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Anemone Nov 11
If I  die give 'em all a sight
show 'em all the stories that I never got to write
put me on the stage and for the first in a very long time
let them hear me sing, let them see me shine

that's all we can do
never hearing the melody
but still singing it through

focus on the details
focus on the song
and piece by piece like a puzzle
someday you'll belong
Today I received
A pocket-warmed Hershey kiss
Not permitted by the laws of veganism.
An obligatory Orange Crush from a friend
Only because I bought one for her.
A fresh wave of desire
The sun colored your hair golden.
A complimentary punch in the gut
That smile used to be reserved for me.
A dose of Focalin
To focus on something other than you.
Happy f*cking Valentine's Day
Ken Pepiton Oct 24
JBP Maps of Meaning, behind the morning, Audible
lifting mental me to a youth long gone. When
my own maternal granddaddy made
pancakes for me, and I listened.
He sang… usually,
"When the role is called up yonder…'' that line
only over and over, as he stirred batter,
long time ago.

My grandsons 8 and 11, inform me
they have finished the series of
Harry Potter, confessing to
using Audible for the last
two. Seven books…

something mythic lurks under knowing some
things are unknowable,
in the reality we share
beyond the palisade, over the wall,
in yonder
systems of motive and act
One based on story the other on out-action,

done deeds, set and sprung… snares and traps

engines to rule the random, change now,
to the now of the next, once the trap
trips and you,
the bottom and drownd, as it were, if so
you did die, before, aforethought, after all
dying and carrying on, past Nietzsche and Jung,
bang Jesus- heroic savior is there nothing
we can imagine doing ,
to free me,
not us,
me… listen… If I listen too long, eventually,
I die, disintegrate, lose my self
my integrity with the otherwise is cut.
-- all this at speed of thought. No time passes.

Ah, pain, the
cutting deeds, do these only if
you know what is done as
the trigger looses the wedge
binding the spring,

all the apriori things in the realm of thought at

the speed of thought, live and learn,
learn and live.
Live in words longer than mortal minds imagine,
break each word down to meaning,
meaning complete knowing of all
that is

at the moment. Nothing missing, nothing broken,

next appears as now, unmasked.
Shabat shalom,
as we make it in my realm.

Life in action in the forum of story, Oh MY
Goodness, if this were not simply true,
it could be shaped into a box.
We could all agree, the three of us, and place each
a gift with a good state, a meaning and affect
for good when good could be better.

Taking each gift, with no special interest in knowing,
if there is a state of lack,
when each thought thing is noticed
used up, taken, gone, done?

How were we to know we may destroy our selves,
the very idea of me, held by me,
dies with me,
the first time?

Then back to the kitchen in Pine Valley,
on a cool, foggy morning late in
harvest season, today or tomorrow, we finish,
just before the latter rain in 2020.

Bisquick pancakes with Skippy and Nutella,
as Gabriel, the younger of the afore mentioned two,
listens as I ask him, what makes the bad guys bad?

He gives me the ****** signal, "does not compute."
What power makes bad guys?
In Pokemon'?, he asks.
Yeah, I reply,
applying pressure on a point I know,
itch can be
set to ask for a scratch
at just the right word,
in the future…

Now, Grandpa, touches the spot.
Bad and good is in the use of the time, we think
we know
but all we know is made up of things
we think
know, even we, there needs be a me and a you,
and some

thing-sense between us, some thing
we are we in, within.
Aye, and something we are without,
when we be truly
evil, beyond bad, useless but to **** and steal and destroy.

Like Marshadow, says Gabe.

As an idea,
Mohammad Saif agreees, Grandpa sees.

Magic slate in hand, the Mage's fingers dance a pattern.
FTA - find the answer, what are
"The Ten Most Evil Pokémon"-- {no s, just Pokémon, eh?}
Marshadow is number one.
Marshadow dwells in the shadows
of other Pokémon
and humans - {Jungian, nicht vvahr? ;-}
Strange fruit from my 2020 vision tree of knowns

… the shadow knows… since Radio…

Marshadow dwells in the shadows
of other Pokémon
and humans
while trying to mimic
their behavior and abilities.
Not only is this creepy,
it shows that Marshadow is a sociopathic ghost
that can follow you
without ever being noticed.
As this Pokémon
improves its ability to imitate its prey,
it becomes stronger until it can overpower them.
Marshadow is based on the ancient Hawaiian night marcher,
a ghost of a fallen warrior who was killed in battle."

From <>

Dare me did you, liar? Is there a story being told that disregards
my participation in the grace that granted everything
purpose in working together, for good.

For ever, after all, up to now,
has worked and works
at this moment.

Breathe, two steps, one action leads to life,
non action marks this the end.

Whew. Grandpa-mode is the highest mortal level.
Saturday morning pancakes with literate grandchildren. Who has a better hereafter, I dare ask. Betting no one can even imagine one better.
Kitten Yvad Oct 22
yarn if I come undone
crying at the loose string
and yielding so willing
at a ravenous devoid abyss

Here you say and see how
all the colors tangling anew?!
even each day, love,
you change, blooming,
granting me the next you!

all of my cotton spun
and unwoven in a pile
colors saturate, tear-bleary
im all colorblind in the snow
god just lost like a child

All of my cotton spun
and unwoven in a pile
or woolgathering, exhausted
within me, without of me
is there no light?

And you knowing colors by heart
reciting them knowing
ill smile
xavier thomas Oct 19
“You need to relax your mind”

That’s what my mentor said- leave the past behind
Focus on my mental health, & continue this grind
She could tell that I’m special, staring right in my eyes
She said I’m accomplishing more than others, 25, I’m right at my prime
Her words were encouraging, keeping my worth alive
Mentor is right,
I need to treat myself; maybe travel the states
Love on my girl & generate some more wealth
Kitten Yvad Oct 15
I'd still like to be open
Like an open book.
I'll always want
to be where you are.
But I know you are never
really that far off

Love is more than just wishing or
occupying your space
its been gratitude acceptance
caring about your space
in the human race
Becoming best friends with someone I have been in love with has been the greatest gift in my adult life. Being held with the delicacy of affection of someone in love, while approached playfully casually and familliarly... its all I have wanted for years. I'm so grateful that it finally clicked. Nothing more powerful to me than the empathy and joy in our quirky, affectionate, considering  BI-POC queer lov. 😭I actually believe now that Love Wins
Kitten Yvad Oct 8
and so i dream of filling my life
all the spaces her laugh
points to

so i dream of self affection
(all the hazy heat of a
milkywildflowered oatmeal bath)

all the attention i would wish
the capacity to shower her with

i dream up warmth and strength;
things her laugh points to
when i go inwards
and do the work,

in my mind
in the fields,

I have to do alone.
when I dream
she is the archangel Jeremiel
about a motherfigure or what I'd wish for in a motherfigure or what I would wish to give of myself as a motherfigure.
Andy Chunn Aug 12
Bang!  My lips turn down to frown
Windage and elevation, it didn’t feel right.
Turning the turrents, two left and two down
Minute of angle accommodating my sights.

Both eyes open and steady hands
Acquire the target and slow the heart
Breathe, and lets the bags of sand
Steady the path as the bullet departs.

Still high and right, the target would say
Turn left and down adjustments are made
Bang, and another shot on the way
Near center circle, the lead had been laid

Now the world was leaving my vision
The target grew bright, in focus and clear
The shot required not a single decision
No hesitation or thinking, no doubt and no fear

And just for a moment, I was alone
No thoughts or distractions, no notice of the world
No intrusion for me, immersed in the zone
Laser precision about to be hurled.

Bang, the shot rang clarity clear
Point of aim and impact are justified now
Slowly I come back to those who are near
They never knew I was gone anyhow

Maybe engrossment, or perhaps a trance
It’s hard to discern what is what
Just like the dancer is really the dance
I am the shooter - I am the shot
in the zone
Reza Septian Oct 3
Dark doesn't mean lost Bright does not mean displayed 
It is just 
Your eyes are fixed on something you shouldn't be aiming for
Orakhal Sep 26
if you focus on the best of life it will be created to you
and if you focus on the worst that will be created to you too
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