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Jaxey 2d
I haven't been able to write today
And I think it's because everything is okay
There is nothing to do and nothing to say
And it makes me miss being sad

There are flowers blooming inside of my mind
A rainbow just fell across the sky
Everything is warm and I don't know why
But it makes me miss being sad

The warmth of happiness inside of me
Is everything that I've wanted to be
But now that it's here it's unfamiliar to me
And it makes me miss being sad

The warmth in my mind is beautiful and bold
And I once hated the feeling of feeling so cold
But now that I'm somewhere else I miss home
I just think I was made to be sad
I found a home in my own darkness
Latifah 5d
It’ll hurt less
The pain of your absence
Will no longer linger
In familiar places
One day
I will be free.
Levi Nov 4
The simple exertion of air from your lungs,
Caged deep within your spirit.

I used to be familiar with a voice.

It’s presence reminded me of the beat of my heart,
It’s restraints deeming me human,
Keeping me at level,
Brought low,

I used to be familiar with this voice.

I could shout,
I could sing,
I could even show restraint,

Now I’ll chose. I will be familiar with you
I recognize that for a long time I’ve been silent, and withdrawn from people I should be close with
Levi Oct 31
This familiar close voice
Bruised what was only delicate

Allowed within
A host of my own space

My walls now up
To block or facilitate

Together we are
It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything more than a single line, so starting test myself again.

This is an amended version of one written for my love
Amanda Oct 26
Staying up late each anxious night
Wishing you had not given in to heartache
The choice to split technically mine
It was one you forced me to make

You provided no better options
Back pressed against a disappearing wall
The thing keeping me upright through problems
Cracked skeleton hardly holding weight at all

I know I am weak, words paper-thin
Sit here stuck in the same position
Nothing to improve the frustrated state I'm in
My mind rummaging for proper recognition

Plans made are crumbling to dust
Flames dance around, we are running out of air
Hearts racing, to win we both think we must,
Wondering which is the tortoise and which the hare

Games we play but not enjoy
Again and again use my heart as a toy
Each endless night I lie awake
Staring at the ceiling retracing mistakes

Collapse like a deflated lung
Fated to gasp for more air
Throat hoarse from sad songs sung
Past pain shouting "Please beware!"

I found the same outcome too many times
In patterns we are destined to repeat
Yet I still walk identical lines
Straight into the familiar defeat
If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always gotten
em Oct 17
you, your
whole random order—
so familiar.
i know your algorithm,
i feel your ridges and bumps
right beneath my fingertips.
i am aware
of what's inside your brain,
what makes your pulse race,
and your heart flutter,
what makes you shut down
and push everyone else away
love you, like
no one else will,
and i know where you are,
even one thousand
miles away.
feel your breath
on my lips
as you wait for me to kiss you.
i can't fight your sorrow
or your hate
but i still love you
every bit of you
everything lacking
every laugh,
your taped-together, falling-apart.
i will never be one with you
nor tell you who you are,
i can leave you
in strength
knowing i had you once,
knowing there will only ever be one of you.
voices in my body
screaming, singing
some familiar tune
that I've never heard before
these melodies grow old
in a young body
living on an ancient earth
unfolding of the heart
letting the past blow in
on an autumn breeze
these voices have a face
that no one can see,
no one can touch or kiss
but she is not hidden
though she lives
deep within me,
breathing through soft lungs
that scratch against the ribs of time
voices in my head
cannot seem to get my attention
when I am awake
for I am blind
without my dreams
Kalarav Oct 4
The air might be shapeless, colourless and odourless,
But the winds, they always have something to show,
something to say, something to convey.
Today's winds told me about the coming rains.
They howled to complain about climate change.
They sang songs with the wind chimes.
Then they brought the smell of wet mud as it rained.
Just like yesterday.
The only thing that has changed is that they no longer
carry your scent.
They no longer carry the sound of your voice to my ears.
Familiar and yet so strange,
I guess that is why they are called winds of change.
Nicole Eden Sep 27
You have become a familiar sound.
The whisper of the wind in my ear,
The gentle breeze that tickles my nose,
The white noise lulling me to sleep at night,
The hum of my fan silencing all thoughts to rest.
I am drawn into the whirlwind of you
and all the pleasurable peace that resides within you.
If you can’t

Unleash the trust
Embrace the flame
Cherish this bliss
Redefine hope
Believe in forever
Feel a home

Who am I to you?

If you can't
Who am I to you?
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Who are strangers? Why are they strangers?
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