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Look on the bright side,
Even if it's a midnight,
Nothing is left to fight,
Sleep tight.
The Vault Sep 21
Don't sell yourself short.
You are pretty **** amazing
No matter what anyone says.
Forgive yourself
We all get let down sometimes
Maybe you let someone else down
Maybe they let you down, too.
Hand in hand with uncommunicated expectations.

And it doesn’t have to be one person’s fault.
Mitch Prax Aug 30
Let yourself become
an elegant sunflower
in a field of thorns

5:24 PM
Once upon a time
I was sweet, soft and bright
Now I am dry, hard and dark
When did I stop looking at the sky,
chasing the warm sensuality
and start slouching to the ground.

Hue and texture are no longer the same,
my thorns have been magnified
with the petals of my love
crumbled and withered away.
I am no longer the same.
Mitch Prax Jul 7
We all feel a little lonely
sometimes more than others
so find someone or something
that can absorb you and
make you forget that you
were ever alone.
उचाल्ने, थेचार्ने मान्छेहरु
धर्तीका छालहरु हुन्

तिमी समुद्र हुनु
शैली :प्रेरणादायक
Penmann Jun 11
I am just like Robin Hood
Shooting an impossible shot
When everything is lost

To sling that arrow straight
through the arrow of opponent
in my own bullseye.

Kick inside the hornets nest.
Wave to the pretty heiress on the stool next by,
Knowing i'll never get her,
Still the greatest in her life.
Somebody stop me.
Gods1son Jun 10
It's the start of a new week
A Monday with a lot o' rain
The buses are running late
My shoes are getting drenched
The faces I see are far from smiling
Cars driving by are water-splashing
Such an atmosphere for anger to set in
But I let positivity reign supreme
I see beautiful things happening this week
So, I call it showers of blessings.
Stay positive this week no matter what surfaces. Choose to see the bright side of things.
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