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Amanda Nov 2018
There's something in the air
Sounding similar to a symphony
World sheds melodic raindrops
Look at the downpour and see

It is as if I'm hallucinating
All the tears I've ever cried
The sky my martyred substitute
Weeping loudly open-eyed
I don't write about nature much but when I do it usually ends up relating back to my feelings anyways somehow..
Keith Gwasera Nov 2018
Let the rain fall down on me
Let it cool down all the anger in me
Like it cools down the the hot ground after a harsh summer
Let it soften my heart
Like it does to the rock hard dry ground
After a brutal sun burn

Let the rain fall down on me
Let it clean my soul
like it does to the dusty streets after a windy day
let it raise my joy
like the water levels rise after a heavy rain

let the rain fall down on me
let it spring new life in me
like it does to the dead plants after the first rain
let it put everything in order
like it restores the earth every time it rains

let the rain fall down on me...
one of my
Amanda Sep 2018
There are storms inside
Rainfall that should not exist
Trapped within my heart
I try to keep it contained...
William Maxwell Sep 2018
The rain falls so beautifully
In the street lights
It's smell lingers
With a cold touch
I'd love like rainfall
If I could love anyone that much
Shubham Verma Jul 2018
Raindrops as they fall tremble
Like words in a conversation
Drenched and drowned we dream
Under the rainy-shade of lightning
Explorers keep exploring however painful the path is
Sometimes searching for things they don't wish to find
But explorers don't stop under the weight of rain
And stronger they become eventually to **** (love)
Drops are words, we are drenched and drowning
Rainfall will help the waiting sun.
It's not a happy poem. Words like tremble, drenched, drowned, painfull, **** etc hide in the plane sight of what's happening in life. Conversations are important and they help the sun shine in a person.
Talia Jun 2018
Six was the fall
climb and reach for it
motivated by your all
you let me go, into the pit
into the void
how could I have let this happen, the periodical sin
to let you avoid
a lot more than my skin

six minus all
it's pretty hard to recall
when I was a ***** to your orders
manifesting disorders
using me
for your sick desires
you weren't the key
but you flaunted it, spread around like wildfire

here you made me crawl
as I followed your every demand
shattered me in the rainfall
scattered the shards with your very own hand
if I knew it would turn out like this,
on that very special day near the end of autumn
I would've declined that kiss
and it'd be not him.
Kay La Jun 2018
I woke up this morning...
With a different sense of things.
No more sadness alluring me.
Nothing pulling at my heart strings.
I woke up to rainfall.
Whilst the sky was black and blue
I never felt more one with the earth,
besides when I'm howling at the moon.
The weather was a reflection of myself.
Manifesting my inner turmoil
into a beautiful
I'm torn.
Torn from my esteem,
Stuck aiming to please
But cannot nonetheless
Tomorrow is another day
But today I feel content.
Kuvar May 2018
As the rain beats the Earth
The romantic blues in her fall

As the rain beats the Earth
She tore the territory of my belt

As the rain beats the Earth
The lightning testifies to our sweat

As the rain beats the Earth
We made love still and yet
tye wilt Feb 2018
That cold, harsh,
February rain slashes against
the panes of glass in my bedside window.

The sycamore tree in the front yard
with it's thick lashes,
has chased away the coo of the owl.

I've grown used to it's lullaby
and, as I drift off,
I worry a tired thought:
will he come back?
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