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SMS 7d
The amount of disrespect
I feel towards you could
Easily be mistaken for
Liz Jan 18
I call you a friend
For you, it's just pretend
We're a loose end

I'm filled with respect
Something you just reject

I keep a secret
You always peep it

I'm face-to-face
You backstab in the right place

I could smack you a pair
But it wouldn't be fair
'Cause you need prayer
sometimes... I hate people
Johnny walker Nov 2018
I have no problem peoples
religious beliefs, everyone
has a right to there own
opinion, but when they stand
In the street In there fine
fancy clothes with trolleys
displaying religious
What about the poor
homeless people sat In the
shop doorway  across the
street from them, do they ever
walk over offer a comforting
word no they
Do they offer a drink or
something to eat no they don't
but what I do know is through
experience my own sister how
they turn their members
against their own
All they Interested Is buying
themselves a ticket to Heaven
but If refusing to help the less
fortunate still buys them a ticket
then they're welcome, for I
want be needing
These people really get to me, ticket
to Heaven that all they want
Ken Voltaire Oct 2018
You writhe and wriggle,
In rooms of smoke and acidic air.
Poised to strike at the very first chance you see.
Emotion no longer has consequence,
When desire overpowers with such ease.
Brains long bereft of tender touches,
Now drool and snarl and ****** and devour.
How can it be that bodies so young are so vile,
As to deliver themselves to the nearest stranger.
It seems the wonderful art of loving is being lost,
To the wicked craft of *******.
Youth are corrupted, influenced, brought low,
By thoughts, ideas and actions centuries behind us.
The time has come for the young and old to touch tenderly, lovingly,
To touch with meaning, dedication, and good intentions.
To touch as though all humans are flowers.
Flowers need tending, attention, they need a steady and consistent hand,
Otherwise they shall falter,
And this is not my desire for the human race.
mjad Oct 2018
He only goes with "skinny *******" or so his friends say
But it's alright, I don't go with guys who call girls "*******" anyway
A bubbly baby

A tiny toddler

A cute child

An intolerable teen

An angry adult

The grumpy elderly

To people around the world, no matter your age, have you ever stopped to think about how much you can learn from each different generation?
You might not get a wise piece of advice, but you can see life through a new lense tinted with the color hope, and you can gain experience without even experiencing.

Think about that next time you go to badmouth a parent, disrespect an elder, or even chastise you child.
Strung Sep 2018
Tattoo your love of normalcy
Up and down your sleeves
But don't ever look at me
Like that
Amanda Aug 2018
I know you treat me with disrespect
Because I don't respect myself
I want you to know I have the same wish you do
For me to change into somebody else.
Did it occur to you that you're not the only one unhqppy with the way I am? Because I dislike myself even more than you do. Then I hate myself for not being able to change.
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