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You left me crying in the hotel bathroom
You left me spying in the restaurant too

You saw me for who I am
Then went up and ran
While I’m working on my tan
Trying not be who I am

Gotta stop begging you to stay
And turning up the Lana del rey
Cause I’m no one’s Brooklyn baby
I’m feeling just a bit crazy
rk Jan 7
the roses on your knuckles
as you held me open for you
moonlight casting it's gentle glow
silver cupping your face
as your eyes met mine
and my soul awakened
longing to dance with yours
each breath a crescendo
that left no doubt behind
the knowledge so clear
like the sapphire sky
shining above us
the balmy summer night
our own refuge
i couldn't escape it
the stolen whispers between us
were never going to be enough
for my heart had been yours
in every lifetime.
Anggita Aug 2022
I followed a boy on his impromptu journey to the forest (or at least what I once thought it was).

he walked with a nonchalant disposition without saying any word. his gestures demonstrated it all.

it’s ludicrous that I reluctantly stepped forward to the vast and dense forest in front of me. I was not scared at all. I discovered amity within the zigzagging branches and peace in this endless labyrinth.

and after a long and intense journey, the dazzling sunlight captures his figure: his tanned skin was wrapped by falling leaves, laying down at the top of the rock (in which I always wonder to see what he’s dreaming).

for once in my life, never have I thought silence could be so much pleasing as that.
why do you love so intensely?
you are simply setting yourself up for heartbreak.

because if you arent, youre doing it wrong
if your love doesnt come from the deepest part of your heart and soul, it simply isnt love.
Tylor Oct 2021
My insides are freezing, every ounce of passion I have is boiling down to nothing
Echoes of chasmic silence have me surrounded
I am overwhelmed by this sudden surge of intense self-loathing
By the strong rusty winds, my existence seems grounded

I am turning cold and fragile every second, and all I long for is a wake-up call
A call harsh enough to burn my freezing insides
I am sick of the urge that wants me to hit my head against the wall
Cause now I am well aware of how in my head, the demonic hurting creature hides

I breathe in fear, it rushes through my blood so I could feel it in my bones and veins
Anxiety is like my shadow that lingers with me everywhere I go, I feel burdened
Feels like I am getting drenched alone in the nagging emptiness,
the whole of me drains
Even in the happiest of moments, everywhere it just pains
Brett May 2021
Intensity is the underdog story
Wild soil to a champion
Flame out, and maybe
Fell to the drink

Consistency is two years without
So much as a batted eye or a blink
Ten steps ahead, maybe half an inch per week
Books with battered spines stretched across coffee-stained sheets

Intensity is ***, or
A free trial for a week
Gold plated words
Tin can actions underneath

Consistency is the love, and
Knowing I know I will never know enough
Unconscious heartbeat
The very breath that fills my lungs
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