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Paper Heart Poet Mar 2020
Dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher
Why did I dream that I die tonight
I’m not sure I wanna fall asleep this time

Monster, monster
Under the bed is just a tale
Made out of fear and confusion

But when the night comes
Dark thoughts and spirits appear
Conquering my world around me
Creepin’ out on me
Out of the blue
Burnin’ the good inside of me
Leavin’ nothing but ashes

Who am I
What am I doing
Can’t find myself
Lost in the wood of my own despair
I’m just a soul, wandering around
Khoi May 2019
Ashly Kocher May 2019
When sweet morning dawns
giving dreamcatcher sight,
the bad dreams flee
unable to survive in light

Dream catchers are the magic trick to capturing your nightmares or so they say
Caught like flies in a spindly web, guiding you to the morning when you've lost your way
Hope it's gone for good
Not to return in the coming nights
Setting them free, never to return to that fight

They never say how to empty them or release the dreams, so I make a mosaic or poem out of it to set them free

Dream catchers attempt to make you feel better to sleep
Don’t hesitate to worry if you try and peek
No matter how long
No matter how short
Your beautiful nightmare
Will get trapped and restored
Waking up slightly confused
But yet wanting more

Let the cobwebs do its job
For when you fall asleep at night
Your dreams will be caught, and not lost
Wrote most of this myself, but some sections are from others who commented on my let’s collaborate post. Shoutout to those who commented. Add onto this if you would like, let’s see this write take off and take flight!
Way Jan 2019
I'm a dreamcatcher,
You are a dream,
I saw you were falling
So I caught you.
To my best friend, I'd give him the world
Brian McDonagh May 2018
Netted on the outside
Dreams pass through the inside.
The good dreams seep the center,
The bad dreams are caught: DO NOT ENTER!
The sleeper with eyes shut,
Protected by the dreamcatcher
And selected by the buy-snatcher,
Slumbers in peace
When all is at ease
Around the dreamcatcher police.
Reality is still
But the mind is awake
And sleep is at stake.
Eyes cannot detect
What the dreamcatcher does,
It only sways in the midst of a glance.
But the dreams that pass the glass dividing atmospheric gas
Cannot be seen, touched, heard.
Dreamcatchers have a radar
That no being does.
The dreams charge at once!
Not a dream is heard
Caught in the dreamcatcher grid,
But the good ones
Keep clean the REM zones.
Native-American tradition
I will surely petition.
I have two dreamcatchers in my room; I love the culture, tradition, and protection they offer!
kiran goswami May 2018
She would come
With the Whispers of the dark.
Would witness,
The flowers barking
And branches fighting
Would see,
The leaves of the maple
Laughing on my fears
Gossiping about my dream
They would steal hope
Every night from my soul
And I'd be left in the dark
But her hand
Full of warmth and love
Would caress my cheeks
And I , for she is too gentle
Would hold her tight
She then would make my
Nightmares turn into day dreams
She would turn black into rainbow
And make me taste ecstasy
For she is
My dream catcher
Fox Friend Apr 2018
Throughout our lives we've been told by these old souls
that dreamcatchers are to protect against
It's a shame we believe this lie that something so beautiful collects evil,
what a sad misunderstanding,
just human error.
How unfortunate that even though the name of the thing spells out its nature,
we throw logic aside until the truth is
We use the term 'dream catcher,'
yet try to deny it's offering to catch all of the good dreams
They exist for you & I, so let's recognize the blessing they were sent to be;
if we learn to trust, they will become supporters of our
divine identity -

That is,
Karan Mar 2018
As a child, I walked on the swollen grass
Surfing my hand through whispering flowers
I fixed my dream to catch the rising sun
Afloat like a kite behind the mountain

My feet glide fast on the broken path
I pulse and I pulse and the day is hot
Yet my eyes shine with sparkling dreams
To get to the sun; To know what it means

Alas there's a time, when my feet lose the dark
My dream now stares straight down at me atlast
But when the day confines & evening comes
Sun sits on flowers, myself on mountains

Oh sweet Dreamcatcher, you were honey-trapped
Is such the worldly nature of things? I ask
Once and once I wanted to touch the sun
She said the night shall pass & the day shall come
I, means the reader who is the Dreamcatcher of his/her daily life sets a dream and spends each day trying to get it.
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