emnabee 1d
This is how it begins
The return of my old friend
Not a friend really
But still...
One who knows me well.

It starts in the pit of my self
And it fashions itself a room

And it tells me simply this:


is certainly coming soon.
Innominate Mar 10

From your words,
to your body language,
to your fucking presence.


I live day to day,
dreading talking to you.
I live day to day,
scorning you.

The only reason I tolerate you,
is because I have to.


I live day to day,
dreading waking up.
I live day to day,
shying away from mirrors.

Danielle Mar 9
It shimmers just below the surface.
Damp fish scales
And that feeling of cold bile,
Rises to the surface.
That dreaded thought
Which you knew was the truth
We all have those moments where we have to confront a truth that we knew, but didn't want to acknowledge.
I feel empty and alone
I've lost myself
My heart turned to stone

So much is spinning inside my head
Fear, anger, loathing and dread
I've kept it inside
Kept it to myself
When all I need
Is to scream it out

But no one cares
I never get a second thought
So I just keep it to myself
With these emotions
I've always fought

Sick to my stomach everyday
Thinking of all
That is coming my way

Your anger, my pain
Feeling so insignificant
And small every time
I'm not a criminal
You can't blame me for any crime
I've served my sentence
And it was the hardest hill
I've ever had to climb

Even though I've let it go
My stomach lurches
And the pain still shows

The scars inside of me betray
The hold you have on me
To this very day

Why can't you see
What you've done to me
And let me go
So I can fly free

Away from you
Then maybe you could see
That this is my life
And this is my final plea.
liv Feb 27
you look upon the future
with fear and dread
because of what you already know
or at least what you think you know
is going to occur
whereas i look upon the future
with hope and careful consideration
because what you fear
is not set in stone
and the future
is not yet determined
and to me
so distant
nothing is for certain, but that doesn't have to be scary
When I stumble out of bed
The stars dance round me
Softly ringing in my head
Trying to lull me back to sleep

The mirror tells a tale
Of a mask formed in despair
A battle with the scale
And a vow to never fail

Sleeves that hide regret
Lines of crippled ruined flesh
Skin forgives but won't forget
A reminder's always left
T R S Feb 22
Sometimes there's seamstress sewing in my head
Quilting batted blankets of existential dread
Comforters and covers cover all of our cold dead
They're neatly surged and finished in copper linen thread
R K Feb 20
I've learnt to know dread like I've learnt to break bread,
For fear, it's unsaid, cause kids go unfed,
cops are mislead about the bloodshed, lay dead, not a sound skinhead.

I've learnt to be on my own, like I've learnt to hate your throne,
I'd think I was made of stone for not the broken bones. No numbers in my phone, I walk into the unknown, no fear for I am alone.

I've learnt to know pain like I've learnt to love rain,
Cause it hurts to wash stains of the blood from split veins, but the burn from thin canes won't keep me in chains. Still sane,
this is the end of your reign.
Keep your chin up.
haley Feb 20
I can hear him knocking at the door
I feel the rhythm of the beating in my chest and head.

It overwhelms me, bleeding down into my core,
my heartstrings hanging by a single thread.

I cannot handle your lingering presence anymore.

I am exhausted from a constant state of dread;
an endless game of tug of war
contemplating all of the things I’ve left unsaid.

Compiling a collection of unfinished memoirs
abandoned and stranded in my mind instead.

He is here, choosing which wounds to reopen into deeper sores
I lay awaiting the temporary passage of this bloodshed.
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