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Man Jan 26
In the grass, snakes lie
Fangs bared, ready to strike,
Slither over consciousness,
Turning strength weak,
As insidious thoughts do inside.
Cause man to pause,
As like a stone;
Movement defies
Hazy tûphos hanging over the fields of your mind
I would be a great artist
If only i could sit still,
If only i could give myself permission to stop,
To pause long enough to create
Without this rush
Without this never ending, unceasing drive
To be finished already
To be on to the next thing...
This feeling
That im already too late
For action
For life
For love
For now....
Im too late for now!
Stuck on this merry go round
Which is neither merry
Nor travelling towards any destination
Except my inevitable death...
I consume my life with things not done
With what I should be doing but am not...
In the minutie of banall tasks
While the joy, light and colour of my life remains unpainted.
Just melancoly ideas
On a canvas strewn with trivialities....
Maybe this is my life?
The sum of these random scrawls which somehow spells the shadow of the word "trauma".
I sit in a pool of my own dissatisfaction
Waiting for... for what?
For better days?
For salvation?
To be rescued?
As i push away those who may help...
Such a strange thing
Anais Vionet Dec 2023
We were at a small
bar, the place only served some
older regulars.

An elderly guy
in an old jean jacket was
talkative, friendly.

“What do girls learn at
Yale?” He asked. “We’re taught things, like
expressions, smiling,

pomposity, snark,
whatevering and stuff-stuff.”
I bragged shamelessly.

“Sure,” He chuckled, “sure
- but it’s worth the money I suppose,”
he gave me a toast.

Limiting yourself
can, in fact, set you free - try
writing a Senryu

Like a martial art,
a tea ceremony or
classical music

They are a tight dance -
controlled, disciplined, focused.
Other styles can drift.

A Senryu is like
a Haiku except it deals
with human feelings
A Haiku/Senryu should three lines of 5-7-5 syllables
A Haiku should be about nature
A Senryu about human feelings
Jellyfish Nov 2023
Interruption creates dysfunction,
I try to stay focused but find myself distracted
When my flow state is corrupted
It causes a malfunction.

Why can't you send a message
Instead of speaking to me in person
Calling is a last resort,
I'll wait for your text.

The talking in the office is irritating.
The sound of the fax machine
Papers shuffling
Quiet is key

Headphones help me,
I feel like I'm time travelling
When I put them to use,
Please stay away from me.
Zywa Aug 2023
The magic sword can't

be pulled free by focusing --

on the mossy stone.

Novel "Oranges are not the only fruit" (1985, Jeanette Winterson)

Some focus on today's treasure to save
Others on the things their soul crave
But we focus on beyond the grave

Beyond the grave in our works
Beyond the grave in our words
Beyond the grave in our ways

Beyond the grave in melody
Beyond the grave in memory
Beyond the grave in history

Beethoven still lives in sheet musics
Einstein still lives in scientific works
We live on Hello Poetry

Let's live beyond the grave
A poet never dies
Ghxstcxt Jul 2023
It all started with a quote I wrote on a post it note.
I stuck it not for show, but for hope on this road I'm bout to solo
I'm not alone though
In fact the quote I wrote that thought provoked I got told.
I've to say it once inside my mind
Then again to make it twice
Out loud the second time
Bring perspective to my eye
No joke
It's so I can focus through this hocus pocus
I've conjured on my own, that's slow eroding soulful in all the places that I don't go.
So, here's to a better day tomorrow
And every one that follows...
Man Jun 2023
Keep the focus.
There is, more to this
And more than this.
Keep moving forward
Michael Murphy May 2023
I have a little Attention Defi... what?
Lost my focus, I can't see

Not quite done with A
Now I'm moving on to Z

I cannot master anything
My interest starts to shift

I know a little bit of everything
Believe me, not a gift

If only I could focus
I'm afraid that isn't me

I might still have a chance
If I can master OCD
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