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Healer 3h
I am envious of the sun as they say,
if you try to touch the sun, you'll get burned.
If only I could have turned myself into  flame,
I could have become his undone,
burning him to ashes could have been so much fun.
Years have passed however I feel his menacing fingers on my skin,
leaving an invisible yet permanent print,
my every eternal nightmare begins,
with him upon me, his pestilential breath on my skin,
makes me want to crumble six feet beneath.
I thought  it was just an effing game,
every one plays ,instead I became his victim.
Being a girl became a lifetime profanity,
every day I am enduring an untold agony,
trying to remember old me, I am losing my sanity.
Fearing every ******* touch, every intimacy.
I am trying to live in the present reality,
but my life has turned into such a fallacy.
If only I had a better sagacity,
I could have known his ******* capacity.
why? I always ask myself it is hard to face reality.
Didn't he had an ounce of apathy, as he pounced at me with his animality.
he ***** me, killed my soul with the extreme brutality
a blooming flower lost her hope and trust in humanity,
years later, nothing could fill that cavity.
andrea 6d
There is a coldness, a bitterness that grows with fervor
glancing back to younger days, days wild with unexpecting
with lips pulled back, bracing teeth for tomorrow, holding *****.
Grit, I have none. I fear a wrinkled future, not the body, dreams:
Like a plant that goes to waste for weekends left unwatered,
Like a mad purple bruise throbs at night, lest you forget (fool!)
I've been feeling murky lately, and I haven't been here in a while
Ken Pepiton Nov 1
A touching, a feel felt, good.
Kind good. Help good.

Those sorts of touches
Are too costly for any but the most

Attention-to payingest among us.

Old people who paid a we-bit, a longtime,
Think about such things
With interest
Intent on

Squeezing the life out every sunset.
Feeling the first pixel from
The first seen star
Seen tonight

Smack into the back of your brain, and
Trigger an avalanche
Of yes, todays.
Feels good,
Feeling kinda touched,

Not alone, you know.
I treasure sunsets and acoustic intrumental AI choices on Spot-ify.
Ification is my hobby, realizing ifs that once were mere wishes. I have all the books and music and time in the whole world, or so much that what I lack is not worth seeking till I finish watching all the TED talks that interest me.
Ormond Oct 31
Rain fell in commotions—
The birds would have none of it,
The moon bellowed in ghostly white,
Faced in the sprite, ringing indifference
Of low fading stars, trees in posted dark
Scratched the grasslands of the fallen
Firmaments and the small creatures
That are holed up in days, scurried
With the creep of night and moan
Of oceans slide, mangled clouds
Clutched the murky burn of sky
And smallish eyes everywhen
Shuddered in the frosts
Of a shuttering rose.
From Wikipedia:
Samhain Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year. Traditionally, it is celebrated from 31 October to 1 November, as the Celtic day began and ended at sunset. This is about halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. It is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals, along with Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lughnasadh. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Similar festivals are held at the same time of year in other Celtic lands.
David Abraham Oct 31
He doesn't smile often,
and when he does it is flitting,
and even though I long to ask how he is doing,
I cannot seem to battle down
the commotion in my head and the terror in my chest
because I think he knows my secret
and I cannot put my fears to rest.
He never did anything wrong,
but I heard him say he might become a man of ***,
and so often they decide that their beliefs are worthier than my rights,
so I still cannot stand near him without feeling drained
just to be filled up with dread and anxiety.
I hope that he has forgotten,
instead of just opting not to speak.
0559, Halloween, 2018

I woke up too early this morning
Alissa Rogers Mar 2012
In moments of my life
I lie, I do admit.
I try and guard my heart
with my rancor and my wit.

In moments of my life
I gave a piece of myself,
for nothing in turn.
There's always another woman
for whom a man's heart will yearn.

In moments of my life
I doubt I will have a one and all;
one who understands me
when I cut and when I crawl.

In moments of my life
I try and run from my fate.
Yet as I've found,
with growing dread,
I'm already too late.
This is for all the lonely souls like me.
LPpoetry Oct 18
I shut them out,
I let them go,
The people who care,
More than I know,
Why do I do this,
When they just want to help?
Am I a horrible person?
Or is it fate to be by myself?
I don’t mean to hurt them,
When I finally do go,
I’d rather take their pain,
And let my blood flow.
My first one in a long time. My uploads were being weird for a while so I took a break but I do have some more written to share.
Ormond Oct 14
I came to a courtyard of my own making,
To a cottage by the sea at the worlds edge.
I furnished it with my left over life, complete,
Barren and colourless and I wrote the newest
Book of psalms out of tinder and flame, a tome
Of grey and useless poems, unheard of songs
And reams of flesh.  There in the lightest dark,
By the Druid stone that was placed just for me,
I planted a creeping yew tree.  And the moon
Sang in celebration and silence like a fallen
                    Under the covering hazel trees,
That sprung to life after the longest winter,
Which taught me to forget my name, I now
Struggle with light and my body, warring, torn
Is fading slow, like the always arriving, down
Turning solstice, the climates of the mind,
Where it is digging the never ending shallow
Hole only the spreading eternal yew, that I
Planted, will ever know and only the Lazarus
Moon shall ever rise above.

I came to a courtyard of my own making,
Was it dream that led me there or my eyes?
Em Sep 29
at you
at family
at everyone

towards this country
towards the world
towards everything.

because of me
because of life
because of the
of anything.

Is all I feel

Is all anyone feels

We just don't call it that way.
JR Falk Sep 29
My dad would always warn me to be careful when falling in love;
I fall too quickly for my own good.

So on the days leading up to the moment you arrived,
I made sure I steadied my footing,
readying myself for the moment I would.
I could tell I was going to.
I wanted to be prepared.

But as I stood in that airport, my knees were already trembling.
It seemed as though the moment I saw you coming down that escalator,
I lost my footing.
All of a sudden everything around me had disappeared.
All at once, I was falling.

I wondered if skydiving rivaled that thrill, and the fear.
My heart never stopped pounding.

When we got back to the car,
I kept staring at you as though you'd vanish.
My mouth grew dry with dread.
I worried I would wake any moment and all of this would have been nothing but a dream.
But I didn't, and you remained.

We stepped into my room and everything blurred.
I heard nothing but the air rushing by me as I fell harder each moment.
I turned to you, begging for clarity, and was met with a kiss.
For a moment, I could see again.
I warned you I was petrified.
You held me.

I saw the pieces of me I had lost when falling in the past come hurtling towards me as I fell.
When I woke up to you, your chestnut irises were still closed,
yet your breathing stabilized my rugged heart rate.
I was completely unaware of where the ground was,
or how hard I'd hit it,
but I savored the sight as though it were still all just a dream.

Each and every moment with you,
I feared the outcome.
I prepared myself with every aching hour for the impact.
My breathing was so unsteady, I felt on the verge of collapsing.
I closed my eyes. I couldn't let myself see what was coming.

As we sat on my bed, and you held me in your arms,
you begged me to open up.
You insisted I open my eyes,
and I fought tears as our breathing synchronized.
I could see the ground now.
The panic clawed its way out of my heart, up my throat,
and I felt my body shake as the words finally spilled out.

I braced myself.
I winced, expecting the pain.
I had anticipated every bit of me to shatter.
I was ready for there to be nothing left of me to break.

But I didn't break.

I could tell the world around me was still again,
but I wasn't on the ground.
I was not broken.
I was pieced back together, carefully.

You kissed me, breathing into me the life I thought I'd given up.
I finally opened my eyes, and as my vision focused,
there sat every piece of me I thought I had thrown away for each and every heartbreak before.
The parts of me that I had lost so long ago, that I assumed nobody would miss or remember,
sat upright, polished, and presented like precious gems.
The feeling in my body returned,
and I turned to those perfect orbs in disbelief--

you caught me.

You never let me go.

It was then that I realized that all the while I had readied myself to fall,
I had already spent my life preparing my heart for you.

So when my dad reminds me to be careful this time, I'll let him know:

I was, but I never needed to be.
You were right here all along,
waiting to catch me.

oh my ******* ***, i love you.

a month from right now i'll be in your arms again.
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