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what if,
he'll runaway,
when you're already decided to stay.
Van Xuan Oct 13
What if

What is she won't talk to me anymore
What if I'm just her past time
What if she will leave me

What if I just played her feelings
What if I'll left her behind
What if I'm tired of her

What if
What if

***** what ifs
I'm **** afraid
But I must face it IF it will happen
A Red Rose that smells of the infatuation and curiosity.  
It's innocent purpose to lure and beguile the eyes That fall onto its silhouette.  

It's gorgeous.  
The way the crimson petals dance in the wind.

Is that fair?
A token of curiosity for the passage to a broken , lifeless heart?
A stone now more than flesh?

Not so long ago, another was presented.  
But it grew thorns on my side.
What is one more ?

And so now this remains admired from afar
Its beauty quickly fading.

Is it fair that it be judged as a poison?
And not as a white flag waived from that distance?
An apology not from the abuser.  
But a gesture intended to make up for that lost dream?

It is tempting i must admit.
To indulge in that sweet fragrance that lingers  .
But a poison never tastes bitter.
What to do?
What to say?
What to do?
It's hard trusting myself more these days.  I know I'm not perfect. But that fear...
Adrienne Sep 20
What if I never see you again
What if it was all a lie
What if I could have done something different
What if it doesn’t get easier
What if I wasn’t important to you.
What if no one touches my heart again.
What if I am alone
What if you forget about me
What if I never know love again.
ju Oct 2011
The mums at nursery like me.
They are reassured by dark rings beneath my eyes,
blue jeans, clean-scrubbed smile, pulled back hair.
A soul more boring and more tired-
Just knowing I exist makes them feel better.

Not today:

Today I’m wearing make-up.
And my shorts are, well, short
which I think is against the rules.
My hair shines like a barley sugar sweet
and my finger nails sparkle
like long forgotten jewels.

Today I dodge dressing-up hats, snotty noses, spilt milk,
play-dough, paint and mud-puddle splats
with practiced precision.

Today, just this once, when I give mums their children back,
I look more together and more stylish than them.

I run home, cross busy roads in record time,
wave to total strangers who want to say hello.

I get the polish off my nails,
scrub my face under the shower,
dry my hair,  pull it back,
grab yesterday’s jeans and baggy sweater.

He returns from work and asks:

Did you have a good day?

I think:

Yes. Yes **** it. Yes  I did.
Do you know-
my eyes are pretty, and I can get into shorts
I wore ten years ago?
Stop traffic - check.
Turn heads - hell yeah!
The roofer down the road nearly fell and broke his neck.
Your wife is, without a doubt,  a ******* **** thing.

So many words, like popping candy on my tongue.

I imagine his reaction.
I shut my mouth.
Danger passes.

But lies won’t come. Mouth’s gone dry.
I swallow back the truth then feel like I’m gonna gag.
Panic rising in my chest on top of bile.


My day was fine

I say. Just that.

My day was fine

And I am saved.
Khyati Aug 15
Have you ever choked, while crying?
Well, I have, everyone has........ maybe
But what if it isn't the tears
choking you down to death
What if its actually your soul
resisting anymore hurting
Or, what if its actually the fear
The fear of vulnerability
The fear of ending up helpless
Yeah! that's my and maybe everyone's mightiest fear
But what if it's certain
that we all have to go through the worst times
And what if it's certain too
that we'll get better, one day
But what if it's not
What if nothing is certain
And you may have to go through the worst
before that "better" actually comes.

What if everything is just an illusion
and you are the illusionist
Illusionist of your own fears and what ifs
Well just some intense writing up there...Think about it, as in, feel those words.
alupa Aug 14
What if I don't love you
but just the way you look at me?
What if I don't love you
but just that what we seem to be?
What if I don't love you
but just how you truly care?
What if I don't love you
but just that you're always there?
What if all these “what-if”s are true,
and I am not in love with you?
It was inspired by the thought that I may not love someone for who they are but because of the way they love me.
Nylee Jul 24
Someday, somewhere
we'd meet
you'd see my face
and ignore me.
Like those who know me do.
jasmine Jul 23
what would've happened if we knew?
would we get that last goodbye
would we even know the stakes of the situation
how would things have changed

i don't know what we would've done if we knew
if we knew that would be our last
our last as a class
our last as friends
our last together
and how would we feel if we knew everything was about to change

so i sit here reflecting on my thoughts wondering, what if?
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