Amber 3d

Feeling extra detached,
My empathy - unlatched.
Surplus time alone,
Odd feeling to the bone.
Never lonely,
But looking for a shift in emotion.
People can sometimes provide,
This motion.
Truly seeking just one person,
For perspective immersion.
A being who I personally find,
To have a lavishly beautiful mind.

YH 4d

I am empty,
That was what I felt when I met you.

You cried for those who were miserable,
and I only thought it vain.
You fought so vigilantly for everything,
and I did the same,
with my own perspective.

You were a child with big dreams.
I was the adult with true realism.

But I was trying.

I only dreamt of a world with you.

Though I did not realize of the destruction I was capable of;
I was not aware of the calamity that lived within me.

When I lost you,
only did I know
I was never empty.

I was filled with the existence of you.

And now you are gone.

So tell me,
what am I now?

— Y.H.

lost love,
gentle fervor.

Is this what you have felt, all this while?
This sorrow.

before I knew,
I had turned things to the inevitable.

(c) Y.H.


She sits sequestered horizontally
Against currents of mindless winds-

Her apathy uncontested
By neither man nor wicked thing.


She flutters hopelessly
On glass wings,



Are the fragile little things
That hold her head up
Above the towering sea chains-

Her lungs' heavy breaths
Dull her spirit's grin

And all her numbered days
Tick away without a sound-

Engulfed by the ocean's deep breath-

Beneath insanity's serenity-

She drowns.

SeaChel Jan 7

When someone wrongs me,
it's like a switch in me flips;
I no longer care.

Hedgehog Jan 4

For the times
That you don't feel anything
Or the times you don't understand your feelings,
You gotta take a paper and pen
And let it slide the things in your mind
Through your hands.
You gotta meddle with them,
Like an annoying friend
Who actually cares.
Because you know that
It's going to be worse,
If you do not crack the numbness
They will burst one day;
Destroying everything and itself.
You will be everywhere,
Piece by piece.
Like a billion perceptions
Came from a single collective mind
And the cocoon that was holding your feelings
Will be everywhere,too.
It will melt itself
After it will let the prisoners free.

CA Smith Jan 1

Laughter. Anguish. Happiness. Fear.
It doesn't matter
They are all the same to me

Ron Sparks Dec 2017

A man and his child were
gunned down In my
neighborhood today.
My community did nothing -
leaving the blood-soaked street
as the only reminder of
mankind’s capacity for violence.
l did nothing except
gnash my teeth at the
murder of a small child and
wonder if l lived in the
wrong neighborhood.
l look at myself-
the silence in the mirror
reflects my face
but not my
hypocrisy nor the
agony of my
screaming heart.

Caidyn Dec 2017

I used to chase needles without thread
Perhaps lace, laced strongly and surely
No doilies for spoiling souls
My mouth an overflowing ashtray
Arms a fracking site deeply polluted

But today I had a taste of freedom
Not full liberation
But unrestraint in the chill of the night air
Immunity in the damp grass
Elbowroom in the dimmed night sky

My brains puppeteer must have taken lunch
Now that I’m not being dragged and pulled
In every which way at full strength
I hope he never comes back
This limpness leaves behind my limitations.

Tate Dec 2017

There you are- minding your own damn business
Getting the shit done that you need to get done
And it hits you
A fucking papercut

Funny how something so seemingly harmless and innocent
Can cause so little damage
That bothers you so fucking much
A drop of blood and days of discomfort

Something so miniscule disrupting the simplest of tasks
Stinging like screams for attention
How are you supposed to move on
And make lemonade out of what life hands you
When the juice stings your fingertips
When relief is only resolved
When the issue is acknowledged.

But it’s fine you know
Everything is fine
Plenty of people use paper everyday and live to tell the tale
So really it’s not a big deal
Get enough and your fingertips will callus over
Soft things don’t go well with hard edges
Maybe by not being soft, then you can get more shit done

But by getting hard you’ll feel less
And wouldn’t it be nice to feel all things
Knowing fully well it’s worth the pain of a goddamn paper cut

Skyler M Dec 2017

Fields of apathy,
In which I'm living in.
A grass of faded red,
My soles walk onto.

Everything feels so fake,
My eyes get bored of this.
Reaching for the counterfeit,
Sitting across the table from me.

Threatening my seclusion,
he doesn't move his mouth.
His eyes are painted red,
A symbol of my reimagination.

It rushes onto,
Onto the carved door.
On the floor.
In front of the animals,
That ravaged my,
own wrists.

Cock it,
Rock it back and forth,
Maybe I'll get out of this earth.
Cock it,
Rock myself back and forth,
on the floor again.

I can't see myself in the mirror,
I'm drowning in conclusions.
I have made, for myself,
An unconscious lie.

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