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Brett 1d
Intensity is the underdog story
Wild soil to a champion
Flame out, and maybe
Fell to the drink

Consistency is two years without
So much as a batted eye or a blink
Ten steps ahead, maybe half an inch per week
Books with battered spines stretched across coffee-stained sheets

Intensity is ***, or
A free trial for a week
Gold plated words
Tin can actions underneath

Consistency is the love, and
Knowing I know I will never know enough
Unconscious heartbeat
The very breath that fills my lungs
Ahmad Attr Apr 5
I said talk about love
My heart raced fast
I turned my brain off
But you were in your fancy car
You texted you were going fast
With wheels on asphalt

I said show me how you rev your engines
Pick me up
Drive through my city
Drive through the dark
My heart raced fast
I turned my brain all off
And We were in your fancy car
You said you want to go **** fast
Music on
Your favorite song
Ninety one
Going all night long
Drive until the dawn of morning star
We can go to the snooker bar
It’s all home wherever we go wherever we are
No such thing as going too far

But I said I want to talk
And you’re going too **** fast
Wheels on asphalt
You forget that I’m here
Wheels on asphalt
I shout but you don’t hear
Drive me off, let me go
But it’s getting crystal clear
You like showing off
Your money and your white car

I just wanted to talk about love
But you can’t have enough
Of your fancy car
Going all so fast
So I just turn my brain all off
Wheels on asphalt
A poem/song about toxic relationship
NAL Feb 26
I took a step back and thought about it,
cause' there's always repercussions
when it comes down to you
heavily-inspired by She Wants Revenge 's "Tear You Apart"
Nikkie Jan 28
That night was intense
When you kissed me it was on
I felt your love bomb.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
Wake up world!
You wanna sleep with the lie?!
It makes you feel safe.
Close your mouth, shut your eyes,
listen and behave!

Everybody in the right wing,


Everybody in the left wing,


Choose a side or get singled out!

Everybody in the country,


Everybody in the world,


Fight their wars, do what is right!

Everybody in the cities,


Everybody in the towns,


Killing each other in the streets.

They don't have to do a thing,
The populace silences itself.
The world uses its hands,
To cover over its own mouth.

Use your mouth to,
Use your ears to,
Use your eyes to,
They're controlling your reality.

Wake up world!
You want to sleep with the lie?!
The world is a stage.
Play your part, say your lines,
like a good little slave.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
Oh so you're thinking.
You're thinking for yourself.
Are you really now?

You're just repeating,
Repeating what they say.
You're just a parrot, an annoyance in my way.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
**** the lights.
Take my eyes.
I don't want to see,
What is left of me.
Raven Nov 2020
Is it really what I need?
Or is it what I want?
Do I need to control my habits?
I have been for so long, but I know what happens once I give in to them...
Indecisive, I can’t make up my mind.
I keep switching between different thoughts holding me back, trying to own me.

I pop all alone, for fun.
But it’s love what I seek.
To have someone whom like me, understands me.
Someone dark, intense, emotional, and passionate.
Someone fun and likes living on the edge.
Someone loyal and honest, and true to themselves.
Someone **** and not egotistical.
Someone sweet, and nostalgic.
Whom, like me.

I crave it deep inside but I brushed it off completely letting go of the topic of lovin.
I incoherently, fell in love with the topic of sin.
Allowing sin to be me.

I’ve never had mutual love before.
I’ve never been the one before.
I’ve never been chosen before.
I’ve never made love before.
I’ve never been happy before.
I’ve never not been hurt or betrayed before.
I’ve never had someone love me so much that it destroys them.

But I’ve been that person.... to deeply to love, I banish myself in my misery.
Making the same mistakes over and over.
I gave up on it completely.
But now I feel it,
I need it.

I’m feeling ****** and sensual.
I’m feeling seductive and flirtatious.
I want someone close whom I can share that with on a deep level.
I’ve only felt pain, bring the drugs, to numb me again.

Vain, cold veins shivering inside of me.
So detached, love is nothing to me.
Water flowing inside my lungs, fire in my heart, and a devil on my tongue.

I crave depth and intensity with someone.
Love me hard, even if it’s just for one night only.
Ozzie Nov 2020
Livin’ and breathin’ is all that I got
Take a deep breath got my stomach in knots
Can’t tie me down, no you can’t enslave me
Hopin’ someone will come out and save me
Fear and depression are clouding my head
I’m closing my eyes, I think that I’m dead
Fighting for sanity, fighting to lose
Fighting for the chance that I get to choose

Running from something I can’t recall
Too many steps and I’m gonna fall
The buildings edge is right in my sight
One little leap and I can take flight
Lost in the sounds and lost in the pain
Know what I’ve done’s been done in vain

I’m haunted by the past of me
A ghost of who I used to be 
Their mistakes are all that I can see

I’m running, I’m running

I hate the scars along skin
A memory of where I’ve been
They’re white lined trails of my darkest sin

I’m running, Im running

Screaming and crying filling my ears
Covered in burns from venomous tears
Im breaking mirrors, I’m screaming in pain
Can’t go on living, theres nothing to gain
Losing myself in the ruts of my days
Breathin’ in smoke with eyes blurred by the haze
Once a week poison killin’ me slowly
Devil on my back, they call me unholy

No where to go, got hounds on my trail
Begging that somehow I will prevail
Imagine a life where I can rest
Instead I’ve got this weight on my chest
Got these voices, they callin’ my name
No one around me, no one to blame

I’m haunted by the past of me
A ghost of who I used to be
Their mistakes are all that I can see

I’m running, I’m running

I hate the scars along skin
A memory of where I’ve been
They’re white lined trails of my darkest sin

I’m running, Im running
I’ve been writing with the intention of putting a beat behind my words. I hope y’all enjoy.
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