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What is reality?
What is theory?

Sometimes four
Sometimes five

Sometimes both
Of them at once

Control the future
By controlling the past

Listen here, Oceania
War is peace

First, we'll give everything its due
Then say it never happened

Again and again
Until you believe it's true
~   using
our intelligence
to manipulate
people   ~
tia 6d
she thought her love could change him
but the only feelings that stirred between them
was that of unease and suffering
she couldn't care for him, she couldn't stay there
hours on end, crying at the possibility of his death
and truthfully, this was her own foolishness
he never asked this of her, he told her
"I'm going to end up hurting you"
he's right, he's always been right about everything
it feels like we're strangers
and sometimes it feels like we're friends
I hesitate because he cares about me to some extent
he cares for me because of my kindness and optimism
but I don't want to care for him at all
I should stop caring about people and calling them friends so easily.
I stand on my two feet and I  Refuse,

I refuse to take this world seriously,

be a follower, and be their believer,

I Refuse,

Persuade me - force me -
 - I  stubbornly refuse to take this world seriously,

I do have the right to refuse -at least -

- Do not judge me!

We don’t need more eyes to see
and more ears  - we don’t need deeper holes in our heads to better hear the lies,

I won’t run away,

I  use my right - I Refuse - to take this mad world  seriously,
eva-mae coffey Dec 2019
Someone who has endured manipulation,
Only wants to be loved, but
Relatively easily,
Repression is hard to overcome.
You will learn to understand.
Evie G Oct 17
Aloof in the wind, perfectly poised to the sun.
Dressed in the disguise of men he’d seen in movies.
Waiting, in the wrinkles of leather jackets
Waiting, intoxicating scent of cigarettes
Hiding with teeth infested vines
Hiding, fingers meshed into the roots
Cowering, it can’t hide from a mind so sharp it wounds him
A disgusting entity , suffering.
Oozing, contorting to fit the eye of the beholder
Repulsive vines splutter bitter sap that once seemed so sweet to me
Yeah so this was some vent poetry, I think we’ve all unfortunately met someone like this. Any comments are much appreciated.
softcomponent Oct 11
"Curiosity killed the cat."                     

What this really means

is that,

at a certain point of investigation,


can become





Different puppets
Same hand

Or is it

Same puppet
Different hands
Either way, it takes skillful manipulation
Liz Oct 2
He laughs with the darkness
Takes joy is others' screams
His mistress is the night
He is not what he seems

Don't believe his ominous smile
Don't give in to his twisted love
Don't follow him into the depths
Don't mistake him for a dove

His mind is painted black
His eyes are tinted red
His tongue is like a serpent's
Injecting poison into your head

He devoured me
He blinded me
Showed me what love is not
His venomous blood infected me
Leaving me to rot
Don't believe everyone you meet
Terri Sep 28
My love is blasphemous
As long as you are the one
who I worship


I'm on my knees again,
Begging and pleading
For your eternal salvation,
To not leave me
In eternal damnation

I shouldn't be on my knees
Thinking you'll pardon me
To the judgement that you'll bring
But I'll always be your dog
Obeying every command
Knowing that someday
When you grow weary
I will no longer be of use
Then set me to the depths of hell
And leave me to perish

As I say again
"No more"
To the manipulative tongue of yours
That I once thought
Where heaven flows;
Where gospel speaks.
But they were
Words of manipulation
Equating to comfort.
Check out my profile for the first 2 amen - as long as you are the one i worship
- ... when you grow weary, i will no longer be of use
- ... and leave me to perish
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