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Lacey Clark May 19
it takes me all day
to finish a bowl of soup
it is cold and sits on my desk
i chip away at it until its gone

it feels like I'm holding
a pile of Lego bricks
and sorting them by color
instead of connecting their parts

my eyes wander to
only what interests me
and I tend to move by
either branching or spiraling

my feet are running on hot pavement  
im exhausted
and by the time i look around
im in the same place
this was in my drafts for sometime / unedited
JKirin Apr 4
I’m chasing the ghost of attention
through the pages and pages of words.
every time I lose concentration,
I am feeling a little more lost—
hoping, there is something to guide me
at the depths of my heart of my soul—
something able to shine, inspire me,
as I fight to recover control.
about losing focus
As nightly, screens scream,
buckle, near break
with images of blistered humanity
with normal folk caught
in quick-quick-slow anxiety,
at home
a fat clown
knights a *****
Anais Vionet Feb 5
A famous alumnus is visiting the university. I got an invitation several days ago to a small, socially distanced, masked, focus group. It was to be early on a Saturday morning - so, why not? I was excited to see her - I’m a fan.

We were a diverse group of about 20 (covid tested before admittance) students and I was in the back row. Seating was offset so everyone could see everything perfectly. I craned and swiveled, when her entourage came into the room. Then, there she was - I’m sure I was grinning ear to ear (behind my mask), we clapped, excitedly. She wore a navy business suit. A jacket over a black blouse with slacks and black shoes.  

She gave a talk, about the challenges America faces. On YouTube, her speech-giving voice always seemed artificial, cold, harsh and brittle. Here, she was low-key, motherly, whip smart, personable and humorous - everything I had hoped for.

Then there was a question and answer session (NOT easy questions - did I mention whip smart?) followed by a no touching reception line. And ***, she’s a foot away. She seemed a lacquered and corrected sort of person - professional - I guess you’d say.

Everyone was gently elbow bumping with her, so I did too. You’d say your name and class. “Anais Vionet, freshman,” I said. I wanted to say “I’m a BIG fan” but I thought I might come off as either fawning or even worse someone bent on wasting her time.

We both smiled, me behind my mask and I bobbed a goodbye nod, but as I went to step away she said, “How’s your Grandmother?” I was shocked but I managed to say, “She’s fine, thank you.” To which she replied, “Please tell her I said hello.” I just nodded, “yes” as a sort of “I will,” and stepped away.

I glanced around, there was no handler by her side and she wasn’t wearing an earpiece - how she knew me I have no idea - but now I think she’s considering a run in 2024. My grandmère would be a whale of a donor.

What a bizarre encounter.
university life
Steve Page Jan 5
Enjoy this.
Give focus.
Take pleasure.

each movement,
each breath.

And then
Trying not to get ahead of myself
selina Dec 2021
in a single heartbeat
i lost sight of our surroundings
everything fell into focus

even now, i am tangled in your web
and the only words i had found always held you
on a pedestal, at the foot of which i bled
wes parham Nov 2021
I see a solid object, in my mind,
Grasped by a phantom human hand,
Explored to distract, or pass the time,
Every day carry to a distant land.
Fidget, spin, or brass fitting held,
A soothing reminder, dense and cool.
Carried with me,
In the pockets of a child,
Or maybe,
A fool.

It escapes,
oh, the **** in my pockets, ha!
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xavier thomas Oct 2021
Icing my knees
through this cold machine
on this cold table thinking-
“I have to show out tonight for the fans and the scouts.”

So I take a deep breath
to focus a calm mind.
Relax my tense body,
leave my problems behind.
Begin to image myself scoring every play
with my enemy defeated by my hands.

Coach walks in- “You ready big time?”
I open my eyes facing him-
“We already won.”
Be fit to be useful
Be fit to be free
Be strong as you’re able
And you will then see

That fitness is serving
Each day that you live
On good days and hard days
Find something to give

Stay fit - and stay focused
With purpose to serve
No need to be perfect
Just simply observe

Stay fit to be useful
And let others know
That you’ll do what you can
To help blessings flow
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