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karly codr Mar 1
it seems like there's a timer
in my head
counting down
to every bad day
except i don't know when
the timer will go off
but it seems like
the time between bad days
is slowly getting longer
let's be honest though i will never be mentally/emotionally stable
karly codr Feb 24
the good thing
about having a bad day
is that the sun always sets
and when the sun rises
in the morning
you get a chance
to start over
well you know i'm slowly getting there (also this is irrelevant but I got to roll the windows down driving home from school today because it was 55 degrees instead of -23 like it was for the past 2 weeks)
JD Nov 2020
Sometimes my world is black
and sometimes it's blue.

Sometimes my world turn bright
and that's because of you.
Some people have the ability to change your day with a simple word or smile
Akshata Lanjekar Jul 2020
The last few days
have been those dreams you had
as a child, falling off cliffs but never really
There are bad days and then there are exceptional ones. Those that feel like fingernails dragging on a small chalkboard in your head. Like life slowly leaving your favourite feng shui plant.
You shut your eyes
and beg for it to stop.
but the hamster keeps running on its wheel and the hourglass fills up with sand.
A bird in a golden cage, you sit pretty
and wait for the sun.
What else is there?

A new day,
You pray,
no more bad days.
No headaches from overthinking, no scraped nail polish from all the chewing
So you go up
Up to the gold in the sky
And let your wildest laugh
set a fire so bright that
darkness lays down its shroud
and gives way to songbirds
to come perch on your shoulder and whisper
sweet love songs in your ear until
you learn to dream of fairy lights on the beach again.
Or so hope.
What else is there?
There is a small hole
in the space between my ribs
right above my lungs
and most of the time
it's tiny
a pin hole really
unnoticeable even to those who know it's there
but on bad days
it grows
it becomes a black hole
collapsing my ribs in
suffocating my lungs
making it impossible to breathe
or to just be
the walls shrink in on me
and i feel so alone
all i wish for is sleep
but I know it doesn't help
so i keep moving
imitating a regular day
going through the motions
until the day ends
and i collapse in tears
falling asleep
to the tears sliding down my face
and my exasperated lungs
gasping for another breath
I dream that everything is okay
that I am back to a pin hole
and not an all consuming black hole
when I wake up
some days
I've already forgotten about yesterday
but some
Are just a repeat of the hell
that I just barely survived
The rain wasnt just a metaphor for the tears streaming down my cheeks today, it was reality.

Although, It was literally down pouring rain all day long.

While thunder and lightning were crashing and flashing in the sky,

Thunder and lightning were building up of me on the inside.

I don't wanna talk about it no, I'm fine I'm all right.

Then I close my door and just let myself cry.

They don't know what it feels like.

To be all alone and have no one to confide.

I can't seem to shake off the things that are said anymore.

But if it doesn't change soon I won't want to get out of bed anymore.

Baby, toddler, child, teen, adult

It doesnt matter, any of us can be victims of this type of assault.

Bullying doesnt just happen when you are young.

You just hope by the time you've grown up, that course has been run.

One more time and I will really lose it.

I was given a mouth to speak, I think it's about time I use it.
Rhea Sheilah Jul 2018
Have you ever missed someone when he is standing right in front of you?
Minutes ago I was standing with you
And I realized how I have missed you
I miss your aura and humorous side
I miss your random hugs and winks
I miss seeing you smile from the heart
I miss the part of you that allows me to be myself when I see you
I miss not feeling judged when I am around you
I miss the original US….
So for the past 2 days, my friend's moods changed and he was acting unusual
He would send texts and through them i feel the pain he has
but thank God for this talent, this poem has helped me get him to open up and tell me how he is feeling.

there are days in life, when we feel low and broken but then friends like me, talk to us and we are whole again.
Vhien Miguel Jul 2018
Forgive me my love, for I always want you
All I expect is for you to want me that much too
Be afraid when I’m about to leave, clinginess and everything else
At times, I might be stubborn, but not to forget till my hair is no auburn,
I will love you, ‘till my dying day
By your side I will always lay
If your happiness would need me without
I love you so much, I would gladly walk out
For that will give mein liebing joy,
I have no say, just for you to enjoy,
Mostly, I could be stupid, yes I know
But I feel bad when I give you sorrow
Answer my questions, I’ll keep on asking ‘till there’s no tomorrow
Be patient with me, don’t be cold as snow,
Please stop being snappy,
That doesn’t make me happy,
All I want every time is to see you smile,
Even if that would send me off a mile.
Brian McDonagh May 2018
Sure, there are events
That mnemonically make sense,
But the entirety of that day, yes,
Slips as we take new steps
Toward the promised morning beyond our essence.
Trials become more, we grow to become less,
Something we need not confess,
For it cannot be concealed, even in our code of dress.
There are groans for the day to cease and those for the day to onward press,
How can this opinionized split be reconciled? Unless
Our own lives we assess
And remember those moments that still impress
Our minds and attitudes, this can we address.
When the day and our remembrance
Of it seem to fade in all hopelessness
Of retrieval, remember at least the happiness
That kissed you in distress,
That lifted you like incense.
A quintessence
Of what it’s like being on the fence
When time unleashes an offense
In weak defense
Against what we hold nevertheless
Not with hands, but with dense
Feelings, those with irreplaceable innocence.
If I have the time, why not rhyme lol?  Ever since my collegiate experience, I've been anxious about remembering each day, even just ordinary tasks because I'm afraid I will lose sight or thought of what I've done (not to be egotistical) and accomplished.  Though summarily even tasks are fleeting things, in order to remember the times I or anyone want to remember, it would only make sense to remember something at all, right?  Anyway, enjoy!
Alaina Moore May 2018
Joints simply electric.
Aware of every muscle.
Feel heavier today,
Did I wake up on Jupiter?
No, just barometric pressure.
Each step a chore;
Try not to let it show.
My mind compensating,
Trying to ignore what the brain perceives.
By then end of the day I am wasteland.
Existence becomes intolerable.
It's times like these I forget,
That my minds on constant auto pilot.
"It's not pain it's pressure"
"It's all a misfire"
"This isn't real."
Without a rested mind,
I melt, I burn, I'm plagued by electric waves.
Harshly remained of what I daily ignore.
Some days I can't do it,
Today is one.
I wrote this during a pretty intense flare up. During a time when I was overburdened with many existential factors of life that I could not focus on ignoring the pain - and so - I was harshly reminded about how important it is to my condition to have a healthy mind.
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