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Nick Stiltner Oct 10
top brain forward eyes severed diluted
down mind feared essence ignored
star gaze rays smogged polluted
connect connect widen the gap
flow flow hand meets ice-water
growing numbness crackling bones
crack sip sigh Relax

unattended, withering, left to rot
chime chime signs direct where
why lark fly vines hide
the corner
beads dangle I move them
and they fall back into
they fall back into
their places
stages lights tread lightly across
and bow be sure to bow they like that
humming bird wings on twilight canvas
blurs blurs the paints and hues
dreams and views dreams and views
severed sinews, unabled motion
crack sip sigh Relax
lean back rising tide blanket and jaw slack
Io Sep 10
Oh, Dark star
To be born in your own death
An existence invisible
To witness the last ancient beasts
Die in the chaos
of resurrected light
To watch the last photons
A dance of final lonesome bright
To feel yourself wane
Die in silence evermore
Oh, lonely star
Dark as solemn night
Breathe the last breath
And as you were born
Let lie the universe
Still forevermore
Watching the world burn
I pause motionless for a moment and their heads turn
Who can remain still in this trembling state
Locked into to the grip of deaths embrace
I looked out into eternity and saw no hope
Yet I felt no fear, I held no dreams in my hands
Not a single spark of faith in my mind
Yet the days goes by with a tasteless pain
A senseless thought of what could be
I want to live my fantasies, just like you
But I'm sitting here watching the world burn
Motionless for a moment and I can't care
Caring is painful and my heart can't be breaking always
Fiery flickers of love rip apart my despair
Leaving me burnt and turned to unfathomable misery
All because I saw that our heaven was built on hell
Our worthless wealth, made in China
This disposable planet, soaked in petroleum filth
Could you look them in the eye for a minute
Only to feel the dystopian horror that you call beauty
Trying so hard to express this perspective
Living alone in this lamentable lethargy
If I said nothing, who would rise to break the silence?
Efuse apart from our celebratory mania
Refuse to remain in a myopic mesmerization
A hopeless hypnosis of comfortable mass hysteria
How do you call me confused, when you are conscious?
And if you are merely amused, ponder this poetry
Pity this passing plea for empathy
Aaron LaLux Sep 8
Don’t tell me any more of these trivial distractions,
don’t bore me with any more stories you saw on TV,
don’t want to hear the latest gossip it’s all nonsense stop it,
who cares who’s dating who, personal lives’ are not news,
who cares who won whatever award, or won the Superbowl,
I don’t know at all & I don’t care anymore, never really did,
most things are just distractions from anything that’s relative,
what I’m interested in is the soul you hold in that body of yours,
so tell me, what really matters to you, what do you care about
I’ll tell you what, if you’re shy I’ll say what I care about first,
I care, about the greater good, about improvement of self,
I care, about how we’re going to heal this broken world,
I care, about how we’re going to heal these broken hearts,
I care, about what we’re going to do to fix this mess,
want to give my best, want to look back & say we did our best,
there I told you what I care about, now it’s your turn,
tell me something that truly matters, or leave me alone,
I’d rather be alone & at peace, then together & in war.

So let me be, at peace, with myself & all of my demons,
because I wan’t to release them but don’t know how,
so just leave me alone unless you can help me figure it out,
& don’t tell me any more of these trivial distractions,
because I’m trying to stay focused & not be distracted..

∆ LaLux ∆

from THHT3: Hollywood Hearts
available worldwide 9/9/19
Another Future Classic piece of Pop Poetry for our Collective Contemporary Society...
A conscious corpse gently thuds as is sustains with but a few precious sips of air to delay it's deteriorating state.

Which words proved too fatal?
Those too often written by loved ones across already cold and clammy skin?
Where a sick smile did mar deaths boastful grin.

Were black words penned bleeding red why it seems so eternally condemned
to dance 'round with darkness in the festering ground to surrender its sanity in an unmarked grave

What proved too fatal, too deep
we're those words etched into bone
that were completely it's own.
It's own plague of pestilence
that seeped from self-carved scars
that mutilated more than flesh

But, Why did you only bare witness to a souls  lonely demise
observing the light leave through it's slowly emptying eyes

So now I ask you!
Was it  not your lifeless embrace that did erase
a once quickened flame that suffocated in sorrow.

Are you not to blame?
for the blood red stain
soaked into that cold clammy skin.

Do you not feel remorse that HIS condemned soul now sleeps on your calloused heart
                           without end...

and while you bare the weight of HIS peace
isn't it you that  now becomes
the conscious corpse breathing in only
shallow sips of precious air,
looking on with newly empty eyes
for the warm embrace you yourseld did deny.
Jule Aug 13
My conscious seems to be in a state of solitude
One where it is hard to reach the light
Because the dark succumbs
the area surrounding you
One where I'm not sure if this is me growing up
Or if Ive wandered too far off the path
to find my way back
But then I question
if I even want to retract to the old path
If maybe this path, this new path,
is one that I humbly learn
Until I am ready to break out of my shell again
I just hope
that it's just a shell that I can break out of
amme Jul 12
Do I look fat in this?
Only if your perspective is curved.

Do you really like to kiss my thin lips?
More than anything on this earth.

Do my wrinkles bother you?
That's something I never even observed.
Besides, the mark of a face lift would be something you don't deserve.

Understand that
I wouldn't trade one of your fingertips for the whole wide world.
have you ever been stuck
inside your own mind
it's as if you have locked eyes
with a different conscious in light
or darkness
I can't see
but I have vision
a question
where is silence
I have never wondered
but who
has anybody discovered
the quiet of no thought in mind
w or ds
scattered into l e t t e r s
make me believe
and sink into
a false phantasm
where things lose all meaning to me
I cannot explain this disorienting feeling
an experience left unexperienced everytime
chaos havocing my intellect
two hours have passed.
It’s the wanderlust souls who escaped from the tedious bodies,
they inhabited.
Only to spread its wings and fly along the sky’s terrain.
Whom who hears the birds chirping at 3 am are shedding its human skin,
As a reptile would before it enters a new realm of existence.
It feels different.
It’s soothing. It’s calming.
It’s the feeling of earl grey tea submerging the taste buds on the white blanket lying on the tongue in the morning.
Who hears the birds chirping at 3 am?
Is it the wanderlust souls whose restless eyeballs glistens in the night or the lonely stoner who finds serenity in the hugs of the ghosts he is hiding?
Bad Vibes May 29
It's all just words.

I don't really have anything profoundly intricate to say - everything I write is just a stream of consciousness jotted down on a note in my phone that I load to a website anonymously hoping someone, somewhere will see it and feel something.

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