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The power I once felt;
Silence, dripping and spilt
Drinking off the marble floor.
Cats might have more purr,
more presence;
Lying in the cold, talking to myself
May have once been a noble task
Yet I’ve discovered myself alone,
As much as I will ever show;
In another double, which might still glow with decadence,
I am mirrored through a portal:
A bad omen, a mistaken step;
Would he be disappointed in me?
Or could I win his admiration
In pursuing something he lacks.
MicMag 5d
What if I'd taken the other path?
Had chosen X instead of Y?
What if I'd turned left instead of right?
What if I'd been a girl instead of a guy?

What if I'd studied this or that?
Been born a king instead of a ****?
What if I'd taken the other job?
What if I'd stayed instead of gone?

What if I hadn't lived this same life
Leading to here, now, this?
What if I'd never even thought
To ask all these what ifs?
Time spent in obsessive contemplation
Of infinite paths of infinite ifs.
How many if only buts today alone?
I could be infinitely different.

My head hurts, my soul is so uncertain.
I’m this, and not infinite other ifs.
I am from mistakes of pure carelessness,
I am random intentional choices.

My world is what it is, but is that all?
What remains of other infinite ifs?
I have memories of worlds that weren’t,
Of worlds that might be infinitely worse.

There is an unknown me inside of me,
Who pursued some other infinite ifs.
And yet, what if I chose right every time?
What if that unknown me is also me?
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Arianna Feb 8
Stone Dragon sleeps underfoot
His back winding around
And around,
A shimmering, glimmering
Of rain-slicked silver scales.
If the cobblestone streets jolted to life one day, all this time having been a sleepy dragon, and flew away leaving a massive rut in the earth all through the city. :-)
Amy Childers Feb 5
A world without you...
Is something destructive and ignorant.

A world without you...
Is monotonous and bleak.

A world without you...
Is **** and confined.

A world without me...
Is something tranquil and unbound.  

A world without us...
Is a non existing scene.
Emma Feb 5
What would things look like
if I could press
Take myself back to that moment
and make sure it never
What would it be like,
to not be
To know then,
that you had nothing to do
with me;
Were just drunk on
To push you away
and be
Before feelings complicated the mix?
What would it be like
to have never
loved you?
To like myself
better again,
To be sure
—once more—
that I would never be so
What would it be like if I’d never met you?
Martina Jan 25
One day she came towards me
breeze in her hair and lips color peach
beautiful as a dream but too far to reach

One day she walked aways from me
heading to the sea she left in my heart a breach
and now my soul is trapped here on this beach
I think
'what ifs'
make us old.
You don't really worry until
you think of an
'what if'.
What if I'm gonna die tomorrow?

What if I didn't get that assignment done?

What if someone I love will die tomorrow?

What if tomorrow is my last day?

What ifs worry me like crazy.
What if, what if, what if...
What if they will never stop
Florenza Jan 23
if there came a day where you packed all your emotional baggage and left
I’m not quite sure what I would do
I would not sit and cry
for I do not cry
and I cannot sit still
I would not listen to sad songs
I would listen to loud  metal rock
in a hope to drown out the final words that past your lips to me
and every other word you have said to me

I would not watch films or read books I would lie on my bed trying to ignore the tea stains
and the blankets we curled up underneath I would stare at the ceiling trying so hard to block every part of you from my mind

I would never drink tea from the cup you gifted me I would never read Harry Potter again after all the long talks about our shared favourite series

unless I was sad about all the moments we would never share
then I would sit and drink tea  hoping it would drown me
I would read Harry Potter watch the films and glance at fan art simultaneously
i would listen to every sad song that ever reminded me of you
i would sit unmoving for days tears of tea running down my face

i would not be able to not think of you over time this may change
but i would always have a scar to remind me of the old wounds time never can’t heal
and i will always hope that you would heal them one day
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