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Dave Robertson Oct 2021
I don’t know how
but I’d forgotten days
when rain falls forever
and in every way

so you sit and you look
and you look and you sit
and your mind asks some questions
you’d often forget
and you twiddle and bicker
and hover and thrum
and you start ten endeavours
with no solid outcome

and then night comes and rescues
as pretence can be dropped
and you put on pyjamas
and stop
GQ James Sep 2021
I don't know how I'ma die but I can feel it coming,
They put the gun to my head I'm not running,
I can't lose my life when I feel like it's gone,
Life hasn't been the same for awhile now,
Them rainy days turned into stormy nights.

That storm feels like it's gonna last forever,
I use to think I could make it through anything,
I don't know anymore,
Feel weak and feel like I'm falling apart,
One by one,
Piece by piece,
Mind, body, soul, spirit and heart.

If you see me bleeding don't call 911,
Just let me bleed out,
I already feeling like I've lost myself,
I feel like sleeping walking in my casket,
My life is out my hands,
I've been lost for awhile,
God still working on me,
Trying my best to hold on,
Don't know how much more I can handle.
I remember when the rain would fall, it would feel like I could jump up and down with laughter until a rainbow would rise.

My rainy days now are filled with sorrow, remorse and despair.

They want nothing to do with you, because they knew you never cared.

They said they’d warned me, that love is never guaranteed, not knowing how childish and stupid I would be.

But boy these are life lessons that I will never forget because without them I’d be dead I bet.

Easy little things like love is what we need; problem is the requirements we cannot meet.

Asking for too much and not giving any in return.
Bethany Apr 2021
And as the silver rain streams
     And as the birds begin to allay
I remember spring
And all her glory
    Like the small puddles
        Mirroring the grey
A world is nestled there
    Soft and blooming
Him Feb 2021
I took our love to the bank, deposited it into a safe. The economy of our love is stagnant and blank, much like the look on your face.

The maintenance fees are high, they come with stress and quarrel; no goodbyes after a call. I am love's employee, both sore and sigh, I might go bald, and gladly; if our love might survive.

I took our love to the bank, and left it there. My father was frank but no doubt sincere, when he warned me: "Do prepare for the rainy days."
on rainy days
i like to pretend
that i am sinking into the water
so i can drown in something
other than my thoughts.
Mei May 2020
While the sun was idle
It rested beneath the inky cumulus
As thunder clad the still morn
A tiny ant with a bread crumb load
Perhaps on its way home
Stopped for a rest on the tip
Of my marmalade coated toast
Then off he went
As wind tousled leaves made a clapping sound
As if, the long wait is over
I held up my coffee
And breathed in,

I smelled rain.
Kennedy Dec 2019
Rolling thunder, closely followed by lightning.

A storm is near, all normalcy goes out the window.

The droplets make a soft pitter-patter on the

Stark, midnight concrete.

Inlaid with the tears:

Of college students,

Business professionals,

Homeless wanderers.

The salty droplets create a ripple effect in the water.

A man driving
We are always in a rush
He hits the puddle who hits
The little old lady

Our destinations become blurred
As the torrential downpour ensues.
People, including me,
No eye contact walking warily, wayward down the street.

But sometimes, maybe,
the clouds in a storm bring
Peace, maybe
Clarity, maybe
Presence. It may be.

Sometimes there’s a rainbow
Look for that.
TheKatIsDead Nov 2019
I told someone
that I like sunny days
that I like the sun and clouds
above me

That I like the summer breeze
in the hot and humid weather
and the cloudy skies
above me

I like sunny days
Like the person I told
about sunny days to
Days that never end, never waver

Never there
There is always going to be rainy days
As in the darkest clouds and hardest rain,
the coldest wind in the chilling weather

But the skies

The skies remind me of summer
Like the person I told
about sunny days to

And I've always told him
that I liked the weather, hot or cold
and the rain that never seem to waver

above me
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