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Stephen James Sep 16
I will be featured in the Autumn issue of the Wales Haiku Journal. Be sure to go over to and check out all the great published international haiku poets!
Stephen James Sep 16
i am a featured
poet at cosmofunnel
dot com all month long
a haiku
seraph Aug 28
I don’t speak french but I’d do it for you,
On your skin, tongue and lips
If you wanted me to.
Stephen James Aug 20
daily the number's
growing exponentially
of those i don't like
a haiku
Stephen James Aug 20
hallow words coming
from lying lips only speak
to the ignorant
a haiku
you've left
delicate scars
i'm forever yours

your name
cascades moonlight
beaming lustrous
until dawn

up until
the closing of my
to death

i'll remain
within your love

and crisp

freshly trimmed
around the heart

rip my soul open
take every bit, gather every shard
of the world we shared

turned to dust
locked in time, i'll always shine
for you

beautiful as ever
your voice still resonates
within the depths of my soul

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