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Nana 12h
Everything will be in vain
Whatever you tell yourself
or whatever you pretend to be
You will never fool yourself
You will forever be little bit sad,
Little bit mad

Those sleepless nights
Attempting to win the fight
Everything will be in vain  
Because the voice will be always there

Everything will be in vain
Moments you thought the storm is gone
You know it’s just a dream
Nightmare is your reality

Everything will be in vain
You’re too cunning to get caught
Too dumb to make turn
I shall suffer in silence
This is it.
The role of the dice so maybe I can finally sleep,
Hopefully these are the last words I write so my heart can slow to the creeping I wish It'd be,
So I can dream of things that I will never have to have the pleasure of seeing again.
Marie 3d
This, is sadness, this sadness is a madness
I often can’t stand
This blade in my hand
Alone with this sorrow
Feeling like, theres no tomorrow
Living in despair
there's toxicity in the air,
This isn't fair…
These feelings of gloom
when i look into the moon
So i beg please
My head is alone but still
accompanied by unease
Sometimes i fear
Death is near
All this terror,fright and dread in my head
Most days i cannot sleep at night
Somedays a figure in my head tucks me in the bed
The bed, in my head
He disfigures my thoughts
I ought to see through them
But he likes to drag me down on the ground
Whenever i'm alone i tend to drown
So i surround myself with music and sound
Luckily i have a friend
She keeps me from the end
So i can avoid the darkness from my mind
My sadness hides behind
My constant smile that's been there for a while
But when i get home i take off my mask
I avoid the flask
I may be hopeless i try to act fearless
But i know im lying
Just avoid feeling like dying
I wanna leave this insanity
called humanity
Immaculately organizing every letter of the alphabet in slightly different ways to make what you read today.

My brain is the battery charged with the words I say in different ways,
And until I am depleted,
I am defeated to keep writing the words flowings like a fresh summer's flash flood monsoon,

Hopefully soon I will fall asleep,
So I can put away this curse of a brain that keeps saying things I can't help but see.
Fare well hello there,
Put the comma where you like,

I am pleased to had been meeting you,

In this world of mime,
Are hellos the same as goodbyes,
As soon I say hi, you already said bye,
And vice versatile how we speak our words to mean different things.

Hello Poetry,
I am please two half met you,
Under these circumstances,
If only I could see you later,
Talk to you nextime we meet again and again we find ourselves in these strange situations.

What ever will we do things really have to be this way?
Fare well hello there.
I guess it depends on what words you decide to read me something nice so I can fall asleep.

.Goodbye Poetry.
Put the comma where you like.
I have long desired a night undisturbed
full of sleep and coherent dreams
but that the sun arrives faster than light's speed
leaves me wondering
if there is ever an end to the war
I battle throughout weeks, months,
and years and years on end
After all I am easy to bend
like a daisy at the hand of storm
sways, unyielding, entrusting the wild current
of passion that breaks her back
I strike a match to see with blind eyes
how far this night, intemperate, will extend
And who shall have removed my footprints
when dawn breaks to swallow
every secret I whispered to this dusty road
and crushed beneath my feet
They say day is a neat deceit
for those who believe black is evil
and I hardly think it untrue
with stars ****** off their shine
to magnify the glory of darkness
when my body hits the matress
I can feel it quite as it is, darkness
but in no shade of beauty or grace
as if I never had any stars to sacrifice
with love their inborn proclivity
there indeed is no sincerity
in the way I am deaf to the sound of dark
A Beethoven masterpiece, the starry night
Such starless of a night this life has become
Or is it that life is still there?
handsome and fair, with his head in clouds?
My pinstriped eyes fail to glimpse in a crowd
the warmth and glow of this flame
of dark, this grand grand enchantress
Behind prison bars the war goes on
with no light to clear the mess...
Yeah obviously another piece on indomnia and depression. No this is never going to end..I always wear it like a coat..
Dae 5d
i can see all the demons in your closet

i wonder if you can too

are they dismissed and swept under your bed?

or do they watch you when the lights go out?

has your obliviousness

caused them to follow me home?

they’re under my bathroom sink,

between the sheets and

they crawl throughout my drawers.

when they scurry across the tile

and crinkle my old wrappers

it wakes me out of my sleep.

i wish you would come and

take them back.
polite criticism is welcome!
Bri 7d
I wish I could talk to you.
Tell you everything that's wrong while you hold me close.
Tell me there's no reason to feel blue.
Then turn on our favorite song.

But instead I'm up wondering what your arms would feel like around me.
What your voice sounds like when your sleepy.
And all the things we could be.
Got me up at 1am, crying.

And maybe you don't even think of me as much as I think of you.
Or at all for that matter.
I wonder if you think of me too.
Imagining how the world would be so much better.

Now hits 2am staring at the ceiling.
Lost in a daze.
Wishing not feel what I'm feeling.
The same feeling I've been feeling for days.

The uncertainty and constant wondering makes me unmotivated.
Why can't I just approach you?
Why am I so shy and isolated?
Was it real or was it all just in my head?
Amanda 7d
Spend my nights counting sheep
Might as well change my name to Little Bo Beep
I have flocks of hundreds, leaping over fences
Counting them all, as the bleating overwhelms my senses
But they don’t lead me to the land of sleep
All these baa-ing, stinking woolly sheep
I’m sure they are sniggering, as they prance in my head
And I lay fighting with the covers in my bed
Eyes red turn to a window, lit with early dawn
Another night passed and the sheep have withdrawn
I head out, another day, clothes dressed inside out
Too late to change, too busy dealing with the fallout
Of arriving late to work, and to the boss’s rant and rave
God I can’t remember his name, is it Brian or Dave?
But slowly his voice fades to the sound of a bleating lamb
And his head takes on the form of an angry woolly ram
Baa, Baa, Blacksheep, the nursery rhyme sings
In my head.  I feel sudden expresso cravings
I battle through the rest of the day, coffee on tap
And at lunchtime I manage a ten-minute power nap.
Then home and an early night put into place
Hot milk, no TV, a book to create a relaxing base
I am primed for the perfect night’s sleep.
But two hours later, I am wide awake. Counting sheep.
i shouldnt lose sleep
over someone who isnt afraid to lose me
but i cant stop thinking about you
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