When you are working on that really important history project, before you can even begin, there is always that one person who asks: "So how much is this worth? How much will this count towards our mark?"

Ugh. Welcome to the Bauer state of mind everybody!

All that matters in life is how successful you are. And as long as your average is a constant 100%, you do not need to worry about anything else.

What a life huh?

These people are the perfect people for office job life. Nothing but numbers, no life, no soul.

Nothing else matters to them.

And singling these people out in high school is the saddest thing, and the most hilarious thing I've done.

Because these people brag at 100% and cry at 99%.

Wait, what?!

How can you not be satisfied with anything less than overdoing it?

I mean, you go on and live your life.

But I'll stay here with a more than satisfactory 85%.

I can work with that.

Some days, I want to punch the tryhards in the face.
Delta Swingline Apr 20

There's a guy I know who once used an entire 2nd period class to draw out his entire family line on the white board.

He explains in great detail the divorces, the half siblings, the brothers he truly cares for. And you forget that somewhere in this family tree, he exists.

And he talks....and talks....

It gets to a point where you forget he's monologging.

He stops talking about and slowly begins talking about his view on love and relationships. I forget that he comes from a somewhat messed up family.

I mean, I'm still optimistic about love. So much so that I forget that people don't see the world the way I do.

And he is... not as optimistic about love.

Or rather, he just doesn't see love as an opportunity worth chasing. He explains it as, "I can develop feeling for someone, but I don't act on them because I don't see the point."

Or something like that...

And well, I can't think like that.

So I'll leave this mindset here. I guess it's something worth talking about. I guess...

I still don't know exactly what he said. But let me go back into my folded away memory.
Saint Titus Mar 18

The amorphous world hates each and every creative soul
Another, I can't name
Except the idols held in such high regard
Excluding the ones I disavow
Save a few, all ideas are below me now
The masses all bleed but not all bleed red
Some bleed black, and some bleed falsehoods.
Our perfect community has more common ground with the enemy than the elitist ground we've come to sacrafice our lives and time defending

If only for the present my perception is less muddled
Before I cloud my mind with hurdles
To Disincentivize
Future fleshing out
Stout lies, watching promises
Fall by the way side
I will rise
I repeat the faster I sink
This elevator ideology is showing no signs
As it drags me to hell
One intention at a time
Marching round in time
Circling, quickening my pace
Winning a race
Invented for me
By people like me
How about you try me
And then we'll see just how deep
Inside me
The mitre has me
The mindset grasps me
And chains around me
Feel soft as feathers

The wings I fly on are burdens beneath my feet
My brothers and sisters hold the keys to my shackles but have mistaken them for unspeakable horrors.

I hate grouping
Frank DeRose Mar 7

I am not okay
And I guess that's okay, but
I hate how I feel

It has been a very long time
I miss your skin, your eyes
The wild soul you carried always
I asked how you were
I told you I still wander
I wanted to say that
I had fallen in love with you
But I knew not what it meant
For me, for you, for us
I didn't understand anything,
Inside the storm which controls me
I know this only because
I still think about your hair
Floating with a soft breeze
Everything around me is quiet,
When my eyes are shut
The glow in your eyes
The tone of your voice
The tender touch of your lips
I hope you are well, my dear friend

Light House Feb 11

It's cold outside,
but I stay warm
under the fire
placed within
my mind.

Undeveloped minds Dec 2016

They bleach our brains
Forming a blank canvas
Painting thick brush strokes
Of their beliefs
"Its a process of a growing mindset"
They claim

We are blossoming wild weeds beat with chemicals
Alive on the outside but drained inside
we start to wilt
They spray some more
Until we complain
no more

Going through a pile of exams and deadlines, my thoughts and feeling about school right now
Corey Sep 2016

In life or in perspective
I wonder how I too
Can grow like the flowers
That bloom again and again
Each year

Not letting myself be strophic
Close minded
And alone

But growing with the changing times

Finley in Despair Sep 2016

When I'm happy, I'm extremely so
I forget my pains and feel as though
The world is not the same
The clouds part and the sun shines
Forgetting my worries my life's good
I want to be this way all the time

When I'm sad, I'm abysmally so
My mind cracks with bright light
A pain so deep it takes my sight
The world darkens and reality loses
A battle of good and evil in my head
It's times like this I wish I was better

Happy or sad I'll own my thoughts
They are mine and life's too short
Happy or sad I'll pen my thoughts
They are mine and they are heavy
I hope to understand them someday
Perhaps someday when I am ready

Ryan - SparKticas Sep 2016

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I've had enough madness,
Wish my hellish days were through.

I mean... I just... I only... I... I'm sorry...
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