Zan Balmore Mar 19

Long ago love looked like romance
it held a subtle sheen of madness
Chaos and passion left in pair
Our beds lie oceans apart
My heart can't swim the carpet
In the night we camped the platform
I hadn't yet bought matches
as the smoke was yet to lick me
inside my virginal lungs
My heart grows tumescent, we
never sat close to view forever
in the dusk of violet July
To fulfill happiness fully
suppose we just kiss goodbye forever
and bare the carpet to cement
May some poor soul once more find
their face between too hairy legs
and with my chin I'd trace constellations
Sail our beds both furthest apart
Sail our beds into the dark

In the violet July
Raegan Meyer Mar 5

My head spun and
I couldn't see the
lines between
a potential problem or
I swore
I could plow on.
And suddenly,
there was a quiet moment
and it would make me realize that
the worst thing that can happen
can happen.

it did.

The United States is out of Gas
Sure, I'm using a Metaphor.
President Donald Trump
Has called for more oil and gas exploration and exploitation
He doesn't believe that Global Warming is a Threat.
As a matter of fact,
He thinks it's a hoax,
The American Vehicle of Love
And Passion for the Future
We're not looking FORWARD to  each new day any more
We're anticipating What will happen next
"What the FUCK  is gonna' happen tomorrow?!"we wonder.
This is really unprecedented for Us.

Ami Shae Jan 20

In the impending days ahead
I hope to face them with awe
and not with dread.
Not a moment goes by
that I am unaware
of tears so many cry
and my heart breaks in two
as I realize with huge regret
that there is nothing
absolutely nothing
that we can do...
However this one thought is true:

I wish the best to happen,
really do...

Saigen Embrace Dec 2016

The warmth of thy bed
The comfy cover till head
Pillow that's feather fed
What more can behead
For a lovely night like undead
Good night with dreams of dread

Joshua Dougan Dec 2016

Speak from the heart. The tip of the tongue.
Fly off the cuff, The hip of your gun.
Set scenes apart, a trip to the sun.
Getting High on the huff, the gifting of love.

Speak from the heart, easier said then done.
Treat it like art, Feeding the dread with glum.
Speak from the heart, easier said then done.
Freezing at start, leading the dead with guns.

Jake Thomas Shaw Dec 2016

W're sry E numer yo r Tying to rech
Hs ben diconetd

R is n lnger in srvic

W#'re sry

e num#er yo# #r

T#ying to re#ch H#s be#n

#r is n# l#nger in s#rv#ce

Don't feel at all
Failed to call

Why is #t t#at th#s
Last dial I hear tone
And you're th# on#
Hanging up# done

Can't get the touch
Won't have enough

Of this elixir
That catalyzed my
Ornate fixtures

All it is to me
To press to see

These things we did
And words we said
Don't mean anything
All over again

Counting the days
Until the keypad fades


It was my change
Paying for exchange
To speak my mind
Now I have time
To watch the numbers
Count down to
The day when I can
Forget the coins
I threw


We're sorry The number you are
Trying to reach Has been

Or is no longer in service

W#'re sry

e num#er yo# #r

T#ying to re#ch H#s be#n
#r is n# l#nger in s#rv#ce

W#'r# s## ry

You#have# Reached# The#

Written directly after a breakup.
Tehreem Dec 2016

Imbibing the poisoned chalice of gold
Or claiming the damnation from your lips
All hell is forgettable in your killing embrace
Oh the heinous act of adoration for a condemned soul
I dread thy affection fearing with fear
Sinning more than the sin itself

Nylee Nov 2016

Does it make me a coward ,
When I say that I am scared .
Being afraid of many thing ,
And having fear of nothing .
The violence around is increasing ,
The storm clouds are brimming ,
Anticipating all the worse ,
As we see rising dark force .

Darkness spreading in all direction ,
Light fighting in fractions .
You can feel the hatred everywhere,
And the blood of those who dared ,
This cannot be my future ,
I cannot survive this terror ,
This dread must die  ,
This prophecy of mine better be a lie .

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