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manda Nov 13
and i have to have faith
that somewhere out there
someone is getting his heart
beautifully broken
in all the ways
i know how to fix
for my other broken half
i can’t wait to meet you
Alaina Moore Nov 9
That feeling when you catch yourself in a washroom mirror and think, "*** you look terrible."
That feeling when your physical nails break at clawing your mind out of a creeping depression. Like shackles tied to the weight of your mistakes pulling you back to that place.
That feeling when you can't process what's fair and unfair. Where you went wrong and why you're not better to begin with.
That feeling when you're at a constant battle of worth, convincing yourself to exist. When old vices and bad memories hit you with a bone chilling gust.
That feeling when you can't fake it hard enough to hide the damage. Ripped to shreds, sewing them in whatever pattern to just get over it.
Irina BBota Oct 28
I close one eye, but with the other, I see everything bright,
and I'm telling myself “let's move on", let's try my luck"
with a smile like a curve that makes everything right,
I'm not allowed to scream, to cry, or to get stuck.

For whatever path we choose in life, the truth or the lies,
we all pay a certain fee, it will rain on our shoulder,
and even if we don't get there, we don't dramatize,
we travel with a restless soul, like a solitary soldier.

We cry rivers of tears in our pain, seeking for our spirit,
we wear coloured masks, between war and peace,
from life's teachings, we build a bridge, we don't quit,
and wandering, we cross it, as long as our heart beats.
Leah Lost Oct 17
You must still exist
In another dimension
I'll see you again
Anya Oct 16
When I'm on a field
I can be free

When I'm with my family
I can be free

When I'm with little children
I can be free

When I write
I can be free


But when I'm anywhere else
I'm constrained by
a cage known as-
self consciousness
social anxiety
She comes by many names

By any chance,
are you familiar with her?
I’m sure you are

You may have met her,
In JK,
When you found out there’s a difference
Between a boy
And a girl

You may have met her,
In the playground
When you were
The only one
Who though
“Fashion show”

You may have met her
When that annoying
Red head
Kept saying
Your underwear
During P.E.

You may have met her
In middle school
When you had your
First crush
But everyone insisted
You liked

You may have met her
When every one
Of your friends
Was in
But you
Couldn’t wrap
Your head
Rational functions

You may have met her
When every one of your friends
Had success branded
On their foreheads
With their futures
Straight through
A paved road
While you
Were left
A forest

You may have met her
In any number
Of places
With any number
Of people
With any number-

Even in the sock
You forgot had a hole
In it,
And wore to school

She’s obviously
So you can’t ignore her
Hating on her,
Just makes
You hate yourself

Why not become her friend?
Bullet Oct 11
I lived through these worlds
Some I've eased
Some are permanently marked
These years determining
Failure or Success
Directions leave me etch-a-sketching
A destiny at a desk
Make sure that ***** is in the right dress
Before you gain more to lose n' you leave with less

I can't stop thing of
The demons that have
Laid dormant
All the people have
Entered my door
Just to leave dirt on the door mat

People come and go
Nothing lasts forever
Love, ****, n' lost friends
Have no longevity
I'm stuck in this frame of mind due to the gravity
Hopefully one day I'll leave this painted picture
Then life will maybe stop torturing me
I'll be able to have gave it my all

21 dimensions I now have to mention
Too everyone who enters my attention
Tension between me n' reality
I'm tightly strained in the mind
The 22nd might be my last
All it takes is 20 seconds
To lose a life
Doesn't mean I can't write these wrongs
To be right  
Traveling across dimensions
This will be my 22nd
Hope I will be set or
* will be placed
Welcome to my home
Where years determine
Details directing me
Towards these new dimensions
KA Oct 5
The leaves are changing,
They crumble in my hands,
Soon the snow will return,
And bury the beautiful sands...

The earth is a beautiful place,
Life being it’s precious gift to you,
So please don’t throw it away,
Celebrate everything you do...
Life is a gift, so enjoy it.
choco is late Sep 29
A Dream
A Goal
Read again from the bottom to the top

Looking through a Rose-tinted Glasses
Mitch Prax Sep 26
Just keep climbing
until you become the sky
Just keep climbing
until you become the heavens
Just keep climbing
until you become the future
We’ve climbed these mountains
with bare hands and heavy minds
screaming at our upward battles
so just keep climbing
until you become what you seek
Everything about the future is so different now:
Thinking about the future before,
Used to be like fluffy white clouds,
Hopeful and filled with friends,
Back then, I could never have imagined not having friends
And I'm not even the type of person who's magically friends with everyone,
But I always assumed I'd still have a few,
And then it wouldn't matter so much how many people hated me,
Hypothetically, if anyone even bothered enough to.
I'm not sure they would though,
Because I don't feel like anyone even sees me,
Not anymore, and probably not in the first place,
But I didn't care then, enough to notice.
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