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Nicx May 14
What is wrong with me?
One moment everything is fine
Then I'm triggered and gone
As if it's always been this way.
Why can't I feel ok alone?
I know I'm good and enough
But when you're not here
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Days pass on top of days
I can feel myself burning out
I need time with myself to recharge
But I have an insatiable ache for you.
I'm mad at myself for this
It's not your fault
But it'd be easier if it was
I wish I didn't need anyone else, but I do.
I never asked for this life
Everything is painful and I don't understand
How so many people just keep going
For as long as a lifetime.
Every connection feels life changing
Witnessing your humanity moves my soul
But is it real or just an illusion in my mind?
Do I see you or just a projection of me?
I want to cling and I want to run
I want to text you and to give you space
I want to say **** it all and I want to stay
So many dualities that I can't breathe.
I should be happy because things are fine
Nothing is inherently wrong
But I feel so unsettled and uncomfortable
Like nothing will ever be enough for me.
I just want to be ok
And I don't want to need anyone else
I have to learn to balance these issues
With the curse of my human condition.
You isn't one, but many
neth jones Apr 13
so    very   sewn
the doleful mind is sung
post  to  pillar    weeping  bedlam
unplugged and unsnug smutting out ugly
stopper  in        now  properly  so
property now preserved
dammed up river
so     very     so
woefully  head is hung
side to side sweeping pendulum
frothing out malware and mad medicine
saner  cure     joins  the  jettison
salmon         up  a  river
g o d s  deliver
( s o r r o w )

Nat Jan 3
I as much as the next but no more than all before
From the ground the ground again
Pattern break pattern break pattern
Break pattern break pattern break
Again the ground from the ground
All before no more than the next but as much as I
KG Aug 2021
****** by 7
Circuitry sizzling now bless
My sight with fractals and
a misread message
A step withheld in my ongoing
Prosecution of the self resting
headless without a leg to
Stand up for myself when
I can't remember what I've
Dreamed this month, it's
Breaking across these mental
Walls, as far as the eye's can
Tell a story, and reveal as well as hide
From one's conjured enemies.
Shiver. These silver sided dice roll
Like the spies sent to hinder my
Will to save you. I will save you.
As I save myself. the last morsel
Of forged laurels.
Timmy Shanti Jun 2021
we wave and smile
we pretend
brave faces worn
until the end

the end is bitter
yet so sweet
no need to lie
no point to cheat

and free at last
relieved, we sigh
our time is up
the end is nigh
15 Jun 2021
don't take it too literally, I'm all heart and smiles. It's not the end. Just yet.
Dark Dream May 2021
Why do I guess?
Trying to assume

This is not, not, not,
Not! how I do things

Those nuggets
You know the ones


of self and
people and
situations or

Slippery Suckers of
Sanctimonious Sacrilege


See the pattern or
Be the pattern

  Maybe just...

Dark Dream May 2021
I see too much
Tiny details into the fray
It frightens
Not me, but you
And what I view
Beyond your screen
Some hypnotic wall
Your foggy countenance
Deceives the herd
As they follow the piper
Though I lingered
On the periphery
Some visions were concealed
By your obscurity
Unveiling becomes obsession
Then I regret
For now
I see too much
Harley Hucof Apr 2021
Life is all entertainment , just like a psychedelic theater, our thoughts and breath whisper reality into creation.
I roam in and out my worldless kingdom
Freedom's reserved for the wild and untamed.
For who cares to know, we could fly our way out as falcons , or swim our way in as whales. It will never really matter because it's all entertainment , while we patiently wait for the emanations.
Expectations emerge from preconceived notions and blocks the transmissions entitled to all sentient beings.
Like a collective prophet and a magnet , we learn to filter the commands to percieve the matrix. Finally to redefine and recreate a convenient  path that is real.
Our thoughts and breath whisper reality into creation, i chose my fun as transmutation, life is recreational.

Words Of Harfouchism
In My Mind’s Eye
The images pass by

I can let them simply fly
If my will I don’t apply


With purpose that I claim
I can imagine with an aim

Create my new designs
And break from life’s confines

For mind’s pattern - freshly made
Is with matter overlaid

Use the eye within your mind
And prosperity you’ll find
This is Prosperity Poem 118 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
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One of the single most powerful skills YOU can learn is how to create with your inner vision.  Use your Mind's Eye consciously and with focus!

We all use our Mind's Eye, but many do so "lazily" and guided by fear or anxiety in the images and feelings they imagine and "see".

It's true that we imagine differently and some "SEE" more clearly in images and color and sound than others, but we all have been blessed with a Mind's Eye because we are human.  This is a KEY to prosperity in your life.
Man Mar 2021
the cigarette smoke
laden in the air
threw the pattern seeking portion of my brain
and i saw you
as free as i had always thought of you
without the hardships of this harsh reality
it made me sad
to think of you
with how you were at the end
but you're happy now,
with hope
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