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It’s drizzling

But it doesn’t matter.

I am running,

Around the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium

At Kochi.

The ground is wet,

There are water patches around.

So, I take careful steps.

As I go around,

I see a young man,
In a hoodie,

And track pants.

He is talking,

On the mobile phone.

Standing beneath an awning.

Must be to his girlfriend,

Because he is smiling.

I think to myself,

‘What a wastrel. Do some exercise. Get fit’.

But he is oblivious.

During my next lap,

I see,

A friend has joined him.

‘Two wastrels’, I think,

As I start panting.

My middle-age lungs,

Are aching.
But I like the suffering,

Because it makes me feel good.

When I stop.

On my third round,

They are peeling off their track pants.

I run on..

The drizzle has eased up,

A cool breeze is blowing.

My perspiration-drenched forehead

Gets some relief.

Running triggers

Something primitive in me.

This is what man did,

For thousands of years.

Before the invention

Of the wheel.

I can hear the thud of feet

Hitting the ground

Behind me.

It sounds like heartbeats.

Then these two young men,

Whom I derided,

Whizzed past me

At high speed.

Smooth electrifying movements

Of hands and feet.

‘What?’ I exclaim silently in my head

My perception was

Oh so wrong.

They are athletes,

And they are swift.

And they splash,

Through the puddles.


So I had simply

Misunderstood them.

That’s what happens to all of us

We misunderstand









Is it any surprise,

Society is so fractured.  

I feel like a fool

Message to me: don’t jump to conclusions,

Fiona Aug 9
simple acts of love -  
given to me . . .
makes my chest swell
with despair.
when it’s given to me,
i can’t understand it.
Where there is misunderstanding,
There is no perfect relation...
"Everyone accepts this truth as true"

But still,
I felt sometimes...
"Misunderstanding is perfect way to understand"

I know,
May be my thoughts are right or wrong...
"According to situation"

But still.....
Misunderstanding is filled with sorrow for few moments,
But When we understand,
"It clears our doubts and makes our relation as strong as much possible"

So about my opinion....
''Misunderstanding is the better way to understand"

''Misunderstanding is the better way to understand"
i feel sometimes so much sorrow and pain, when i misunderstood but after few moments, when i understand...than i feel better as soon...
according to me..
''Misunderstanding is the perfect way to understand"
On the daily

yesterday she said:
you talk too much
please don’t tell
the truth,
your aspirations or your dreams
to anyone,
they just want gossip.

but -
today she says:
talk, why don’t you?
so rude to not even utter
a single syllable.
at least try to speak.

kilos of misunderstandings
burden my tongue
all her word taste of salt
that won’t dissolve,
but I wait,
expecting one day,
she’ll offer sweet wine.
Sanjali May 31
Somehow I don’t want to talk
Because what I will say
Will end up being lost.
Silence, but at what cost?
It is not that I don’t pray
For this uncertainty to stop
But there is nothing I can say
To help me today.
Of the quiet days.
Tiana May 14
admiring the freckles on your skin
I want to feel everything
when you said you wanted to make love to me
I could feel the heath rushing to my cheeks
and when I felt your fingers trace my skin like poetry
over parts of me that are supposedly broken
all of me that isn’t enough
with every kiss you remind me
the heavier the sin
the sweeter the touch
You think I could do better 
I think you could do better
So why do we force it 
When it’s all broken fully 

I could easily forget you 
If I deleted your picture 
Forced you out of my mind 
You’d vanish from my life 

You’d be a memory
And we’d get rid of all this 
Hurting and arguing 
Constant misunderstanding 

Pretending that it still works 
When we know we can’t forgive 
Mistakes have been too many
I lost count while crying myself 

To sleep without you hugging me 
You don’t get me anymore
Or maybe you never did 
I just wanted it so bad 

I lied to both of us 
I needed you back then 
But now it’s just a burden
If you don’t understand anything
nance Apr 14
I was stripped bare
when you left.
Naked and afraid.
Slapping my palms
against this cage;
banging on it in rage;
shouting, till my voice
became a whisper,
in hurt.  
in yearning.
in betrayal.
I did not blame you at first,
I blamed myself because
it was my mothers' doing
that had ripped us apart.
I blame you at times for
not pushing,
constantly reassuring
through a message I may
never see...
I don't want to let you go.
This greed that resides
does not want to share you.
This desperation does not
want to exhale you from its
This heart is fit for us two,
not three or four or more.
I want to wait until we are grown,
like we promised, an unbreakable promise.
A swore vow;
as if we are royalty sworn to rule
and own our throne-
to wear our crown.
I want to wait to live our lives,
but I don't want to be clingy,
because a girl will come in
and be everything I wanted to
give you.
She will become your rise,
while she is my demise.
So I sit here naked.
Stripped from the love,
the confidence,
the flamboyance,
the care,
the purpose,
the risk,
the worth.
That you gave me.
Never will I have someone
who gave me everything.

When someone you love that you try to make happy constantly even though your unhappy comes to take someone you love, that doesn't even remotely respect your happiness because of lack of understanding hurts your soul far than you know.
Adrian Feb 11
The wind has come back,
But I am vicariously feeling
Her whipping frustration.

A silently steady stream
Gusts her vile words
Into my whimpering ears.

I wish her hidden hands
Still held that feathered touch,
The likes of which held solace.

But now she bears her talons,
And is the striking hawk,
Aiming to blow my world over.
I never had an affair with with the rain. I’m not sure why she got so mad. This is a reason why relationships might not be good. What if my partner is paranoid about my interest in them?
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