Lyn-Purcell Sep 30

I      am      
          a      soul            
                bound.    Who
                          sows    seeds                
                                 of   creativity    
                                                    in   order                      
                                                  to     grow              
                                             a        field
                                      of      hope            
                             from    walking                                
                  on    clouds...                        

           To      the
     realm    of
          dreams,    I
                 walk    through!
                              I     see
                                       it,      too.
                                               Through     a
                                             book    which
                                           sews  an    
            adventure       with
      words   and
  words    need
no        wings
         for         they
                can         soar
                               for        a

                                   thousand    thousand
                                                        For       as
                                                               far          as
                                                        the          light
                                                   can      touch.
                                         For      as
                               far      as

                  the       air
         can     reach.
   My    fingers
   paint    the
          sky     red
                     and    blue.
                                               My      feet

                                                     pave        a  
                                                              bridge    of
                                                                    clouds  where
                                                                    no    man
                                                           can    reach
                                                 unless  you're
                                         bound   like

                                  I        am.

                          Above       and
                  beyond    the
        purple    skies
    and     the
emerald    tides.
    Above    and
        beyond     the

                   Golden     Sun
                            and     sense
                                           Light     pierces
                                                 shrouds    and
                                                     feathers    descend.
                                                      A      world
                                                where      I

Nefelibata - A cloud walker; One who lives in the cloud of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not abide by the precepts of society, literature, or art; An unconventional, unorthodox person.

...Describes my crazy soul. I always did have my head in the clouds :P
suze suze Sep 9

Since some men started behaving like wild animals ,
They put all women in chains.

and they say we are the smartest species
Alana Aug 16

The world is on fire
When I say the world I mean my mind  

How can I say this, you see.. people often think I'm scary because this world, I own this. This shit is mine, again when I say world.. I mean my mind. I mean me.

Some things are difficult to say but I am here writing down every thought because spreading ideas is what's helped form this world
Brutal but honest
Shy but confident
No one can bring me down
Because the world is on fire
I mean my mind

I'm saying this is me!
Heart on my sleeve
I am the danger, I am the colour
I am the heat I am the beauty
I am the smokey aftertaste people only read about in poetry

How can I explain?
This world will probably end in ashes so you might as well dance with the flames

U Mims Jul 7

Use my pass indiscretions 4 you future transgressions
Use my flaws to covers yours
keep bringing back our pass just so u can do what you did in the pass
Cus you see I'm a new "ME"
New as in my mindset
Come to me with those old mindset mentality of IMMATURITY holding on to the pass mentality of the old "ME"
If you looking for she don't look here cus here she will not be
Look here for her 4 eye depart with her sum time ago the only way for me 2 LEARN AND GROW

© KingandQueen Productions

I heard a loud rasp on my big wooden door
Worry had shown up knocking once more
What do you want? I cursed at the wind.
He was looking for Trouble, his dear, childhood friend.

As Worry went in by me- a strange car appeared.
Anxiety, Fear, and Doubt were all here!
Well, isn’t this great? I didn’t know they could drive!?
Either way, it was clear- my new guests had arrived.

They stumbled over each other as I clung to my door…
leaving invisible smudges across my clean kitchen floor.
They greeted the others who sat perched on my couch.
Trouble grinned extra wide, an otherwise grouch.

They made so much noise that I now couldn’t think.
So I unwisely offered them all something cool to drink.
They mumbled, “No thanks. We’re doing just fine.”
Anxiety seemed nervous, and couldn’t decide.

Please state your purpose? Why are you here?
I shouted above them to make myself clear.
“We don’t really know. Remember? You let us in?”
They all stared blankly back from my once cozy den.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like us here?” quipped Mr. Doubt.
Fear nudged the others, “Hey? Is he kicking us out?”
Now I had their attention as they huddled together.
A fresh breeze named courage had altered their weather.

Why I’ve just discovered, I have no more space!
No room for your game of ‘cat and mouse’ chase!
As my faith-filled the room they saw I believed…
they shrunk and took notice and each started to leave.

I rattled off scriptures…all unrehearsed.
Can’t remember the chapters or exactly each verse.
Soon it was quiet- peaceful order restored.
I pressed my door to and gave thanks to the Lord.


We sometimes create our own demons that live inside us.
Grace Jordan Jun 8

You know, the better I get overall the worse my relationship with sleep gets.

I keep on trying. I know its healthier. I know its good for me. But no matter how hard I try, its so easy to forget. So easy to just keep going.

I'm not good at stopping. I don't like to stop.

I'm like a telegram with run-on sentences. Sometimes, innovative and brilliant. other times, incomprehensible.

I'm on the precipice of so much excitement and joy that, per usual, sleep takes a back seat. I'm bad at not letting it take a back seat. Its just so good at taking the back seat.

To be honest, I'm better with sleep with him around. And its less because he's some magic cure-all, and more he makes me calmer and I can't stay on my phone haphazardly or turn on the lights and write with another person in the bed.

More to be honest, this has less of a point and more a myriad of ramblings in hope to get myself sleepy and able to fall asleep. Because despite my rebellious mindset, I do wish to sleep eventually.

I even tried waking up early yesterday. Didn't work.

I dunno what to do. I'm pretty bad at this. If my insides aren't screaming I tend to question it less. But, perhaps, as an adult, I should question it a little more.

Maybe sleep's just heading in my bedhead.

When you are working on that really important history project, before you can even begin, there is always that one person who asks: "So how much is this worth? How much will this count towards our mark?"

Ugh. Welcome to the Bauer state of mind everybody!

All that matters in life is how successful you are. And as long as your average is a constant 100%, you do not need to worry about anything else.

What a life huh?

These people are the perfect people for office job life. Nothing but numbers, no life, no soul.

Nothing else matters to them.

And singling these people out in high school is the saddest thing, and the most hilarious thing I've done.

Because these people brag at 100% and cry at 99%.

Wait, what?!

How can you not be satisfied with anything less than overdoing it?

I mean, you go on and live your life.

But I'll stay here with a more than satisfactory 85%.

I can work with that.

Some days, I want to punch the tryhards in the face.

There's a guy I know who once used an entire 2nd period class to draw out his entire family line on the white board.

He explains in great detail the divorces, the half siblings, the brothers he truly cares for. And you forget that somewhere in this family tree, he exists.

And he talks....and talks....

It gets to a point where you forget he's monologging.

He stops talking about and slowly begins talking about his view on love and relationships. I forget that he comes from a somewhat messed up family.

I mean, I'm still optimistic about love. So much so that I forget that people don't see the world the way I do.

And he is... not as optimistic about love.

Or rather, he just doesn't see love as an opportunity worth chasing. He explains it as, "I can develop feeling for someone, but I don't act on them because I don't see the point."

Or something like that...

And well, I can't think like that.

So I'll leave this mindset here. I guess it's something worth talking about. I guess...

I still don't know exactly what he said. But let me go back into my folded away memory.
Saint Titus Mar 18

The amorphous world hates each and every creative soul
Another, I can't name
Except the idols held in such high regard
Excluding the ones I disavow
Save a few, all ideas are below me now
The masses all bleed but not all bleed red
Some bleed black, and some bleed falsehoods.
Our perfect community has more common ground with the enemy than the elitist ground we've come to sacrafice our lives and time defending

If only for the present my perception is less muddled
Before I cloud my mind with hurdles
To Disincentivize
Future fleshing out
Stout lies, watching promises
Fall by the way side
I will rise
I repeat the faster I sink
This elevator ideology is showing no signs
As it drags me to hell
One intention at a time
Marching round in time
Circling, quickening my pace
Winning a race
Invented for me
By people like me
How about you try me
And then we'll see just how deep
Inside me
The mitre has me
The mindset grasps me
And chains around me
Feel soft as feathers

The wings I fly on are burdens beneath my feet
My brothers and sisters hold the keys to my shackles but have mistaken them for unspeakable horrors.

I hate grouping
Frank DeRose Mar 7

I am not okay
And I guess that's okay, but
I hate how I feel

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