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Ashanti 7d
Stress doesn't come from life I comes from your thoughts. Have you ever seen a person in a worst situation than you happier than ever? And it makes you think if that was me I would go crazy. The difference between you and that person is that person is making the best of it in life it depends on how you react to trials. A negative reaction gets a negative outcome a positive reaction gets a positive outcome. It's all about your mindset in life before you work out you have had to have your mindset on it either from the day before are when you got up. Sometimes you may think if I had more I would be more content truth is all the money in the world can't make you happy if you're not at peace with yourself. Its not about where you are it's where your going.
Have the mindset of a winner you didn't lose you ran out of time you didn't take a loss you learned lesson
With mixed conversations aligned inside
our expectations don't always comply.
What could be wet could also be dry,
when we see other options offered in mind.

Hesitance often slows the path we possess
but a personal pace sustains motivation, and anyone's race can turn about face.
Is it really such a lonely road for an individual to search the unknown, testing their growth.

We usually follow what seems set out in front, concurrent ideas and beliefs seep through us.
The leaves of the trees determine the falls, as time spaced apart often changes our attitude.

The landscape of life will transform with a call, through those cycles we bind to vary our mindset. Lessons for all are shown but not always learnt, as repetitive tones tend to compliment worth.

Listen to the figures above, providing purpose when we're feeling deep or down on our luck. The answers can vary and we have to choose, but there are no limits as we continue on through.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Erez Swickley May 23
Call me a dreamer because I get caught up in my dreams.
Elevate above reality restoring my self esteem.
In between the hard times and struggle I find my drive.
It's no wonder they say through hard times we thrive.
Stuck inside the belly of the rough.
Deceived by thoughts of what's granted isn't enough.
It's up to me to take control of my mind.
The prior is history no need to rewind.
As I meditate I'm reminded to live every moment like my last,
Instead of getting hung up on moments of the past.
Who knows what the future beholds,
Better act on action rather than have stories told.
Contemplating as my true self awakens,
Expressing gratitude for things that were for granted taken.
Most find distractions to avert the need to deal,
With issues arising from values that make them real.
Safety protocols cease the ability to feel.
Still traumatized from the last time the heart had to heal.
Evolving through the years you come to realize,
The burden only gets bigger while pilling up the lies.
How much longer will you let yourself compromise,
Start digging deep and seek where you must rise.
Growing through external accomplishments is barely effective.
Real growth comes from a place that's rather reflective.
All you you really need is to gain some perspective.
You'll soon find how you perceive something is only subjective.
Finding gratitude in your life can really change the way you look at things.
Diksha Dhiman Apr 11
You are not helping in changing are changing yourself by seeing through your different perspectives.
                                         -diksha dhiman

Got different encounter of this life. Different beliefs, different perspectives with diverse mindset towards it. But not anyone not a single soul even the sages of earth known enough. Man perish for fortune birds yet search for feeds. Life is really encounter. If you haven't feel you hadn't have life  lived to the fullest. He rode an horse wisdom back chasing, racing, a dream to caught. Ambition high way focus juncture off determination, goal lane destination.
Crummy Mar 2
I lay out the paper
I pick up my pen
I rattle my head again and again
Yet nothing emerges, I draw a blank
Just like this paper, all but blank
This mind far from empty, my thoughts race
Yet I can't get them down, can't find a pace
This mind of mine, so sporadically poetic
This mind of mine, equally pathetic.
old willow Mar 1
Be still toward one’s heart, not letting it control one’s body…
Be still toward one’s body, not letting it control one’s mind…
Be still toward one’s mind, not letting it control one’s heart…
Ultimately, all thing began from the heart.
As such, we must live and fashion our way to our heart.
To forgo all things...
Let time fly by, as a long time friend would.
Let life drift over our head, as the bird do.
Let the wind embrace us as we ***** the hill, as nature wield.
So long, so far, the Stillness of all things comes and go.
Life are borrowed, not owned…
When hollowed, we are simply paying back the debt we own.
Heaven cannot move me,
Earth cannot bend me,
as such, my heart is truly still.
psyche Feb 22
he was too tall
of being an iron
-unaware of how
all his own rusts
destroy him
from within.
old willow Feb 7
Living carefree, unrestrained,
That is my heart dao.
To live so freely, transcend reincarnation,
one must overcome life.
Whom to where my eyes stride,
See trillions upon trillions of mortal heart dao.
The road is endless, so is my heart.
If the heaven wield, then earth pave.
If the world shielded, then my heart pierce.
The ocean is many, the many is one.
The dao is many, the many is one.
The heart is many, many is one,
Greed, Love, Hatred, Jealously,
desires stem from the heart.
The myriad things are dao,
ultimately the many whence one.
I disqualify
With a simple

If I'm not
A part of solution
Probably, I'm the problem

There most
Be a way

Order in the chaos
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Facts
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