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Paras Bajaj Jan 21
I could’ve burned in the fire for you,
for you I could’ve walked on ice.
But I knew you were fooling me
cause’ baby, I am kind and nice.

The way you have fooled others,
it’s not gonna be the same here.
Life had given me a lot of lessons,
can’t play me, I am a full time player.

I could’ve lost this game for you,
for you I could’ve broken the rules.
But I knew you were fooling me,
thought I went to the wrong school.

The way you have played others,
it’s not gonna be the same here.
Life had given me a lot of lessons,
can’t play me, I am a full time player.

—-Poetry by Paras.
Philomena Jan 14
I know what caught your eye
Curved hips, dark hair and small dainty eyes
Aren't my eyes really something
You've probably never seen them though
Too busy looking at my chest

I love the way you call me baby
Sounds so sweet in your voice
The same voice you use on those 20 other girls
That's right I know
We all do, you're not really that clever

Well even if you're ****** at least you're cute
That silly smile of yours
And muscles for days
They really make up for the absolute lack of personality
But hey, at least you're a **** empty husk of a man

It's so sweet you're always willing to talk
Staying up late on the phone
Just get's tiresome with you always asking for nudes
I wish someone had taught you basic English
Maybe then you'd understand the word no
Yea I thought this kind of behavior stopped after high school, but no.
You wanted me,
because you were spoilt for choice
and soon recognised
that I was the only "off limits" one.
You had it all
and yet you wanted more.
having the world at your feet
isn't enough
And you needed space too.
I was the forbidden fruit
and it drove you crazy
because all of the other fruits were dry and plain
or at least so you THOUGHT
but how were you to know?
because you never ACTUALLY
took the time to understand
JUST how special
each and every one of those unique tasting fruits
were like.
You just wanted what you couldn't have,
And overlooked
and didn't appreciate
what you DID have.
The only downer
on all those fruits
that you had in the palm of your hand,
Is that they were blind with delusion,
Because if they opened their eyes
they would see,
That you are the most rotten fruit on the earth.
Just imagine all of the capitals In italics please thanks.
morning dew

the sky
a golden hue

you’re in bed
with someone new

you are in love
with only you

you say we’re done playing
this hurtful little game

ruining the reputations
of both our names

but when I suggest
we start taking things serious

you respond by telling me
that you are still curious

about the bodies with which
you haven’t yet had sx

every time you say it, you break me
like I’m one of your objects

you think I don’t know you?
we’ve already met

took me a while
didn’t realize at the outset

your face is different
now you’re a brunette

but the game’s always the same
and it hasn’t changed yet

say whatever you can
just to make her wet

say what she wants to hear
and what you want, you’ll get

“tell her she’s the only one you’re talking to
her dress might hit the floor”

“tell her that you care
she might let you make her sore”

“tell her you can’t breathe without her
she might let you go hrdcre”

“but if you tell her that you love her……….
then you’re guaranteed to score”

so I know what you do
and I know who you are

and right now you’re in bed
with Red Crop Top from the bar

she’s still sleeping so you text me
“I love you,” with a heart

even Pinocchio’s nose couldn’t stretch that far

you’re in bed
with someone new

so the blame
goes to you

because I can’t be happy
without you

but I can’t be happy
with you too

you break hearts and promises
it makes me blue

if only I could
get over you

I can’t get over
while I’m still under

you’ll never love me
that will be your greatest blunder

you make my heart break
can you hear its thunder

I wanna text back
but you’re with her

I’m sure last night
is still a blur

quick! put the phone down
she’s beginning to stir

she’ll say “good morning”
with a seductive purr

you’ll search your mind for a name
but you can’t remember her

“was she really worth my pain?”
my mind will wonder

but I decide to reply…..
“I love you too”

morning dew

the sky
a golden hue

and you’re in bed
with someone new
This is the same poem as my poem Glistening, but this includes extra verses, a more emotional and powerful ending, and the rearrangement of some verses.
Jc Dec 2018
LOL is different from Lol,
LOL is League Of Legends and Lol is Laugh out loud.
ROS is different from Ros,
ROS is Rules Of Survival and Ros is my Rules of Saving (You).

ML is different from Ml,
ML is Mobile Legend and Ml is My love for you.
But Online Games are not so different from Me,
Online Games are the things you play and Me is a piece you also played.
CallMeVenus Dec 2018
I've been hiding baby
Oh for so long
Been afraid I'd turn into the morning fog
I'm still shaking when I'm standing right next to you
You call my name and time just stops

You make sure to hold my hand in a dark room
I'm holding back from you
Because once you get me there is no turning back
In this game of two
heartbreaker and the fool.
Gracie Nov 2018
loving you was

i was drunk off your affection and those times when
you held me close and whispered sweet nothings in my ear
and when we would stay up to midnight finishing the christmas film in march.

but here's the thing about alcohol burns.

i was stung by your selfishness and those times when
you pushed me away because you felt like i was nothing
and when we would stay up to midnight fighting because i caught you with that girl. again.

here's the thing about you and alcohol're both addicting.
**** you would never guess what's happened! me and my boyfriend broke up. it's ridiculous how much someone tells you how much they care for you and then they throw you to the side once they're bored. so all i have to say is ******* boo, hope you have a great life ;)
Verdant Quo Nov 2018
It’s not so black and white
that I lose in this fight.
I entered the game
with a goal in sight.

I continue to play
though I struggle each day.
To come up with a reason
as to why I stay.

It hurts me, pains me
When I move on and see
That eventually there has to be a winner
and it usually is she.

Here I am, the prince of despair
as the pieces got moved to where
I couldn’t see and out of my grasp
and I guess I forgot to care.

This game I have gotten out of
But, from it, I am not above.
When I was finally able to see that
it was always labored love.

i just eventually got tired of moving the pieces
Gracie Nov 2018
remember when you cared?
yeah, me neither.
short and not so sweet.
Gracie Nov 2018
i'd rather be dead
than be played by you again.

i'd rather be dead
than listen to your ******* again.

i'd rather be dead
than hear you fake apologies.

i'd rather be dead
than let myself fall for you again.
i miss my ignorance
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