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Wake me up
At the cracks of dawn
Because you had
A nightmare

Wake me up
In the middle of the night
Because you need a hug
And you want some cuddles

Wake me up
When I'm not asleep
From the daily nightmare
That's called me

Wake me up
When you're thirsty
And need someone to walk you down the stairs
Because you're scared alone in the dark

Wake me up
Whenever you need me
4 AM, 6 PM
I'll always be there

Wake me up
And make me
Stand up with tangles in my hair
To dance with you at midnight

Wake me up
Before you leave to work
So I can wake up next to you
Like we've always wanted

Wake me up
To make love
I wish you would want me
To be your passion
Will you ever?
Aroody May 2019
What is love but an exposition,
Of what is otherwise so deeply hidden,
Within the heart of the one who adores,
Living with the fear of when she explores,

I came to you before we had met,
So majestic with pure excellence,
A perfect guy you had taught,
This broken heart's possessor had been,

When durations of speech,
Went from minutes to hours so quick,
I revealed myself not all but a bit,
Though that bit was enough to change your mind,

You saw me fall and reached my hand,
Helping me up,  assisting me to stand,
But at the same have your troops leave,
The worthless soil of my hearts land.

A confused man isn't apparently;
in the eyes of a lady attractive

Ruheen Apr 2019
If only
I had no problems
Then I wouldn't be
So lonely
Stressed out mind
And open heart
Both so lonely
I can't tell
If I'm alright
If only
I wasn't breaking
I wouldn't be
So lonely
Walking away
So coldly
If only
I wasn't so
(not) crazy
Then maybe
If only
I'm not lonely
Umm. Uhh. Yeah!?
If only I wasn't lonely....
Logan Robertson Apr 2019
If Hillary somehow taken Trump's sauce
Found her ladle before her e-mails loss
Saved all the macaroni
From the plate of Trump phoney
Our stomachs now would not ache, turn and toss

Logan Robertson

Hillary had the kitchen sink, was a huge favorite on betting sites and had the presidential election won in her back pocket. When it counted the most- the debates, defending the discrepancy regarding her e-mails she became doe eyed and became the hunted.
Aleena Jan 2019
My love
My thoughts
My life
Sweetness to my soul
Darling if you only knew
annh Jan 2019
My ‘if only’
My inconsolable regret,
My struggle and my strength.
'In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.'
- Albert Camus
to be determined Nov 2018
Are black clouds swirling above my head?
Are birds and butterflies?
Can you tell when I'm angry?
Does smoke spew from my ears?
Wouldn't that be easier?
If we were animations
Alive and fictitious
Right there
Before your eyes
I reflate after every defeat
Arrive safe and clean and unbroken
Back in my bed the next morning
Nothing happened
Wouldn't that be easier?
write everyday or brilliant thoughts will fly from your head.
it'll be an airport, everything passing through never stopping for a quiet conversation about love
Rose Who Knows Sep 2018
The Catman told a joke
The boy's laughter bounced off the walls
I knew that laugh, so I smiled to myself

I knew before even seeing him
His broad smile lights up the room
His full laugh fills the room
fills me

If only I could be the reason for his smile
If only I could be within his sight
If only it could be as more than a friend
Something I wrote a couple years ago about a boy I liked.

You may notice that I use code names for some people I refer to.
HoneyPotter Jan 2018
If only I'd said the words
what my heart wants to convey,
I bet we are now both happy
singing our songs together.

If only I have clearly shown
how my feelings are sincere.
Perhaps you're still here
Smiling at me so clear.

If only I had said honestly
that our feelings are mutual
I wouldn't regret that day
and writing this poem.

If I could have the chance
to fall in love again
I wouldn't be the same coward
I'll be one step forward.
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