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rayma Oct 2022
to some, i am a person worthy of righteous protection,
the blind spot beneath the tree where
dandelions sometimes get trampled.
i am never enough yet always too much—the
drive-by friend you can wait to see.
on the inside lies a multiverse of
goods and bads, talents and failures.
sometimes i’m pretty, sometimes i’m not,
but i am always something to behold.

and to you?
the one who changes the focus like an optometrist,
“one…or two?”
until my multiverse unites.
a good writer, a good singer, a good friend;
the little things others don’t find funny that always make you laugh;
the validation i’ve been searching for,
an honesty that lets me trust myself a little more.

to you i hope to be an eternity,
a couple of shambling girls united against a world
that doesn’t always have space for people like us.
for verity, my partner in crime, the other half of a shared brain cell, united in one chronically ill dynamic duo
I never have been good at receiving compliments
Unwilling to overlook numerous cracks, scars, and dents
I liked myself once
Long long ago
Lot happened to slowly make self-esteem low
Now when peers tell me I'm pretty I assume it is a lie
I'm only growing older each day that passes by
Crying does not help but I can't stop the tears that fall
Most days can't stand my reflection at all
It is easier looking in the mirror when day is captured by night
Disguising dark blemishes all too clear in the light
I have a bad habit of not accepting compliments
Lo Jan 31
The reason you say
you've had enough is because
you don't feel you are.
Tatiana Aug 2022
Dewdrops sparkle with spiders' silk
Twinkling like stars in the sky
Sad that all of them have died
Sad that spiders live short lives
Substances seep into my skin
I don't know their ingredients
Smooth age before it sets in
Fill all my gaps with plastic
Pretty nice things are never sweet
Quiet homes thrive on busy streets
White lies kept our hearts in line
White fences hid vicious crimes

Tighten the belt around my waist
Hopefully I suffocate
Before the final hole is made
In the noose on my vanity

Quicken the pace of self decay
Rot like flowers in early May
Diseased; succumb to earthy graves
Be welcomed back from which you came
birdy Jun 2022
the last time i felt wanted
i was eight
this feeling is haunted
having died many years ago
𝙶𝙽𝙶 May 2022
Fear of not amounting to anything.
We all feel it...some more than others, but it's there. Chin up. Shoulders high. Smile.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2022
I try hard to love myself
The person that I am
Everyone tells me I am beautiful
Don't know why I never can
I want to love myself like i did when i was little
I'm not straight out of a magazine
nor worth a different gaze

men don't faze
women neither want to taste

I'm somewhere in between
nowhere to be seen
this one was sitting in my drafts since last year
Cedric Mar 2022
A snooze rouses a slumber,
You hear birds chirp a beep.
Turn off your alarm and shower,
Start your leimotif.

From black to gray your eyesight wavers,
The world just looks so bleak.
But then a memory tries to banter,
"Ah! la vie est magnifique!"

Time to time convictions shudder,
Sometimes you feel defeat.
But from losing comes laughter,
Springing back to your feet.

Life goes on til' after,
Night and day repeat,
Sometimes you'd feel asunder,
You'd wake up in one piece.

Live, laugh, love in blunder!
It's all a one-way street.
To cry is to shoulder-
Your victories so sweet.
A commissioned piece made for a friend.
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