Mel Sep 2017

Interconnected webs of string,
strategically woven and knotted,
and adorned with beautifully painted beads.
Some way, somehow,
this hand-crafted creation
is said to hold captive
all nightmares that had ever dawned on me.
What an immaculate thing
this could turn out to be,
if it were to play its part,
even when we are not asleep.
Because truth is,
the real demons that we have,
are not only those that appear in our nightmares,
but rather the ones we fight
day to day.

Britney Lyn Jun 2017

What if my dreamcatcher doesn't just capture the nightmares?
What if it takes all the good ones away too?

You aren't supposed to take mu happiness away.

In the dark night I was prevented from my satisfying slumber,
as I was troubled by my rooms dark corner.
Though my eyes were soon to be sealed,
may my dreamcatcher cure me from this dreadful darkness to be revealed.

Thankfully, the dreamcatcher protected me through this night,
as I was navigated to an existence so bright.
I was floating above the sea as I saw the lights
of thousand beaconing lighthouses from these ongoing heights.

Keenly guided from all insecurities,
I now clearly see the seas of opportunities.

This was a poem I wrote to a friend of mine, as I was inspired by a drawing I drew on the front of her christmas card. The drawing contained a dreamcatcher which navigated a way to an open sea of thousand lighthouses.
ryn Jan 2017

Like lucid dreams entrapped
  within a circlet ornately adorned
   A sweetest love conceived
   but can't be borne
    Trailing feathers
     billowing light as rain
       Starkness in ink
       blot reckless in heavy stain
     Strings strung taut
   attempting to keep all in place
  Dream catcher sways
by the window, free and chaste


I've my own dreams,
and my own desires.
Something for which I'm keen,
want to set the world on fire.

SilentMetanoia Jun 2016

Some people are like
beautiful dreamcatchers,
absorbing the most terrible things
for those they love
and leaving them
only the softest, gentlest
thoughts behind.

Hope you like :)
BrittneyForever Jun 2016

He says words I've already heard before
Looking for that special someone I've never seen before
Nothing seems right
Am I clinging on to my dream to tight
Away with the wind I run
To find where my heart belongs I'm falling undone
I'll know when I get there
There's a place with open arms I'll belong
I'll stay for long
And laugh for hours
No more pain from this stain I'll have my super powers
I run so far I'm almost there
If I could just hurry up and unlock that door if I dare...
Then reality pulls me back
Was it the door or my eyes I cracked
My eyes gleam open and my body shovers
I saw an Angel floating just right above my covers

Isabelle Apr 2016

My mind is wandering
Going to places I've never been
Trying to acquire wisdom
But all I've got is boredom

Procrastination is my enemy
And laziness is envy
I am chasing a dream
Should I wake up now or stay asleep??

Sam Luna Sep 2015

You push my nightmares away
Then change my dreams to reality.

Gaye Sep 2015

I cannot understand
Am I dreaming beneath the living?
Tell me if it’s just a part of my forty winks
Coz I’m rusted by chance when fully awake.
Why are dreams so large and
You forget it in a momentary climb?
The departed stories are so dear
That they never come to pass in life
The impossible happenings with strings
And things I’ll never find are so ideal.
The scars are reasoned and seasoned
But it was perfect when I was asleep.
I was dead to the world, totally ignored
Leaving one earth for a different one
Was so brilliant when I was buried.
But I realize I was not just dreaming
I was stitching them into reality,
Let me catch all my dreams
That they might never happen again!

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