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Your eyes twinkle differently.
They don’t reflect the yellow from the sunflowers nearby
but they seem to adore the tumultuous grey storm on the other side
who knew one so mellow could suddenly harden
maybe it hardened so it didn’t crumble -

but you didn’t realise the nature that surrounded you
a fresh breeze blew over the calm lake
green trees swung beside to provide you with shade
flowers grew alongside, and handed you their delicate seeds
they knew you would care for them even after they grew to become trees -

But you fell in love with the storm.

You became the ocean - almighty powerful, vast and destructive
yet so alone
no one ever saw you
except for bare, faceless rocks
or people who died taking their last hop
you comforted life in your darkest depths
but it never saw the sky above you
and only ever mastered hiding in the comfort of the blue

you didn’t protect the seeds of the flower anymore
those trees were too far away to shade you
the calm breeze was replaced by a violent gale
one that was too quick to move you

you may have progressed into the calm sea that is enjoyed
or you may remain the storm
but the salty sea will never be able to bring back
the sweetness that is gone.
Exploring the multitude of consequences when the lake decides to metamorphose into the sea.
Van Xuan Feb 2021
People who take things for granted
Are the worst type of people
Because they always thought
That everything they have
Are meant to be theirs
Eli Jan 2021
i have everything i could have ever wanted..

so why won’t this aching feeling go away?
why do i still drag my feet along?

when the bridge i am walking on is made of solid gold?
Amna Khan Apr 2020
Your tears strike
the frozen sleet below.
I shuffle to pick them up
because diamonds
are irrefutably too precious
to be wasted away
on such an ungrateful surface.
renae Nov 2019
I got so afraid of losing you that I subconsciously numbed myself of your love

My biggest fear came a reality when I realized I was pushing you away

When really all I wanted was you touching me, loving me

I became ungrateful and unbelieving of your love so I wouldn't worry about losing you

But, I've come to realize, I want to risk feeling the pain of losing you

I want to love you so hard that, if this was our last day, I'd lay easy knowing I loved you with all I had

Worrying about the future, unwillingly numbed my present

And, I will fight so so hard to get it back
Feeling like you've lost someone even when you haven't kills you inside. But I realized it was my doing, and all I want to do is fix everything.
Hlengiwe Sep 2019
Hallow and empty is my heart
A blank space that refuses to be filled grows
Craving the unknown to quieten the voices in my head
Words meant to heal me
Like the medication hidden under my bed
Laziness opened doors to apathy
My worst nightmare invading my reality
No words to reason what's going on in my head
Having everything appreciating nothing
Blackness covering my eyes
Unable to see the blessings in front of me
Gratitude is what's needed but no one is seeking it.
Don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has it's own problems to worry about so they say
Yet worrying about the past is what we specialise in
Gratitude is key...
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