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Alex Apr 14
I find myself upon hallowed ground...
Amonst a courtyard of marbled stone
Whos touch is as cold as the winter night
Whos names are as blurred as the morning fog
That blankets the truth from unfamiliar eyes...
The leaves blow around me in a dance as if rehearsed
I find myself lost amongst this peace...
Never welcomed...never forgotten...
For what lays here is but a memory and a promise...
A promise that I shall return...and never leave...
Will that day be as cold as today?
As empty as the freshly dug graves?
Who will fill them?
All this quarantine and death has made me fall into a pit of despair so immense and deep that I have forgotten the warmth of the sun...its gentle kiss upon my face...
Manogya Dec 2019
Darkness, o darkness,
I call for the sight.
Hidden inside you,
The small shred of light.

It’s a strange little globe,
The people, despair.
The ones who are happy,
Not know what happiness is.

The belief in feelings,
They don’t yet understand.
Everything is alright?
That’s a fool’s stance.
This Poem is meant to describe human emotions. First in the series of Purple
Katie Mar 2019
                     Revolve        Around
                               Like Us
allison Feb 2019
read the first letter of each line
rohayani Dec 2018
is wondering how the world works
does not know what to do
is abandoned in the universe full of meaningless
blames herself
is beautiful
A beautiful, frightened mess
is desperately searching for love and a purpose in life
we are all in this together. I don't know what I am saying though
Madison May 2018
I followed this world
I thought it would make me cool
I followed the beat of its music
Thinking it was fun
I followed its people
Because they seemed to know best
But one day I realised
That the world was wrong
That it’s music was bad
That it’s people were insane
So I followed My world
Knowing that I am better than cool
I made up my own beat-filled music
Because it lets me have real fun
And I live my life
Because my heart is right
I have my own life
And I don’t need society tearing me down
Society is stupid. Don’t let it tear you down.
Tia de Wolf May 2018
yeah I’m panicked
but who isn’t?

and aren’t we all
just observers and

dont we all
try to reach full
true emotion and
fail as the world failed us?

isn’t everything fake
and time is an illusion
and didn’t the girl you fell for
3 summers ago ****
herself on the bathroom
floor last night
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