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malluraeh Oct 7
decline the call,
delete the e-mail,
ignore the speech,
ignore the message,
focus on yourself and yourself only
Sam Arin Sep 10

Why cant you just

youre tuning it all out


why are you like this


youre being selfish

you need to focus
you cant miss anymore
youre not hearing anything

youre causing this
you have no reason to feel like this
you selfish attention seeking...



please just focus
and dont pay attention to it
i dont want to focus on it anymore
i want to focus on the class



Part two of two poems written in class one day both expressing very different emotions and reactions to the same situation
Alex Gifford Sep 9
What once was fire in your eyes,
is smoldering,
about to die.

What once was fire in your veins,
is spilling out,
it slowly wanes.

Lost in a fog,
Drained of your blood,
Spine feeling soft,
Face in the mud.

Now fan the embers in your eyes,
consume what's left,
by fire baptize.
Sam Arin Sep 10

Just try to
I’m hearing,
but not listening


Why cant I
maybe because
Im writing this poem
or maybe…


Youre not even trying to
im not hearing anymore
im sure not listening


i cant
my mind is too
Part one of two poems written in class one day both expressing very different emotions and reactions to the same situation
To forget is freedom in a mind like mine
You ever ask the tall man if he is happy?

A genius can't deny like the focused one
Cursed connections left abandoned

Although the view is beautiful
Blood painted battlegrounds lie in the background

He shuts his eyes and the mind's stays open
Rest he may, awakens in the dark

Colorful patterns dancing without reason
Pausing to remember a moment seconds past

Why does it move the way it does
Isn't it mathematical as the stars

Why does he think the way he does
In these hypothetical regards

And if time is illusory then what is space
Tears fall from my mind's eye in this lucid dream

Billions in one
One among billions

I looked back from Voyager 1
So ******* obvious that we're all one

Come on now let's go we'll be late
Okay I'll pretend there's not enough on my plate

Paint on Smiles only last for a while
Good luck acting as if you're asleep
Keiri Aug 15
Just above the endless sky,
Beyond the clouds we fly.
Among the air as a whole.
I nearly lose my soul.

Lost in thought my head goes off.
In the distance I hear a cough.
If only it could wake me now.
I move my face and frown my brow.

A little bird flying by.
I wave and said it "hi".
She looked at me and flew me past.
I didn't want to see the last.

Opening my eyes I see my class.
I should pay attention to pass.
But only a minute or two I tried.
And back I was in my evening glide.
This poem is about not being able to focus your attention, and accidentally drifting off while important things are being said or done. It took me a while before I could controll my "daydreaming" in class, and it sure did ruin alot of classes for me in the past.
Bhill Aug 10
The hole to heaven is a place here on earth
It’s filled with color and all things of worth

To see it at all, you at least have to look
It’s right there in the front, not behind that old nook

Open up and imagine what it all seems to mean
If it's not quite in focus, is it really unseen

Birds, clouds, and rain could be the real hole
Mountains, cars and planes are a few more I’m sure

I believe it's important to try, try, and try
It's not a belief, or up in the sky

It's not what you see that makes up the hole
It's how you see it that creates the pure goal

Brian Hill - 2019 # 201
What and where is yours?
It's a word, a feeling, a state
That dodges. Swerves. Completely misses us.
So many times.

A lack of external peace, can **** us,
On the outside.
But Peace on the inside,
Will keep us alive and breathing
Even if we are dying.

At a moment,
I realize
True peace.

And realize, why
Islam means Peace
Peace means Islam.
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