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Amanda Apr 22
Hard heavy rainfall
The old crying sky weeps loud
Rainbow wipes tears dry
About the rain when it's really pouring down
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

There were moments full of promise,
like the petal-scented rainfall of early spring,
when to hold you in my arms and to kiss your willing lips
seemed everything.

There are moments strangely empty
full of pale unearthly twilight—how the cold stars stare!—
when to be without you is a dark enchantment
the night and I share.

Published by Tucumcari Literary Review, Romantics Quarterly, Grassroots Poetry, The Chained Muse, in a Soundcloud reading by Vex Darkly, in a YouTube reading by Jasper Sole, and in a Romanian translation by Petru Dimofte. Keywords/Tags: Spring, rain, rainfall, petals, blossoms, blossoming, promise, winter, night, cold, pale, twilight, void, emptiness, abyss, dark, enchantment
andrea nicole Mar 16
sometimes, when the clouds sprinkle rain
on sunday afternoons, my mother reads to me
at the kitchen table: grabs my arm, pulls a chair,
picks a book from the shelf. in a quiet voice,
she whispers words as though she glides
across the sky. i wouldn’t speak;
she wouldn’t let me speak.

i used to think my mother was soft.
hello!! this was a failed attempt at making something cool :( i thought i’d post it here. might delete?
Jack Jan 14
I heard your scream through the wall
She’d said,
You were shouting about a great fall,
Did you end up dead?

I heard your scream through the wall,
She’d said,
And then you started to ball,
Did you forget to take your meds?

I heard your scream through the wall,
She’d said,
You said they made you feel small,
Did those voices ever leave your head?

I heard your scream through the wall,
She’d said,
To the soundtrack of thunderous rainfall,
Did you think you were on your deathbed?

I heard your scream through the wall,
She’d said,
I ran in and saw it all,
Did you think I’d leave while you bled?
Just stay alive
Amanda Nov 2018
There's something in the air
Sounding similar to a symphony
World sheds melodic raindrops
Look at the downpour and see

It is as if I'm hallucinating
All the tears I've ever cried
The sky my martyred substitute
Weeping loudly open-eyed
I don't write about nature much but when I do it usually ends up relating back to my feelings anyways somehow..
Keith Gwasera Nov 2018
Let the rain fall down on me
Let it cool down all the anger in me
Like it cools down the the hot ground after a harsh summer
Let it soften my heart
Like it does to the rock hard dry ground
After a brutal sun burn

Let the rain fall down on me
Let it clean my soul
like it does to the dusty streets after a windy day
let it raise my joy
like the water levels rise after a heavy rain

let the rain fall down on me
let it spring new life in me
like it does to the dead plants after the first rain
let it put everything in order
like it restores the earth every time it rains

let the rain fall down on me...
one of my
Amanda Sep 2018
There are storms inside
Rainfall that should not exist
Trapped within my heart
I try to keep it contained...
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