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Nina Jul 2019
My friends asked me
Who is that guy?
Is he your boyfriend?
You always go out with him?

And all I can say is.
We are just friends.

Obviously it seem like a lie
But it's the sad truth
There was nothing more between us.

My workmates asked me
Do you have a boyfriend?
Who is that guy in your phone?
He's your boyfriend right?

And it pains me to say
He's just a friend

Every single time
With tears in my eyes
With the stinging pain feeling to say it out
We were just friends
Or used to be at least.
Nina May 2019
We are just friends
Friends with a special bond
We kiss
We hug
We meet almost everyday
We can't go a day without talking to each other
We miss each other the moment we part ways.
We only behave this way towards each other.
We are "just friends"
Weird how everything we do,
Are what couples do,
and yet,
We are only friends.

So one day, i might fall for someone new.
Someone who will love me and call me his girlfriend.
So do not blame me when i leave,
Because you just wanted to keep me as a friend despite loving me the same way as i have loved you .
Lost Soul Mar 2019
you texted me...
i thought you never would
i missed you
so much of me wanted this
but this isnt how i thought it would be

i cant help but feel
like you have something else in mind
i cant fall for you again , i made a deal
i cant keep hurting myself over you
i cant apologize

its not that i didn't like you , i did  
but you never saw it
because it wasnt in the way your used to
so you had a fit like a little kid

i changed alot and im scared
i dont want you to hate the new me
that took so long to build
because no one else cared

im naturally a sad person
i write depressing poems
and i changed the way i dress
i want to be spontaneous
i forced myself to buy a thong
it sits in the back of my drawer
cause i still  hate my body and it just feels wrong
but i'm determined to change that
to love ever curve and stretchmark
even when my stomach isnt flat  

i dont know how long this is going to be
but im going to be the most authentic me
if you dont like the new me
then well you can leave again
but this time dont come back
just let me be
Sophia Feb 2019
I saw you in the caffeteria today.
There you were,
and there I was,
and the only thing keeping us away
were the people around us.
Look at me...
I should pat myself on the back.
I didn’t say hello,
Even though...
I saw you leave the caffeteria today.
I saw you pass behind me and walk up those stairs,
and then...
I saw you, see me.

Until then, our eyes shall meet again.

You look good...
happy looks good on you.
I keep giving away pieces of me
In hearts filled with someone else
As if giving away puzzle pieces
To puzzles already built
Alias Oct 2018
What is the name
For that feeling when
You you seem to be drawn
To another, like moths to the flame
Two magnets that cannot bear to be apart

When someone is
Stuck in your head like
The lyrics to your favorite song
As if they are a feast
And you haven’t eaten in weeks
Every little action brings them into,
Your head

When you are with them
You can’t get enough of
Their touch, their smell, their voice
But they are like a dying fire
Giving just enough
To make you want, no need, more

What do you call this
When you don’t know what it is yourself
What do you call it
When you seem like so much,
But you are just friends
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