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Lost Sep 29
Globally speaking
I see humans wreaking
Havoc on this earth
More garbage than dirt
Less respect for nature
Plastic island in the ocean
Drastic climate changes predicted
I see it on the news boldly printed
Yet people are complacent
Ignorant or skeptic

Personally speaking
I’m never meeting
Up with my friends
Always in the end
Every evening is spent
Alone in my bed
Every text that is sent
Every snap or DM
Never answering back
The screen remains black

I just look around
And feel settling an internal frown
Throw up a mental white flag
Decide to not be consumed by the bad
I lay down at night
Only to be kept up by fright
Less of fright and more of dread
I feel alone and stuck in my head
Wondering if this is it
Living life alone and upset
Wondering when a shift will happen
And I’ll start feeling less exhausted
Feeling stuck and alone.
I want to hurt myself but I won’t.
Crisis operators really bug me,
So I think I’ll just try and go to sleep.
Ackerrman Sep 24
A desperate, burgeous experience,
Warm red light sneaks through the flimsy curtain
With briefcase and notes, no interference
From reason or conscience, not too certain
About scaling the walls of nihilism
And entering the warm head of dead-space,
Expanding my languid realism,
Rushing the end like a three legged race.
In the dying ashes of apathy
I accidentally caught a glimpse:
Dark and degenerated, flayed clarity,
Depravity... Empathy... Caustic rinse,
To the bone, the skeleton is not white,
I relate most to women of the night.
Must read more Oscar Wilde, or less.
Kai Sep 16
suicidal as defined
by depressing thoughts
and tendencies to death
I do not define myself

but to gentle apathy
wishing nonexistence
and in bed till three
is what I will be

what do you call me
if I don't want to die
but simply cease to be
from any and all reality
I never wanted to die, only to never exist in the first place.
Jon-Luc Sep 16
A toast to vicissitudes
That turn the tides of ones will to live
Let us revel in debauchery
And all that is self-deprecating
Prompting grandiosity and delusional accusations
From all that are looking in from the outside
For there are blank faces in public spaces
who can never simply feel content to just be
Fathomless fates from the freezer
Awaits all those who stray from Frey
A festal procession leads the congregation to
Perdition and soon complacency will follow too.
Predisposed to a predilection
for the neglect to has come before.
Effectuating apathy with every day that passes
Am I forsaken to be eternally ****** to the void?
Perdue Poems Sep 11
I opened my closet door and fingered through my masks
"Which one should I wear today" I wondered by myself
"Today is Susan's birthday, perhaps a happy face"
"Though John just lost his game, perhaps a sad one as well"
"And Tonya's mom is nervous, perhaps some empathy"
As I looked upon my masks to wear, all seemed quite fitting
I removed the mask I wore below, the mask of apathy
as I slowly peeled back this fleshy molded face
a salty barren field revealed its proper place
as true features themselves emerged
amuck with tears unnoticed
by myself
Luna Sep 4
limp in your arms
like im dead already
you squeeze me tight
sobs racking your body
tears staining my clothes
i feel nothing
i thought i was the sad one?
Maaz Aug 31
With the taste of ash on our tongues
and with soot & dust filling our lungs,
We watch on, as we force nature to burn down our Amazon.

With hearts filled with greed & apathy
And with eyes desensitised to the latest catastrophe,
We watch on, nonchalant,
As we burn down our Amazon.

We were told we have years - but in reality we have months.
Months before all hope is gone and we lose our Amazon.
Is it too late?
Empire Aug 17
you go
you work
you play your role
you smile and laugh
take care of everyone
eagerly awaiting the moment they leave
you release the tension
allow your smile to drop
feel the weight of gravity
drawing you downward
just be
just breathe
ahhh yes...
the discontent
i was expecting you...
something is terribly wrong
it’s probably you, you know...
start thinking, what did you do?
i just want it to go away
i crave the ability to forget
the option to feel content
just for a while...
Em MacKenzie Aug 16
When the darkness comes
and I unravel, undone,
I know only you will get me.
When I’m fully consumed
and swearing I’m doomed
I’m sure you’ll wish you never met me.

How can you give a ****
if you don’t know who I am
and all the stories that are my building blocks.
Take the time to cram,
assign roles of lion and lamb,
but apparently it’s a wolf now in these talks.

And the pictures were colour
yet all the same they seem black and white,
maybe they faded as they sure seem duller,
or maybe there’s just not enough light.

Everyone pulls away, I sadly know the drill,
it’s impossible to stay, or even just stay still.
Throwing punches and slanging slurs,
tell me is it impossible to draw a line?
I gave her a heart but she never gave hers,
I’m surprised she even wanted mine.

I’m stupid enough to keep my word
and foolish enough to keep a promise.
Dissecting and analyzing the absurd,
intelligence is the mortal enemy to total bliss.
Ackerrman Aug 15
I dive left before heading right, more times than I care to admit,
Each time I turn right and am not confronted, it feels like rejection,
A small death of little consequence for the life that could have been
So sweet, so superficial, a mini life grew- as I read your bio,
To be dashed in another instant of silence,
I have a tendency to rush into things without much guidance.

Your voice is sweet and smooth- to read,
Imagine a personality that fits- perfectly in the palm of my hand,
Conveyed in small white messages, poked through smaller holes,
Each one I read makes me feel a little brighter inside,
But each little light catches fire and dies, I must confide
That each one I read makes me feel alive.

But only for the moment, so I conduct another,
Small parcel containing another little piece of my soul,
“If you can feel your soul slowly, slipping away, that means that you still have one”
That is a phrase that will lead you to defeat before you have begun,
It leads to me giving away much less than I can afford,
These ‘one for one’ serotonin boosts are leaving me bored…

So maybe we could meet, go get something to eat,
I am sure that I won’t be bored by your topic of conversation,
Or at least I will try and make it look that way,
Because the cold reality is that we have nothing in common,
Except for a lack of self-esteem and an overestimation of our-
Social skills, next to non-existent,
I am perpetually distant!

I am sure that you were terrifically disappointed with last night
Because your messages are written on withered pieces of paper,
A full stop is the most definite thing that there is,
Subtle undertones have a pulse and it beats,
Black blood to and from a dying heart,
I should have known that you were poison, right from the start.
My bleak outlook on dating is definitely why I don't get many second dates :)
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