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I'm brOKen Feb 16
They come in twos

They eat your face

And then they leave

Without a trace
My every-poem-ever (how I publish them).
EJ Lee Jan 22
After being in school
For most of my life
Since the age of 6-22
There was a structure
A pattern that you obeyed
After graduating college
That pattern ended abruptly
Causing confusion and anxiety
Wondering what to do next
Most find a job to pass the time
Learning a new pattern to live by
Some go back to school
But it’s not quite the same
There seems to be no pattern anymore
No structure
Just deadlines
And endless stress building up
Until you ***** under pressure
Desperately finding your stride
Once more but feeling lost
Or excluded from the rest
Unable to find your way back
To the pattern that you need
To obey
Oliver Philip Dec 2018
Your Humble coats of many colours.
Look alive Poet from whence you started out
To survey the unique position you’re in today
Perhaps find your plate piled high with doubt
A paragon of words abound use as you may
Be not beset with vitriolic gremlins plagued
Would rather stare into space or time t’say
No God given playground, no anyone can play
Rewarding Mothers of Invention thru the day.
Your Regal coat of many colours.
You are alive and to the Manor born
The moment you discovered words n phrases
To rhyme and rhythm your lot to thrive upon
Your transport vehicle to a thousand places
Embroidered each and every line you write
Fear not a monument rides out mystic phases
Identities hid behind a thousand poet faces
Add colour to your verse by embellished traces
Your Royal coat of many colours.
You are alive and to the Kingdom born
The experience you hold with floral phrases
To offer great critique an ego thrives upon
Your golden carriage to a thousand places.
Silver threads embroider ever line you write
You are a magician now of all mystic phrases
You know the secrets hid behind many faces
Over polishes a crown worn off ...any traces .
Written by Philip.
December 5th 2018.
A trilogy of coats of many colours.
Madison Greene Nov 2018
I want to create silence with you
to know your crevices and patterns
your good intentions and bad habits
please be patient with me
I grew up learning to make a fortress out of my fears
to find comfort in inconsistency
I'm sorry if the way I built my walls ever makes it difficult to see
and if you don't want to stay say it now
because I'm starting to feel at home when you sit next to me
I'm not sure of much but I'm sure of you
Mandalina Oct 2018
I want to scream.
I want to cry.
I want to relapse.
But most of all I just want someone to hear my silent cries for help,
for soon I might break beyond repair.

My mind is a mess
and I wish my thoughts would stay quiet all day,
every day.

I keep trying to call for help,
but I can't even guarantee that
I can be saved anymore.

I seem to be back in the infinite circle of bad things.
How do I break it?
Has it all gone too far?

Jon Thenes Oct 2018
It's always a criminal time to fight/
To fizz away our furies and our fears
in violent interactions within 'The Warrior Play'/
To unite in bouts/
Put personalities in liberty/
to bring about the death reaction

Untangled in all this
Is an eye/
a void/
It paces and turns
forgetful and lost ;
a powerless ghost and a witness
to these mad spoilings and energy fits/
This pinball of the battlefield
is catalyst ;
The untouched spirit of the weapon-head/
a war chime
and the thirst of all of us 'soldiers'

                 - in pattern & in population
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
Hold it with nothing
only behold with the eyes!
Lo, this crescent Moon:
The heaven's smile in the night!

It’s the discovery made
walking down the black moon.
Without a light in the sight
as if walking blindfolded
but didn't go into the blue.

Took a trip into the matrix
without squaring the circle.
With no pattern, no more decimals of pi
undefined by design but found the Moon!
Shofi Ahmed Apr 2017
A tree grown off the seed,
everyone can see
and sees the seed
when none see the tree.

The seed, a dead end,
no pattern to see.
Punting in a zero pool,
what then comes to be.
The one is now the honey
spring for every bee!
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