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TheKatIsDead Nov 11
I told someone
that I like sunny days
that I like the sun and clouds
above me

That I like the summer breeze
in the hot and humid weather
and the cloudy skies
above me

I like sunny days
Like the person I told
about sunny days to
Days that never end, never waver

Never there
There is always going to be rainy days
As in the darkest clouds and hardest rain,
the coldest wind in the chilling weather

But the skies

The skies remind me of summer
Like the person I told
about sunny days to

And I've always told him
that I liked the weather, hot or cold
and the rain that never seem to waver

above me
Rose K Dec 2018
No more temporary highs,
to hide away the hurt.
No more lies,
No more “good-byes”.
No more temporary fills,
to fill the voids,
or making homes of
what we should avoid.
luna Apr 2018
I love reading because it makes my mind pacify at list for an hour
It leaves darkness
and goes to a more peaceful place where nothing is really affecting me
I haven’t read for a long time now and that’s cause my mind can’t leave this dark state
and it’s sofocating
I don’t have the escape I used to
and now
what do I have to do to feel what reading made me feel
Zen Mar 2018
i want to be the caffeine
that completes your morning
be your warm socks
when its raining

who gives you comfort
to ease your bearing
Fox Friend Sep 2017
Some people will often list the smell of rain among their favorite smells,
but to me it is an awful stench; a reminder of that hellish night.

Some people are made giddy as they watch the dark clouds gather and anticipate the droplets,
but the air of excitement is something I dread; it suffocates me.

Some people watch the cars zoom by and admire that sound of the wet pavement hissing in response, but this noise is associated with a memory that holds me captive; it is a prison to me.

Some people find the smells and sounds of rainfall to be soothing, but I feel as if the world is mourning with me when it rains; a storm played in the background the night my life was shattered.

Some people marvel at the beauty of lights reflected in water, but I cannot admire these things for fear that I might get stuck in my head; my mind might think we're back living that night again.

Some people used to include myself; no longer, but there is not a day that goes by without a prayer that I might one day return to the world's collection of some people.
Nicole Eden Aug 2017
i crave touch and affection
as any human does
but i am reserved, an observer, an introvert
i am content to spend an entire day cuddled up
with someone who feels the same way i do
on a rainy day like today
there is nothing more i want
than to feel
to feel alive
to feel loved
to feel connected
to not feel alone
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