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Rickey Someone Mar 2022

If I could speak to you
I’d tell you how special you are
I’d tell you that what makes you cool
Is that I can see the love of Jesus shining

If I could give you counsel
I’d tell you how valuable you are
I’d tell you how infinitely important it is
To wait patiently on God’s will for your life

If I could ask you a question
I’d want an answer from your heart
What is your pressing passion, I’d ask
What drives you, what things do you love?

If I could watch you
I’d want to see you smile
I’d want you to be safe and happy
I’d want to watch you live your dreams

If I weren’t so self-conscious
I’d be confident and encouraging
I’d want to be intentional and inviting
I’d want to be the person I’m meant to be
Leeeena Aug 2020
If only I had been


If only I had been


If only you had loved me,
then perhaps I could have loved you,
and then you would have


If only people were


If only they had


If only they hadn't broken your trust,
then you could give it to me,
and then you would have


If only you were still


If only I had the guts to tell you


If only I had seen what was going on,
then I could have helped,
and then you would have

Abi Jul 2020
I find myself dreaming of how life was before
I find myself longing for the ways things once were
I wish I'd of been content instead of always asking for more
I wish I remembered it vividly but now its just a blur
Going out with friends and the time that went by so fast
If only I had known that it wouldn't all last
Now confined within the walls that make up my home
I feel so trapped like I'm quarantined inside a dome
Just a few months ago everything was as it should be
Just a few months ago we had no restrictions and were free
But now because of fear, our freedom has strict borders
We have no other choice than to follow the government's orders
I suppose we'll recall a few months ago as the before
Because It's doubtful that things will ever be like that any more
Please no rude comments, it's been forever since I wrote and It took a lot of confidence for me to post this!!
colette alexia May 2020
Quit the "if only"s
Say that you want me
Baby we ain't got the time
No more excuses
Baby let's choose us
It could be the time of our lives
I'd rather regret you than regret my alibi
Tint Mar 2020
Tear me up
salt my wounds
and I will come back
patched and proofed

Stop my tracks
tie my foot
and by this pavement
I'll starve and stood

Call me in names
of sharp refutes
and I will breathe in
to calm my thoughts

But tell me to change
the one thing I be
and you would break me
into insanity

I have known words
to estrange my mind
and I have heard you
brought back my life

A disfiguration
of what I was
A continuation
of who I am

And I,
I am
A broken
If only I was a different me
Aroody May 2019
What is love but an exposition,
Of what is otherwise so deeply hidden,
Within the heart of the one who adores,
Living with the fear of when she explores,

I came to you before we had met,
So majestic with pure excellence,
A perfect guy you had taught,
This broken heart's possessor had been,

When durations of speech,
Went from minutes to hours so quick,
I revealed myself not all but a bit,
Though that bit was enough to change your mind,

You saw me fall and reached my hand,
Helping me up,  assisting me to stand,
But at the same have your troops leave,
The worthless soil of my hearts land.

A confused man isn't apparently;
in the eyes of a lady attractive

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