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Eloisa Mar 20
I opened my eyes in darkness,
In the ravine where I met myself.
I heard my voice
in the deep silence.
In the unending crack
I began to tread again.
I tried to climb
out of dread and despair.
Nearing the death of light.
The moon has left.
The Earth trembled
As the rabbits marched down
With strange twisted muskets
and fangs in their Cowles.
You can hear the cry’s of crows lost crowds
who have obviously sent them around
to hop one by one
to lead you into the cold lonely ground
Where you can only watch
As the works of man
Are razed to the ground
Odd mind
TheWitheredSoul Dec 2021
Grief of a love lost, has no timeline sometimes its just you with yourself fighting to find solace between the raging momentary whisks of anger and pointless sedition of your soul that irks to find the once long lost peace, You wish it has an end and rebel against the never ending !
Dilshey Nov 2021
deathly whispers
cloud ones' head
biosterous chatter
malign things said
Insecurity & her
friend, Dread
can't keep shut
till passion bled..
from every vein,
that's flooding red.
& in a slump
you crawl in bed
to wake to another
dawn, with
the voices tethered
inside your head.
stillhuman Aug 2021
Not unlike lights turning off abruptly
the rumble of the earth underneath
the waves of the sea rushing
unfamiliar faces passing
dark grey clouds gathering
blood tinting the river
and a lifeless corpse falling

Dread clutches my throat
and drags me into the abyss
It shouts in the emptiness of a lonely broken-down greek theatre
maria Jul 2021
my room looks like an old beaten up storm victim
with walls made up of mended old pieces of wood
and a light coming outside my room
with my headphones on

i fantasize a bright future filled with hope and freedom
one where i can create intricate pieces of my soul
but i don’t want to be stuck in this same place of desolate dreams

is the reason for this numbness to life and disconnection to my past and who i am
is because i dream of being eaten up by the worldly pleasures of glitz and glamour

am i not starving enough
to be called a starving artist fueled with this brimming passion and discontentment and art
am i not starved of love and happiness and zest that i became this unfeeling cold robot disconnected from everything

but i am poor, i am starving
why don’t i feel anything
am i just like my room
an old beaten up victim
made up of mended broken pieces without any light from within?
I wrote this one on a whim because I feel uninspired and insecure about my creativity (if I ever have one) and I’m not even sure if this is good or anything but I want to take a dive and put this out there. Side note: I am a victim of abuse from my birth parents. Still stuck here with them but slowly making steps towards getting out of here.
S Jun 2021
It’s too early in the night
for an existential crisis-
yet here we are.
missanthrope May 2021
I love
the sum of
the sun,
the summer.
every bleak winter day
I wait for the sun
to kiss me

but today
her kiss
is unbearable
torching my eyes
blazing past my eyelids
radiating right through my core
extinguishing me from within.

every bleak second of today
I waited for the sun
to go

all I wanted
some more shuttered seconds
some more blissful blackout
some more ducky dreams.
Michael May 2021
Glory's who you are.
It's not what I'll achieve.
To be close to you, not far.
Will I ever find you finally?
Though you know what it is to be.
I'll only have one destiny.
Will I keep on walkin blindy,
till time takes hold of me?

Fear lives in my heart.
For my mind sees a coming dread.
My soul still prays to you
through the thoughts of my crowded head.
Please forgive all the bad I've done,
and the things I said.
Dave Robertson May 2021
Most of us wrestle our ball of twine:
the more we struggle to catch an end and untangle,
the deeper our fumbling takes us

for some the fight twists dark,
the yarn becomes barbed wire
and they bleed loose in many small ways

for others the yarn dwindles
microfilament caught
eternally wriggling on the end hook

I call to you now and give quicksand advice:
stop still and calm and rest,
look about you and a hand will come
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