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Safrina Kabir Aug 29
Isn’t it a curse to live long
Beloved friends all gone
Kiths and kins buried down
Remains their name on the stone.

Sitting alone at the bay
Hair, beard all grey
As I peep at the past
A few memories that last

Always wanted to live long
Rein the world, get the throne
Luxury, name and fame
Emperor of my own game.

Countless nights wasted on hope
Handful of moments spent for love
Hope lies in fist now
Love is nowhere to be found.

A little too late
To fear death,
A little too late
To turn around.

A faded thought still remains
A desire to be remembered
If not the name I have earned
For the deeds I have done.
An old man is sitting alone at the bay thinking about the life he lived. Reaching to this point of life , he realizes he has spent most of his youth on earning and dreaming big. Now that he achieved all that he wanted, he understands how worthless everything is. The  man is really lonely without anyone to accompany him. He is left alone ,the way he had left his family alone in the past.
she gave me a box of matches
small enough to rattle between
two of my fingers

in the dark, we sat alone
striking them
and like a magic trick
the light would burst forth
and scatter like laughter
fill the empty breeze
with something warm

we watched the flames
alive and changing
let them grow and crawl
right until they nipped
the tips of our fingers

we’d shake them out
just before we got
watched the smoke
rise and sway, smelled
so sweet, powerful
as the last light
slowly faded
like falling asleep
or turning to stone

over and over
this was transformation
and it was in our hands
over and over
until the box no longer rattled
and before us lay
a pile of ash
a mountain
a change we had caused
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riri Aug 20
it took her months to come to this realization
but one day it just hit her, and it hit her like a brick
that even if he did come back as a new, changed person
nothing could ever repair the damage he's caused
and at that moment she knew nothing would ever be the same again
i don't want to go back to overthinking, and changing my entire personality to the watered down version of it - all for what? just so you could stay? just so a silly boy like you could "approve" of me? i'm better than that. this time i'm choosing me.. except i say this yet you're still in the back of my head. but i'm coming to terms with this thought i've had today, i'll get over you eventually.
This constant ache of being alone
Won’t leave me alone
I’m no better now
Than I ever was
at putting my head between my knees
and just breathing
1time Jul 8
in a garden of roses
i found you lying
soaking wet from the rain,
do you admire flowers
as much as i admired you?
sandals removed
watching the rain drop
will it never stop?
the cold breeze
begs us to intertwine,
yet i chose to sit in silence
dreaming of an us that never sailed.
to a ship that never sailed!
Nishant Rawat May 28
It took me years to realize
that nobody is supposed to
see parts of yourself
that you yourself don't understand yet.
Dakota May 26
For my whole life I have never truly lived.
Many risks not taken and many things mistaken.
Every art piece and music score. Every item I have in store.
I am left to face myself in death knowing I have done nothing.
As the sun of life sets I know that there is night again and with the sun down there is room.
Room for a new sun to rise and take its place in the galaxy of life we all come to call home.
As the sun rises, the spark of life on Earth is continued through all eternity.
What is time?
Is it the seconds that pass by, the minutes of our life counting down?
The life you share in love with one another? Whatever it may be you choose how you spend it.
Alone at home, with people you call family, at the place you call home.
Home is not a place you live.
Home is where you are with the people you choose to surround yourself with.
Who you call your own.
Home is not a house, home is family and friends together being themselves.
Looking back at it I did not simply do nothing. I belonged to something, I had my home.
And you have yours. Where you belong, belongs to you and you to it.
I belonged somewhere and now I must leave. In leaving comes emptiness.
An emptiness to be filled with new life coming in as I go. And so I say goodbye.
In goodbye is reassurance and happiness. Happiness in knowing I have done something.
That I can leave  knowing I have changed the world. Knowing all there is to know.
At the very end of that sunset, I can move on swiftly with care.
On to that eternal night bright with the stars in the sky of all the other lights of life.
I have done something, I have.
Srujani May 26
that moment
when you
found out
that you
fallen out of love
from the
love of your life ;(
How to fall in love again?
How to live this life again?
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