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auhsoJHaynes May 11
Seductive little lies
escape your lips
like lullabies.

Truth is but daydream
when I dance between
your thighs.

If morning comes,
I'll greet the sun
and wake
from toxic
but until then
I'll say amen
and worship
every second
with a lustful
Miss Luna May 10

His words
full of insolence
in the room.


Her tears
full of pain
started streaming
down her face.


This is how
she felt
when he left.
ok okay May 4
1) Mix apathy and emptiness
2) Sive out the happiness
3) Dilute pain and sadness

To make a void of nothingness
Madisen Kuhn Apr 28
i bump into the thought
that i don’t really care
about anything

not school
not being pretty
or healthy, or better.

when you wipe off
the good girl cosplay
the soft peach blush
and the freckles
and the lip gloss

the straight a’s
and the sweet potatoes
and the self-discipline

you will find a wild thing
dancing around
in her underwear
drinking iced coffee
for lunch and
doing nothing but
writing and reading
and abandoning any
semblance of sanity

completely consumed
by all the things
i shouldn’t be.

and when i have
destroyed everything
around me
with my negligence
and delusion

when the decent ones
have seen themselves out

when there is nothing
left inside of me

there will always be poetry.
from my third collection of poetry, ALMOST HOME, out in October. pre-order now:
Everyday I muddle through
Meandering the waste land, a
Plethora of subsatisfactory
Tasteless apathy
Indifference to the bottomless
Nothingness that thrives
Existing to die
Sleep walking in ---
Read the first letter of every line for funsies
ok okay Apr 21
Happiness is the cure to apathy
Or is it the other way around?
:) :l :) :l cycle continues
Some people wear their hearts
on a string around their neck
while others cut that string
and shove it into their pockets
to pull out
and put away
as they please.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Graff1980 Apr 18
The light shines in
through the window,
brightens up
the blue smoke,

and all I know
is a good ****
me feel
less broke.

Spent six days
just staring
at nothing,
don't feel like moving
cause I'm despairing,
paring my pain
with some
***** and a joint.

I feel like ****
and smell
just like
I took a bath in it.

My specter like
is closer to perfection
then my
real life complexion,

And the point that
I'm making
is non-existent
just like my hope
for the next day is.
Fictional reflection of former states of severe apathy that became deep depression.***
Hannah Apr 12
I am still alive
and that is all I know
about life and the
pursuit of living.
There is no meaning;
We are all floating
into space.
I am in one of these
lavender fields
scratching my itches.
I would love to be
tranquilized, for eternity
if not then I do not want
The hardest element I have
conquered in life is that
I have always been
fighting the living scrabble
out of myself each minute
to figure out the
And the dust I was made of- stardust.
The imperialistic house
should be burned
but I would rather
stay here
coated in substances.
More harm, less feel.
**** is watching the people
you love; suffer.
Kat Apr 10
They think
I am so kind
They see my
Awkward apologies
Offers to help
Smiles at strangers
Kind words to people
Who are not kind back
They call me cheerful
They think I’m motivated
Not melancholy
But they’d never know
That inside me lies the ice
Of apathy
Of cynicism
Cold in my stomach
Cold in my soul
They'd never know
That sometimes
When I can’t take it anymore
The chill spreads
Creeps into my bones
Wraps its ghostly fingers
Around my heart
My gut
My lungs
And I can no longer hold in
My thoughts:
Nothing matters
We’re all going to die
People are evil
Want an example?
Just listen to the news
Just listen to my story
Friendships fade
People pass away
The world is filled
With so much ******* pain

They don’t know
And when I explode
They are surprised
Shouldn’t have been surprised
This is how I deal with the world
Hide behind a facade
No one wants to be friends
With a cynic
But one day this cynicism
This apathy
Will freeze me solid
I have walked through fire
Fought embers of anger
And I like to say
I am a phoenix
Who can rise again
From the ashes
But I know
I was not made
To withstand the cold

They think
They know me
But they don’t know this thing
That lies in wait
Waiting to envelop me
To kiss my lips
Until they *****
To freeze my brittle bones
Till they break in two
To destroy my skin
Till it turns black and dead
To distort my pretty face
Into a twisted grimace
To leave me a frozen corpse
To lie forever
In the eternity
Of this cruel world
I wrote this poem about one of my D&D characters, but it draws upon some of my experiences with feeling apathetic and cynical when depressed/anxious.
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