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Brynn S 4d
Words shift
They dissolve
Melting onto pages
Sinking into skin
Each piece faded
Never to return
All memories lost
None to return
Ken Pepiton Nov 5
Master, this was said to me
should I be triggered or flogged?
Think Sisyphus happy.

What year is this?

Babble, babble, all around me, no
***, not this, again.

It's all in yer head, keep rollin' the rock.
keepin time, makin rime rimey rime
frees icicles on my beard
if you could see me now,

****, who imagined this?
I am Sisyphus happy and Sysifus sad,
now for as long as I care to recall

I roll the rock.

It was the **** I had envisioned, since
Camus at least, probably something triggered,
seventh grade, oh
cliché, except
the details, the evil, as seen in the thirteenth
year of an unwombed man's journey, **** to tomb.

I rolled the rock.
Alone as all ****, bored as ****.
food and drink, folly to think
so I stop thinking about them

as if someone thinks I can and I think I can.
Let's doit
daydream cliché, same seventh grader asks
Diane Wescott if he can kiss her
under the water
at the deep end of the public pool

Like Tarzan and Jane and she said yes,
again and again and again
like the expert's rats that are allowed
to suicide on big pharma grade *******

Wahoo, that got the rock rollin'
like I never thought she would now

yah, Jah, know what I mean,
Billie Jean, the kid coulda been mine

But I was rockin' and rollin' all night long,
notime, noo time ah tahlllll

Some minds may imagine Sisyphus happy,
but up to not too long
I fail, failed am failing to re
call member hotline
Matrix Wachowskie, bact to your box,

I am haunted by that movie, in 2018
keyphrase 2018 trigger Matrix movie 1
not the movie, the idea of endless bullets.

Who imagined that,
****, this is easy. Right, two persona one person sort of
story, no, too, Jekyl n Heckle

I can think any thing as long
as I roll the rock. This will go on forever,
as far as I can tell.

Rock and roll will live forever, let's take that
as a given, and just ignor the steady
up and down, resistance to punching down force goes up and release,
the rock rolls as far as Luck would have it, statically, probably

pause. breathe, read

The rhythm varies, I'm in forever, not in ****.
A page or two from a journey throu reality from a happy sisyphean POV
Lynnia Oct 18
a life in words,
the edges blurred
sync what you’ve read
with what you’ve heard

though limbs may tire
and mouth’s a liar
the dancing pen
is still on fire

in the Real,
tongue can’t reveal
just what the heart
is prone to feel

yet the ink-stained mirror
makes truth appear
and sets free the doubt
the mind so fears
Maegan deme Oct 16
people have written about everything,
nothing has been left to be found.
I've tried to find what wasn't left over,
but it's gone.

there's been poet's and scribes,
prophets and writs;
but they're gone,
for now.
until another one reincarnates.

love is nothing new to us.
and war never changes to.
but what we write is just rhetoric,
maybe that is too.

what's written makes no sense.
but there's no more writing to found.
weird how i'm writing
what already seems so profound.
we've reached everything, but haven't found the end.
is writing just a super-task of infinitesimally unfinished words. or do you have to furnish all the poems with fancy oak and gold
I once knew this boy
who would walk miles and miles
just to understand
the reason she'd smile.

She thought long and hard
about being his girl,
but decided that he
just wasn't made for her world.
Ivy Leigh Sep 15
Step 1: Make a list. Throw out list. NEVER do anything on the list.

Step 2: Observe the state of your room, it represents your mental state. Do not clean unless you are emotionally prepared.

Step 3: **** the fly in your room. It represents all of your frustrations. Show no mercy.

Step 4: Hurt someone close to you. If you can't be happy, then they can't be happy. Blame everything on them.

Step 5:
Irene J Sep 12
At the beginning it was nothing,
it meant nothing.
it was just a cold look,
from a man, who doesn't seem to like me.

But as time goes by,
I've learned,
it was more than a look.
there was something written in his eyes,
as I look deeper into his dark brown iris,
it was something he can never say,
but only he can feel.

But I saw it and he saw mine.
We never talk,
we just look at each other,
and just knew it what we meant for each other.
and it felt real.

even I have to stand far across him to see,
while he's in the arm of someone else.
well, this base on something I experience recently. So it kinda heartbreaking.
Ivy Chakma Sep 4
I am going to be stronger and wiser to myself this time.
You weren't there in my hardest time,
And you left me at a time when I too needed somebody the most,
I guess that somebody just wasn't you.
So hear me out while I scream it to your face
while you call me selfish and inhuman,
You weren't there when I needed you the most.
Now I am not obliged to get back to square one
and loose myself again in the process to be good to you,
because I am. too busy being good to myself
#exlove #encourage #youarestrong #positivity #overcome #selfhelp
Scarlett Jul 30
he takes another drink from the brown bottle
his eyes inflamed and angry
broken yellowed teeth and cigarette butts
an angry man
stained  t-shirts
Lingering nicotine
a hopeless man
he's hurt again
the war broke him
gunshots still echo
Dust so thick you cannot see
the divorce broke him
A shell of a man
A wild man
but I can see him
in the cracks on his porcelain skin
The alcohol no longer seems to be running from his mouth
Convulsions have stopped
I can see his light
being born again
sometimes to help someone heal you have to make them take the first step
Genesee Jul 27
See I wanted to write about you and everything that I silently picked up on up
if you're wondering what I picked up on
Body language and cues
The way you tensed up when you were about to hear bad news
your anxiety
how it at times it came crashing down and you didn't know what to do
I reassured you the best way I could  
when you're concentrating or deep in thought about something
( I knew not to disturb you )
opening up to anyone was a task in itself
you hated doing that / I understood
The way you like to sing off key you think you sounded horrible singing wise
I disagreed
Personally, to me, I thought you sounded good
you told me a lot of info about yourself gradually over the months we got to know each other
I told you a lot of things as well
but one thing is for sure I picked up on several things you weren't aware of and I'd never tell you this
but you're easy to read just like a book
if you're annoyed, angry or upset
you might think oh no one cared or  noticed
I noticed
as it was written all over your face meaning you had the most readable ****** expressions
if you're wondering how I knew about your moods
it's simple really I could tell in the tone of your voice
if you were about to cry you had a certain tone of voice that suggested quivering in I'm about break down and cry tone of voice or how you were upset you had a certain way of behaving that let me know either to give you space or to comfort you
if you were mad ( depending on what the issue was / who the individual was and how long ago it was in addition to the details determined everything )
how you'd need space or you felt upset / still brought up the issue no matter how long ago said everything
and how could I forget your favorite songs the way you hummed them
favorite food and snacks
I still remember the details that you told me
the way we both know I'm fine or I'm okay
is a complete lie when either one of us
is upset mostly you though
when you're upset or down it's like I can sense that your energy is off / vibes are off some way or another
but one thing about our friendship is how we told each other several things
and because of that I still remember how you react
favorite snacks
your dreams and what your plans for the future were
how you handled relationships
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