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Glenn Bering Jun 23
Unseen yet we all know it exists
Unpredictable yet we all know its going to happen
The worry that builds up persists
Will this concept darken or brighten?

Live for the life we won’t see
What’s in it that makes me weary
A lot of diversity, uncertainties
Out of our control, what do think it will be?

Gifts for today, may not be for tomorrow
Happiness, which might be right now, but for later
The plans of being joyful may end up in sorrow
The goal that you think is near, might still be farther

Many things right at this moment
May give you a lot of pressure
Enjoy the chaos, live through the sentiment
At the end of the day, what about the future?
Thoughts for thoughts
what if there was a lock with no key to throw away?
what if it could be sealed with no lips having a taste?
what if it held your words with no rope to tie it down?
what if it can be made with just words with no sound?
everything was built through a promise. so don't break it, because a promise is a promise and I only believe it because you're the one who made it. don't be like them, I hope to god that you're not like them. eating their words until they're full while I'm empty and broken.
Bailey Jun 12
If it all just stopped
Time frozen in one moment
Something just long enough
To feel a warm breeze
See a beautiful scene
To smell new flowers
Taste freshly baked bread
To listen to your favorite lullaby
If time really froze
Just long enough for this
What would happen
Dark Dream May 19
Sad today
For the might have beens
The what ifs
And almosts

I’m blue for you
For the hims and hers
The us and we
And what could be

For me and myself
The darks and lights
And the possible flight

But not depressed
For in all the mess
The hopes are near
And so skies are clear
What if you decided to stay?
What if you never walked away?
What if I said hello to you?
What if you said hello too?

What if we could be together?
What if we could last forever?
What if I was okay?
What if I knew what to say?

What if we never parted ways?
What if we stopped with the okays?
What if life was different and good?
What if I could've understood?

All of these things in my mind,
Are getting harder to find.
When things like these are stuck in my head,
Like the question what if I was dead.
All of us have our what if questions to live with.
Raven Feels Apr 7
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I can go on forever:|

what if the worst I can't know anymore

what these fingers are capable are core

what if the blurs are getting to a hold

not even sure how I put that to the bold

what if I'm not here at all

still the same but number for the height of the fall

what if the tomorrow awaits no flesh no dark

the evermore I wrote is a fade is an invisible mark

dylan Mar 16
and then it hits me like a tidal wave
what if i never feel that way for someone else again?
what if i can never fall in love again,
because they aren't you?
what if they don't make butterflies flutter in my tummy
like you did?
what if their kiss isn't warm & wet & real like yours?
and their hands...
what if their hands don't touch my soul but only my body?
what if i can never fall in love again
because they aren't you
these thoughts just hit me like a tidal wave of emotion
LemonWater Feb 11
What if absolute love
means to fully accept the pain?
What if it means that even if this person makes you want to die,
you will still want to be with them forever.
This thought is a scary one
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