I remind myself each morning that you're a want - not a need.

And each night I wander off to the stars with the realization that

I am everything without you
Holy vortex
Which rests under our knees
Bring us closer
To the final disease
In which we realize
Life is nothing
But a sweet, sad dream
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is the Wow! moment;
The second of realization.
Love is the thunderbolt;
Love is Cupid’s arrow,
Finding its destination.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
The moment she stopped faking smiles,
When she realized that she wasn't "alright",
Was when the sun rose in the morning,
And her world stayed as dark as night.
humans are like pigeons.
hold too tight; they'll hate you for keeping them caged.
give them too much freedom; they'll forget about you
Dahlya Katz Apr 8
Once I was
On top of the world

Winning at a game
That I didn’t know
I was playing
As I was cheered on
By eager fans
Boosting my ego

Skipping through the fallen leaves
And slipping recklessly
Through the dangers
Life handed me
That if I tripped
Someone was there
To catch me
Before I hit the pavement

But all at once
I fell from the nest
Feeling lost
When I scraped my knee
And nobody was there
Holding a band-aid
Ready to fix me

I wondered
Why it had been so easy
To fall hard
With no broken bones
Or ugly bruises

But nobody had told me
That when I used to fall
It had only been
From Dad’s shoulders
What makes you think I like to fight?
Oh yes I love to waste my life.
You can't leave well enough alone.
The two of us create war zones.

My line, your line, the line.
We have crossed it. We have lost it.
Your line, my line, the line.
We just passed it. No point in backing.
If hell on earth were near.
It'd run away in fear.
The line, the line, the line.
We just crossed it. We have passed it.


I never really felt so...unusual with you before.
Even though I say I hate you...i could use your arguments some more and more its that rage I adore.
In your eyes.
I see the fire slowly burning.
And those souls slowly roasting.
Now my heart is quickly beating.
Is this terror?
Or anticipation?
This feeling I'll never lose.
It's something about you.
You hate what we've become.
Sorry whats done is done.
A new style im trying out please let me know what you all think (:
How to dream in this world,
when the light shines so dim,
through this heavy haze of perception.

Where to cast my light,
who is to be trusted to see a darkness lifted?

With eye's clenched shut,
A whole filled with my space.
d-d-e Mar 19
there are days when i remember you.

your smile that kept me prison for years,
your eyes that drowned my every insecurity,
your hands that grounded me onto reality,
and your voice i've always longed to hear.

but on days like this,
when i just walk beside the wind that brushes past my fingertips,
a cup of coffee in one hand,
and a book with the other,
it's like you didn't even exist at all.
i honestly think this doesn't have the right structure but it'll do i guess
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