twelvetwelve Apr 21
People are always taking themselves too seriously
A behavior I find personally insulting and unattractive
Your life is a series of failures, there is no shame in that
How you approach and recover from those failures is called
Character, are you the static or dynamic?
Because I'm really allergic to those static types
With dead eyes, tight lips, and dry hopes
You're either failing miserably or prototyping.
Act 1

Shattered hearts... and blinding roads is all I see
White Lies, petty mind it's all this world could be.
1 by 1 the domino's fall
1 by 1 all will soar
I'm Deaf but I can hear  
Blind but can see
Doubt and misfortune clouds our head
guiding a tangled streams of roads.
With one finger on the trigger we pace through a never ending path of pain and Sorrow..
Mental mindset
Sam Apr 13
Every night I end up thinking
Of why the world did this to me
I have never understood the meaning
Of how on earth this could be

Why, oh why am I so upset?
Because all I feel is pain and misery
My body gives me existential regret
Why I was born this way will always be a mystery

Disphoria is full of dark thoughts
About how people can tell that I'm fake
I always wish this body would just rot
And reveal a new one that I won't hate

I don't have normal body issues
I just wish my chest was nonexistent
I have to reach for the tissues
To wipe away my tears of existence

Some boys are born with comfort
I was one of the unlucky few
I was born unready and contort
And there's nothing I can do

I'm so unhappy that it's scary
I feel like there's no escape
And not just my sadness or wary
But from my horrible, disphoric mindscape
Disphoria is a big part of my life. It's not one I want but I might as well express it.
Live by a principle
That can be a stone
A corner strong
On your path
Paved with love
Passion above
All way along
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Fox Friend Apr 9
When you leave me and walk away,
my heart will cry, but I’ll still be the same.
No matter how hurtful the things you say,
my worth’s still intact; it will always remain.
My love, without you life might be gray,
however I am tired of playing this game.
You can push and pull - try as you may,
but I won’t allow you to cause me more pain.
Now, my darling, it's my move - my play,
so I'm going all in, no longer tame.
I'm choosing myself unapologetically this day.
I will venture on forward; forgetting your name.
When you realize what’s happened, you’ll beg me to stay.
You'll try to tell me it's a loss, but I can only see gain.
It's 3am and I started piecing this together and now that it's out of my head I hope to sleep now.
Bongani Moyo Mar 28
when I'm at my worst,
my mind doesn't hesitate to remind me,
that I am nothing more,
than a collection of whispered prayers and Pyrrhic victories.
To win and not feel like winning at all is a greater disappointment than losing when you cared most.
they say censorship causes blindness,
id rather be blind than in this mindset
Vineetha Mar 14
Through the chaos,
amongst the rummage,
with crammed up efforts,
toiling towards the certainty,
was my happiness boulevard to success.

I had it all figured,
or, so I assumed.
I wasn’t far from the complacency,
or, so I believed.
How often do things go as planned?
Yes, It was just a matter of time, until,
I was panned.

My fixed-mindset renounced failure,
I loathed my passion,
I decided for myself-“It’s not how it’s meant to be”.
Was I looking for an easy way out?
Did I interpret success as “never failing”?
Was I scorning the fact that I still had a chance?

What if I entered the growth-mindset?
Give it another shot to change things around,
pick-up from my past gaffe,
endeavour, or absorb from the failure again.

The journey might be arduous,
the goal might be too ambitious,
the path chosen might seem dubious and,
the success might never seem duteous.

Success is not the end,
neither is a failure.
If success opens the door for a new goal,
Failure instills that-
frustration is temporary, the experience is forever.
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