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Amna Khan Apr 23
Your tears strike
the frozen sleet below.
I shuffle to pick them up
because diamonds
are irrefutably too precious
to be wasted away
on such an ungrateful surface.
renae Nov 2019
I got so afraid of losing you that I subconsciously numbed myself of your love

My biggest fear came a reality when I realized I was pushing you away

When really all I wanted was you touching me, loving me

I became ungrateful and unbelieving of your love so I wouldn't worry about losing you

But, I've come to realize, I want to risk feeling the pain of losing you

I want to love you so hard that, if this was our last day, I'd lay easy knowing I loved you with all I had

Worrying about the future, unwillingly numbed my present

And, I will fight so so hard to get it back
Feeling like you've lost someone even when you haven't kills you inside. But I realized it was my doing, and all I want to do is fix everything.
Hlengiwe Sep 2019
Hallow and empty is my heart
A blank space that refuses to be filled grows
Craving the unknown to quieten the voices in my head
Words meant to heal me
Like the medication hidden under my bed
Laziness opened doors to apathy
My worst nightmare invading my reality
No words to reason what's going on in my head
Having everything appreciating nothing
Blackness covering my eyes
Unable to see the blessings in front of me
Gratitude is what's needed but no one is seeking it.
Don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has it's own problems to worry about so they say
Yet worrying about the past is what we specialise in
Gratitude is key...
Carmen Jane Jul 2019
Feeling ungrateful if admitting unhappiness
Is  this the right path to take,
Uncertainty collapses only if tapping the deep
Kicking pebbles barefoot, might hurt,
Rolling in mud won't hide the salty tears
Their traces, would be accentuated
As they become the clear rivers
Stiffened muscles  holding the same spot,
Tripping laughters and frantic screams…
Go ahead, be ungrateful for one day
Let complains out of your mouth
Frown and feel the warmth of tears
And don't need to understand all
Wait for the clouds to reveal the sun
Just try something new today or don't
It's ok to feel ungrateful for a bit
Just for a bit, as you know in fact you are blessed
Kindness is not that far away!
Aaliyah Salia Jul 2019
There were so many sacrifices,
so many lives taken,
so many lives given,
and yet we are ungrateful.

We want more happiness,
so we neglect what we have right now.
We become greedy for more,
for more and more of everything.

Why? Why can't our hearts be satisfied
with what we have?
Why do we need this and that?
and everything the rich have?

Can't we just live our lives the way it is written to be lived?
Can't we, for once, ignore the evil
and turn to good?

Is it so hard for us?
Is it so hard that if you don't dream
you won't live?
Let's not forget to be thankful for everything we have and don't have. After all, life is too short to be greedy.
Makayla Wofford May 2019
We wait for that sweet summer day
To go swim and camp
To hang out with friends
Then it comes
You get bored of that summer day
And you start wishing
Wishing that it would go away
Then winter rolls around
And you miss that sweet summer day
You only want what you can't have them when you get it you want something new
Justus Chan May 2019
I float under the rough currents
dazed and thoroughly beaten.
My body air-filled and rubber
Bashing into jagged blunders.

Within the tides that turn me round
I splash without a decibel of sound.
The oars that row me rotten dead
and my veins flowing with molten lead.

The syllables with which I speak
deafened by my groans of weak.
On deserted sand I stand alone
crumbling to a pile of bones.

The pressures of the heavy air
the stresses of which I bear
over me so they tower
as I wait for my final hour.

The sands of time flow with sombre
whilst I pray upon a broken altar
The soft bugle of a marching band
and I shall take a final stand.

Cowering under my own regrets
facing off against life's threats
I decidedly drop my weapon of nought
and turn my back without having fought.

The strings of distress of which I spool
may only be that of a fool
but the cups I use to rattle the grate
the number of times I see a head shake

Frenzied terror's what I call my friend.
The devil graces me a shake of his hand.
I climb the ladder of despair.
The final rung: I sit and stare

Christmas lights and deep winter snow.
Summer nights and cool wind blow.
Autumn with her orange trees.
Spring bringing back lush green.

All this I watch from there
I weep and I silently bear
the pain and joy it all has brought
upon me: an ungrateful rot.
دema May 2019
when your words don’t mean much to them,
stop talking, stop arguing
when your actions can’t be seen by them,
stop trying, stop wasting your energy
when your emotions start to groan,
don’t let them build,
you know they’ll eat you up alive,
when you can’t get to a target,
even though you try over and over,
start looking for meaning in the path instead,
when you can’t get over someone,
start reminding yourself that you can,
because you know you can.
Rowan S Jan 2019
Garbled and gassed up gall
Finding flaws for free
I need
To find
The little things
Generally, if I am a more grateful person, mentally I am at peace. When I start finding things to be upset over I typically have little to no gratitude for the good things in my life.
two times the charm
a gallon of tears
bedtime rituals
and the most out of life

the glass is half

a ring made of your mind
tickets to dreams
freedom from blame
and three handfuls of safety

it's but half
square one
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