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growingpains Oct 2021
Disrespect isn’t a language I speak anymore
But it’s the language we used to adore
Only with you was I able to miscommunicate
Only with you were my opinions misconstrued

Disrespect isn’t a language I speak anymore
My memory of it is rusty
I can barely remember the grammar
It was intricate and had a specific structure
My boundaries were always compromised
After every time I’d let you lie

Disrespect isn’t a language I speak anymore
My tongue can barely roll the r’s
My voice can no longer shout the insults
And my mind has forgotten how to manipulate as a result

Disrespect isn’t a language I speak anymore
So, when we saw each other unexpectedly
When used one of its idioms  
I could no longer recognize it
I no longer am fluent in it
Much love,

snipes Sep 2021
Even when I win I still lose in the eyes of you
I S A A C Dec 2020
My crybaby tears disappeared and my river of feelings froze over
You can’t ever really feel my pain but you can admire the icy crystals that lay over
The waters in which my mind swims in
Underneath my icy wall is a castle with abundant life
Creatures that would inflict terror at night
Kissing my cheek and protecting my life
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
Feeling insecure?
That’s no reason to gossip about the others and be rude
Feeling two-faced?
That’s no reason to blame others and be rude
Have no self-respect?
That’s no reason to disrespect others and be rude
Have crippling self-doubt?
That’s no reason to doubt others and be rude

Rude to yourself?
That’s no reason to be rude to the others
Poetic T Jan 2020
You tried to disrespect
                   my mother..
saying she was easier
                  than a ****** on ****.

But you never knew your father,
was he the neighbour,
                       the homeless guy..

Na he was my older brother,
cos your mother had an open
                         all hours policy..

And you father was in his place,
behind bars, fifteen years

of being the ***** with shirt *******,
                           crop top of a  *****...

Your no brother, not a half or a quarter.

Your a spillage of happy hour
                             but your life

        is nothing more than time.

I got more respect just for breathing,
you haven't even got breath

cos your unqualified to live,
                     let alone breath.

You may be family, but you should
               have been aborted

as your still a clot

                                 on the floor of life.

Talk about my mother, and you'll
be found at the bottom of a stairwell,

unfortunate accidental demise,
               I can lift twice

                               my body weight.
NaNi Dec 2019
Please know , I didn’t leave because i wanted to. I let go because you left me no other choice. I’m never the type to give up so easily & drop you. I’m the type to give you chance after chance even if you’ve done me wrong. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you however toxic you may be, even if it’s hurting me, breaking me, only because I don’t want to be remembered as the person who hurt you. As the person who “left.” I’m not the type to give up on people or let them go, but if ever I decide to, please understand it took all the air in me, all the energy in me, all the strength & courage to do so. I don’t give up easily. I don’t let go easily, but if you give me a million small reasons to walk away, I’ll walk away after my cup of chances runs out, knowing i gave you my all & i tried my best. Not giving me a good reason to stay, is a good enough reason for me to leave. So i hope one day you realize how much i truly did care for you. I promise you’ll miss me being there, putting up with your **** & refusing to give up on you. You’ll regret everything you’ve ever done to hurt me. Including all the damage you’ve caused.   One thing will always remain true, i loved you , cared for you, respected you when all i got was pain. That’s a scar that will always stay.

I gave my heart to the people who I thought deserved it, when they actually deserved it the least.
SMS Feb 2019
The amount of disrespect
I feel towards you could
Easily be mistaken for
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