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Julia Celine May 23
I carried you with me
All this time
I held your hand with
Weathered fingers
All clammy skin
And cool composure
I carried you with me
And last night
When you sat on my chest
Weighing down my breath again
I imagined that you were an anchor
You are only as stable
As my patience
You are airy and insignificant
I give you matter so you can breathe
And you
Give me purpose
Insanity ensues what to question,
Nowhere reaching…
Suicide screeching,
Oppression lingering…
Manic for hating you not to love,
Nick knowing you never at least robbed,
Isolated chances to at least love itself…
Afterlife… nonexistent nor near… till gone.
Lauramihaela Mar 31
I’ve always been a bad sleeper;
In fact
When I was a little girl
And I’d finally had enough
Of wrestling thoughts
and sticky sheets,
I’d tiptoe across quiet hallways
With sleepless eyes
To find solace in another couch or bed,
As if heartbreak
could be left behind
Like tear drops on pillows.

Matt Walls Mar 25
Here is something I learnt today
Be careful on what you spend your pay
After a day of fun, I did not think
And downed a pitcher of energy drink!

Got to the pub at half past seven
Drank Monster and Redbull until eleven
Finally home and sleep I think
But sadly not, bloomin energy drink!

What is this madness, I wiggle my toes
Why can’t I sleep , my eyes are closed
I peek and see all my clothes are pink
But still no sleep, bloomin energy drink!

Some fine ideas come flooding to me
Animation too seems just too easy
I wonder if this is the missing link
Nah, it’s the bloomin energy drink!

So check the web, will I be alright?
Paranoia seems so much worse at night
Dad is up, my eyes don’t blink
I’ll be fine he says, bloomin energy drink!

So never again, I’ll be a good Daughter
I’ll probably now just stick to water,
You can drink so much just from the sink
And no more bloomin energy drink!!
Ah this familiar feeling is back
No sleep insomnia is on the attack
Laying 12 hours; eyes shut
Praying for sleep
But no luck
Ive had all the prescriptions from the doc
Yet im still awake around the clock
I would do anything just to catch a wink
Yet im still awake
around the clock
Just to think
Av Mar 8
i said you think you're invincible,
mind is a machine you said, it does
not need rest yet with all
this labour you still
reside in feeble fissured skin
features lacking in outline the
eyes that soak pleading excuses
for delirium to do more labour
of correcting what is
faulty the machine does not
function when it is faulty
but you believe, you said,
if it runs for longer it will fix
the bugs somewhere between
the night and the morning
then i see it and i see you
fretting down the wires
gusting the leaking chip, i know
you will hike the circuit again so
i leave trails behind but
you pick them back up, you said
you are tired of cleaning
up after me, i said i
think you are just tired
insomnia thoughts
Allesha Eman Feb 11
I simmer in this silence
My hands ache to write something
But words dissolve into my surroundings
Before reaching my fingertips
I try to translate my dreams
Into palatable conversations
But I've lost them to anxious deciphering

Can you take this faded heartbeat,
and pour it into the white noise,
that puts you to sleep?
As I lay here
Held captive by a permanent dawn
That rests under broken skies.
Sienna Feb 10
oh, my dear
no feelings here
only head
down eyes
no opening
how we all love sleepless nights…
EmVidar Jan 16
Its always the same
A quiet tug at the back of my skull
begging me to stay awake

-em vidar
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