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Peter Balkus Sep 27
I overheard this whisper,
this gentle, peaceful chat:
Look, happiness is easy,
it's them, who make it hard
Vishal Pant Aug 30
A smile is rare among the crowd
even the sky has a gloomy shroud
colorful flowers replaced with concrete gray
more worship and less pray

It's becoming hard to be human
when everybody is concerned with their toman
loving yourself has become secondary
people's kindness is now nary

the world needs optimistic fools
seeing the good where none is left
chasing happiness in the gloomy seas of depression

I might become a fool
if somebody joins me along the way
and maybe these gray clouds will pour away
and the flowers might bloom again
Jammit Janet Aug 22
It'll flow when it flows,
Like a babbling brook,
Giggling through meadows,
Of creativity,
And mental banks,
Full of books,

Free from frustration,

Full of life,
Full of love,

To nurture your being,
Cuddle your feelings,
Your sense of meaning.
Hear me read it to you here:
Natalija Aug 18
I'm lighting candles
I have to.
To clear a path
To see.

Darkness is fun
But to live there
You sometimes have to run

I don't want to run
Take a walk
Observe all around

Light up your candle
We share that path.
Live and follow your candles.
Mitch Prax Aug 12
You are
still alive.
and you will thrive.
Just know that
this too shall pass
as you overcome
this impasse.
Charlotte T Aug 6
Amid the thundering exterior of redemption, and the pulsing currents encompassing repossession, I find something more gentle inside recovery.
A faint radiance, of which resembles an immersion amongst the tenderness of learning how, once again, to bloom.
Mitch Prax Jul 26
Not even the rain
could stop you from brightening
up this dreary day

6:37 PM
Jammit Janet Jul 17
Feeling the rhyme build up in my chest,
Ready to erupt and take the next step,
To blow you all away with my phaser-like cannons of joy,
That will infect your very being and shake you to the core,

Where logic and emotion crossover in time,
To wrap you in a positive state of mind,
Caress your cheek and mend your heart,
Tender loving care,
A secret art.
Jammit Janet Jul 15
Floating on air,
Without a care,
The universe engulfs me,

Feeling so light,
Ready to take flight,
Escape this plight,
Be free!,
With all my might,

To awaken my emotions,
And amuse my senses,
To get lost in time,
A private oasis,

With its sea of people,
And rainbow landscape,
Of colors, textures, smells, and sounds,

No long faces,
No races, class, or spaces,
For hate,
Just love and kindness to re hydrate,
My soul and heart,
From this massive heartache.
Missing you,
is like my second nature now,
But on the day we meet again,
I know,
We will pick right from where we paused,
And will walk together our journey,
To the one I miss the most . . .
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