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We mature by damage, not by age
Not by milestones of numbers, but by the prickles on every stairs.
Hurting in order for knowing.
Painting appealing, the repulsiveness of growing.

Childhood memories planted in traumas and miseries,
Becomes a template to adulthood and its emissaries.
The erudition of time, insults continuously the morsel of one’s life.
Gifts and rewards.
Becomes the incarnation of endeavors and endurance.
At 80, I’ll dance
At 100, I’ll have died
Only for many to say
She lived a happy life.
So bumptious of mankind.
Francis Jan 3
I really don’t,
Not an ounce,
Not anymore,
Not evermore,
I don’t care.

I don’t care that I’m short,
I don’t care that I’m stout,
I don’t care that I’m poor,
I don’t care much about.

What’s to care for?
Who’s to care for?
We’re carless little bees,
Buzzing away at the lost honey,
When someone is spraying our hive.

Ask me if I give a ****,
Ask me if it is true,
You’ll come to learn and realize,
That even this poem doesn’t rhyme,
And I don’t care.
Do I care? Negative.
Johnson Oyeniran Mar 2023
Hang in there my Buddy, please remove the rope from around your neck,
Your life is just like an unfinished story, so dont go just yet.

Life can be cruel for people who play by the rules, I'll confess,
I'd be lying if I said life is not filled with hate and stress.

But despite all the evil that happens in our world you abhor,
If you stick around, I promise youll find something worth living for.
Jammit Janet Sep 2022
I’m proud of myself
I was genuine and authentic
I felt myself grow
And become
The person I wish to be
In my soul.
xavier thomas Sep 2022
Dear Hater,
Continue to take lead in the path of destruction while I’ll continue to take lead in the path of success 🤞🏾
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2022
Solves problem

Theme: In some ways
Jammit Janet Jul 2022
Exerting true power
I bloom
Into the flower
Of the present.
Jammit Janet Jun 2022
You can control
The quality of your time
With your mood
Nothing has to truly ****
If you can open your mind
See past the 3D
And enter the present groove.
Jammit Janet Jun 2022
To live a life of integrity
Is to create peace of mind
The power of tranquility
A state of time.
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