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Suhyo Dec 3
I almost forgot, that you were a child.
With your youthful, mature face
And your sweet, sweet words
The determined glimmer in your eye.
I almost forgot, that you were but a child.

Yet as I look back, upon
The words, your words, which,
As children's do, sting, and hurt,
And pierce, through my fragile heart
Made fragile, by your love,
I realise. That you were a child also
And such actions, cruel as they are
Were but actions, of a child.

I almost forgot, that you were a child.
As I stare with wonder, upon
Your fiery hot passion, for that you loved
Your endless ambition, for a promising future.
I almost forgot, that you were but a child.

Yet as I recall, back
The way you played with me, the way
A child would have done so
With a loved puppet or toy,
I realise. That you were a child also
And such playfulness, unforgiving as it is,
Was but feelings, of a child.

I almost forgot that you were a child, and alas!
That was my fatal, most tragic mistake.
I took you as a grown-up, one who should've known better
It was my wrong; I should have been mindful.

And yet. Was it not your childish negligence,
Your childish ignorance, and your childish anger,
That brought ruin to this pitiful pair? Oh -
Do forgive my mindlessness, for I am also
But a child myself.
V liv Nov 18
Your influence is incessant
"Take care of her for me"
Ringing in the ears of my loved ones
Weighing on their minds
Your Words
Your Wishes
Still streaming through the veins of my life
V liv Nov 18
Where did I go wrong
Where did you go wrong
What did we do wrong
Holding onto the idea
We could be fine
We could fix this
That word was the beginning to the end
The falsity I never wanted
V liv Nov 18
Waste of time, tears, and companionship
Creator of my joy
Destroyer of the same
Everything isn't enough
Nothing ever is
Speak of others
Using me to their advantage
You became worse than them
Speak of others
Being distant
You became farther than them

No more speak of others
It was you
Your intention
A plan of your own invention
To manipulate
To play
To leave
V liv Nov 18
I love you                                                              ­                          I hate you
I miss you                                                                                       Stay away
I need you                                                                                        I'm okay
I crave you                                                                               I am fulfilled
Your smile                                                                               Manipulation
Your laugh                                                                                    Your lies    
That voice                                                                                       That yell
Those eyes                                                                              That grimace
 Come back                                                                                   Goodbye
 Unbreakable                                                                               Inevitable
Just the beginning. I'll never get over it unless I write it all down so here it comes.
Renai Nov 15
It was a bleak and dismal Sunday morning, as I baked for the sake of baking. My head was bowed as I sliced apples when suddenly, everything within me started aching. I decided to take a brief recess and rest in my reclining chair.

As I gazed out through my windowpane, I observed that rain was there. It dripped and dropped onto the dense grass, and such a beautiful sight it was. As I continued to gaze, I noticed a faint, human-like figure in the shadows of the trees. At that moment, reason had abruptly gone, and curiosity had jurisdiction.

I found myself leaving the comfort of my chair, walking into the grove. When the rain caressed my wrinkled skin, I then began to roam. I could hear vague, ghost-like murmurs surrounding me; the predicament that I was in then began confounding me.

As time progressed, my visual perception dimed, and as it dimmed, the murmurs became more prominent. I listened to the murmurs repeatedly asserting "your end is right in front of thee." I didn't understand nor had a clue. My fearfulness only grew.

And then out of the blue, I collided with what I assumed was a tree, until I heard a rather stout, raspy, sinister-natured "hello." And instantaneously I registered what the murmurs had revealed to me. My end was unquestionably in front of me.
Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Dita Nov 12
~ Questions left to crave attention,
Why can't they reach any words?
Answers melting into each other,
They spill through voids that cry out for reason.
~ "If it isn't you, it isn't anybody else"
-Please promise to protect it-
Why can't I reach your words?
As fragile as the words, the heart to follow.
~Endless talks that cluttered freedom,
Silences did not reach harmony.
Souls did not find each other in truth,
but in a moment.
~Have you found awakening here?
An innocence blinded by a temptation masked by charm and infused with ember.
Marley Gold Nov 7
When I looked at you I saw the world,
The way you saw the world.
Everything was shaded with the brightest yellows
And the deepest blues,
But all the reds were gone.

Looking away from you
I saw the blinding white haloes around the stars,
I saw the pink laces between different cells of my hands,
I can see the red ball thrown in the field of green.

I just had to look away from you.
Some palettes change. Dogs see only blue and yellow.
Ivy Leigh Jun 2015
A word that hangs,
that isn't even there,
that catcalls me and I have to fight not to respond
because I'm angry.

I have no right to have feelings
just like you have no right to have none.
Or, that you have no right to hurt me.

I know people get what's coming to them,
but at this point I feel as if I am paying for future mistakes.
Maybe I should make all of them tonight.

Like punching you for every time you slapped me,
acting like you've never heard me say how much I hate it.
To slap someone is the ultimate form of disrespect.
It was a sign to me that enough was enough.

What I didn't know was that there could be worse things than getting slapped in the face.

When you kissed me all of my mistakes were thrown back in my face.
It made me feel like I deserved every slap,
every insult,
every manipulative thing you did to make me feel small.

I hurt you.

You hurt me too.

A psychologist told me recently I need to be selfish,
but I already thought I was.
She said I don't have to let you hurt me anymore.
"But I can take it."
"You don't have to."
wrote this a while ago but didn't have the heart to post it
June 2015 aka before **** really hit the fan.
Don't think I ever posted this, but it's a good one. A reminder of all the people I have let treat me so bad, and the ones who weren't as bad, but I basically made out to be devils. I needed this reminder.
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