Before you call me patient, maybe step in a little closer; continue your
What you'll find is this: my tolerance stems more from letting people trample over me than from any conscious effort to be kind, so take
You've become so casual in your disrespect; it's building a fire of
I didn't love myself and I didn't believe I deserved to, but I'm learning - and I still have a tremendous distance to go - that I am worth much more than my previous
Moving on from you seems so foreign; it's some weird mixture of excited
All I hope is that you benefitted from my so-called patience and that the world I showed you was a step up from reality - a temporary life
Sukhman Apr 15
Who got 90
And who got 90.2
Is that how they'll
Measure my knowledge
Did I remember the year in
Which Henry gave his law?
Did I know the trajectory
Of electron
These over hyped exams
(Which get leaked)
are going to decide
whether my dreams
Will come true.?????
Well  of course
Yessss! They will
I hate this grade system
And yet I have to get
Good grades so that one day
I can change it
shoo away winter
your so boring and so cold
I'm fed up today!!
Working today in a upstairs flat but the heating is playing up and it's freezing!!
tRevor gUmede Oct 2017
"Amongst the money, the cars
The shoes and the clothes
Lies bitches bitches bitches
And strippers and hoes"

Have i covered it all
Have i covered our down fall
How we lost ourselves
Befor we even began

How we lacked pride
Lost our innovation
Set exploring aside
For sexual presentations

Thats all the music says/shows now
And still you dance along
Cause Sundays you bow
God will surely forgive after all

"He should understand we are humans
Our urges are greater than their consequence
Boys will be boys
Girls are their toys"

Well my sisters aren't property
So address them by their name
I wish them equality
And not be instruments of lust and fame
The media focus on music "mainly Pop and hip hop" doesnt potray our fellow sisters in a dignified light... i get sex sells.. but enough is enough...
Foolinglife Aug 2017
"Aren't you tired of feeling the pain again and again.
Looking for the lost pieces,
You know lost things never find their way back, right?
Don't you feel worn out of stretched skin and aching muscles.
You know its making you look pale and fragile, right?
Aren't you fed up of looking for long lost happiness.
You know its not coming back, right?
Don't you feel sick of being desperate for just warmth and love.
You know they don't exist, right?"

"You need to do something other than getting hurt all the time."

"I know, I know.
I'm trying."
And when i wrote this, the clock said 23:59.
Anonymess Jun 2017
This role I'm playing is exhausting
Of watching you watching me
Of smiling, of laughing
Of not cracking when you blink

This being human is tiring,
Its not as great as they said it would be
The acting, the pretending,
The standing strong when you're weak

This staying alive thing is excruciating
Of being in pain and wishing to be free
Of trying, of crying
Of not being able to be me
Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
I am begging "Myself", to rest me from those things moving inside my spirit!
I am begging "Myself", to release me from the pain of wearing the PokerFace!
I am tired to keep that fire held between my skins...
I am fed up with all those beats all over my body and spirit!
I am wondering why her name provokes such vibes!
I am begging the Unknown place of me, wondering where my life will end with those paths!
Jennifer West Oct 2016
When your footsteps seem to fall back,
At first you'll just laugh.
You'll brush it off with a smile on your lips,
Saying this is just a temporary mess.

But then you fall back again,
And your patience wears a little thin.
You still stand up tall,
But your empowerment is not quite the same anymore.

You tell yourself it's okay,
Until you stumble over your feet.
You sob into the ground,
And realize slowly, there's no getting up now.
Let me be an example
Let me be
Your barely living proof
That happiness
Is hard to find
Just don't ask me why
Poetrylover May 2016
Words are heavy and dreary,
I got them all,
But they never come out,
Of what?
I have no idea,
Maybe it’s the past,
Maybe its them,
Maybe its who I am,
Maybe I'm weak,
Do I give a fuck?
Fucking hell no
Wanna know why?
Its who I am
Wanna play the game with me?
Imma fuck you up
Wanna hurt me?
I will kill you.
But I wont
Wanna know why again
Because you are not worth it
That’s why im mouthless
I don’t talk
I write them down in the life of poetry
If you don’t like that
You can die in hell !!!!
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