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Jas Oct 9
Woodland gardens, in their clunky brown depth
Of wet, powdered strings soiled in sap
The raw scent of shapeless red clay lost and wondered -
Where I, remember briefly, catching a glimpse of a bear
Or rather it's fur.

Mingled in the concert, a blur of peculiar bursts of noises
Struck with no identity, whimsical and plain
The songs of festivities -
Cool, romantic winds fueled the ferris wheel
As the man pressed flatly in pools of his own vitality
Broke my heart into orbes of fear and empathy.

If you watch closely
You'll come to know that men won't lie when you're listening
They won't hide.
You'll lie for them to yourself when you catch your eyes closing.
LOVE is real, love is fake
LOVE can heal, love can hate
LOVE can hurt, love can peace
LOVE is deep, love is sweet
Love is lost, LOVE is found
Love is here, LOVE is around
Love is up & LOVE is down
Love is me & LOVE is proud
Love is self cause LOVE is true
With freedom of speech I LOVE YOU TOO!!.
I wrote this as my first day back on (Hello Poetry) inspired by a co-worker & I remembered my account & went from there. Hope you enjoy & if you don't let me know too. #PEACE #GuardYourLight
Kashish Sep 13
It was in my subconscious mind, that I met you
I stood in front of you with a bleeding heart, feeling all blue
My mind was drained, I was entangled in thousands of strangulated thoughts
And I felt as if you were someone I already knew

A river of serenity flowed through my eyes
When you held my hand and we wandered blithely
You whispered, 'I am here to breathe life into you'
To pull you out of the black hole of emptiness. I am here to make you feel lively

In the twilight of the dawn, as we sat on a beach
You wrapped your body around mine and our souls caressed
I could think of nothing else at that moment. I was so lost in you
Happiness glided through all my nerves and I felt blessed.  

You were a stranger to me but, you didn't seem one
While I was in a perplexed state seeking for an answer;
I heard you say, I am a part of your subconscious mind
But I make you feel conscious, more than you are in your conscious mind.
Sabika H Sep 10
Monitor the way you speak to yourself,
Catch yourself
In the midst of your own delusions.
You have mirrors
And a light in the middle
And you bounce off surfaces,
Weaknesses and solutions.
Confined in a body in a body
Revelling in a cognitive dissonance,
As you recognise within you
A drop from the divine,
You cannot ignore the infinite distance.
Alexa Malyn Aug 31
Swimming in the ultimate void
With many other souls
Walking blindly on the path of life
Looking at trees till they leave my peripheral
Life is pointless even with a positive outlook
We are more intelligent animals
With the tendency to make false rules and expectations
Nothing more nothing less
Floating through space in a sea of consciousness
Never the option to leave
Hopelessly in love, hopelessly in fear
No change or flux
To each their own.
Willow shade Jul 23
It is me - Azerbaijan!
The hero of the history
On the shore of The Caspian
living manfully and free!

Many times enemies tried
to destruct and divide
Among three aggressors
we defended our pride

And the 'world community',
full of all shames and pity,
Just tell me a rotten lie
that support my integrity!

Let me hear your cry
for Karabakh, everyone!
Respect the real history!
Will we hear anyone?!

For centuries we were wronged
Will you wait for another?!
The son of my father's killer
Is beating my brother!

We faced through the history
Armenian hypocrisy
Put your hands on your conscience,
just show your democracy!

We condemn the historical aggressive policy of Armenia and the insensitive attitude of the world community.

Karabakh is Azerbaijan.
Stop believing provocative and fictitious history.
Research, respect and support the real history!
“His fingers wake, and flutter up the bed.
His eyes come open with a pull of will,
Helped by the yellow may-flowers by his head.
A blind-cord drawls across the window-sill . . .
How smooth the floor of the ward is! what a rug!
And who's that talking, somewhere out of sight?
Why are they laughing? What's inside that jug?
"Nurse! Doctor!" "Yes; all right, all right."

But sudden dusk bewilders all the air—
There seems no time to want a drink of water.
Nurse looks so far away. And everywhere
Music and roses burnt through crimson slaughter.
Cold; cold; he's cold; and yet so hot:
And there's no light to see the voices by—
“No time to dream, and ask—he knows not what.”
Bullet Jul 8
I have a problem with paranoia

My phone buzzes but it’s just a ghost
My phone rings but that’s just me thinking

Driving fast made me feel more free then being in my own room
I’m being watched at home base
Someone is out here for another backstab
I’ve already lost my vibrance

My peace has been disturbed
I’m rolling off the road
I can no longer go home
I’m rolling off the road
I can no longer quiet my conscious down
I’m hitting the rail
I’m rolling off of a dream
I’ve failed and there’s no more believing
Eva Jun 22
I've learned to love
the silence-
grew numb to all
its screams.

It's like I've died
a million times,
but still know how
to breathe.

Im conscious,
I'm alive...
but am I truly
asking me if im the ****
god inspiring, streets got me perspiring
history filled with regrets love no chst
water to wine bread and fish miraculously
how blessing be arriving
religiously havin a picnic
religion just a language of faith
i aint been in a church for a while
not aetheism but how to live with this
change is how? come to church with us
not on ones doesn't mean u down
and the addict aint fly name
thats gravity im humble in pain
hunger for a plate after came home late
food for the stomach you aint know
hunger the **** n the fungus
athletes feet infecting the youngest
ball rap or trap to the kids inna struggle
ball rap or trap if you a kid in a struggle
all that cash you want cannot not hustle
first hundred then the commas cometh
momma crying kykle in trouble the jungle
codes cold as jermane under hov

with the wrongs done upon youpracticing making perfect
just wanna be better
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