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CJ 23h
It's not insomnia but I skip sleep on regular nights.
I hear voices in the soulless nights…

Aren't you lonely?
Aren't you worthless?
Aren't you depressed?

I feel inferior.
I feel lonely.
I feel needy

But why do I always look happy but not feel it?
It’s empty in me, but why does it feel so heavy?
Sometimes I just hate my own presence...
vibrancy emits amongst the echoes of the night
as slumber casts itself on most these hours, absent light
while some lack productivity, with efforts turned to ruin
my product of activities proves grand by starry lumen
ideas are born, regrets are mourned, and midnight snacks consumed
to moonlit ante meridiem: my fondness, ever true.
Sydney Marie Oct 11
they use to be just a black cloaked figures

Over Time

they grew faces
Billie Oct 7
Awake, aging and alone.
Tortured by only two of these things
Nylee Oct 10
The night is here
Sleep is away.
I count the bats
Fly away.
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep
My head was pounding and slippery
I forget what it means to feel concrete

The afternoon is smeared by fog that creeps
Baby blue hours are dense with meaning
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep

Past lives weigh on my shoulders karmically incomplete
All these cups of coffee seem to wash down gloominess
I forget what it means to feel concrete

You wrote a poem about me and that is so sweet
I pulled you back for a kiss after you said goodbye
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep

I tap my foot to an unpredictable beat
I know there will be safety in your sheets
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep
I forget what it means to feel concrete.
a villanelle about insomnia and catching a feel or two
Guden Oct 7
How can I sleep?
When there’s a railroad
Inside my window
Near my amygdala,
When music plays
On television.
How can I sleep?
When she keeps saying
She misses me,
Yet I don’t know
What this means.
How can I sleep?
If there are blue screens
In the morning it kicks in.
How can I sleep?
If the song
Has not ended
Nor will it stop
In the near future
Since I paid
For no commercial breaks.
The people who can’t fall asleep to silence
are the people to be the most worried about
The people who are terrified
to be alone
with their own thoughts
with the voices
Where darkness knows no bounds
there’s a reason it can’t be measured
They don’t make bedtime stories or lullabies
for people like us
The monsters under our beds never go away
they just get scarier with age
Because we chase our nightmares
the way others chase dreams
Strangled by our own memories
I’m looking for gray
in patches of black and white
Blood still drips from those sunflowers
painted on my wall
when I dare to close my eyes
because I’m still the broken girl I always was
counting sheep in my ripped nightgown
torn like my innocence
Clutching onto my teddy bear
lost like my soul
Hush little baby
don’t say a word
You wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s ears
with your pain
There’s nothing to distract you from you
At least we can behave like stars for awhile
For we never shut our eyes
until the sun is in the sky

- Insomnia
Anon Sep 24
Tossing and turning, I lie awake.
1 AM..... 2 AM.....
Eyes heavy yet refuse to shut
3 AM..... 4 AM.....
My mind just won't give up.
5 AM..... 6 AM.....
The light and sounds of birds start to creep in
7 AM..... 8 AM......
and it's too late.
Not long and it will be time to repeat.
struggling to sleep is the worst.
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