baskerville Apr 14
i slam my door shut & stomp over to my radio. i turn it on & crank up the volume. i'm about to change the station when i notice something familiar about the song playing. the notes i've heard time & time again come rushing out of the small box. i close my eyes & breath in the music. memories rush into my head ; memories of me & u. i think of the first time i heard it, with u looking longingly at me, hoping i'll like it. "it's ok," i had said. "just 'ok'?" u asked, smiling. "fine, fine, it's great," i admitted. "told u so," u replied. u walked me home to that song on repeat. suddenly the song is over, just as quickly as it started, snapping me back into reality. i can vaguely hear that a new song has started, but i'm more focused on my thoughts. & as i'm thinking, i realize that u are all i need.
We are all just strangers
with familiar faces
and unique souls
Your lips taste
of nothing in particular
just as a home
has no scent
it is familiar
and inviting,
as are your lips
Something about you
makes me feel at home
You're nowhere near
the familiarity of home
But something about you
makes me want you
to be familiar.
SangAndTranen Mar 21
You are lying in bed,
Listening to the gentle whistle of passing cars,
And the roar of a passing train.

You bite your lip,
Because that is all you can hear.

A month ago, the sounds of the city outside
Would be accompanied by the screams and shouts
Of the two people downstairs
That brought you up.

Sometimes they forgot dinner time.
Or that you hadn’t been bathed in three days.
And all they’d do at night
Was fight.

Insult after insult,
Tears and a piercing smash.
And you’d lay awake and wonder
What you’d find in pieces the next morning.

As much as you’d squeeze your eyes shut,
And bury your face in the pillow,
You couldn’t help but be lulled to sleep
By the turbulence below.

It was your familiarity.
And sometimes,
Familiarity comes in the cruellest forms.

And now
There is silence.

You can’t hear
Your Father chugging alcohol.
Silently sobbing
Under the stark, white kitchen light.

It takes two to fight.
And now there is only one.
And now you can’t sleep.
Because there is nothing familiar about this at all.
This one is slightly less abstract. Also, I love messing around with second person, it involves the reader more! :D
Nayana Nair Mar 19
The familiar images of a girl with strength
and a guy with heart
and feelings that can be reasoned.
I found them everywhere in stories
but not in life.
Mostly they were just weak people
who learnt how to live with their heart.
And loved and let themselves be loved
with the faults that they had.
people who were – what they were.
No love or devotion
promising to change them into lovable beings.
Especially when ‘lovable’ was defined
by people who didn’t approve certain lives
and certain love.
And the perfect image of love
and notion of the perfect people who deserved it
made me think of the emotions we cut from our heart.
Leaving us little more empty,
taking us a little more far
from the perfect life that we were told to have.
You may know, who I am    
I only know, who I’m not
Nothing else matters.
Theme: Lost in transition.
lins Feb 3
staring at the ceiling fan
as I lay on this couch
now too short for my growing legs
I hear your call from the kitchen

always cheery and welcoming
I think back on all the days
spent listening to you cooking away
endearing how you can be so loud

there have been many late nights
spent relaxing in this living room
watching trashy reality tv
that mom never let me watch at home

your familiar touch reaches over the couch
and softly brushes the top of my head
flowery perfume follows the gesture
and I glance up to meet your eyes

I don’t think you realize
how much I love your smile
how much you have impacted my life
or how much you mean to me

your eyes reflect the life you’ve lived
your attitude parallels your youth
only showing your age
through your weathered hands

your home smells of coffee
and antique furniture
in the most comforting way
and I never want to leave

this is my second home
made perfect by your love
unconditional and pure
supporting me always

my sweet grandmother
you never cease to amaze me
with your unending generosity
and kindness from deep within

as I walk out your door today
I know I’ll always return
you smile as you hug me goodbye
and whisper in my ear
the phrase from you we always hear

“Love You The Most”
for my mimi
I feel sorry for her. I truly do.

She thinks that it's only her, that I'm no longer a recurring thought in your head. How wrong she is. I know without a doubt in my mind, if I somehow appeared in your bedroom and you were guaranteed that she would never find out . . . well we both know what you'd pick. All of those I love you's and it's only you's that you tell her would be thrown away in exchange for our clothes thrown and scattered across the floor. I say this because it will never happen again, even though I'm sure you wouldn't mind if it did. The difference now is that I choose me and I no longer want you. I no longer WANT you. Why would I? Someone who is so easily able to kiss me and then immediately go home to someone else. But wait, I haven't gotten to the most horrific part yet. You are able to kiss her without the SLIGHTEST taste of regret or remorse on your lips.

How do I know that? Because you used to do that with me.
Somi kaushik Jan 25
The familiar sky became unaware
Twinkling stars are kept in the air
Necessary talks became unnecessary memories
God knows who call them stories
The colour of your love still remains the same
Just like an unplayed game
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