty years to finally love someone
And I don't think you realized how rare that was
Drip Drop, Drip Drop.
The rain patters in the distance.
A loud noise heard in the distance.
Creek, Creek.
The sounds of old wooden boards.
All this in a lost forest.
The forest gone within minutes.
The image of a human.
Drip Drop, Drip Drop.
Their tears shatter on the floor.
A picture thrown upon the floor.
Creak, Creak.
A parent at the door, of the sorrowful.
Knut Kalmund Jul 23
tedious tardy sleeps are the latest commodity
my advisor‘s eulogized,
though I have dealt with it
for as long as ever.

since I do that exceedingly well.
just once I’d wish to sink into bed,
shut my eyes for a shielded moment,
and find myself revived afterwards.

perhaps my life is
too cluttered with uncertainties,
so my bedlam body unlearned to be happy.

instead, a high demand of despondency
is expected to be appeased by
the insomniac stakeholders of my remains.
Thanks for reading.
a m a n d a Jul 21
|the power of the w o r d and the (art)|

to really learn
     your brain has to f l e x
you must be open
  to new ideas
and challenge
the authority
the majority
the status quo
     because seeing pattern
is an art
  an art that can has power anywhere
even to see the future
based on the words
and images
of the
we can see the possible picture
the emerging image
   each subtly,
seemingly obscure
things come together
for us
and we can see
from much farther away
than you.

and in those moments that we can see,
you should l i s t e n
  to what we say
l i s t e n to what we sing
l i s t e n to what we play
l o o k at what we show you.
        and begin
t  h e
We're not just made of love,
We're not just made of despair,
You're not just one broken piece,
You're a unique person,
Made up of multiple pieces,
It's just that, sometimes. Our pieces are put together wrong by others, or by yourself,
But that's okay,
Because we can change the pattern of our pieces, we can change who we are, for the better,
Or for the worse.
It's simply up to you,
On how you change your pieces
I believe that anyone can change their pieces, and change who they are. Even the worst of people.
If the pattern's unpredictable
What can I depend on
What does it mean to need someone
As far as I can tell
I don't even need myself
My heart doesn't beat because I say so
It beats for its creator
It beats because that's what it was made for
I tried to follow reason
It only took me so long
To see that all creation
Begins with the uncreated one
After the hypothesis and details
It was pretty simple
Our sin broke the system
And still your love persisted
That I never could have predicted
George Krokos Jun 11
The whole of the universe is like a pattern of infinite proportions
in the mind of the Eternal Creator Who is without any distortions.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Asominate Mar 8
Dissected lines
A special selection
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