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Jay M Sep 10
Wind whistling
Storm raging
Running through the night

Prowling through the dense grasses
Guns loaded
Cocked and ready to fire
In position
Awaiting the command to fire

A camisado
Bursting into the night
Bullets a cascade
Shells raining down
Crying out into vastness

When all is over and lost
Daylight ends
All turns back
To the time of chaos

Running and screaming
One is numb
Walking when all else havoc
Lost in the madness
Crawling across the ground
Into hiding
Pounding of a skull
Over and over
There is no marks
Only pain

After the battle
After the war
The private battle scars
Salty rivers flow
Carving canyons
Which soon fade
Back to plains
Found and coaxed out
Wrapped in warmth
Fed comfort
It is rejected

Flowing in
A holding of the hand
A little fragile
O the one
Trying to go down
Found and halted
Captured and taken
Gone away

Time later
Still haunting
Festering and consuming
Until nothing is left
But the vastness.

- Jay M
September 10th, 2019
This is my personal battle. This is what once was..

*Occasional Verse
Lace Sep 9
A part of me died
When my brother
Was laying motionless
In a yellow shirt

It's an image
t Aug 15
the night in november
when he took me from me
i always remember it
all the other times bob up and down
in the sea that is my mind
but that day is steady
it is always there
the red
it is burnt into the backs of my eyes
the red of my shirt
the red of the chair he ****** me over
the red of my blood, persistent
the sting was red
the sky was red
that day has gained power with time
after it happened i just showered and went to sleep
but since
it has become as sure a presence as the sun in the sky
no one can touch me
no one can look at me
if i never let anyone close,
no one can take me from me again
Louise May 22
in the blink of an eye i noticed
you were holding a knife.
the cold metal was glistening
in the palm of your left hand.

i saw it for just a second
but that second was enough
to bring all those memories
i tried so hard to forget
back into my head.

wishing i had turned around,
i walked away as fast as i could.
my heart was beating really fast,
i could feel my throat closing up.
my lungs were burning with fear,
so ******* desperate for a little air.

wide eyes and a racing mind,
shaking legs and sweating hands.
the flashbacks made it impossible
for me to walk by and stay calm
like i was taught by my parents.

i couldn’t pretend nothing was
wrong at all, like i hadn’t seen
a ******* thing. because i am
not blind and you’re not dumb.

- i didn’t see your face, but it haunts me.
CautiousRain May 6
The troubled serpent seeks me
in the dimness of the night,
in the luminescence of stars,
in the hallowed shadows;
it asks me to relive
and I beg of him,
was eve eating the apple
not enough?

I don’t know of what sins
you think I may have
or will commit,
but must I, too,
suffer for the ones others did?
Why do I have to constantly
be in a headspace that allows
for these things to happen
over and over,
when I was not the one
to keep taking bites of forbidden fruits?
Aaron LaLux Apr 4
Didn’t know,
there were so,
many people our there,

I thank you,
you’re welcome,
now we can drink,

incredibly perfect,
choice present,
actions with intent,

it’s the man in the mirror again,
what does it mean does it mean anything,
just relax take a seat have a drink,

try some marzipan or better yet try again,
but wait what about marscopone,

catching the time watching it go by on the mirror clock,

“Are you okay,
you look a little tired.”,
“yeah I’m fine.”,
I reply,

never wanted to **** a man,
even if he had it coming,
and he did,
bring out the dogs and get the cats to quit complaining,

it’s raining cats and dogs,
open the box don’t wake up on your death bed with regrets,
I’ve killed men in service of my country,
God bless the USA stars and stripes promises and threats,

and I’d say there’s a conspiracy,
at least that’s my guess,
and I almost know what I’m doing here,
but I don’t quite know yet,

didn’t know,
there were so,
many people our there,

I thank you,
you’re welcome,
now we can drink…

∆ LaLux ∆
Jordan Hudson Feb 23
The past life
Vision in my eyes
All I see
Flashbacks and memories
On a reel in the back of my head
All I've done, all I've said
This will play until the day I am dead
Only play, no pause
Only way, no cause
Thoughts, me thinking
Me writing, life sinking
Lost dreams, lost hope
Life seems, gone, no
Nothing left but old dust
Got an F, cannot trust
My brains' creations
My stains and relations
What my life got involved with
What my life saw is
All just a vial of dreams
Just let it go but painfully
I have to crush it
Will not redeem
Just have to let it go
Have to crush this
It's not what it seems
Old times a lie
Ancient lies are why
I write
A theater in my mind
A process of my grind
Keeping me going as I decide
I remember those old times
Dreams haunt me, a deep sign
Flashbacks occur
Like a blur
It goes by
I don't know why
As I sit back and watch
I get confused and lost
I don't understand
Why this happened
A maze of memories
A gaze at the gallery
Kam Feb 14
Body, you had no suitor
When honesty is lost
courage could not have been misplaced worse
  by anyone else  
than my failures.

We never belonged-
A wallflower
to the dance of life.

Happiness, you are too big of a concept
For this head.
I dreamt of you in dances,
Being dipped into the sunlight.
Reborn by possibility
and bathing in the glow
that could handle the portrayal of a shadow
so dark

Shadow, you will soon feed
And I shall be consumed,
just  as you wanted.
Light, I wish I would have asked,
For your blessing.
'Tis an old sorcerer
Searching for what hath lost
Amongst the sands of time
Scratching thy ancient beard
Grey. Dust. Smoke.
Darting eyes watery from
The dew drops
Amongst the pain of what hath left him behind
Forlorn. Ole Joe had long gone
Josephine, her tiny fingers last
But Thameena, Andrena, Guam.
Them stuck as
The last of the flames
Took the blame for the cranes
Too cruel for a willow.
Too cruel for a willow.
Years had gone by the millennia

Yet the sorcerer stands alone.
Lying on the bathroom floor,
blade resting on the sink.
Unsure how to get up,
I feel myself begin to shrink.

Bloodied tissues looking down
on the mess lying below.
Beaded drops continue to form,
until heavily the must flow.

Shivering against the cold,
damp towel draped over.
Naked body frozen in fear,
flashbacks still they hover.

Passed out from exhaustion
of the war raging inside.
Help comes to pick me up,
instead I wish I'd died.
Allison Wonder 2019
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