Corralling my senses,
Rolling slot machines,
Softly purring words that disintegrate into empty promises,
Forget it, I'll end up smoking alone anyway.

Know your worth, what you stand for
Even what you sit for,
My ass hurts from the concrete stoop you left me on
Just a pack of cigarettes?

It's the final word,
Finally focusing,
What brought me here in the first place.

Love lost, love gained, love dropped
For the bright lights of a Vegas skyline

"No", to answer your question

"We can't be friends."

The new one is a nurse,
Ironic really.

She can mend a broken being and a bone.

for me it will always be you
and for you it will always be her
your smile
her eyes
your fingertips
her bedsheets
your words
her touch
and she will always come back but she will never choose you
and you will always want me but you will never let her go

Arasynya Cain Dec 2013

I don't know what disappoints me more.
That “I promise” is just something you say to shut me up or the fact that I fall for it every time.
That I tell you I’ve planned a special dinner, but I end up eating alone.
That the little things mean nothing anymore.
That I can see that I don’t make you happy and you pretend everything’s fine.
That it’s not fair when I cry because it makes you feel bad or that when you actually are here it’s more lonely then when aren’t.
Or how I know that the bottle will always come before me, but still I stay.

Jain Doe Nov 11

What have you
Done to me
This morning?

The sun reflects
And I've found
Specks of
Fairy dust on
My coffee cup
In the light

Where will
You take me

Joshua Hobbs Nov 4

Like pages in a story,
one that I'll never read.
Staring at the ceiling wondering-
Why wasn't it to be?

Traversing the wastelands of one's own mind,
wading through the guilt,
and always out of time.

There's too much pressure...

Nothing you can say could hurt me more than I,
For, I am my own Enemy.
I am the Last Demon that shall die.

Surrounding voices with no voices heard,
only saddened faces,
empty mouths that speak a melancholy word.

A new friend, A new face.
Now, they're gone...
Another rat race.

I'll lay here, with this pen in my hand.
Stuck in gaze... Wondering,
who... Who was that man?

It was I, who I had seen.
Back in a time of Joy,
before I knew what real pain means.

Perhaps, I'll see you again one day.
When I finally give in...
When, on a cloud, I'll float away.

libby Nov 3

you worth more than you think
you are more beautiful than you know
you are stronger than you believe

and you are loved

when will you realize
the love living within my heart

only for you

to the one i love
even though you are unaware of my existence
tragedies Oct 31

you pushed me off the cliff,
and i swore from then on,
i'd be your greatest
what if.

CPM Oct 28

why did i think
it was okay
to allow
others to
hurt me?

- wounds

Akshad Oct 25

For the times we go wrong and when we inflict pain...
No matter how we change... Apologetic we still remain!!
For once when you fissure a relationship there will be a persistent stain!!
In the long run... Apologetic we remain..
When you are man of your words, but a guy with undone promises... Your image doesn't remain the same...
Even though you start fresh... But within... Apologetic you still remain!
It's all gone now... It has changed!!
The bond has lapsed and grown... But still... Apologetic you remain!
For a tear shed under the dark night... And the ignorant sight... It's not blame game.!
You cut your ego ur pride... But still apologetic we remain....
You often wanna talk it out but you have not words to say...
It's not because of your ego.. But as apologetic we still Remain...
You mess it up... You break a heart... Your actions do things worst than getting parched...
You wanna go undo... You wanna go back in time to ooze out the pain..
But it's too late... Now apologetic we remain...
You thought you are  mighty... Attitude flows in your vein..
But turns out your so feeble... That apologetic we remain...
It has vanished but has left a scar.... For once little it get exposed all your smile dies in vain...
You have your heart out... You have build a trust... But within... Apologetic we remain!!
Apologetic  we remain!!

Ellie Doman Oct 24

Petals fall off
One by one
He loves me
He loves me not

Seasons change
But he doesn’t
He loves me
He loves me not

He says he’s learned
From his mistakes
He loves me
He loves me not

His actions
Do not represent his words
He is no better
Than he was before

Two petals remain
He loves me
He loves me not
The sad realization

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