rohayani Dec 2018
is wondering how the world works
does not know what to do
is abandoned in the universe full of meaningless
blames herself
is beautiful
A beautiful, frightened mess
is desperately searching for love and a purpose in life
we are all in this together. I don't know what I am saying though
Jordan Hudson Oct 2018
Action is all around us
Action can never be the same
Except for physical attributes
But really physics are just a game
This place is full of good days
And bad ones you know
I'm sure of good ones along the way
Yeah, welcome to the show
There are so many things we got wrong
I won't say all because they can't fit in my song
But I can say for sure that there are many
Keep your eye out and be willing
To know what really is there, it may be brief
And use your perception and use your belief
It's advanced, I know, that's why I came
But I can at least explain why this is different and why this is the same
And I can show you why this will be alive
and why this will die
That is tall for this
And that is short for that
That is big for a reason
And that is small because of where it's at
You get the point, there is a reason
Let's finish this up before next season
I tried to give you all a lesson
On everything I could within the time
That I have to spit rhymes
It's limited just like our lives
You'll know what I mean when Jesus arrives
I try to explain my best but I'm no professional
Some may be understood only with recessional
Maybe even I can't be understood
When you hear my words you go "he isn't good"
It doesn't bother me, I want you to enjoy
What I write but I can't choose for you, so you deploy
Words of criticism but I'll get back to the point
Sorry I got distracted, I'll rejoin
These are words that everyone should hear
But you must not fear my words, please you must trust
They are just there to give some basic advice as to why
I write because I can explain but I just diversify
Diversify the topic until you are confused
And you don't get my point while I sit back amused
Yeah, I'm back here laughing haha
Random poem for one of my songs
Freddie Ruiz Sep 2018
Why do all problems have to be solved with a war?
Whatever the reason we’re bleeding for, is it worth fighting for?
Why do we always have to take a side,
just to realize we were blind the moment we truly open our eyes.
If everything is so uncertain, then why do we create this fuss?
We’re oblivious to the truth, living like ignorants in this world.

As everything becomes scarier in this mundane nightmare,
the *** of this world is lining us up for the slaughter.
Being so egoistic, our death may come sooner than expect it.
We can’t look out for the eternal answer if we can’t find it within ourselves.
What we think is permanent is truly transient.
Is it worth fighting for something transient?

The minutes tick away
and I hope for a better day,
yet so filled with pain,
wishing I wouldn’t see a day like this ever again.

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor,
or from a different skin color,
what matters is what you’re praying for,
‘cause our time here for now is only borrowed.
It all comes down to loving like there’s no tomorrow.
It all comes down to finding out what life’s really all about,
‘cause there’s one love that can save us all tomorrow,
but for now, our time here is only borrowed.
Written on November 17, 2001
Composition number: 115
M-E Jul 2018
Let the rivers flow around me, and between rocks flow
Lead flowers to bloom, and seeds to grow,
And drain in the big well evanescence.

Between all rainforests, and all mountains
And all forests, and all fountains, I have chosen you
My choice drains in the big well of myriad choices.

Count it like sand grains in the prodigious dune
And wonder what’s behind the moon
The space drains in the big well of light and darkness.

Send me free like wild horses,
Like antelopes, stampede on earth as natural forces
The stampede drains in the big well of ignorance.

Hit me like an avalanche, like an earthquake
And wet my clothes with floods, and dry it with droughts
The wishes drain in the big well of fallen thoughts.

Leave me in the Alps, in the coves, and forget me in the giant ocean,
And fly back with dragonflies in slow motion
I, myself drained in the big well of oblivion.

Border my world with the equator, the estuary, and rainbow
Border each continent with reefs, and with flakes of snow
The borders drain in the big well also.

Erase it with streams and lakes, even with spores and dew
And with hail, clouds, and tulips wash it new
And drain it in the big well of nothingness.

Pour everything in a bucket
Chain it and lock it
And drain it in the big well of satisfaction.
Madison May 2018
I followed this world
I thought it would make me cool
I followed the beat of its music
Thinking it was fun
I followed its people
Because they seemed to know best
But one day I realised
That the world was wrong
That it’s music was bad
That it’s people were insane
So I followed My world
Knowing that I am better than cool
I made up my own beat-filled music
Because it lets me have real fun
And I live my life
Because my heart is right
I have my own life
And I don’t need society tearing me down
Society is ******. Don’t let it tear you down.
Tia de Wolf May 2018
yeah I’m panicked
but who isn’t?

and aren’t we all
just observers and

dont we all
try to reach full
true emotion and
fail as the world failed us?

isn’t everything fake
and time is an illusion
and didn’t the girl you fell for
3 summers ago ****
herself on the bathroom
floor last night
Fox Friend Apr 2018
Maybe one person
can't change The World,
but you melted into my life
and the world (mine, at least)
was never the same.

Changed, by you.
In a world of human wreckage,
one tree stands tall.
Distributing air for a no longer living population,
one that overstayed its welcome.
Destroyed everything they came in contact with.
Until it appeared that the tornado of life,
came plowing through.
Leaving a trail of broken dreams and sorrow,
in its place.
No one left to care,
no one left to clean up this dumb.
A town destroyed.
A state destroyed.
A country destroyed.
A continent.
The world...
Animals left, no longer anywhere for them to survive.
In this world of human wreckage,
a tree loses its first leaf.
Nonoe Feb 2018
Look into my eyes
And Tell me what you see
You say this doesn't seem like me
But you can't tell me what does
So many expectations
Too many comparisons
Me to you and him to her, her to me and him to she
I'm not her and she's not me
We're us ourselves and should be free
To be..
Who what and how we want
Don't tell me I can't be me
I may grow old but I'm not growing up
And I may slow down but I can also speed it up
My thoughts my life my choice
And if we are the choices we make
My life is a paradox
And if we are what's in our thoughts
Then call me twisted
And if our life is our gift
I'll continue to unwrap and appreciate it
Until death do us part
And even then
Don't judge me
Don't question me
And just let me be
Let me be me
Ashim Nov 2017
Its inside was never filled,
Never understood its kind.
Its existance was legit for it
but the other minds.

Supposed to be the best,
never made it there.
LOVE was only HE wanted
But refused to be granted.

The sphere was pretty indeed
and 'it' stuffed her with no love,
But hatred and Tyranny.
HE did no guilt.
The Justice was mere.
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