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ky Jul 22
I see what you did.

You ignored me for a month
and then just happened to come back
the day before you asked her out
to make sure I still wasn't interested.

I'm not stupid.
I saw right through you,
and I don't appreciate being used.

That may have been well played,
but it wasn't played well enough.
ky Jul 19
I don't hate you.
After all that we went through,
I never hated you.
—I thought I could never hate you.

But then again,
I thought I knew you.

I thought you were that sweet, selfless guy,
the guy that cared about me more than anything,
who said he'd never hurt me.
Who told me he loved me.

But if you really cared about me more than anything,
and loved me as much as you claimed you did,
then you wouldn't have hurt me like you did now.

I wouldn't be sitting here
with tears streaming down my face,
writing these poems to get out the feelings
I otherwise bury inside.

I could never hate the boy I thought you were.
But you're not that boy at all,
at least, not anymore.
Ken Pepiton May 8
So likewise ye,
when ye shall have done
all those things which are commanded you,
We are unprofitable servants:
we have done that which was our duty to do.

You, lazy little 'twerdnerd. Easy. Live. Take my truth,
let this mind be in you, it does the hard part for you.

Ai ai ai this guy, I tol' you, extol the road,
ride on, cowboy.

Let go. Re
enemystic, plop. Plot to end
with a thousand swings
gnosis-not-burger 'n' fries
swung wide and low. Sweet cherry '63.
Once belonged to the gayest geometry teacher
ever, eh, in Kingman, Arizona.
Mr. Zubek, annual faculty advisor to Optimist Club,
Annual (also)Highschool Boys Speech Contest,

bi- annually, he traded in his Chevrolet.
-- voice of experience,
That triggered this then, not now

I saw a ****** lowrider, brand new, showroom floor,
yep, a certain mind set, kept with odd links,
missed opportunities to go the other way,
kicks the BTDT system of old ahas,
and ahs,
as once imagined…
not possible, pre dementia.
Wait for it, should you live so long,
it all runs together beautifully, to match
the beauty of the messenger's feet,
in your cultural awareness

of total unknowing- to eternity,
and beyond.

The Bill and Ted Trilogy, vs Left Behind.

So, crates of lemons have no thorns. See,
Lemon trees have big ol' thorns, but

lemon wreaths, all on a bough snipped,
thorns and all, to show those who never
picked a lemon, and won life's sweetest point.

Such wreaths are December treasures,
if you know where they grow 'em.

You can sell them, or give them away,
the beauty in the whole fruiting sprig goes along.
I lost count, but this is all winding together after all.
Nikkipopgun69 Jul 2021
I fell in love with a player
Which screamed danger
But I fell for the charming words they used
Everything about them is adorable… but I guess I’ve been used.

But now i try to distance myself from you
Because I know deep down you don’t feel the same. It maybe hard to do but I’m gonna give it my best shot as I’m playing games with my own heart.

But I don’t know if I can out live this one
It’s getting bad for my health
Andrew Rueter May 2021
I wish my life was more like a hockey player’s
where all my shifts are forty seconds long
and my stick touches the ground
while I glide on top of the ice
skating across the surface
but I just sit in the crowd
appreciating the game
and a time when I was younger
when I once played.
Eli Apr 2021
You’ll never sleep with me again,
So sometimes I retell your bedtime stories to other men.
You’ll never call me again,
So sometimes I repeat the same compliments to other men.
You’ll never spend time with me again,
So sometimes I rewatch our show with other men.
You’ll never love me again,
So sometimes I say it to several other men.
Jennifer DeLong Feb 2021
There's music in my soul
Only you can make it whole
Your guitar calloused fingers
Tap me inside and out until
my body is in rhythm
Baby, I can feel the notes
ravishing my soul
Never have I felt like a song
Place your lips upon me
Kiss me like you play your guitar
I can feel it in my soul
Your love is so magnetic
I can feel you play me into
your melody
Hold me like your guitar
Hold me that close
Even when we're fighting
We make the scratch
sound like a finger slide
Put your fingers on me
Play me like a guitar
Move me to your music
to all the notes high & low
You have me in a trance
Use your music on my soul
And play me like your
Guitar 🎸🎸🎸
© Jennifer L DeLong 11/15/2017
Lee Jackman Oct 2020
Why do nice guys always come last?
Iv got so much love to give.
I would do everything in my power to give you the best life.
I would be loyal.
You would be loved.
You could trust me with everything.
Our children would know a loving father.
But it feels like you dont want that.
It feels like you would rather be with a player.
It feels like you would rather be cheated on.
It feels like you would rather you children didnt know there father.
Maybe you dont really want the nice guy?
Please excuse any spelling, Im dyslexic. I have not had the confidence to share any of my poems until very recently. So kind words please
LONE STAR Sep 2020
I found the one with the bests of smiles
You made me laugh and cry
My heart was content with your passionate love
I wondered how someone so perfect was created
Until you became a **** Jack
That's when I understood you were never in love
You just wanted to taste the waters
Unfortunately they drained before you could have a deep
Then you became the real you the one you hide from the world
When preying on innocent girls
What a **** you are my dear Jack
But the stupid thing is I still love you
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