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If I am treason,
it’s you I kiss.

If I am desertion,
it’s you I blame.

If I am persuasion,
it’s you I rob.

And when we kiss dutifully,
smile in simile,
just whose road of promise
will it be?

If I am steep,
it’s your future I will not climb.

If I am winter sky,
it’s your way out beclouding.

If I am compromise,
it’s your eyes that hold no conviction.

And when we drift apart in apathy,
evade with euphemisms,
just whose road of decline
will it be?

If I am consternation,
it’s your dream driven away.

If I am turbulent sea,
it’s your ship high upon waves of doubt.

If I am fruition,
it’s your tomorrow that is sunk.

And when we drink to this tragedy,
get drunk on alliterations,
just whose road of surrender
will it be?

Written March 27, 1996
Complacent people
Complacent Governments
Poor implementation
Results disastrous
Burning pyres
Dead bodies disposal
Corona made life critical
Life supports
Oxygen, ventilators
Where are they
Ask corona patients
Their near and dear ones
Callousness, apathy tell them
They have done their duty
By creating dire scarcities
People slept
Governments slept
No one understood
Their duties, responsibilities
What's corona
Who cares!
Social distancing, masks
Go to hell
We are brave, we can face
Who has seen
Tomorrow's sorrows
Let's enjoy today
Complacency, complacency
Every level, everywhere
Bear the consequences
Who cares
Great Teacher
Keeps teaching you
It's for you to learn your lessons
Never be complacent
In future!
Julia Celine Apr 23
Giving you my love was easier
When I had love to give
Now I'm echoing the sentiments
Of moments long since lived

And I promised you the moon
I know that I did
But lately the stars have been so blinding
And I simply just exist

Among the shadows that befell us
On a night more dark than this
You point out a shooting star
It must have been one that I missed
Morgan Vail Apr 19
it has been a while since i've sneaked some alcohol
but i don't worry, that's okay
i want to feel good tonight
like every other day
dullness brings fear
and the endless ******* rot
i feel i've left this place too much
like each friend i've never sought
i don't even have to start it anymore
it happens just so easily
like my body knows i need to escape
like i live
Tommy Apr 15
Feel like I’m running a race and I’m winning.
But no one told me it’d be lonely at the finish.
It’s too late to turn back, I already did it.
I’ve been dreaming of this moment for a minute.
I fought hard and made it to the other side,
but they rooted for the man who died.
I’m not a fighter, I only did when I had to fight.
Sold my soul for a better life, don’t care about no afterlife.
I don’t feel ashamed, I made it in the game.
If you struggled how I did, you’d do the same.
‘Cause I've been waiting too long.
I've been broke for way too long.
My drug use was limited by money all along.
But now that I done made it, everything I use is strong.
I know that it'll **** me, but I love it when I know it's wrong.
The money I made changed who I am.
Something to be proud of. Not ashamed who I am.
Lost so many close friends along the way.
But that’s a tax that the rich must pay.
Can’t see eye-to-eye with folks when I see beyond ‘em.
I have rich people problems.
And these blood diamonds that I rock with confidence
make me morally poor, but I’m rich off of compliments.
Life’s a game that didn’t treat you fair.
I break rules so I ceased to care.
I wont stop till I’m millionaire, and I’m leaving it there.
venus cafe Apr 14
why must i care
for a world so unforgiving
why must i be
when there is no point in living

the world pushes and pulls
with all of its might
never a happy ending
nearing my sight

so as a stand
at an intersection a few
tell me, world
what must i do

why need i
care oh so much
when a world of nothing
has me in its clutch

need i always put myself
in the way of harm
when apathy already
has me in its arms
Thomas W Case Mar 31
The conversation lasted into the
long tooth hours of the night.
She read her textbooks and then heard a mouse with its tail barely caught in a glue trap. It squealed as if it were dying. In my heart I believed it was savable. In the agony I imagined him dreaming of fields and insects and seeds.
She had these cold gray eyes.
in one quick movement, she took off
one of her clodhoppers and smashed its brains out. She cleaned her shoe with a tissue, she said, I neither hate the mouse nor love it, it's just a thing.  At that moment I was pretty sure she was psychotic.
We're both drunk, I kept watching her *** and that tight  black dress.
She said in a very automated voice, I suppose you want to **** me now and then slithered out of that dress.
***** is *****
But I couldn't do it. I told her to put her clothes back on and not **** anything on the way out.
Brooke P Mar 20
tv shows on mute,
mouths moving but making no assertions.
a silence that doesn’t fill, doesn’t deafen,
just slipping over the air like margarine.
there can be loneliness in stillness
The feeling before you cry
but no tears are produced,
like a dial tone
with no intention of an outgoing call.
serenity’s evil twin,
a vibrant color muted with white.
no longer deep or dark,
just with the volume turned down,
apathetically pastel.
Nathan Feb 16
I used to write them daily
My pen filled with ink
It found the darkness inspiring
My loveless life shown through prose

But now I'm apathetic of feeling
My once ink filled pen
No longer paints poems of pain
It doesn't sing the song of serenity
The ink has run dry
I'm all out of......
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