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Prachi 1h
A virtue that makes you glow,
Giving you the spirit to explore,
It is the one that helps you grow.

A realization of being capable;
A silent attitude hitting louder when
Self-doubt ceases to be operational.

Being right always is not what you need,
It’s time to let go of the fear of being wrong;
Soon you will breed confidence indeed.

When it comes to thinking about self,
You won’t go on the wrong track;
It is not that simple to deceit oneself.

Embrace the beautiful mess you are,
Cut off the insecurities and,
Your success will have no bar.
We will help you understand why.
There are times when we all are unwell:
Ways of thinking for yourself
      limits opportunities to solve life's problems
      difficult to live up to expectations.
Lets deal with life better
     you can hide from social situations,
     stop trying new things,
     and avoid things that seem difficult to you.
     that may make you feel safe.
     you might say that you are "too stupid"
     that "no one cares about you."
Find some good things
Add more regularly.
We can create new paths for ourselves.
We are all good at something.
People are interested in you,
Try to spend time with them,
Show them how you feel
     we give better advice to others than ourselves.
Being positive does not mean being impulsive
It has nothing to do with acting like everyone else.
Start by saying "No"
People often think they should say yes to others,
Refusal often does not break the relationship.
But it can help you move forward
Reference -
We try so hard to
be perfect even though it
crushes us inside

4:02 PM
Alex Sep 12
Achievement; You've managed to post a selfie!
Somebody might think its funny considering it as one of your goals,
Somebody refers it a piece of cake,
Like every morning til afternoon,
A quick snap wont bite them,
But for you?
There's nothing greater than you're proudest moments,
Building you're self - confidence,
Positivity, throwing off anxiety out of your roof,
After somebody already ruined it for you,
But congratulations!
You're step ahead of becoming yourself,
You've been on a deep snooze,
Living in you're comfort zone,
And now you've managed to showed a self portrait,
Without hesitations,
Or doubts,
Just a bold smile,
And a bravery of not giving a f*ck.
Heyaless Sep 10
I am a open book ,
It's not hard to read me when I pour out my emotions to you .
So when you'll tell me you don't understand me ,
I will never say you have a hole in your heart .
Time will reveal everything . Until then .......I am a open book
Micah Sep 2
why do i build my houses out of leaves
each house for each Name

i stand them up, fingers coaxing them, willing them to stay
knowing full well that even the sunlight weighs too heavy

but i stack one on top of the other, a skyscraper of myself
hoping it'll be different this time as it sways, a sickening motion

a drop of rain causes the rooves to collapse as i struggle to keep so many of them up with my palms, using my spine load-bearing

they are stable, my fingers braced against the walls, my feet digging into the mud, my back arched and twisted, and i tell myself it's worth it

the large storm finally grays the skies and my houses are rustling at the pressure and i rearrange it all to cover them, godless prayers

lightning crackles and burns through the clouds to impact the ground
and i can't stop it

my houses begin to flutter apart like frightened birds as i try to grasp at them with damaged hands but i miss

a flash of bright white, the sun devouring the earth, and a splitting snap of wood and facade

a tree motions towards me and my pile of scattered leaves
but the mud is to my knees and my hands are clambering at fistfuls and my eyes are wide as it gets closer

And I find out nothing you said ever meant anything at all.
lk ode Aug 26
An untamed mane,
wild, unwieldy—
for looks and for luster.
Unable to see through the thicket,
reality has flown so far away.
Cailey Weaver Aug 18
Your worth is not in other people.

It is not when you look most beautiful, or in the thank yous disguised as apologies.

Your worth is in the days you pick up the pieces even as they slice your fingers.

It is tucked away in poems you'll never share because they are too painful, and smuggled past the battles you win benownst to none.

It's in the tiny victories, and the small moments that mean ever so much.

Your worth is in the size of your heart whether or not others can expand enough to contain it.

It exists in the tears you choose to give the world, for they are gifts of the care you hold within you.

Your worth is in the sparkle your eyes hold when nothing can stop you.  

It shines in your shamelessness and in your effervescence.

For nothing can take away your worth when you are priceless.
I'm  worried because I have no worries
I'm afraid cuz
I have no fears
I spin in circles
cuz I never get nowhere
when I wake up
I'm still sleeping
I'm so ugly
I'm in the hall of fame
and for that I feel no shame
I met the real me and then
she ran away
Karly Codr Aug 9
It's getting worse.
Whatever positive self-image I had
It's gone
This is what happens
Not going to school for 6 months
I get positive
I don't get made fun of
For being nerdy
Or for what I wear
But school starts on Thursday
And everything is starting to get worse
I hate when school starts. My self-esteem goes down and I hate myself more and more but it's fine. I'm fine. I think.
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