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The Arctic Monkeys rattle my brain
nearly into a trance
while the lyrics cut
into my subconscious,
leaving me just a hint of sober

while she's sleeping, I *****
bleed my brain into this blank screen,
into this ******* machine,
so my feelings can be made public,
yet for the most part, unseen

it's odd, you know, I feel
further isolated, yet somehow,
part of something bigger, something,
I don't know, eternal,
when I feed this dysfunctional family
I'm a starving technician, because my profession doesn't pay, rather it robs me of my sleep, my peace, and some of my sanity
David Bojay Jan 30
lonelier than ever
get by being clever
patient with the wait....the wounds to sever

Look the other way

listening to your cover of city of stars

the vibrations of your voice
something I always paid attention to

the show goes on but this is a reflection I can’t deny

A truth in thought

In mind

To know it’s not really there

To be self aware

To know that the realization is a step

To know that this moment
Is all that’s ever promised
Shlomo Jan 26
Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,

But they were very much conscious.

Loving every minute of vacation,

Thoroughly adventurous.

An act that seemed to revive not just their souls,

But every atom, cell and ***** in their bodies.

Lived for those nights huddled up in arms (Goals!)

Even though time just couldn’t care less.

Carelessly dashing by without regard (its new foes!)

Even as this act would lead to many more worries.

Fast forward now; and they craved it more than ever.

Would it happen again, or am I forever trapped in nevers?

Can’t handle the pressure, brain’s got a fever.

At this rate, gonna be swiping left and right forever.

Bones dry, deep down I crave love and connection.

Sorely waiting for those sparks to keep an *******.

More like an ***** sin.

Caught between a rock and a hard place.

A truth I once held close, feels like a lie I’m locked in

(I’m everything and nothing)

For where do I belong? Everywhere and nowhere

Except with my first love.

I long to meet someone like you.

Soft lips, beautiful eyes, luscious hair,

and a strong, gentle soul that softens the hearts of the hardest of men.
More about this poem on my site. There is also a link to an audio performance of it there!
David Bojay Jan 21
walking down the bars
the lights seem brighter
my laugh echoes in my head
the voices of arrogance seem to vanish
the dust tickles the insides of my nose
my ears are warm
***** is having a lovely time
He’s loose
arms are flowing
Legs are everywhere

And then we go to jail for 12 hours

I’m glad I’m here in my bed right now

Whatever goes on, goes like a wheel going 120 miles per hour
I’m just a dip in the road
It keeps going even if I’m the factor

The only one...

Also just watched Black Mirror for a bit....the memories aren’t worth a reaction in the present moment

But it makes sense....

It’s been a long day

**** jail

But everything is worth experiencing
June Jan 17
I want to lie down
in the blanket of your cogitation
and taste your subconscious
as a blush wine.

I'll trace my fingertips
under the tip of your iceberg
learning the curves and oddities
between each line.

I'll caress your most untouched spaces
and give the unlit places
a shower of delicate sunshine.

I want to be the key
to the locked doors of your mind.
Open yourself to me
or else I will always be blind.
Erick Ramos Jan 16
Trees in pain for not seeing the rain,
They say a small cost for them to pay.
The ignorance of animals with no sense,
They say is normal for us today.

I don't see change in our every day,
but it clearly ***** to live in ****.
I remember days where we'll be there,
not inside a house to not be dead.

I want to help prevent the end,
So I try to not litter this place called earth.
I want to help create some change
That helps us live and not just complain...
Serena Jan 15
For how can you even say you love
When you love with desire
For desire is conditional
It passes

And, once gone
You will be left in the corpse
Of the body
You stole from me
David Bojay Jan 10
trying harder than ever

keep it moving

let it flow through your will

from "when should I stop?"

to "why should I stop?"

the changing seasons go well with the way things are inside of us as well....


it's cold out...

warming up with radiating love that's covered by my subconscious

let them be.... so that they can disassemble when you pay attention to the thoughts that make you overthink everything

conclusions in my head that didn't make sense, far from me


so it seems to be...

when will we all just laugh?

pretend we never lacked all we ever did

reflect to accept all that's been affected

in debt with the **** that makes me go in depth with a doubt that don't exist

call it quits

to be free from all that "exist"
David Bojay Jan 10
long days are becoming more comfortable

things to do

away.... selfish me
let her be
no one to please
enlightenment to seek
dissolution of thought

seeing through the fissures

visiting the empty creeks

totsiens boo
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