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Dante 3d
With every word, with every misguidance
This sharp, unbearable thing that digs into the center of me.

This sweetness that I salt ‘till it is nothing but undrinkable sea water.

This love wrapped in the ribbons of Death; almighty Death-

The end of human connection.
Raindrop Sep 23
please let me in.
let me get close to you.
help me understand you better.
if you want to save us,
open your heart to me.
just please trust me.
trying to save a dying relationship
Acina Joy Aug 30
I've met him twice; for months; and now years, into jubilees.
His name is Gabriel, and he means regret (in the language my heart only began to speak after him).

The way I know him, sinks deep into my soul like a splinter, hurting me more as he burrows. He refuses to love; is willing to be cared for. Never returns, doesn't even borrow, but nonetheless, he takes, and takes, and takes. He is a selfish man, the regret I've named Gabe.

We once held hands, and when I looked into his eyes, I poured my soul into the void he called his heart. And he took that love-and took it all, all, all and then gave it away.

My heart learned how to write songs because of Gabe. It broke, and it learned, and it began to write as if the endless words I wrote were expectant of the love he never gave; for the hurt he always seemed to be generous upon.

And I drank it all up, with a pinky held high, and he was not made of the substance I thought him to be.  But Gabe was a lesson, was an epiphany, was an age-old history (of aeons of regret).

Yet, he was once the substance that had made me.

A bitter heartbreak over a cup of tea.
Weird long title, but eh, enjoy
Do well to tell me,
          Something I'm insensitive to;             Coz for me
     Am living it plain;
   But for you,
       It's all deceptive;
        Our lives lay sides by sides,
         Portrays as the naira note:
       Glued together;
        But clueless,
         of it other side,
          So please do well...
           Do well to let me know.
Friendship go sour when not communicated.
Individual actions could go wrong with our friend but without voicing out the pain and be cured,silence is echoed and the offender knows nothing of his offence. This go on till a break up set in.
Jay Aug 22
A distant man,
He's different but the same,
And while he had up and ran
I still owe him my name
Can't say I resent him,
But the love can be strained
I wish we had understanding,
Yet it's just a pain
i should talk to my father more
Neha Sharma Aug 9
Misunderstandings happen.
Relationships are broken.
Love is ended.
Memories are left and then further Nothing is spoken.

~your smiling queen :)
You left me BROKEN!
Kat Jun 9
we’re standing in front of the theatre. they’re playing love,
a misunderstanding, a dream
that’s been killed by living it too much.
it is mostly trivial, this story of two people
desperately describing the sun to each other,
while only being able to point at shadows.
seldom they saw the same silhouettes on the ground.
is that ever enough?

it was enough for joy to linger,
as dusk painted your room in shades of red,
your walls zebra-striped. this eternal sunset.
it was enough.

we saw it, briefly,
looked away,
and walked in different directions.

and love remains
a misunderstanding.
Shabnam Jun 20
Kisi ki wafa ko karobar na samjho..
Begarz ** kar kare jo yaad aisay yaar ko bekar na samjho..
Na kar sake jo inkaar use izhaar na samjho..
kisi ki khamoshi ko deewar na samjho..
Betakalluf hokar jo kare baat..
Aisay dost ko hoshiyar na samjho.
Don't take for granted!
Don't trade someone's faithfulness..
If someone remembers you selflessly,
Don't think them to be worthless;
If someone can't refuse, don't think it's a yes
Don't consider someone's silence to be a barrier;
Don't consider shrewd the friend who talks informally.
shamamama May 24
She painted peace over the wounded mouths twisted with lies, truths unspoken, love never claimed,
She brushed them with the pink of a newborn baby's lips

She painted peace over the hands that held weapons, fingers that had pulled triggers to **** or maul,
She scraped them green as the new shoots from blades of grass reborn in the Spring

She painted peace in the hearts of those women and men who held broken pieces filled with sadness, scarred with inner rage
She colored them red of the rose in full scent and full bloom

She painted peace on the eyes and bodies of children stripped away from their life force, their source of mother
She traced them the purest blue found in the color of water at dawn's first light

She painted peace in families torn and broken
She swept them with all the colors of the rainbow appearing just after the rain, when the light shines through with hope

She painted peace in the indigenous souls torn from their culture and land
She circled them the color of the green flash-
the flicker of pure green born after the sunsets, existing only for a second

She painted peace in the unborn and the born whose differences bring challenges to them and their families
She skimmed them with lavender fields blooming in the swirling winds, with the sounds of the bees buzzing in joy and abundance

She painted peace over the wounds, the carcasses of animals fallen in a frenzy of human greed and misunderstanding
She whisked them golden as the sun rising in its glory to begin a new day

She painted peace over the ghosts of the forests and their inhabitants
She rolled them the brightest yellow of the night sky--the first star rising-guiding us though the whispers of time steering us in the darkness

She painted peace in the waters, the rivers and oceans who were littered with the makings of man 
She glided them silver to reflect the light that is always around

She painted peace on the earth and women--places torn open and stripped, laying barren, vulnerable.  
She covered them the rich colors of terra cotta- freshly made pottery from hands who love creation

She painted the air, the unfiltered air, clogged, imbalanced
She flowed it clear, the color of innocence - when we look into the eyes of the newborn, and those just about to pass.

She painted it all,

And when the summer sun melted the colors and subjects, she molded the forms, colors, scent, textures and sounds into the shape of love as eternity.
She sang the sweetest birdsongs into the new day bringing in renewal  

She painted peace into all of life.
Sometimes I cannot fix, forgive or forget, and so I can make art and learn to how to accept and evolve. I listened to the song Imagine by John Lennon, and this song, inspired me.
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