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Not an annual
Nor biennial
You are a perennial
Occurring and recurring
When the axis is right
Enduring and ensuring
Your neon colors once more
Will dance wild

Seasons of frost will come
Phalanxes trained to cleanse
Marching with death orders
To challenge what you stake
But despite their damaging bite
You’ve grown your rootstock strong
The only answer to the cold is:
Perennials always grow
For all the perennials that endure. And for the suns that encourage them to grow. For my sun.
I’m so aroused
By the love of yours.
The love which makes me elated
Every single day I witness you.

I’ve kept you in my heart,
I visualise you in my dreams
As if I’ve endured every bit of it.

No matter how distant or adjacent
You’re to me.
I’ll always be the one
Loving you insanely and unconditionally.
I’m aroused by your love!
Aaron Feb 18
This world will try to drain your dreams;
This world will try to find your seams,
And pull 'till your hopes turn to screams;
This world will try to take you apart;
This world will try to break your heart.

And when you're as low as you can possibly be,
When you feel you're too weak to ever be free;
When the light of hope is too far to see,
This world will try and convince you of something tragic:
That there's no such thing as magic.

The world is wrong.
Magic exists in a natural smile;
Magic exists when it was worth every trial;
Magic exists when one falls in love;
Magic exists in each and every dove.
Magic exists between the pages of a book;
Magic exists ¬¬-- you've only to look.
Juhlhaus Feb 16
With tenacious tread I seek the light
Like urban trees drink deep
Of lake water and clear skies, I plant my feet
Only to stumble through
The arid wasteland of my wound.

I walk off the pain
Though each step draws the flames higher
Each breath becomes an act of will
My own heel my pyre.

I set my eye, with rigid strides
Press on toward the gold horizon line.
Maybe a fool: I am my own fuel
As forward motion consumes, I'm vaporized
And my sparks skyward fly.

To ashes, dust
To dust.

Each searing step I take alone
Then in the coals see marks
Of other feet, upward look and meet
Eyes ember bright, fearless
Fingers tracing filaments against the night.

Fire walkers give off the light
By which we find a way
A note or rhyme, a guiding flame
As forward motion consumes, refines
And our sparks skyward fly.

To ashes, dust
To dust
To gold.
Pain is lonely but can connect you with others who have been through it too, and beautiful things may result.
Marla Toledez Feb 15
Tempest-tossed and out of bounds,
My youthful vigor marches on.
Exiled thrice on different scales:
First from my homeland,
Then the place I called home,
And now,
What used to be our world.

Because I'm different.
Not radically so, but just enough
To have me pushed away.
It seems the fascists aren't dead
After all;
They just hide in the people
You love until they come out for-

Forget it;
Thoughts like those don't help.
Me and you have to think
Of ourselves.
Day after day,
We're led on and told we're wrong.
Truth is,
We are the emboldened ones;
Gallant and strong-
The might of light within us all.

So stand tall, my humble friends,
Our call to arms is but a prayer
Cast down to us
For the sobriety of our good nature.

Love is the answer;
For if you love all
As if all loved you,
You'll eventually find that it does.
Courting and honeymoon are **** phases,
When over these stages,
Reality sets in,
Don't give in.
The unpaid bills, messy house,
Bickering with your spouse.
Men! Don't look at your problems,
They will stick on you like chewing gums,
Find solutions!
Be on course,
With understanding and love your marriage hold at all cost,
Or with pity and remorse,
Take a divorce.
Asia Feb 10
Once there was
A sharpshooter who knew
not where to aim

And once there lay
A gracious prince
wronged by his own game

His Kingdom had fallen &
his loved ones cried mutiny
Run they did so feverishly
to any hope of a cure

A cure to mend his weaknesses
A way to cover up his shame
shame he'd brought his family
those who'd stripped him of faithç

And so the thuggish soul walked up boldy
hands place tightly on his gun
he offered the prince sweet symphony
promised him salvation from his damaged grace

They rode on waves of chaos
and drank from jars of bottled love
they sought solace in one another
and greeted life's velvet gloves

The prince's past still haunting
yet its daggers long forgotten
Down rabbit holes they wondered
far from safety they now both stood

It's been spoken through sheltered folktales
that no weapon of the heart can shoot gracefully
without an aim being placed

and so the gunman soon realised
his bullets now longed
for the prince's troubled face
Inspiration from the Six of Crows duo logy (Wylan and Jesper)
Badshah Khan Feb 8
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 14

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Fi zulmat qatimat alruwh,

Du’i almaryiy yuadiy hatmana ‘iilaa mashhad jamil,

Baynama ‘ana ‘ashtaeilu binafsi bshd,

Fi zalamik al’abdii ‘me altahmil sabri!

Ya Habibi!

In Your grim darkness Soul,

My visible light inevitably ensues a lovely scene,

While I am furiously blazing myself,

In your eternal darkness’ with my patience endurance!

Oh My Beloved!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT – BK 2018
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
AmeriMav Jan 8
Some things in life can be quite difficult
Fraught with barriers and oft times unkind
Pressing ahead unsure of good result
You can feel steps so unstable and blind
But, my love, in this your strength is defined
You keep moving on, though pain is not brief
You are bold, fierce, not a weak shaking leaf
In the storm I hear you shouting back loud
Your beautiful spirit begs no relief
Of you, my dear, I will ever be proud
A dizain form
Keiya Tasire Jan 6
When it all seems to hard
Are you crippled by fear?
Asking, "What do I do?
Pondering and Praying
within the meditative silence
The answer is clear
"Just one step at a time
Placing it in front of the other
Repeat again and again
Until you will find yourself there."
Never, never give up!  Keep going. It is hardest just before you arrive. Keep going. Keep stepping forward and through until you arrive at your destination.
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