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Eleanor Jun 2018
A dash of hope can change the world
A sprinkling of kindness can lift broken spirits
A pint of compassion can bring waves of happiness
A pinch of love can re-ignite a life

But none of this is possible without a spoonful of optimism
I know I called this how to change the world but take it with a pinch of salt
Fox Friend Apr 2018
Maybe one person
can't change The World,
but you melted into my life
and the world (mine, at least)
was never the same.

Changed, by you.
Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2017
Spread love not hate
Spread peace and share faith
For giving is the only form of recieving
Believing is the only way of achieving
We are humans, different in race but one in spirit, let's learn to inherit this love and share it
SweetClementine Oct 2016
I don't understand how words
written in the sand,
words written with my simple hand
can make me think twice.
Or how being tethered to my phone
makes me feel less alone.
And how staying at my friends home
makes me wish I were family.
I can't change anything.
Becuase we deal with what we're given
we don't get to choose how we live and
attempts to change the world are just trivial...
Right? Wrong.
See, those words in the sand
words written even with my simple hand
could make someone's day better.
That's a change I can make.
A small step I can take.
And by connecting to the world with my phone, I'm never really alone,
I can project a positive tone
For my small audience to hear.
You see, change is waiting for you,
anxiously waiting for you to choose what you will do
to make your world a better place.
Even if it's as simple as words in the sand
that will put a smile on someone's face.
This is a piece that, besides a few words and punctuation corrections here and there, is unedited. It's something I'd like to call "motivational mumbles". I had this major brainwave of motivation, positivity and inspiration after attending my first open mic and hearing spoken word/slam poetry. As soon as I returned home, this is what I produced. I hope it makes sense, and that someone can connect with it like I do!!
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016
What started with benign intentions
Turned into an Orwellian invention
What started as a way to stop a mental trip
Is being used incorrectly for censorship
Yes, YouTube may be a company
But our speech is supposed to be free
And if we wanted certain features disabled
We all would've signed up for cable

So we'll find the information
And we will speak out
Let's join together from every nation
And make the world turn about
YouTube has unveiled new guidlines for youtubers stating what constitutes "advertising friendly material", which essentially says that if a video maker swears a lot in their videos or brings up a sensitive subject like drugs or suicide (even if they are actively trying to stop these things in the video), YouTube will not allow these content creators to earn ad revenue from the videos in question.
This may not seem like a big deal, but many big YouTubers make nearly all of their money from their videos and don't have other jobs since they spend so much time not only making but also editing their videos. Under these new guidlines, if a youtuber swears a lot in their videos or if they bring up controversial subjects, they will not be able to make as revenue off of their videos, essentially taking away their pay. The only way that this can be avoided is if the youtuber in question stops making "contreversial" and "non-advertising friendly" videos.
This is a blatant act of censorship. If YouTube were at all concerned about people being triggered by a video (as they will claim that that is why the new rules are in place), they would ask youtubers to tag their videos with trigger warnings and not deprive them of ad revenue. This system only serves to drive contreversial youtubers, many of whom are very popular, to quit YouTube and look for a more stable income.
This does not violate any laws, as YouTube is a private company and the first amendment applies to the government. This does, however, violate the very principle of free speech.
Many youtubers choose to work through the media that they do because the internet is supposed to allow for freedom of expression in a way that broadcast television does not allow. YouTube also allows content creators to reach a global audience, wheras without it a video might only be available in a small reigon of the world.
There has been a trend recently of people trying to censor the internet, such as with the "right to be forgotten" laws (Which can allow criminals to hide articles about their arrests), copyright claims based on background music that no one can hear, and inconsistent age restrictions.
We need to speak up and let the world, the internet, and especially YouTube know that this is not okay.
Spread the word however you want to, make sure people know what's happening. If we all speak up, then maybe companies like YouTube will hear us.

And if you read all the way to the end of this essay, I would like to say thank you. I know that was extremely long, but I couldn't figure out how to explain it with fewer words. So for you attention and support, I will give you an emoticon rose.
R M Shayr Mar 2016
Mind is a miracle machine, it is always working
If you aren't aware of it you don't really know what you are thinking

You can let it manufacture doubts and get lost in a smoky cloud
Or make it sense the differences and hear everything speak out to you aloud

The path you take was yours to take alone
Your own path can't guide anyone else to their home

You see a man broken and beaten down by time and his wasted efforts
Open your eyes and see him still standing like war stricken forts

Planning and working every moment to get prepared to reach his aims
You might be thinking he is procrastinating and playing games

He isn't playing he is creating the way to his dreams
If you could hear his thoughts, you would know how loud are his screams

He might be waiting, collecting all his will for what he wants and more
You might question him, why stay stuck? What are you waiting for ?

In his mind he might see change different to you, no slow routines lead him to his goal
It is a jump to catch the moon and getting closer after every fall

You are taking steps to reach safety, staying close to the shore
He sees you from the depths of the ocean wondering what are you waiting for ?

Not everyone is made to fit the routines and the rules of society
He is here to challenge and change what you perceive as reality

— The End —