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JR Apr 8
when it happened it was a surprise
like opening a birthday gift
from someone who didn't know you well

you're only grateful
when the moment is over

but the moment never died

for some reason
it eats where I eat
sleeps where I sleep
hides where I hide

it has taken over

he had no right to get close
to trap me in a single moment

if I was a sun
then I am not anymore
because his touch burned me
somethings shouldn't be ignored
what a fu**ing time
Talia Oct 2020
You drag me in
past the point of
personal boundaries
Hands like hot plates
welded to my waist

Eyes undress me
with a penetrating stare
exposing me to everybody
Your kind lurk everywhere

I struggle away from
potent, *** ridden breath
that invades my air space
I try to breathe in
some respect
from anybody, anywhere?!
Achick Jul 2020
There’s a memory I’m scared to unlock
It’s buried away
If you want to find it
You’ll have to travel in my abyss of shattered innocence
In this deep void
You’ll have to dive deeper than Davy Jones‘ locker to find it
You’ll have to carry a torch, a shovel and somewhere in there you’ll find the key to unlock it
I’ve hidden this memory deep in despair
I never wanted anyone to find it
This journey comes with extreme warnings and phantom hauntings
You won’t be the same once you find it
This memory will twist you and leave you broken
This journey will shatter your soul into a million pieces on a cold kitchen floor
This journey will violate you
This journey will take everything you have and more
In this journey whatever innocence you have will be taken by the hands of someone you trusted
This journey will leave you wishing you died on that floor
This journey is in the mindset of a 13 year old girl
She didn’t know any better
She was left alone with her friends boyfriend
He had left her empty and ashamed on that cold kitchen floor
All he said to her “if you don’t, I’ll tell her you wanted it and she’ll beat you until you’re in the hospital”
She couldn’t say no
She didn’t want it
She was scared and alone
Then he left her crying on that cold black and white kitchen floor
Elemenohp Oct 2019
A shadow drapes itself across my naked body,
Weightless.. yet, heavy.
The shilouetted form cuts itself a share of my light.
Leaving behind a darkness.

Empty space.

Peering eyes, unseen.
I wish this were a dream.
Another sleepless night
madison Feb 2019
i apologize
for all the things i never said anything
for all the times i didn't speak up
for all the times i let you make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin
for all the times i let you make me feel guilty
for all the times i let you get away it
for all the times i let you win
for all the times i let you make me cry at 2am

i apologize for never telling you
that you were ruining everything about me
that you made me hate myself
and that this hate continues to run through my veins
for you
and for me
and everything that slipped through the cracks in between
as you broke me
you were known for having no empathy
Arielle Aug 2018
I hate that I have this fear inside
Even though I try to hide
This fear will never leave my side
No matter how many times I've tried
I can't seem to shake it from my mind
You're like the ghost that is always near
That is constantly reminding me why I fear
It's still a work in process but I felt like I wanted to show it as I work on it ... March 4th 2018 is a day I will never ever forget .
molly Jul 2018
If I think too hard

I can still feel their hands on my body
Four of them rubbing and squeezing and grabbing my skin
Desperate for my oblivious being.

If I think too hard

I can still feel the scratch of his stubble
As his skin rubs mine
And the other caresses me
Taking away my control.

If I think too hard

The world still spins
I can hear the moaning
And the distant sounds of nature
Outside of our tent, but so far away from my reality.

If I think too hard

I can hear their comments of praise
To each other
As I lay there blind drunk
And they do with me what they please

If I think too hard

I try desperately to shield the memory,
The three of us entangled
And together,
A trio of drunken disgrace.

If I think too hard

I cringe and cry
And my legs clamp shut
Disgusted at my stolen consciousness
And forever violated by my memory.

If I think too hard

I hate myself for what happened
I hate him for being drunk
And I hate the other for being selfish,
Breaking my heart and my trust
written during a very difficult time of accepting that some things you wished never happened, did.
Sally A Bayan Apr 2018
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"...go to hell, purloiners!
you breached my privacy,
both, are sacred to me...
what about you? anything at all sacred to you?"
It's been
three days and more,
of crossing fears...thinking,
how easily......and suddenly...
one's precious worded gems,
could be exposed to strangers' eyes...
to think that private thoughts can
no longer be private, is infuriating...
how does one deal with violated privacy?
i'm ailing...while drowning in dim streams
.....all assurances, now disputed
all negative possibilities considered
i'm paranoid...the devil is winning...

the stomach sympathizes
with a disconcerted mind
growling its discontent
creating deleterious acids...

mad, upsetting hours stay for a while
holes must be mended or patched...
what was disorganized ...must be straightened
got to start from scratch

these past evenings, i trod
through hot valleys bright with fire
burning with anger and disgust
...for, i felt betrayed,
never have i been this way before,

.....i must go back to the water.....

slowly............i wait,
'til i can look past those trees,
those walls....those worlds outside, and
from them, create a swinging hammock
tied on two coconut trees~~~then
feel a mist from a not so far clear, blue ocean
feel the breeze whisper its magic spell
to cool and melt the fires within
be at peace with everyone
with everything...

i must take hold of that space
where i'll float...and i'll forget
where i'll toy with the ripples
and be overcome
~~~~moments of zen~~~

...i keep on scribbling, even when i'm angry,
      'til i get to that moment of calm.
Melanie Mar 2018
You bread fear and vulnerability
little by little you killed me
by intimidation
You thrived off of my instability; my humility
You thrived off me being vulnerable impaired
You left me haunted and scared

Drowning I couldn’t breathe air
Not fair
In my terror is when I found my faith that the devil is real
I was so scared
I was alone falling unsure and naive
I was innocent and unaware
You violated me
The way I looked at the world
The way I perceived it
The way I perceive people
The feeling of safety
Empathy compassion
Love control

Youleft me ruined shattered
You battered disrespected degraded and
And   disregarded my spirit
You denied my feelings my thoughts my beliefs my request  my despair
because remember, feeling isnt fair
My willingness to make love not war
Wicked Mar 2018
He told me I was beautiful
He made me feel loved
He kissed me softly
He whispered sweet nothings
He reached his hands
He touched me all over
I tried to speak
He kissed me harder
He held me firmly
He told me it was okay
He know I wanted it
He grabbed me
He kept me down
I couldn’t speak
I couldn’t move
I couldn’t say no
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