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It grows more deep than one can count
And never can your wits surmount
True love's overwhelming, so bold, yet soft
as wool, and never cold

Describing it can be hard to tell
Like number's taste, or color's smell
It's sweet and it's crushing, fragrant as red
roses, but more brilliant
Byr a Thoddaid form
mc ish 6d
call me intense but i have never been one to tiptoe down the side of a mountain
i am like fire to gasoline and you? my latest indie passion scene
a winters night in your sight the moment you let me go
i dont know how to say that you bring out the best in me
i dont know the vocab word for my tongue swelling up emotionally
i want to point to all the posters on my walls and tell you about all the ex lovers that never loved me and never loved this sanctuary half as much as i did
poems like this have always been glazed over and pained through
never thinking that i would need to compare thee to a summers day
because what kind of ******* is that?
you, by far, you are a sunrise, my dear.
you bring the awakening of spring and the deafening of me
you have the power of angels and the weakness of achilles
and so, you wait.
you make your presence known in colors burnt with embers of pain and disdain
like little birds that have yet to leave their nest
unaware of the hate that awaits the entrance of their lives
like a lover's dress, dipped in passion, spinning in endless nights of dazed contentment
synonyms and straining for the right way to say the same three words
i have never been one for fairy tales
but this is a year of firsts it seems
Butterflies in my chest
A feeling I haven't felt before
Talking to me like I have self worth
I can't help but think about you
Even in the
It isn't just what you do that gets me worked up and swooning.  
It is what you say.  
It is how you get super smart all the time
It is how you smile and scrunch your nose up
Like a pug
It is how you hug me fully and never let go.  
Butterflies in my chest
And oh does it feel so good when I think of you.
Steve Evans Jun 6
Why did I wait so long?
I saw you almost daily
Admired you from afar
Wanting to ask but timid and shy
Then you came!
Months wasted
So much love missed
When you came it was instant
From the first touch, kiss and embrace
And such wonderful, pure love
Your beautiful slim, lithe body like a Greek statue
Now we start to know each other the love grows more intense
Exploring experimenting
To bring pleasure each to the other
I looked for you my whole life
Why did it take so long
My whole body aches for you
Come, soothe my pain my love
Mon Reve, Mon Amour, Ma Vie
Lips meet gently and then with force.
Dancing tongues and twisting bodies.
Straddling his core.
Gliding fingers and ***** *******.
Arched backs and delicate pressure.
Passion dripping into his mouth.
Sweat drenched bodies and heightened pleasure.
Changing directions and comprised positions
Anticipating him inside.
Grasped waists and gratified senses.
Sticky messes and tight thrusts.
Bursting inside her.
Rolled back eyes and body convulsing climaxes.
Thirst quenched and hunger satisfied.
Kenji May 29
Confessional poetry has me spillin.
Secrets for the world to see, yet no shame in hiding it.
I may be unfaithful, scattered, and indecisive.
But once you have my loyalty, it never fades.
I will sacrifice to protect and keep my loved ones safe.
I will devote myself to you fully with a key to lock it.
I will love you so deeply and passionately, a basic **** will be an earth shaking, love making explosion magnitude of intensity and sensuality.
Highly ****** but unconditionally loving.
I will be your ****, your wife, your chef, your doctor, your exotic dancer, and your partner.
I will ride with you, and die with you.
Explore with you and take daring risks with you.
The goddess of love, Aphrodite is her name.
She is within me, feelin warm and fuzzy.
I will make you feel beautiful and strong.
I will motivate you and lift you.
Cheesy as I may be, my heart and soul will always be yours.
I confess and write in sin, but my love has no end.
I will be your ying yang twin.
The love of a Taurus
Kenji May 8
Hello darkness, my old friend.
It's been a while.
Can you feel the tension, the pain.
The blood has started pouring again.
The blade hit my thigh and drip, did the drops go.
The depression came back, harder than it did before.
Sudden, like an electric shock.
Sitting all alone in the darkness.
My body feels numbs, but my wounds hurt, but not as much as the pain inside.
Feelings of intensity, emotion of density.
Fragile and lost.
Soulless and  incomplete in these dark stages I encounter.
Drag me along to the pits of the underground, where I belong.
Burn me alive whilst I ache in torment and misery.
Banish me, whilst the claws rip me apart, inch by inch.
I am exposed, while hiding my feelings is something I'm used to.
But, you opened me, and there's no sewing me back together.
My depression lingers, as it started again, 10X harder.
Kenji Apr 26
When I'm alone, the thoughts start coming in.
The further you stay away, the deeper I go in.
All alone, and all I think about is you.
Thinking, what will I do, the day you find the one that you think is right for you.
You hate that I'm revengeful.
You say it's better to just move on.
How can I just move on, when it's only you that I so blatantly crave.
How can I hurt the ones that deceive, betray, lie, and hurt me?
Emotions this intense, the depth of a dark black hole.
Feelings, I can never escape.
Just the thought of you being with someone else.
The thought of you kissing her, caressing her, touching her, holding her, ******* her...
You say you hate that I'm a revengeful person.
But you don't deserve my vengeance.
You are true, loyal, kind, and someone I warmly dear.
That's why I want you, all to myself.
But the day you meet the person that will sweep you off your feet,
just know, that it's not you that I will be hurting.
North Node and Pluto rises high in the midst of Scorpio.
I've always been like this, since a child, twisted, dark, and sickened with poison of utter despair.
Something I cannot control.
Seeing the one I love in the arms of another sickens me to the core.
You say, it's better to just move on.
How do I move on when I know that I can do you better than anyone else.
My love is deep, my scars are wounded.
I bleed, sacrifice, and torture for the ones I love intensely.
I will never be able to live with myself, knowing, that she can treat you better.
You not the person I will be hurting
Wait, and you will see.
Pluto in Scorpio (Transformation, death, ***, power)
North Node in Scorpio (Depth and Passion)
To follow her is to
Twist and turn through life

Attempt to squirm free
And once more
her exotic scent
captivates you

At least your suffering
Is keen and intense

Every physical contortion
Only constricts her hold

Most predict despite
Numerous gyrations
The end will be catastrophic
*Merriam-Webster word for the day, April 24, 2019
emily Apr 3
She is nestled perfectly in the white sheets,
Tranquility covered her gently.
The fire crackles furiously, engulfing and
submerging the sky in its doomed black wrath.
Her undisturbed state meticulously crafted,
an oasis of serenity unfolded on her bed.
The harsh ballistic navy waves ram into her,
daunting and threatening to wake her.
Regardless, she is stationary, immobile,
Her better judgement rocks her impatiently,
Desperately attempting to save her.
The longer she rests, the deeper her toes dip
Into the mass of jeopardy surrounding her.
The fumes quicken towards her,
Taking advantage of her frozen vulnerability.
Perfectly positioned and pretty,
Her mind is occupied by the relaxation settling in her bones, solidifying her to her bed.
The fumes rush towards the fragile girl,
Growing around her mold of relaxation.
With one swift movement,
The fumes inhabit her safe haven,
Bursting the white walls she had created against the world.
Effortlessly, the fumes invade her body,
Finding a perfect spot on her throat and viciously implanting their pollution into her.
Succeeding fatally,
The world sees the pure white jubilation leave the girl's frail lifeless body.
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