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Created out of my own imagination
It surely was not real
Running towards the dilapidated station
Of spacious spectacular zeal.
Like a butterfly wanting its cocoon
I want for the embrace of what I've made
The future feelings to come taken too soon
With confirmation of sickness on a *****.
I have dealt the deck many times
But to wonder what you have become
Is like watching paint dry.
I have seen so much and known so little
I understand now that all we need is care.
Care for me with the embrace I seek
Care for me like ships gently caressed
floating on the ocean's surface
And I will give you eternal life
Just say the magic words
I do , I do , I do.
Let the crevices of your mind fill with light
Truth becomes souls inside a blockade  
If not for your love and understanding
That I am who I am
And you are nothing but my lover.
What is really real? Not much. However, reality is under my thumb. Will I tell you my truth? You sure know I will. What's there to lose? I live in a concrete jungle and I want to go home.
Debbie Lydon May 7
It is but one dilation of a sacred pupil, One blink of an eternal eye,
One moment made almost final,
Close to the eye's event horizon,
One rolling sphere of goodbye.
The blink of an eye
solEmn oaSis Apr 16
ang hangin ay may hatid na amoy
at may init naman ang sa apoy
sa tubig, may ahon pag nalunod
sa lupa, may bangon pag natisod

bilangin wari tagong bituin,,,,
upang ang hiling ay makapiling !!!
buhangin din tila ba pag-ibig,,,,
Lutang at pawang sumasalamin !

tulak ng bibig kabig ng dibdib
kung ayaw daw maraming dahilan
puspos o kapos... bawas o tigib
kapag gusto ay merong paraan

para umigi kapupuntahan,,,
lingonin lagi pinanggalingan
sampuan man 'tong pagpapantigan
pasyon ay dinig ng nanindigan !!!
magnilay - nilay
feeling small is sacred
when my head rests against Your warm chest
and i can hear Your heartbeat slow
as You begin to fall asleep in my arms

feeling small is sacred
when i feel Your lips against my forehead
Your warm hands cradling my face
Your smile against my cheek

feeling small is sacred
when i see Your eyes, illuminated by the warm morning sun coming in through Your bedroom window
not only the brilliant colors
but the depth of the soul within as well

feeling small is sacred
when i hear my own name in Your mouth
it sounds worthy of the warm love with which You pronounced it
and i almost want to ask You to say it again
just so i can hear it

when one is cared for
when one is held
when one is loved
the way You have me
feeling small is sacred
David Bojay Jan 21
a great crusade in search of truth
seeking to understand myself
whatever's left i guess
the reason behind my existence
imagine reaching a goal in which we thought was what we sought
but after a certain time it proves to be illusive and delusionary
**** me
we've added more to our difficulties than we have to our solutions
but once something is solved, new problems arise
original revelations
a life uncluttered opens the doors to the inner self
vast ambitions
sounds of birth/sounds of death
(if i ever want to understand the invisible)
i must be able to find it in the visible
theology is just a mere abstraction of natural phenomenons
religion is testing the possibility of community through our relationships
philosophies based upon nature... the changing seasons
great consequences, advanced causes
the highest level is reality
the certainty of your own demise
the complicated network of truths
Steve Page Nov 2021
sacred to love
sacred to laugh
sacred to pray

sacred to dance
sacred to sing
sacred to pray

sacred to write
sacred to make
sacred to pray

sacred to play
many things can be sacred
My heart throbs
Your name
Om Namah Shivaya
all the peaks of Kailash
are melting
with the ardor of my love
Divine city
in the stars...
in my heart
where my Lord
of Kailash, Sathya Sai
My Soul is a blazing comet
streaking towards You

Sai Bolenath

When will I know?



That You are mine
Today we begin the
Mother of the Universe
Uma Maheshwari
Other half of Vishwanatha

With a thousand arms
Devi gathers us to her
warm ample *****
snows of Kailash melting

Kisses like swan white
lotus blossoms rain profusely
soothing our frightful anguish

O Ma!
Your children wail loudly
from their earthly crib
lift us up to the heavens...
to the limitless possibilities...

Whisper softly in our ears
"You are all sacred souls"
"You do not die"
"You live forever"
Dave Robertson Oct 2021
We can’t blame words
for showing us truths
that make us cry
or selling us lies
that make us fall in love so hard
the north wind knocks from us

We can’t praise words
for revealing paradise
allowing us to stroll there
quiet, some days,
and know better

We can only intone the syllables,
wrestle syntax to some semblance
of meaning
for the clicks, croons and chatter
we utter, or fix in lines
for others to know us
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