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Mark Wanless Apr 6
empty is we suffering
cause creates conscious
world moving forward just is
Billie Marie Jan 18
From black robes to white with hoods,
from a red cross to the one burning yellow;
your misdeeds are upon you.
The executioner’s axe is ready at hand.
You must bow. You must confess.
Atonement will be made
and the demons released.
This is how we move through.
There is no more acquittal.
We are here to take back
what was taken.
We are chosen for our sensitivity
and compassion and tender love
for all God’s creation.
We see us in them. We see
all in everything. This is the way.
We are moving forward.
The old ways are dead.
Yes, we are here.
John McCafferty Nov 2021
What values are important
for us to incorporate desire,
should we specify requirements
but be conscious of the finite?

See self intent is quickly spent
as finances continue in transition.
Look for subtle added evidence
when hierarchy of needs remain,
and the cost of which we claim climbs.

The spiralled stage in which we play
is a vast and varied space in height.
We need flexibility for growth through
both hardship and the comfort zones.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Billie Marie Sep 2021
we are only
what we think we are
better than we imagined we
are more than we might dream
we are with human minds we
are finally only as good as
we dare to experience
without the mind
we think we are
from my new collection, Crowning The Self in the Time of Corona
for sale on Amazon
Billie Marie Sep 2021
The mind - it is nothing.
Only just a coded gram.
Dots and lines and circles.
See you use it.
See the web laid out on the web of no web.
Head aches.
Back aches.
Belly aches.

We were never here.
No one will ever know.
Who will ever see?
None will never hear. Why?
Why should I keep doing and caring.
like matter is a thing for real?
This ... It's over.
It is the remaking of the world.
We are all amazed. Who wants to see
this drama unfold?
Who thought of a juicy story?
I am the story.
I live the dream.
If it is real it will endure.
See the web laid out on the web of no web.
Billie Marie Sep 2021
Tell me who I am?
     You aren't a who.
Who was I?
     It's all right now. All dreamed. All matter.
You see matter come and go? How
can you take it for reality? What
are you basing any thing on? You can
be in space and
still be breathing. Underwater
and somehow walking.
Water makes up mostly
what you are as matter of facts
stacked up. Are you happy?
For this time is right here and now
just for you. If you aren't here,
nothing is. How to know? Look,
you can see. Are you anything?
At some point it become ridiculous
to see the masks -
to see them fitted so
snug and perfectly matched.
Almost forgetting to
slip them off before deciding to speak.
If only.
But then the dream wouldn't be any fun. No?

Can't you see what's happened?
We've only moved further
and further away from
what we are
already here. Waking up seems
so very hard to do. Only if
you think others care. They are
living out your dream
they are feeding you
your karma. You are
chasing after God and they are
reminding you of the ghosts of your pasts.

Drop back in here. See just This.
All the ******* is still
just the same matter.
Just like feeling tired
of the same lunch options.
All the same dark matter
Means nothing without the light that I am.
All the ******* is still just the same matter.
Omarcito Jul 2021
change consciousness with another

ashes turn to plastic

giraffes play wack a-mole

i’ll miss you when you’re gone

messages dart his eyes

playing with the devil’s knife
living down,
in the darkness
of my mind
between infant cries
connecting lies
and infernos burning haunted lives

i wish no one
the pain
of a box of broken matches
John McCafferty Jul 2021
Let fresh conscious breath take hold
when another day awaits in present tense.
Expand belly and chest for a stronger posture stretch, as our sun unfolds to shine on us below.
Unknown forms take shape with whispers of support to maintain your core beliefs and direct identity.

You are new too but your eyes remain the same, even when we vary as our inclinations change.
Certain keys can help create a sweeter harmony, tune into stable tones which hit those silent notes.
Time is vast and so the flesh grows old, but decisions we make frame our future states.
A higher sense of self holds longer term goals, corresponding with tolerance promotes fairer play.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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