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Clark May 20
we eat bread
we drink coffee
a hundred thousand times

read three hundred books
write two hundred less
we look at the tree outside our bedroom window
a hundred thousand times

a hundred thousand times
i will run
i will go back
i will run
i will go back
a hundred thousand times

eating bread and drinking coffee
one last time

read one last book
write until there is nothing left to say

a hundred thousand times
James R Apr 29
i have resolved
to let these moments stab me,
teach me, by reaching my core
and harming me.
it will carve me into something
daring and emboldened;
perhaps i will be smelted,
still stronger all the same,
especially without you.
rough draft, will revisit
Michelle Apr 27
If love hurts then why do we do it?
Loneliness is easier I’d say
Why not walk to the lake and skip stones for a bit?
No need to waste thoughts and throw time away

The game of love is not one to fool with
One day everything’s going great, and the next  only lacrimation remains
I truly believe true love is some twisted old myth
Nothing on earth except drugs makes you feel all sunshine and sweet candy canes

While my apathy shines bright as the moon in the night
I have nothing more to say except love bites
I’m only myself
When I’m depressed
Into nothingness

Out of this world
Just a cloud looking down
Lost in my own town
noren tirtho Apr 22
Those intimate words
scattered in casual moments
ring in my ears
and deafen them
with a mute apathy
Bard Apr 21
I'm sorry but I don't know what for
This worry I cant stand it anymore
My brain is stabbing  my heart
The pain is pulling  me apart

Brains pulling on the strings
Straining against the heart
Till my blood starts to sing
Of a life falling apart

And my brain wonders why
I feel all this pain and misery
Why do I fall low why do I fly
Its unstable chemistry

One day I feel so alive
The next I might just die
Next all endless drive
To numb and dead eyed
Joliver Apr 16
Panic, anger, sorrow
(i can't breathe)
Hold it under, choke 'til it's gone
(can't breathe)
Push it down, move on
(don't think)
Don't stop
(don't think)
Where you went wrong
(how did i get it so wrong?)

Make it through the day
And don't stop moving
(don't stop running)
Don't you know you're in the way?
(i'm in the way, in the way)
"Apathy is the way to make it through the day"
noren tirtho Apr 15
Those intimate words
scattered in casual moments
ring in my ears
and deafen them
with a mute apathy.
All the way long it was an illusion,
To be a part of it was my own decision,
It was after sometime,
When I couldn't feel this breath of mine,
I realized,
How I am going to be despised,
But I just got tangled into it completely,
And was trapped in the cage ultimately,
Not of greed, anger and selfishness,
But of grief, disappointment and life's pointlessness,
Happiness was not a part of this deal,
So it might take a million years to heal.
You live in a dreams.
You manufacture illusions.
-Tennessee Williams
Empire Apr 4
My eyes are cold
Heartbeat steady and slow
Breath even
I am still
Everything in me is numb
There’s no feeling
No empathy
No concern
Apathy controls me

I’d give anything
To feel something
Because right now
I’m not alive
And I don’t know
How to wake up
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