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Sadiq Tahir May 4
My unexpected arrivals,
beautiful yet ugly....
Each carry a story,
the souvenirs I carry
protruding and innocent
each one a journey
Gorba Apr 20
Sometimes, to love feels like surrendering to a war that never occurred.
Sometimes, to love feels like fighting for an illusionary victory.
Sometimes, to love feels like being trapped in somebody else’s life.
Sometimes, to love feels like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle while missing most pieces.
Sometimes, to love feels like being addicted to a drug.
Sometimes, to love feels like being in the middle of a sword fight without a shield, a sword, nor an armor.
Sometimes, to love feels like walking on a tightrope without a safety net.
Sometimes, to love feels like running to stand still.
Sometimes, to love feels like abandoning oneself.
Sometimes, to love feels like carrying a burden.
Sometimes, to love feels like smashing the little toe against the strongest and sharpest corner.
Sometimes, to love feels like being haunted.
Sometimes, to love feels too much like hating.

But to love is also to share passionate moments.
To love is to add spices to an otherwise bland dish.
To love is to repeatedly stimulate bursts of dopamine.
To love is to escape loneliness.
To love is to find joy in despair.
To love is to be optimistic.
To love is to live a dream out of a nightmare.
To love is to become a more complete person.
To love is to go on a wonderful trip without a definitive destination.
To love is to become wiser.
To love is the best placebo.
To love is to open.
To love is to be loved.
To love is to live.
This title is material proof of my chronic deficiency in creativity and imagination. The original title was "to love" but I found it too easy and too obvious which is quite different from actual love, complicated and thrilling in essence. The next title I went for was then "evolot", "to love" backwards, but unfortunately, the feeling was the same. I needed something better. I was looking for anagrams that would be meaningful but I couldn't find anything. There was vel, a river in Russia. I could have tried something with "evolve", which could have worked in a way. Maybe "too" something then? Love does feel too much sometimes! But too much what? That's a question that will be left without answer, at least for the time being. Out of desperation, I decided to just write the different letters, spaced on the page and stared at them for a few seconds that could have been hours. I saw "tolv", twelve in Swedish. For a reason I can't explain, I liked it. At this point, I had all the letters except one "e" and one "o". I went for tolv o'clock, because that's kind of a time at the interface. It's not really morning anymore, but it's not the afternoon yet. It's in the middle of two states, not complicated but close enough. At this point, I was still missing the "e", that's when I went for time. That's how "to love" became "time at tolv o'clock". Interesting, isn't it?
You would never know me
Until you endured
Ludicrous hours of gunshots
Bombshells dropping
Soldier wailing
And metal clashing
The isolation that was chain up around me
Engulfing my very existence into a void flooded with filtered silence
Constantly changing, consistently growing
More and more
Till i cried once more
A silent scream
Within a dream
Under a bunker under a war
Where no one thought a child was stored.
You would never know me
For the monster i was born.
Isabine Apr 6
I can
I can
One more moment
I can
I can
Sierra Mar 29
I want you to know
I’m sorry I left
But I needed to go
My mind agreed
To something I set
In motion
Long ago
I’d been fighting for you
Just to stay a little more
But I could not find
The courage to stay
For myself.
This fighting
Grew old
My body became tired
Soon I could no longer
Keep the act going.
The days grew longer
The nights became darker
My brain would never turn off
I felt it would be better
For me to disappear
Escape from the earth
And leave everything
To go on without me.
So I say it again
I’m sorry I left
But it was my only choice
I couldn’t stop
What I already started.
I’m sorry.
Almost sunset time
Why do I wait
For the sun to take the dip
Sizzle and boil the sea,
Make me fear the night
And lose my sleep.

Like all previous sunsets
This one will pass too;
The sun will not get wet,
It will burn as before,
The night will spread its wings
And I shall wait once more
For the next dawn to rise.

The passage of my life,
Limited though it is,
Cannot be smoother than this
When the feared and the cursed
Both are known;
All things stand defined,
Nothing is stained,
The songs are written and read
And the eyes have lost
Their red rims.
Mrs Timetable Jan 19
Would you stop writing because all the best words have already been said?

Would you stop reading because all the deepest poetic things have already been read?

Would you stop enjoying food because all the best recipes have already been created?

Would you stop painting because all the best masterpieces have already been painted?

Would you stop giving because there’s nothing left to give?

Share all the words, thoughts, visions and beautiful things that give you a reason to live.
Endurance can be difficult. We need each other. I’m enjoying what I read here on HP.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 15
You carry your lantern
out from under the sea
a beacon at the twilight
juncture between you and me
the footsteps of your bare feet
allot a mere hint
to vast splendor within
your surviving love's imprint
Inspired by the poem "Poetry is a Lighthouse," from fellow HP writer Lyda M Sourne
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