Spike Harper Apr 4

Why is it so troublesome to assist the sun.
Each new day one must gauge the distance.
For a step too close and the flames whip at my face.
Ready to devour any advance.
Every route is riddled with worry.
Regardless of when or how.
It's about understanding why we wade through muck and grime.
That defines just what comes up for air.
For better.
Or worse.
For each will always be hand in hand.
So I ask you to take mine.
These weapons at my side have protected me through the most dire of times.
So fear not the edges.
And trust that nothing shall split us in two.
We have come so far.
It would be a shame.
To disregard the light when the darkness is kissing our cheeks.
So sing your song.
And surrender to nothing.
We have taken hills before.
So what's one more..

Hannah Mar 31

Strength is a seed
that resides in the soul.
It is nurtured
by lifetimes of endurance.

~ lifetimes ~
Andrea Kelley Feb 17

She took the beatings, the
Blood smearing her skin
Took the lashings, and the slaps,
And hid her grin
The first time a man gripped her thighs,
Ripped them apart, and forced his way
Past her heart, numbing her to love,
Then threw her away
Numbed down deep to her soul,
She almost broke, almost cried,
Almost tied the knot tight, and
almost died
She gave birth to generations
Told them her stories and
Unto them she bequeathed
All her spirit and her worries
She reached past the pain,
Pushed past the slaked lust
Turned herself inside out
Despite the bruises and distrust
She built her walls high,
Enough to endure the storms life
Somehow thought she could survive
And relished a calm from the strife
A destiny couldn’t be resisted
Nevertheless, she persisted

dedicated to any one who identifies as woman and has been told to shut up
Organized Chaos Feb 12

Beneath my skin, from out of my heart
a feeling of love springs to life.
I've never felt this beauty before
I'll give you my love in rife.

I love when you come.
I hate to see you leave.
You make everything better
and my love is for yours to receive.

Tears stream from my eyes
because you are mine.
You look so gorgeous!
"Damn, you're so fine!"

I love touching your skin
so softly and delicately.
You are such a perfect angel,
I could only love you infinitely.

When you look into my eyes
and mine back in yours
I don't ever want this to end
but to forever endure.

You mean the world ZA
Temporal Fugue Jan 25

Once there was a man and lady in tears
their lamentations went on for years
until came the day
before slipping away
they overcame, all of their fears

Nothing cannot be conquered, or overcome, ever. :)
Cynthia Jean Jan 8

Oh give thanks
unto the Lord
for He is good
and His mercies,
Oh yes
His mercies,
they never fail us
His mercies
and ever
ever more.

Cj 2017 0108

So much we take for granted.  
So seldom, and maybe only as a last resort,
do we get what we really deserve.

We shine
of fires unseen
the soul of the moon
burns within
reflecting hope
bright enough
to eclipse all darkness

It is a hard road
to wisdom
is a brutal teacher
but we live
and we learn
emerge stronger
than we ever thought
we could be

Worn thin
tree branches break.
But the roots grow ever still;
her heart wrapped in scars,
yet deep inside of her there remains love.

If I am to be remembered, let it be for the love Ive shown.
Tasman Suitor Oct 2016

If I was my life to read,
I think I'd find a tragedy.

But with each page I turn
I'd find something new to learn.

Perhaps on one I'd shed a tear,
On another I'll fill with fear.

At times I'll be an action drama,
At others something calmer.

But as I run out of pages and space,
A bleaker ending I seem to face.

Each character highlights a new flaw,
And I wonder how there could be more.

This book may brings its highs and lows,
But it's climax no one knows.

That is one thing I can't forget:
I haven't read the ending yet.

You are my light
As well as my darkness
For you shine bright
And I venture in total blindness

Not knowing where to go
You guide my feet with a hurtful spike
As I step, only Pain I know
And my tortured scream you so much like

In winter's cold you kept me
In a hug so tight I gasped for air
But It doesn't matter to me
As long as I have you there

You kept me warm
With your freezing touch
A stinging burn on my arm
A frozen heart I loved so much

Your harsh words
Whipping me scars of hurt
They cut deep like driven swords
In where I wake and make them worth

In every scar I receive
In every bruise to me you give
I still cherish every pain on your shiv
With you by my side I'll forever live

For we are in harmony
Like the equal yin and yang
Our hearts singing a sorrowful melody
In where our hearts in thorns are strung

I am hopeless masochist
Loving the pain and torture you provide
For you are a relentless sadist
In which your punishment is deliciously divine

For what might have been my inspiration
Inside my heart's totally hollow room
You are my Salvation
You are also my Doom

I remember putting up in this kind of relationship once, not the physical beatings but the emotional ones but in the end I still can't bear to lose him so I ended up putting up with his sh** all for 6 whole months until I met someone who I felt loved with.
Let me know if you ever went through this kind of relationship :D
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