sage 1h

my heart and my mind,
they're at war in my head.

clarity is so hard to find,
i can't lay still in my bed.

i want to scream and cry,
let everything go.

honestly, though, I wish to die,
but I can't let anyone know.

i'm going fucking insane because i have no idea how i feel anymore.

insomnia eyes
eyes that write and never sleep
a sleepless poet

something I wrote before :0
Amber 3d

Your voice used to warm my heart.
The sound takes me back,
All the way back to the start.

When my body was brand new,
Freshly developed,
I truly could not see through,
Others' facades.
I always let them have their way.

I said no,
And you pressed on,
Hearing me,
But not paying much attention,
To my pleas.

Other protests went unheard,
Never escaped my mouth,
The lines were always blurred.

I thought I was loved,
But that was untrue.
I was being shoved,
Into a small dark place.
A place where you could do,
All you desired to.

I let you have me,
Before I knew who I was.

Half an orange
to help me sleep
to help me not think of you
to help me shut down my brain
like a laptop that's been left on
for two weeks straight

I break an orange pill in half
tonight I hope it's all I need
to help me sleep
I toss it back
I hope it doesn't get caught
in the corners of my throat
like all the words
I cannot say out loud

I take pills
because there's not enough wine
to drown out my thinking
not enough meditation
to quiet the constant hum

I long for a day
when sleep did not escape me
the night before

I should be asleep by now
But the moon's rays penetrate
The deepest parts of me
Lighting up the whole room
Yet I'm still shrouded in darkness
It's the full moon tonight
I heard strange can things occur
I wish that I was ordinary
Yet I seem to be sensitive
To this magnetic light
I should be asleep by now
I should be asleep by now

.      The clouds pulled down
          the blinds of winter
     dimming the paling light
            of autumn skies

         I put the lonely night
           on a piece of paper
  the whispering wind came up                                            .
        and blew it into dawn

With the daybreak sky painted black
      as the writhing questions
       and the clouds as raven
         as the night lay bare

     Now the falling rain erodes
        an answer's simple truth
that surreally somersaults through
  the grey silence within a prayer

A soul's writhing blood and clay
       fight gravity's despair
     hearing the trees whisper,
    limbs to the southern sky,
           love has no pride

While autumn leaves swallow
              gust of wind ,..
           thence letting go ―
     wreathing up   upwards  ^
     still having the strength
               to fly away

Like a colour from another pallet
       blowin' in the wind
   pushed out of somewhere
      it was never really in ...

i n the morning ... 11/09/2017

Author's Notes: because that's all it is, night writ
scribble in one brush stroke, when sleep has no mercy

... write it on a piece of paper in the night
to see what rises from the sheets of another day,
        in the morning...

   written by: h.a. rivers
A H J 5d

rotating sound of the passing time
enough to awaken my nausea
it’s like rush hour in my brain
it’s like rush hour but it’s silent
screaming, whispering and even footsteps
present, present, in my mind
even if i close my eyes!
even if i roll around on a bed so nice!
wavering thoughts,
countless ideas,
silent sounds, silent sounds, silent sounds,
shouting, shouting, shouting,
help me, help me
a vibrant voice that resounds in my body,
an existence but ceases till its a lost case
a helpless soul who simply couldn’t rest.
let me rest,
please, let me rest,
I want to sleep in my nest,
I just want to escape this restlessness.

help me, let me sleep,
stop these endless waves of mindless ideas.
stop me,
i’m begging you.

i can't sleep!
Saumya 5d

Sleep­, that sets weariness aside,
Eyes that dream so free each night,
Of life to be a pure delight,
Yet wanders off to the darker sides.

I kept drowning further deep
To catch-up with your pace
But as I get closer and sway,
I seem to not touch your face

Your love is taking me
A place I have never been
To a heavenly garden 
Where grows no pain

Darkness has fallen 
Nobody is insight 
My eyes are wide shut 
But I see your guiding light

A light that makes me
Blush in delight!
The garden grape green,
The flowers smelling serene,
The glowworms glitters,
In this landscape yellow, reds and greens.

From your gardens of fruits
I want to have a tasty feast 
For you’re the pleasure I seek
Take me home before I’m awake

Not for me, 
Not for you,
Not for us,
But for the 'love' that entangles us,
Entangles hearts and soul.
Take me home,
For the heaven's sake.
Take me home, please
Before I'm awake.

I am sleeping in my dreams 
But wide awake in yours
I feel completely addled 
And lost my ways of truths

If insomnia has a different side
I would remain sleeping 
I need not wake up soon
From this pleasant view dreaming.

For it makes me cry,
It makes me smile
Like a happy child
With hopes so high,
Those hopes,
I know, shall never die!

*@jobira &

**=Jobira's lines.

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Made it, it's another day.

Despite the crippling notions,
Suppressive rain drenching my head,
Detail-oriented accounts of you,
Hours locked in a bed.

Another day.

Food degrading to ash,
Your voice inside my cortex,
Gutting emotions,
A dull machete
"Just give me what's next"

It's another day

Hauntings, a ghostly other lover,
Begging to sleep between,
Because to me there is no other,

"Don't forget me" was said

Thank God, another day

Pleading up a universe,
Disintegrate all agony,
If only for a minute, "let me sleep"

"Let me believe I can feel again in my dreams"

A morrow makes a heart mend, right?

So far, another day
The next day compromise.

Heal it, heal it all!

Not all who watch the sunrise are curious about the action of day.

Some are cursed with no other alternative.

Either way, it’s a beautiful way to begin anew.

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