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T J W Nov 2018
One of those days where everything is too much
you feel the weight of everyone's expression
words and emotions drag you down
suffocating your fight
every sentence slowly drains you
every light is too bright
noise piercing your every cell to the core
the sky begins to fall on you
gravity against you
your body is dragged down
the pressure is too much to bare
the world weighing down your mind
your mind weighing down the world
the ache for silence
the need to be alone
the anchor of life's energy attached to you
the demand of everything needing to be felt
the prison of forced empathy
one of those days where you feel everything
Fox Friend Nov 2017
Bad Days plague the calendar. They come barging in without warning and I am left to beg.

Please, God, no.

So much needs to get done today, it simply cannot be a Bad Day.

The calendar laughs, arm in arm with the disease of the Bad Day. They dare me to stand up against the weight, but I can't see far enough past them to find the motivation or strength the effort to rise requires.
If only I could stretch my neck to lift my head upwards, I might be able to see the light and love and outstretched hands just beyond reach.
But I do not know what to look for, and even the thought of beginning the search of some foreign thing drains me, so my eyes close in defeat and the Bad Day reigns again.

Bad Day: infinity
Me: zero
MellowMomo Oct 2017
There's this road I'm walking on
Of which end I cannot see
My sense of direction all gone
Map show me the way! I plea

But the words are met with defeat
Should I continue on my own?
For it's just an empty sheet
Am I doomed to walk alone?

What to do when there's no ink?
Or is it because I can't see?
I feel like I'm on a brink
Of losing myself in misery

I stumble around all lost
Day after day after day
My fingers are firmly crossed
For this nightmare to go away

But I've come to the realization
That nightmares are just dreams
For I am my own narration
It may not be what it seems

So even if my eyes are blind
Don't give up is what I say
Just leave these doubts behind
Eventually I will find my way.
Fran Jun 2017
Today I got blue hair.
And it felt so good.
Finally a change, something new for me.

It's night and I can't breathe.
I hate myself suddenly.
And those tears I can't hold back. Not tonight.
Because at some point  I do have to go down. It appears to be tonight.
So I cry myself out. Another time.
Another awful night. Another restless sleep.

And tomorrow nobody will notice. It's a new day. So: just gotta continue to survive. To be the one, how everybody knows me.
Written 3.6.2017
Dianna Aug 2014
oh little dark cloud that follows me everywhere i go
why rain heavy on me when i am already feeling very low?
is it not enough that on the inside i feel a mixture of humid and cold?

little dark cloud if you please
let me finally feel at peace.....
lighten up and let the sun break through and shine
it's warm rays down on me

little dark cloud full of sorrow and tears

— The End —