Asami 14h
On the branches of dead leaves
They're all standing in grief

Facing the almost full moon , seeking its light
To ease the gloom of this murky night

Will morning end this pain ?
Vianna 3d
Its 4 A.M once again
It seems as though you are my only friend.
My other friends ran away
They became attached to the day.
Ceilings up above me
Oh where do you lead us?
Cold air on my feet
Where may i walk?

Walls all around me
What is outside?
Door handles jiggle
But why can't i escape?

Black vision full of serenity
But why the nightmares?
Windows glisten with raindrops
Why is the thunder in my head?

Sheets lay bare on my body
But why do i feel naked?
Mattress forms to my body
But yet im all alone.
I feel like a fool laying in my bed opened eyes,  my thoughts are sad
I am blaming insomnia but that's not what's keeping me awake
            It's the thought of you
Your georgeous smile, your deep green eyes
        running through my head
          You are calling me baby
        but do you really mean it?
        Overthinging, imaginating
         I am wishing I was dead
Can we make it or should we break it    before one of us gets hurt?
I am a fool a fool for your presence
    Is this a broken heart in making?
"One, two, three..."
White circles hit his hands
"Four five six... seven"
"Seven is 21 milligrams"

More than enough you see,
More than enough for deep sleep

Doesn't he want more though?
More than 4am alarms
More than mid afternoon naps
More than hugging pillows

I know he craves something deeper
SeaChel 4d
My brain is moving

a million miles per hour,

though it pleads to stop.
Tøast 6d
Sometimes I miss the old me,
The me that would run around in mountains, and swim in rivers.
But now every thought is a mountain and the waters are cold.
My anxiety shaking me back down to earth where my mind is never at ease with the birds in the sky.
Coz the birds, you see, they've never quite been in reach,
Every goal he's set, every day he tried
He always ends up back here, just wanting to fly.
I just want to sleep
why can't you understand that
we're not friends
Give me something i can't have
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