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Hello Poetry raises money by advertising to passing readers like yourself.
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I remember...
I was sad because I could only afford four textbooks out of five
Until the best student dropped out of school due to lack of tuition

I was upset because I wasn't served dessert
Until I saw a starving man

I complained my car was manual transmission
Until I saw a guy wishing for a used bicycle

I always wished for a bigger bed
Until I saw a man sleeping on the street

I was demotivated because my job wasn't paying well
Until I saw unemployment rate in other countries

I was pissed with myself when I dislocated my ankle
Until I saw someone without legs

It's definitely good to admire better things but
Appreciate what you have
Because somebody wants just that!
We seldom forget to be grateful and happy with our current state because we are aiming for the next step. We ought to take time and appreciate our growth so far
Pinal 1d
My love, you’ll be okay,
The stars will be bright
They will shine over your head
Even when the sun leaves your side at night
It’s the world’s way of making sure
That you’re never alone
Because you’re paying for crimes you did not commit,
And you need not atone
I’m not here to tell you
That there is beauty in darkness
I’m here to tell you to smile,
Because the world isn’t that heartless
So take a deep breath
And look to the night sky,
It will be dawn once more,
Even if the times have gone awry
The person I love is going through a really trying time, and there isn’t really anything I can do to help since he lives so far away. He’s always loved my poetry, so I thought to write him a poem to bring his spirits up...Mal, you won’t see this on this website, but I still want to say that I love you with all my heart and that I sincerely hope these hard times pass by with a gentle breeze.
A drop of light ripples through the waters of darkness
Deep breath
Deep breath
Eyes coming to like a newborn

A new day
4:47 glaring red
As the clock resets on life
It's another day.

Thoughts for the morning.
blue is the dawn
the horizon
the opposite of fading
my window tells time
my time is what's left

you are the rhyme
of the word of my life
the sign
the opposite of mine
the mystery, the blind
and where

the world is both night
and day
and day is not here
today is not you and me
you are the day
the dawn is blue
blue like me
I am not that big muscle guy
I am just who I am
No six-pack but 'm stronger in the heart
Handsome inside
Dynamic in the mind
Best of my kind
Always being logistic
Positive vibe makes me optimistic
Ryan Joseph Aug 15
I tried not to, but in the end, I get up.                            

       I tried not to, but in the end, I fought.            

      I tried not to, but in the end, I trusted.

                     I tried not to, but I gave up.          
                                                I tried not to, but I'm pessimistic.

                                                          I tried not to, but I liked.

                                                                               I tried not to, but I fell.
PS : read begin at the lower.
Ryan Joseph Aug 15
Don't look down yourself,
so no one will judge you.

Don't compare yourself to others,
because you were amazing more than them.

Don't be sad,
just be optimistic.

Don't always say you're wrong,
'cause we've never been a perfect one,

Imperfections were made in this world yet we continue to struggle and pursue living for our loved ones.
stop being so pessmistic
Ryan Joseph Aug 15
Yesterday, I saw someone got caught,
So it gives me of some feeling and thought,
That he were either drug addict or drunk,
But his face was a bit red, so it means he is drunk.

After a while, I came and I were near,
So I asked someone I knew, about what happened,
Then when he answered, there are someone crying full of tears,
Hollering, Depressed, yet the drunkard is regretting in his end.

Although after a few minutes, there is someone he knew came to him,
So I was curious what kind of relationship they were having,
Then someone talked that she is a sister on him,
And instead she would be mad but she was crying with its baby carrying.

Moreover, someone also I knew asked what were the reason he got caught,
So a civilian answered that because he was selling an illegal drugs called 'shabu' ,
Carrying plenty of money with some of a disastrous thoughts,
And when an hour came, a police asked and came through.

People were talking to each other, themselves, having a gossip and making an irrelevant information,
Without even knowing that people who are innocent are being involved,
Without even knowing that the drug pusher wasn't having a full intention,
Of selling an illegal drugs on which he resolved.

The truth nowadays, innocence is implicated,
a crime and simply a sin,
yet it wasn't even validated,
that an innocence would be a crime and thoroughly a sin.

Insatiable human being are foolish,
Taking a validated stuff just to satisfy themselves;
Must they just stay being upright and unselfish,
Instead of being so arrogant and being pessimistic towards themselves.
Because after all, the truth will always prevail.
Say no to drugs, stop being so down.
oddmanout Jul 23
My friend's not normal
He doesn't pick up on social cues
He's not a people person
He can't articulate his views

But today I had a rough day
Nothing quite went right
I just longed for the day to end
And bring me to the night

With tears welling all day long
Trying to keep them at bay
I wanted to be anywhere but here
But I had to stay

My friend asked me how I was
I answered with a sad heart
Simple and eternally optimistic
He told me "that's a start"

How could he know
That was what I needed to hear
To get me out of my slump
And get me into gear

I couldn't hold it longer
Tears fell from where I stood
My friend is not normal
And I think not normal is good
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