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Tony Tweedy Mar 2
If it be that all the world is a stage and we are but players?
If its okay with the producer and director... can I just help paint the set!?
Someone else can have my role in the show.
mellow Jan 3
i can't fulfill that responsibility
i can't complete that task
i can't dedicate myself to that duty
i can't handle that obligation

my body creaks under the weight of strain
that i have no way to deny.
i can never say no, because that means i'm "lazy" or i "need to try a little harder".

hard work is not going to cure my brain.
hard work is not going to heal my body.
hard work is not going to take away the painful memories that linger in my joints and hard work is not going to stop the pounding behind my ribcage.

what do you want me to do?
defy the nature of my body, break myself into a shape that suits your warped desires
i refuse.
this is where i draw the line.
i will not cater to you any longer.
you have told me not to speak, so i will scream instead- no words.
you don't get to hear my words anymore.
this is about adhd and the inherent dismissiveness people have for it. i am tired of being told i can "overcome" this when it is a natural part of me. am i supposed to "overcome" having bad eyesight instead of just wearing glasses?
Michael Nov 2019
After hours of sleeping
I wake up to suddenly start  weeping
Every year I’ve grown
Nothing but alone
Not a single friend
I think this is the end

Nothing but pain
Lying in rain
Losing control of the tears
It’s been too many years
I'm fed up
All because of one break up
Wanting to take my life
Go get me a knife
I've watched the movies of my ages,
Even those that were before,
I've read books of teenage feelings,
I've read about leprechauns.

The world has become an endless series,
The scenes repeat in every lore,
There's no book that could surprise me,
The same stories in every store.

My eyes are saying they are full of seeing,
They are replete of colours,
Even my mouth is fed of disagreeing,
They both wish to remain closed.

While my eyelids are feignedly sleeping,
While my lips are firmly closed,
The darkness is calling and appealing,
But the movie colours shout.

The films keep shooting everywhere,
Like an ever writing Molière,
But do the plays interest me more,
Or not seeing them anymore?
Kayla Apr 2019
the foundation of everything
honest to god truth
what's the use?
The darkness inside you
creeps its way in.

How does one recover,
repair broken trust?
The reaper is on his way,
your soul is no use.
Call a saviour,
pray to the lord,
Maybe he'll decide to pity you.
cause i sure as hell won't,
so good day to you.
Andrew Choo Mar 2019
I’m no longer a fighter,
At least not the one you once knew;
The world isn't getting brighter;
Just a little bit darker.
Friends seem farther,
Demons just a little bit closer.
With my thinking,
There’s never closure;
I can’t ever find my way.
For in the dark of night,
I seek the light of day.
Gone down the wrong road,
I'm not a prince, just a toad;
Buried beneath,
Stuck in Morse code.
Thought I could go god mode;
Super strength, all-powerful.
I thought I was incredible,
But I'm no Bruce Banner.
I thought I was invincible,
But I'm no Iron Man.
More like the Metal Man,
Meddling in affairs.
‘Cept life's not fair.

Already placed in battle,
Rifle running rattle,
I’m training like a soldier;
Thoughts crowding like cattle,
Thought I could hold her;
She's all I can think about.
Can't get her out of my head.
Used to feel alive,
Now, I'm feeling dead.
This one-sided attraction,
Self-doubt, large fraction,
Chemical chain reaction;
Rejection, hit like a wall,
Made me fall;
Like first king, Saul,
Can't stand tall.
Am I a man?
Can't hold her hand.
It's like Wendy and Peter Pan,
Lost in Neverland.
I feel paralyzed,
No vice vision;
Fast forward,
No direction,
I'm blind.
This is my body.
This is my mind.
Muscle-memory mimicry,
Chained down,
I thought that I was free.
Guard up,  
I thought that I could be me.

You see,
I used to be a fighter.
But I'm tired of fighting.
I should've enlisted,  
Here, I never existed.
This story's end,
Happily never after;
This decade's end,
Turning twenty-one;
My match has ended.
And I still haven't won.
Fire's been extinguished.
Fuel tank's empty.
No more will in me.
The pressure's killing me.
Bout to go off,
Time's ticking to two;
These gloves, I'm hanging up,
I'm finally through.
Points don't matter,
The price ain't right.
I ain't a Mad Hatter,
I’m down, no flight.
Insanity isn't my vanity;
I feel like I've lost my humanity,
I'm not trying to be a tragedy,
In all actuality,
I've reached my capacity;
Anxiety caused a calamity,
And, now, this is my reality.

A fighter no more,
I lost the war.
Yeah, I ain't Thor;
I may have lost my roar,
But my legacy leaves a lore.
Unworthy of the hammer,
I feel like I'm in the slammer.
Outcast like the Martian from Mars,
Stone walls and iron bars;
They say that I should  
Reach for the stars.
You’ll reach Jupiter in no time,
Just get on the grind, and climb.
They say that my writing's good;
But good was never enough.
Just gotta act tough, and
You'll get through the rough stuff.
Makayla Jane Mar 2019
I'm so sick of being blamed,
Getting yelled at for adults' and teachers' mistakes
All because of the "she said, he said" bull

I've devoted so much time into my job
I've been a good student with honor and higher grade classes
I've always gone the extra mile and scored those brownie points
Yet now I'm on lockdown

Who knew acting out and skipping classes for once
All due to my mother's threats of kicking me out along with my suicidal thoughts
Would bring everyone to ******* hate me

Haha but listen here,
I won't give up that easily;
I'll bite back with venom and fangs while you try to toss me in a cage
I'll show you I'm the one who ******* rules my life
And that I make my own decisions
Even if that means ending my own life
This most likely isn't that good but it's because it's fueled with pure, raw emotion and I can't describe things any better.
Feel free to share revision ideas (:
I Never hurt like this before
It's a new new "sore"
It makes in my heart "hole"
I got a punishment to loving you from the heart of my "core".
Laura Duran Oct 2018
Lately I've been a little moody
I get triggered by comments made
on a video or a tweet or the supposed
leader of our nation spouting his views
on ****** assault victims....

The real and boys that
are being accused of a horrible act
Innocent yet treated like they're guilty.
Please, don't get me wrong.
Being falsely accused is terrible.
Any one guilty of it should be held liable.

But, after all of the victims, women and men alike
coming forward to tell their stories, he speaks on
behalf of the accused.....Am I stupid for being angry?
What really disappoints me are the people that get upset
when women react to such insensitive views.
They tweet or comment and I try to have conversations
with these people and end up screaming into a pillow!

I walk away wondering if it's worth my time to make
my point of view understood.  
Will I ever change any ones mind?
It's the black lives matter vs all lives matter struggles
all over again!
The argument of should players stand for the anthem!

Why don't people understand that saying black lives matter
doesn't mean ONLY black lives matter, it's a way of saying
Please remember!!!  Black lives matter TOO!  Stop the hate!!!
People of color are being discriminated against and we are tired.
So finally a man decides to protest by calmly taking  knee during the anthem HE comes to manipulate the meaning of it all and makes it about disrespecting the flag and
our troops.  

And don't even get me started on gay rights!  To be treated like
second class citizens is ludicrous!  How fantastically absurd to
be told by your own government that you cannot marry the
person you love! And because life has to be just a little more
unfair the LGBTQ community are at high risk for ******
assault and hate crimes too!    

I realize none of this is new....I guess the Kavanaugh hearing
triggered me and I can't seem to get it off my mind.  I heard
Dr. Ford's testimony and watched as so many people, including
the man himself, come with more and more ****** excuses
and a half *** investigation and in the end he sits on the supreme court any way.  

I'll do my duty....I'll use my voice and vote, but I live in a red
state and I know it's an up hill battle.  One that may be lost.
But I've said my piece.  If you've read through it all, thank you.
If you agree with me, keep fighting. If you don't, I respect your
opinion, but I'll never understand it.
I needed to vent....I did.  I can't say I feel any better, but maybe tomorrow, I'll wake up to find a few more people have joined the fight.  Here's hoping.
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