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I scrub and scrub,
until my skin stings,

wondering why,
I don't look "clean,"

darker skin, darker hair,
they've led me to believe
there must be something ***** here
everytime I hate myself and wish to be other people,
I lose myself
little by
when a God complex doesn't kick in (most of the time) I just can't see value in myself
The universe  cultivated energy and dirt uniquely just for me,
The stars shifted approximately  30cm apart to make space for me,
this can't just be make believe
Why would  nature so diligently support my need to breathe,
Why does the earth rotate the cosmos just to give me time to sleep,
Was DNA really split between countless kings and queens just so I could be,
.. Me?
Copyrighted ©️written by Ntando Ndlela. All rights reserved.
cassandra Mar 23
lonely in the sea of people
overwhelmed while being alone
craving you to like me
while praying that you don't

didn't know the colors
seeing in black and white
all the flaws seemed see through
despite hours sacrified to hide

naked between the sheets
pillows soaking the tears
and all this because
mirror was my worst enemy
photovoltaic Mar 22
its cold outside and i can't sleep because of you
keep me addicted to my phone, lonely but not alone
its 2am for me, because of these **** timezones
letters against a bright screen, squint my eyes against the light
my eyes are burning, i think im slowly going blind
hopeful messages promising to one day meet up
slip that engagement ring onto your finger, a binding promise
to find you, see you, kiss you, hold you in my arms, in person

not knowing if the other is perfect

~risking ruining your perception of me

because here behind my screen you think i'm everything

~but im bound to disappoint you like i always do

i want to marry someone ive never met

~is this something i'm going to regret?
i started dating this boy online ive never met irl
idk how this is going to work out
but i want this to last... is this an impossible fantasy or no?
Serena Mar 10
You know when you feel alone
You always feeling down
Figuring how to change that frown
Putting a smile on that face
Knowing its fake
When others are happy about their self
You feel like you wanna drown
Days pass with a smile
You know your not the smile you are the pass
Pass your emotions by like its some trash
Self-esteem is low, feeling like things are going slow
Not even knowing how to feel happy
Happy is just a word to me
Looking in that mirror, thinking you got some figure
You know your lying when you somehow end up crying
No, it's not because I'm emotional many people think
People see me as pretty, but am I really
I share my advice, to be nice
I help people, that's who I am
It's funny because using my advice is the last thing I try to do
You gotta know how to love you!
Love yourself and all your flaws!
Lili Feb 4
Sometimes I hate myself so much.
And in these times,
I learn to love pieces of myself.
Like the soft curve of my jaw
Or the glimmer of my tired green eyes.
I grew from hating the ways my ribs showed through my pale skin
To loving the way my belly feels after a filling meal.
I grew from loathing the way the darkness under my eyes illuminated my chronic fatigue
To loving the softness of my eyelashes brushing my eye bags as I take a moments rest.
I grew from beating myself up for not being able to get exercise
To taking walks under the suns forgiving rays.
So, while I may hate portions of myself
I also can find moments to reframe my thoughts
Into the forgiveness I am seeking from the dark recesses of my mind.
While some days I hate her,
Other days I think of her as an old friend
And for now,
That is good enough.
learning self-love is important
Beauty on her left
Ambition on her right
Looking from every angle
I can see her flashing might

I wish I had the same splendor
to walk confidently by her side
I fear the public and their opinions
I fear the shadow where I will hide
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
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