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FJ Davis Nov 13
Do not castigate the elderly
for living in the past. Where
on a fixed income, could they
possibly live cheaper?
Jule Oct 28
Looking at how I’ve lived my life -
Sometimes it makes me sad.
Reflecting on each emotion -
I’ve felt and never had.
To define oneself by what they feel,
Can’t possibly make sense.
I swear you’ve felt these emotions too -
I can’t make up what’s in my head.
We long, we feel,
We hope for what’s real -
Will come around again.
So I can feel these emotions,
And know you do too -
At least that’s what they said.
Yanamari Sep 17
"There's this dance
That I've memorised"
Whispers a voice by my side
Pulling me along
Twirling me to her foreside

"Should I show you it?"
Fingers smoothing
The crease between my brows,
Fingers tracing my cheek
Down to my hand

Eyes closed, she pulls me forward
Steps not unfamiliar,


The warmth on my skin
Slowly fades, no more than
A distant memory

"Of course,

The words echo in my ears
Dimming to a loud buzz

"Thank you for the dance."
Nadia Aug 5
Home sweet home
Where I can sit on my ***
With no need to roam
And no need to ask
Or research
What to do next
A good sesh of nothing
Sounds like the best
With no need to worry
About where to eat dinner
And when to meet friends
Order in trusty take out
Throw the kids in bed
Time to binge on light shows
Then sleep like the dead

NCL August 2019
Had a lovely vacay but it's always so nice to get home.
Diána Bósa Jun 8
Familiar strange.
Our music sheet.
Full of suicide notes.
I need a sense of familiarity
One that could anchor my body to the ground
'cause things have been strange lately
And lately the faces and places register as strangers in my brain

Only the voices retained their familiarity,
convinced me that they are the only one to trust
'cause anyone that can hold me easily
Can let go just as fast
When love arrives,
It arrives only to leave again.
Coming back to another again.
Another time,
Another arrival.
The same streets once laughed and grinned in.
When love arrives,
It arrives as that familiar face
Strolling down the street without a care in the world.
A personality in the wind mutual to which steps to take.

When love arrives,
It arrives with a certain taste.
The first slice of readily made pizza.
Made hot, fresh.
Pepperonis covered in cheese.
Knowing it's favorite place, love.
It's soon to leave until the urge returns.

The pizzeria tucked in the corner.
The pizzeria no one knows about.
The pizzeria that can be found in each and every city.

When love arrives no matter how many times it leaves.
No matter how good the taste,
It is never really gone
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