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Ahmad Attr Feb 5
If I could describe it in simple words
Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world
The thoughts of it bury their seeds in your wake and In sleep
It sprouts in all of your cells, until it’s all you breathe
It morphs into many extremes, it’s the cold, it’s the heat
You love, you lose, you loathe, rinse and repeat

But my love was different, I found you when I was about to die by my own hands. I couldn’t see anything but my own death, so when in my vision came your face, I fell in love with your effortless grace, no I drowned and drenched and bathed in it.  In my own inferno I could’ve burn this whole world. But you saved me. Your sheer existence was like silvery raindrops on my wildfire. It gave birth to my poetry, borne from my scrambled thoughts. You never loved me or cared for me, but that was okay for me because at least you were here, here with me. I showed it in my words, I did in my actions, for some reason you never cared to think about it either, but that was okay too because at least you were here, here with me. But now you’re leaving. And my thoughts are becoming scrambled again. No more beautiful words or put-together feelings. It’s all ******* garbage and puddle of ****. I was at your feet. How dare you retract them in disgust. I was at your ******* feet. ******* it! How dare you smile at other men when they walk in, just before you scowl at me. I gave you everything, I made you what you are now. How ******* dare you sit with me and chat with girls on bright glassy screen. *******, *******, *******,

But please don’t leave me
Not before I get to leave you.
What am I supposed to do when you’re gone?
What am I supposed to do now that I can’t love you?

If I could describe it in simple words
Love is the most hurtful feeling in the world
The thoughts of it bury the seeds in your wake and In sleep
It sprouts in all of your cells, until it’s all you breathe
It morphs into many extremes, it’s the cold, it’s the heat
You love, you lose, you loathe, rinse and repeat
a mental breakdown
Ahmad Attr Feb 4
I want to leave things
Become untethered and free
And be who I want to be
Though I have yet to see what exactly is that
I want to end things
Forgo going to this hell’s institutes
Being run by the sadistic devils
And never come back
Become untethered
And free
But I also love a lot things here
My friends, my whisperer and myself
My hometown is graveyard
Bigger than this one
Deader than this one
What if I leave things
Become untethered but not free?
What if I’m thrown into space
Where only chaos can find me?
So should I stay right here?

But I also hate the anxiety and stress
The stress of not knowing what to do next
The stress of exposing myself as nothing but a mess
The stress of an uncalled competitive bloodshed
The stress of all the ebbing endeavours
The stress of my saviour leaving me forever
The stress of my Sagittarius not talking to me
The stress of being a phantom nobody could see
The stress of having stress all the ******* time
It all just clouds above me
I begin to feel lifeless and lonely
I got into an accident the other day
And I felt more alive then,
than I do now in this room
People say learn from mistakes
But I fail and fail over and over again
People call it experience
And maybe I’ll learn from it
But I might be dead by then

I just want to leave everything
Become untethered and free
scrambled thoughts about dropping out
Tylor Oct 2021
My insides are freezing, every ounce of passion I have is boiling down to nothing
Echoes of chasmic silence have me surrounded
I am overwhelmed by this sudden surge of intense self-loathing
By the strong rusty winds, my existence seems grounded

I am turning cold and fragile every second, and all I long for is a wake-up call
A call harsh enough to burn my freezing insides
I am sick of the urge that wants me to hit my head against the wall
Cause now I am well aware of how in my head, the demonic hurting creature hides

I breathe in fear, it rushes through my blood so I could feel it in my bones and veins
Anxiety is like my shadow that lingers with me everywhere I go, I feel burdened
Feels like I am getting drenched alone in the nagging emptiness,
the whole of me drains
Even in the happiest of moments, everywhere it just pains
Ahmad Attr Aug 2021
I felt so cold without you
I couldn’t hear you speak
I couldn’t smell you breathing, 20 steps away from me
and in the darkest hours of estrangement,
sitting beneath the wilting trees,
I heard a plop of fruit fallen somewhere near me
An unripe pomegranate, I picked up gently
Blemished, incomplete and sour just like me
So I dropped it
and I went underneath the pomegranate tree
where the bulbous crimson fruits hung
I jumped to pluck the bloodiest one
Clenched it, violated it above my lips
It bled right over me and down my throat
I savored it, relished it deliciously
It tasted good because it didn’t belong to me
And it reminded me of you
You taste good because you don’t belong to me either
you are an obsession to the point of absurdity
My love was so repressed, it blossomed to obscenity
and now that you are gone
You are only fuelling me for the next time we meet

I should feel free
but you just hang above me
and you never pick the fruits fallen on the ground to eat
You leap to steal the one above you
And that’s you, you are my fruit
Sitting on the crest of the ****** tree
Oh Lord save you from me
For I don't love the fruit safe and snug
I just love how it bleeds
Brett May 2021
Intensity is the underdog story
Wild soil to a champion
Flame out, and maybe
Fell to the drink

Consistency is two years without
So much as a batted eye or a blink
Ten steps ahead, maybe half an inch per week
Books with battered spines stretched across coffee-stained sheets

Intensity is ***, or
A free trial for a week
Gold plated words
Tin can actions underneath

Consistency is the love, and
Knowing I know I will never know enough
Unconscious heartbeat
The very breath that fills my lungs
Ahmad Attr Apr 2021
I said talk about love
My heart raced fast
I turned my brain off
But you were in your fancy car
You texted you were going fast
With wheels on asphalt

I said show me how you rev your engines
Pick me up
Drive through my city
Drive through the dark
My heart raced fast
I turned my brain all off
And We were in your fancy car
You said you want to go **** fast
Music on
Your favorite song
Ninety one
Going all night long
Drive until the dawn of morning star
We can go to the snooker bar
It’s all home wherever we go wherever we are
No such thing as going too far

But I said I want to talk
And you’re going too **** fast
Wheels on asphalt
You forget that I’m here
Wheels on asphalt
I shout but you don’t hear
Drive me off, let me go
But it’s getting crystal clear
You like showing off
Your money and your white car

I just wanted to talk about love
But you can’t have enough
Of your fancy car
Going all so fast
So I just turn my brain all off
Wheels on asphalt
A poem/song about toxic relationship
Nikkie Jan 2021
That night was intense
When you kissed me it was on
I felt your love bomb.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
Wake up world!
You wanna sleep with the lie?!
It makes you feel safe.
Close your mouth, shut your eyes,
listen and behave!

Everybody in the right wing,


Everybody in the left wing,


Choose a side or get singled out!

Everybody in the country,


Everybody in the world,


Fight their wars, do what is right!

Everybody in the cities,


Everybody in the towns,


Killing each other in the streets.

They don't have to do a thing,
The populace silences itself.
The world uses its hands,
To cover over its own mouth.

Use your mouth to,
Use your ears to,
Use your eyes to,
They're controlling your reality.

Wake up world!
You want to sleep with the lie?!
The world is a stage.
Play your part, say your lines,
like a good little slave.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
Oh so you're thinking.
You're thinking for yourself.
Are you really now?

You're just repeating,
Repeating what they say.
You're just a parrot, an annoyance in my way.
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