No more poem's, thank you;
I think that I'm done.
My notebook's half empty,
And apathy's won.

Please turn off the music;
My songs are all sung.
I think the night's over,
Although it's still young.

No more words, I beg you;
Just slice off my tongue!
They're just wasted air,
From a withering lung.

I've no more left to say;
Time to blot out the sun.
My notebook's half empty,
And apathy's won.
This space to be left blank
Look at you
Cold, blue
Maybe gray
Waiting for something to wash the pain away
Not happening
You have to do it yourself
Ah, but you?
You're the child of apathy itself.
lazy mind....
don't have to worry....
about gettin' left behind...
don't know
where anyone else is goin'....
any more?
When human relationships,...
Seem to be in decline....
No longer seems interesting....
It's artistic depiction....
Starts to seem....
After a while....
One gets tired of playing the game....
What difference does it make....
Any more...?
uninspired days....
observing surface ripples....
on a solemn sea....
America's undercurrent....
could be  just a wave of death.
Aa Harvey Jul 4
Living in Hell

I’ve never been one to believe in myself;
I’ve never tried to seek any help.
I’ve just sat around and lived in Hell;
Now it’s time I made it matter and did something else.

I’ve lived too long in sin;
The fire rains down on your Heaven in flames.
I am not, or never will be, all I could have been,
Because I have apathy for everything and I embrace the pain.

She is deep inside of me; I cannot be set free.
She eats away at me; I need myself to be,
Gone and long forgotten.
Left for dead, going rotten.

Hell is all I have ever known and all I feel with you;
Break my mind to pass the time, because I have become unglued.
Rip my heart from out of my chest and leave me here to rot;
Loving you cost me my soul and your lies are all it took.

Now I know I’ve got to get away;
I’ve got to escape, to get out of this Hell you have made.
Because I have become somehow, the sacrificial cow.
We are nothing when we are us, so leave here now.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 4
Dumb and numb.

Gone is the future that they promised to us;
I have come undone and fallen apart…all because of love.
In a world of shadow stalkers I am lost in the dark
And all the love in the world could never be enough.

I stand here defiant at your claim that love matters.
It doesn't, I've had it;
All your heart has left to do is break and shatter.
In a life without hope, I stumble and fall right into your arms.
And so it begins, prepare for war;
I have become lost inside your alluring charms.
Another story of a love that became the enemy.
Why did you do your best to turn me into a man without empathy?

Too old to care now I live in a box for the dead;
I keep my heart locked away from you all so you cannot see.
I have no regrets apart from the things I never said;
I have nothing left to say to you so just leave me be.

I can no longer take it, so break it into pieces;
This life is so needless with a first degree in mistrust.
Three sixty degrees of sadness all around;
I am your disease and you are contagious.
All because I chose to follow my broken heart and fall into love.

So no more of this love thing, I reject all your advances;
I can no longer take a leap of faith without a faith of my own.
I have done all I could and given them a million second chances
And still the song remains the same; my heart has turned to stone.

A dagger through love, a betrayal by a lover;
A death of a true heart which will forever remain undiscovered.
I am but a cog in your torturous love system of sinning,
So ignore me, do not call me anything; I am no longer forgiving.
And please, oh please, for the love of all the love songs,
When it comes to expressing your love for me or anyone!
Be like me and remain dumb,
For I have become too numb.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 28
No faith in love

I don’t believe in love anymore;
Love has been stained it is no longer pure.
Love was my life, but not anymore,
Because I have lost my faith in love.

You broke my heart apart,
When you said you had to depart.

I struggle to get myself out of bed,
Because there is nothing left, except the pain inside my head.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
twelvetwelve Jun 27
I fell between
A lie I told
And the rotten untruth
Of others
And became stuck there
Decomposing slowly
In stagnant water
That filled my lungs
My eyes stared blankly
At the gray sky above
My fingers swirling
In the muck surrounding me
"Addicted to being helpless."
He said, so coldly
Looking I bathed in apathy.
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